We Believe


  • Both the Old and New Testament are Jehovah’s inspired words; the primary source of all Truth.
  • Man did not evolve but was created
  • Jehovah created his only-begotten Son, Jesus.  Jesus created all other things.
  • Jesus descended from heaven to earth and was born of Mary as a perfect human man, not as God in flesh.
  • God raised Jesus from death in a Spirit body, not in a physical body of flesh.
  • The Holy Spirit is Jehovah’s active power and force, not a person.
  • The Trinity is no where found or taught in the Bible.
  • Man is mortal and does not possess an immortal soul.  The soul ceases to exist after death.
  • There is no hell of fire where the wicked are punished.  “Hell” is from the same Greek and Hebrew words for “grave,” describing the sleep of death, not eternal torment.
  • We are now living in the ‘time of the end’
  • Jesus returned and has been invisibly present on earth since the early days of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
  • The 144,000 of Revelation 7 are the anointed Bride of Christ in heaven.
  • Earth will never be literally destroyed or completely depopulated
  • In the Kingdom, Christ will rule the earth in righteousness and peace
  • By their faithfulness to God, the obedient of mankind will be granted what our original parents lost—everlasting life in human perfection on a paradise earth.
  • Ultimately, the wicked will be eternally destroyed, but not first without a full opportunity to follow Christ.

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  • Jacqueline

    Dear A Christian,
    I will just address one of your questions. This website is put together by the Original Bible Students from Bro. Russell. I was just as confused as you when I met them after seeing a convention posted on Dawn Bible website. This convention was in Chicago on the coldest day of the year in 2009. I went there and almost cried. The watchtower society said they went into oblivion, that they no longer existed. I was actually influenced or raised as a BS for my first 12 yrs of life. I was baptized in 1960. So I am having a feast getting reacquainted. Perhaps the administrator or others will address your other questions. But welcome anyway.

  • A Christian

    I’m not really understanding this website? Are Jw’s or not? The reason for my confusion is that….some of you say you came out of JW’s…but then you believe exactly what they believe…Please excuse my ignorance.
    In Your statement of faith…you correctly say the “Trinity is not mentioned in the bible”…You are right to a degree the Word Trinity isn’t….But surely now you are removed from the JW’s cult, you can read the Bible yourselves and see Trinity is mentioned throughout…It starts in Genesis…Look at Gen 1:26-27 in the original language makes it quite clear that “Elohim” is plural. And even in the modern language it says..Let US make man in OUR image! Thats just the start….scripture goes on and on in this area…Please read your bibles…not te JW bible or watchtower information.,…The one and only TRUE bible. My heart breaks that you are so misled. Jesus is GOD!
    You say the wicked will be eternally destroyed….No..the Bible makes it quite clear they will be tormented for eternity in Hell (the lake of Fire) Jesus talks more about Hell than Heaven….It’s obvious He wants this subject to be Highlighted!
    Read Galations 1:1-9…Not in a JW bible…Please realise Jesus is God.
    Repent, Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour! If there is no Hell why did Jesus die? There was no point…If you are a sinner and there is no concquence for you sin then why bother doing what your doing! If only it was that simple. Salavtion is our Free gift from God. For us to live Eternally with Him and not be in Eternity of torment.

    What does Jesus say about Him and the Father?? John 1:1-2 In a normal bible JW’s bible changed this…Warning bells for you??? John 8:12-20 John 10…Then whole chapter…

    Please Read the bible….Understand the real Word of God.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Dear A Christian,

      Eternal Torment is not taught in the Bible. It is remarkable in our day, when anti-cruelty sentiments prevail and the cruelties of the Dark Ages are generally condemned, that many somehow consider that they honor God in ascribing to him a character of cruelty. A loving God would not act in the same manner that we would ascribe to Hitler or Nero.

