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Bible Students are hosting live interactive Conference Calls and webcasts.  Some of these can be found at another site here:  Saturday Conference Calls.   You are invited to join us.  Our purpose is not to attack JWs.  We would like to have an open and friendly two-way dialogue with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Ex-JWs in these Webcasts and Conference Calls.  In the Webcasts, our Abdobe Connect technology will allow you to anonymously type questions, comments and testimonies without fear of being identified by your local Elder, Circuit Overseer or the Governing Body.  You will even be able to talk directly to us using your computer microphone.   There is no charge for these events.  If you cannot attend we will post a recording here.  You will also have the option of talking to the host and guest after the interview, which will be for at least an hour.


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  • Lawrence wilson

    why do jehovahs witnesses always say that god always existed? its a lazy response and they cant even give you a reasonable or a logical answer then how do you expect other people to understand a god so far away from the human heart i went down to a kingdom hall frequently and felt very detached from these people also they talk to you like an infant…and thats very patronising because Im 50 soon in addition to that what you have to say is almost but surely written off

    • Jacqueline

      Lawrence Wilson, thank you for commenting and welcome. Your question is a good one. We however are not Jehovah witnesses but the Bible Students. I found an article that might help you in your search for answers on who God really is as revealed to us through creation, Jesus and the scriptures.
      I recently had a conversation with a dear friend and she questioned not only the existence of God but why he does nothing when he sees children being killed etc. After much discussion I concluded with her on this note.
      That belief in God is a question of faith and faith is not a possession of all people. All questions will be answered concerning God in the future millennium but for now I could not convince her of the existence of God.
      It is a deeply personal issue of a man with his creator, one must be convinced in their own heart.
      I also mentioned that she might try to approach him herself in prayer through Jesus as an intercessor. He is not far off. I have come to realize that answering the underlying issues that is troubling a person first is one of the only ways to free their minds to accept that there is a God sometimes. There is hope and assurance from Christ that all creation will come to know God and his divine plan of the ages.

  • Jacqueline

    I listened last night to the conference call on March 10th concerning the Memorial and whether or not a person should partake. It answered a lot of lingering questions for some. It also cleared up the point on some not partaking because they have not had an invitation from God thru Holy Spirit. You would have to listen to it in it’s entirety to understand the different aspects.

    • Ken

      Jacqueline are you going to partake only this year?

      • Jacqueline

        I partook last year. The year before, I refrained as I had too much anger and pain in me to approach his throne. I actually had suspected many years before as early as 2004 that I was moved to partake. I could actually read a scripture and understand it’s meaning. It would be way off from what was being taught thru the GB. I commented on thoughts at the KH that were contrary to what was in the watchtower but true to the Bible. My watchtower conductor appreciated he said when I used the Bible to answer. In my cong. I know there were some of the concious class. Men with a conscience. I don’t consider myself as having attained the approval of God. I press forward every day to that end, that when I die I will have proved faithful.
        PS. I am working hard this week since being away so I am not at computer that much during the day. I will however see your comments later and response.
        We all have to pay bills. LOL

        • Ken

          Oops! I meant to ask…..are you going to partake ALONE not only…sorry!

          • Jacqueline

            Oh okay. I will be at home then so I will probably go with Chicago Bible Class or here in my area. I actually was on adobe connect last year when I partook. I did the CST, then the EST and actually partook with them.

  • jacqueline

    Bro. Innocent, I am so sorry to hear of our dear sister’s death. Your pain comes across in your words. We can pray that Jehovah’s will is done, and that some comfort come to you brother’s in your sorrow. In Christian love, jacqueline

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Good morning.

    I want to let you know that I am in tragic situation.
    Sister Flora Mukabera died on Tuesday 13/09/2011 at 6:30 AM. Make sure it is not by a natural death. She was not sick.
    Probably she was poisoned.
    Some months before ,on 5 April,our house got burnt but neighbours put out the fire and many items got burnt.
    Keep on praying for me.
    She left 2 kids(8 and 6).
    The main purpose is to destroy New Covenant Bible Students Church but Jehovah God through Jesus Christ will deal with the wicked people very soon(Psalm 35,Psalm 37:9-11).

    In fact she died but she was in good fight that is why I do not doubt that I will see her again (John 5:28,29,Acts 24:15).AND THE TRUTH WILL WIN!!!



    Bro. Innocent HANKANIMANA, NCBSC.

  • Thank you dear Sister Jacqueline and other Brothers and Sisters for your prayers.
    Jehovah God through Jesus Christ does hear the prayers of His faithful servants. I believe what I am doing here, is not my proper will but Jehovah has His purpose. As I told you,today was a great day for us.3 brothers got baptized. We are now 12 baptised into Lord’s name in our congregation.

    If someone want to get pictures from our ecclesia,he/she may send me a note via or

    Greetings to Bro. Peter Karvas and other ex-JWs and our best friends JWs.

    I believe we are ONE in Christ.
    We differ because of our human imperfection!!!

    Thanks again for your wonderful website.

    Bro. Innocent H.

    • Sharon

      My dear Brother Innocent, your story has touched me deeply. Please know I have added you and yours to my prayer list. Our only hope is the Kingdom. By the grace of GOD, it will be sooner than later. I send you my Christian love.

  • Dear Brothers and SISTERS,

    Warmest christian greetings!


    I write to share with YOU this good news.As you know on 17/04/2011 ,6people got baptized into the Lord’s name as the scriptures state in Acts 2:38,Acts 19:2-8,Romans 6:3-6.FRANKLY SPEAKING,it is true that God is calling His people .

    Again,tomorrow we have the great event because 3 people will be baptized.





    • Jacqueline

      What a blessing indeed, brother!! Prayers have always gone out for our brothers in Malawi. So glad to see many have recuperated from so much pain and trials in years past. In Christian Love. Jacqueline

  • Tulsigirl

    I’m anxious for more of these webcasts. I missed the earlier ones. How do I sign on? I’ve never ever done anything like this. I’m putting the dates you gave to Castlemum on my calendar, but need to know how the actual meeting takes place.
    Thank you and Jehovah’s blessings be with you.

  • Castlemum

    Thank you Peter for the upcoming events. I included them in my calender.

  • Castlemum

    Is there any software needed or compatible with Adobe Connect to attend the webcasts? and is there a schedule of next program?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Castlemum – No special software is needed for Adobe connect. We do not have another Webcast scheduled for a while. Here are the other events coming up.

      Sunday – March 13 – David Stein hosts Six Screens conference call. 6-8pm EST. Review of JW Movie – Faith in Action. A panel of Bible Student historians discuss, what is the real history of the early Watchtower.

      Saturday March 19 Richard Rawe – Interview Peter Karavas about Friends of JWs Website and it’s purpose and other issues relating to Bible Students and JWs.

      Saturday April 2 Richard Rawe interviews Russ Marten about what the Bible says about the formation and structure of the congregation, how the early church is set up and how the Bible Students model themselves after this.

  • Peter K. (admin)

    What do you think of our Webcasts? We set these webcasts up each month especially for you. Do you like our format. Will you be participating in the next Webcast or do you prefer to listen to the recording later?

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