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2010-12-03 – Discussion re- JWs Faith In Action DVD

The New Jehovah’s Witness Movie, “Faith in Action” covers the history of the early Watchtower, focusing on the life and ministry of Pastor Russell.  Is this movie accurate?  Does it omit any important facts and events?  Is the part about J. F. Rutherford accurate?  Former JW and Bethelite, David Stein will interview former JWs and historians to get to the truth and fill in the details.  After the interview, each of you will have the opportunity to communicate with us and with all those joining us for this webcast scheduled for 7:00 pm US Central Time on Friday, Dec 3, 2010.

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You Tube JW Movie – Faith in Action – In 7 Segments.  Make sure you view these in order.


  • Ted R.

    Listening to this broadcast I must say it was very enlightening. I have been a JW since 1970, however I can no longer look past the “Societies” views on disfellowshipping, and the viewpoint that the Governing Body is Jehovah’s spokesman. In our meetings it is not what is said by the governing body but is is what Jehovah says using the Governing Body’s will as if it were from Jehovah.
    I wanted to clarify something brought out in the video. Regarding the Ransom. It is JW’s belief that those who die before Armegeddon will get a resurection as part of the unrightous. It will be the responsibility of the earthly class to help teach the resurected one the truth of Gods word and that if they do not listen, the will experience the second death. The part I would disagree with the most however is the view that those who die during Armegedon suffer Jehovah’s judgement and will not be resurrected. I am sure you will agree that this is totally unscriptural. Since studying with the information found in the Bible Students websites, I truly feel a freedom that I have never felt as a JW.
    I agree with the brother in the presentation that some of the “history presented in the CD’s and on the website backfired. It was looking into the history of the organization after studying the new book on the history of the organization and the Photodrama, that prompted me to explore further and come to realize that much of what I have believed for the last 47 years has been wrong. I feel that Jehovah’s spirit has truly led me to the real truth of Gods Word and a true understanding oof the Ransom sacrifice of Jesus. Thank you brothers for your website.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ted I will let others comment too but I have a freedom also after 62 years in bondage. I really appreciate the brothers setting up a site from the view of a witnesses or xjw. It is a blessing from Jehovah. I was sinking as I begged them to help us when I found them in Chicago. The class responded right away. And this site has helped a tremendous amount of brothers get free and go to Jesus as the only one needed to get to God. Maybe one day you can attend a convention and meet the brothers. Click on conventions, then click on find other conventions here phrase. It will take you to a calendar and you can see if one is near you and we can show you what to do. Some brothers are coming to the big General convention in July. One sister wants to be immersed as the witnesses wouldn’t let her after another gave her one of the studies in the scriptures and she would state what it said. But we are so glad to have you. We appreciate your critique. In Christ, Jacqueline

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Greetings Ted.

      I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance. And I’m ever so grateful for your comments and expressions. I always find it so encouraging and reassuring to hear that others have been seeing (and grappling with) the same disturbing issues as I was seeing (and struggling with).

      It seems to me that you and I were/are seeing the exact same distressing thing when you said, “… the viewpoint that the Governing Body is Jehovah’s spokesman…” and “…the Governing Body’s will as if it were from Jehovah.”

      I’ve come to call this form of communication “God-Speak” which is my way of describing what I see occurring whenever someone is expressing themselves in a way that magically transforms their opinions (no matter how ignorant they may be) into God-like pronouncements on the nature of things. Another way of describing it would be that they are mixing up Observations and Evaluations, or mixing up facts with what they think and how they feel about these facts, which in my experience has the effect of confusing both the speaker and the listener. Another way I describe this dangerous practice is “dictating to someone what their reality should be.”

      I see a very great danger in speaking in a way that obscures or distorts reality. I see an even greater danger when someone dictates to others those distortions. And perhaps the biggest danger I see actually occurs when still others adopt that distortion of reality as though it is reality and then perpetuate the cycle by a subsequent dictation of those distortions.

      What you have expressed in your comments greatly reassures me that others besides myself have been waking up to these distortions and obfuscations. So again I thank you for your expressions, and welcome you as a sincere fellow Bible student. I really love the way Brother Russell expressed it* when he said, “… the kingdoms of this world are supported and enriched through oppression, injustice and deceit, to as great an extent as the increasing intelligence of the people will permit.” I believe JW-land to be one of those kingdoms, and I’m thrilled to see the increasing intelligence of people helping to bring to an end the JW oppression, injustice and deceit. (* Studies in the Scriptures, Volume 1, page 75.)

      Warmly and appreciatively,

  • Peter K. (admin)

    In this conference call, Brother Rolando points out the following: Interestingly J.F. Rutherford gives his famous “Advertise, Advertise, Advertise” speech on Sept 8, 1922 in Cedar Point, OH. The JW movie gives the impression that he refers to Jesus reign beginning in 1914. However, in the Nov 1, 1922 Watchtower, page 332, detail of this discourse by J.F. Rutherford he says (paraphrasing) Jesus has been present since 1874, has since conducted the Harvest Work and during that time he fed the household of faith through a Faithful and Wise Servant. I think to those interested in this history, it is helpful to document what was being said and when the changes came in. According to Bro. Rolando, J.F. Rutherford changed these views about five years later.

  • What a nice post. I genuinely enjoy reading these sorts or articles or blog posts. I can?t wait to determine what other people have to say.

  • Peter K. (admin)

    Al – In all fairness, I am not sure why the JW Organization would want to promote the Free Masons. I don’t claim to be an expert here, so I could be missing something. Maybe they were just using a famous inquisition torture picture??? I don’t know. John Coustos was arrested by the Portuguese Catholic Inquisition. After questioning he was sentenced to the galleys for Freemasonry and for his refusing to turn Roman Catholic. Although I am not a Mason and would disagree with any mystical connections, I can’t deny that a few of the Founding Fathers and over a third of the Generals in the Continental Army were Masons. Perhaps there is more to the Masons than I know. I have never really made a study.

  • Al

    I saw the whole thing… it was a tribute to freemasonry starting with John Coustos (the grand master of a masonic lodge in Lisbon, Portugal)… you’ll notice two illustrations of him being tortured. Also, all the historical figures highlighted in this production were or had direct links to freemasonry. If you look up the credits at the end of the movie, you’ll notice that the watchtower gives special thanks to entities that have direct links to freemasonry and even thank the freemason authors of the books that were cited. No doubt that Society owes a lot to the freemasons and this movie is just the start… there will be a lot more to come… keep your eyes open…

  • Adrian

    I’ve just watched the entire production , have to say I thought the quality of the production was excellent , although the history is obviously biased towards the JW perspective. I thought they did a pretty good job on their portrayal of Russell and I really hope it makes current JWs want to research further . Perhaps it will have a greater impact than given credit for – it left me asking many more questions as I think from my perspective , they glossed over or omitted alot of important detail .

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