      Revelation is a symbolic book and the expression “lake of fire” is interpreted to represent “second death” (Rev 20:14). Jesus Ransom gives all mankind the opportunity to come back to eternal life on Paradise earth (1 John 2:2; 1 Tim 4:10; Rom 8:19,21; Rev 22:17). However, if they rebel against Jehovah after the 1,000 years of rehabilitation, the punishment is “second death,” eternal destruction from which there is no return since Christ died only once (not twice) for them. Rev 20:7-10.

      Jesus used the word Gehenna in his Sermon on the Mount, saying, “Whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell [Gehenna] fire.” (Mt 5:22) The literal Valley of Hinnom, or Gehenna, was not far distant from where Jesus uttered these words, and those who heard them would not think for a moment that he was teaching that all who do not accept him before they die were to be tortured forever. You can read more in the little book, “The Truth About Hell.”

      Regarding: God (‘Elo-him’) in Plural Form: We refer you to the book: The Doctrine of Christ, which says:

      “The reasoning is presented that the Old Testament Hebrew word for God is often in plural form. To the Trinitarian mind, this is supposed to prove that God is a composite of three beings somehow congealed into one identity. It never had such a connotation to the Jewish writers of the Old Testament. They did not believe in a Trinity. It is an enigma to them that, after the fact, some Christians come along and prove the Trinity where none existed in the minds of the writers of the Old Testament. Trinity never was in their thinking, and therefore it was not in their ink quills.

      “Commenting on Gen. 1:1, where God is mentioned in the plural as ‘elohim,’ Dr. Rotherham says: “It should be carefully observed that, although ‘elohim’ is plural in form, yet when, as here, it is construed with a verb in the singular, it is naturally singular in sense; especially since the ‘plural of quality’ or ‘excellence’ abounds in Hebrew in cases where the reference is undeniably to something which must be understood in the singular.”

      “Oxford scholar R. B. Girdlestone writes on this matter in his Synonyms of the Old Testament: “Many critics, however, of unimpeachable orthodoxy, think it wiser to rest where such divines as Cajetan [a theologian] in the Church of Rome and Calvin among Protestants were content to stand, and to take the plural form as a plural of majesty, and as indicating the greatness, the infinity, and the incomprehensibleness of the Deity.”1 The truth on this matter is clearly perceived by many scholars, but it is hard to restrain some hard-pressed Trinitarians from stretching the truth to prove the unprovable.

      “It should be mentioned also that the Hebrew “elohim” is used to describe pagan gods such as Dagon (1 Sam. 5:7) and Marduck (Dan. 1:2). These were singular gods. No one has claimed they were triune gods. Hence, it seems many Trinitarian scholars wince at excesses of their brethren. The higher ground for the Trinitarian is still that the Trinity is not understandable, nor explainable, and must simply be accepted as a theological mystery. This is especially difficult for fundamentalist Bible believers to accept. They find this an uncomfortable posture in which to be.”

      This book will also answer your other points on the Trinity.

  • Jacqueline

    “Ditto, Ditto” Amen. Thanks, I enjoyed reading your post.
    In Christ,

  • I was reading your belief statement. I am a Christian baptized by j.w.s and anointed while with another church who believes the bible. These beliefs are true and I agree! It is heartening for me to know that the time of correction and miracles is close at hand. Presently, there is a stirring of our spirits that tell us to stand firm and be ready to receive the pure clean truth and special dispensations as a sign! There are those that say that’s a lie! Among them is a notable e-preacher. To those that do not want to discern the truths you are showing, I ask why do you want to come so close to salvation, yet not reach out and seize it? I don’t want to blow my own horn, but my job is to help people to prepare for the final preaching and let men and ladies know it’s high time to get right so that you can be a useful worker in the last part of the harvest. Time to shut off the Ouija boards and prophesy telling! We must come to our senses and honor Jehovah in obedience with Jesus Christ and pick up God’s written word in order to receive his living word Jesus with the honor he deserves! Not as certain groups who are drunken and wolves!
    Thanks for your good solid teachings.

  • Bro. Hankanimana Innocent,
    you are welcome here .
    Please see the comment under my name (rus virgil) at the section “Testimonials”
    and follow the links I provided there / it may help you !

    May Jehovah and Jesus Christ the King be also with you !
    rus virgil
    (click also on my name)

  • Hankanimana Innocent

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I am very delighted to get your website. I am an Ex-JW living in Dzaleka Refugee Camp,MALAWI. I was serving as Elder but I resigned willingly in October 2008 because the issue of Blood Transfusion and their attitude towards those who leave them ( shunning). Anyway I continue teaching people the good news about the Kingdom of God and its blessings. I want to be in connection with other people with the same mission esp. Former JWs.
    I wish to cooperate with you because I have started building a large room for Bible study and the Church activities and the name of “New Covenant Bible Student Church”. I need also your support so that I can be effective spiritually and physically.

    May Jehovah through Jesus Christ be with you!

    Bro. Hankanimana Innocent.

    • Jacqueline

      Hello and WELCOME Bro. Hankanimana Innocent,
      I was a witness for 61 yrs. Left 8/31/2009. It took 10 yrs but I made it.
      Look forward to hear more about your Bible Study group’s progress.
      You have friends here. Thanks for posting. Say hello to the whole association of Malawi Friends.
      We know the whole Malawi issue as presented by the Watchtower org. Many of us protested their causing you suffering in something no different than our SS card and our drivers License which shows and bear the signature of the political party in power.
      Glad to see you are well and made it through the ordeal. My relative served in Benin now Dahomey.
      In Christ

  • Peter K. (admin)

    You say, ” When this current “AGE” we now find ourselves in ends, and the Seventieth and last week should begin is nowhere to be revealed.” If I might suggest, it seems to me that it doesn’t need to be revealed since it is obvious. Isn’t it? Am I missing something obvious here? Just like the 69th week follows the 68th week, so the 70th week follows the 69th week, in the same manner as all the weeks before. To arbitrarily cut out the 70th week and place it in the future is quite unnatural and would require a direct statement of scripture instructing us to do so.

    Until the twentieth century, it was commonly understood that the Papacy was Anti-Christ.

    On the Andrew Apologetic Ministries website we read, “The foundation of the rapture theory was laid over 400 years ago upon the specific orders of the Catholic Church. Every Christian needs to understand how this fabrication of error was designed to neutralize the great Protestant Reformation. If the facts of history were known by Protestants today who defend with such great emotion the rapture theory and the futurist antichrist doctrine, they would be horrified. Luther and his fellow reformers boldly identified the pope as the “man of sin,” and labeled the Catholic Church as the antichrist of prophecy. In response to those charges, the hierarchy assigned two Jesuit priests to develop counter-interpretations which would turn the onus away from the Catholic Church….” Read more here: http://apologetics.scriptmania.com/3400.htm

  • Elijah Returns

    The last week is 7 years long. It will be y7 years long, but becomes great tribulation in last 1/2

    Daniel 9:24-27


    The Seventy Weeks of Years which have been determined “Upon Gods People”

    More accurately, these weeks are “Sevens” of Years. Seventy weeks of Seven Years each.

    Within these “Weeks” the “National” chastisement must be ended and the Nation of Israel re-established, but in everlasting righteousness (Verse 24).

    The Seventy Weeks of Years are divided into groups of Seven: (Verses 24-27)

    Seven=49 Years

    Sixty Two= 434 Years

    One Year=7 Years

    Verse 25

    In the first 7 Weeks (49 Years) of the 70 weeks of Years Jerusalem was rebuilt. This was fufilled as Ezra and his contemporary Nehemiah have recorded.

    Verse 26

    The 62 Weeks (434 Years), after these the Messiah had come. These were fufilled in the Birth and manifestation of the Christ.

    The date of Christs death, was on Passover of Nisan 14, 3.5 Years after his assignment had been completed. This can be detemined as it is said to have occurred after the 62 weeks. This is the first event in Verse 26.

    The second event of verse 26: This is the destruction of the City which was fufilLed in 70 AD by means of Titus and Vespasian.

    Verse 27

    Then, Daniel goes on to say….”until the end”, a period still not fixed, that destruction and war would persist. It was only revelaed to Daniel that wars and desolation would continue, but these still have a more future application and fall into the last 7 year time frame period which is the period of Matthew 24:4-30

    The New Testament reveals that this revelation was withheld from those of the Old Testament Prophets, but during this same period the Kingdom of the Heavens and its mysteries should see a kind of fufillment.

    When this current “AGE” we now find ourselves in ends, and the Seventieth and last week should begin is nowhere to be revealed. But, Christ said we must remain awake and be awake and “be vigilant to the signs”.

    But, the duration of the last week, cannot be longer than 7 years, to make it more violates the principles of interpretation already confirmed by fufillment. Verse 27 is the verse which deals with this last week of years which is still to be realised. Jehovahs Witnesses say this period lasts from 1914 onwards for an indefinate period of time, but this, as mentioned above, violates and twists scripture.


    The “He” of verse 27 is the “Prince that shall come”, “The Man of Sin”. “He” being the same as the “Little Horn” of Daniel Chapter 7.

    “He” , the Antichrist, “He” will make a covenant with the many for 7 years.

    The Jews will be allowed to re-establish worship. This Peace Covenant and time is marked by rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple will be rebuilt, and very quickly too, but in the “straits” of the times, or “Troublesome Times”. And it will be trouble.For as soon as this call of peace and security goes forth, death and destruction follow very quickly, and right down until the very end.



    At this time the good news of Gods Kingdom is preached by the Last Two Witnesses In Jerusalem, and by the Jewish remnant of the 144000 who are seen with the great crowd that is to come out of all the Nations.

    But, in the middle of the last week of years, “The Man of Sin” will cause all worship and sacrafices to cease on his rise to ultimate power. He will then sit himself down in the Temple of God and declare himself to be”God”, even claiming to do what only God the Almighty can do, and he will demand exclusive devotion and worship (Daniel 12:11a 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).


    Verse 27, this deals with the last 3.5 Years of Mankinds History before Christs return at the 7th and Final Trumpet. These Last 3.5 years are also known as the “Great Tribulation”, or “Times of Trouble/Revenge”, “Times of Temptation”, when Antichrist will rule Supremely.

    By end of Antichrist’s reign, 3/4 of the Worlds population will have been wiped out by him. This is the reality, this is what is in store, and as Christ had said, It will be a time which has never been seen before, would never be seen again, but due to the holy ones, those days will be cut short, because if they were not, then no flesh would be spared.

    Elijah Returns

  • Peter K. (admin)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Obadiah 1:21 “And saviors shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’s.” KJV. The saviors on mount Zion are the Bride of Christ, His body members, the 144,000 on mount Zion (the Heavenly government of Paradise Earth).

    The day for a year principle in is established in Num 14:34 & Ez 4:5,6. Hence in the seventy weeks prophecy (Dan 9:24-27), a day for a year brings you to Jesus Baptism at AD 30 at the end of 69 weeks. The Tribulation Period is not 7 years. There is not rational for moving the 70th week to the future. The middle of the 70th week Jesus is crucified at AD 33. The end of the 70 weeks marks the end of exclusive favor to Israel and Cornelius becomes the first Jewish convert.

    The 1260 days, 42 months & 3 1/2 times of Daniel and Revelation are all the same 1260 year period of the reign of the Antichrist/Papacy from 539 to 1799 AD.

  • Elijah Returns

    Absolutely, but the appearance of the 144000, as well as the last two witnesses are still future, but very near to be sure indeed.

    The 3rd Temple, according to Daniel will be erected soon, this marks the covenant Antichrist makes for 7 years.

    Friends, we are not in the end time yet, but near to be sure.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are not the true religion, they are just the same, and in some respects worse than any other mainstream religion.

    The good news of the Kingdom will be preached by the Jewish remnant of 144000 who are seen in amidst the crowds worldwide…according to Micah and Revelation. It will be in first part of the last week of years, it will be 3.5 years in duration, like Christ’s work, it will be a work backed up by the most astounding miracles ever seen.

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