Bible Students offer weekly topical Bible Studies for those you you wishing to join us.  The studies are Wednesday night at 7:00 pm CDT (central time).  [8:00 pm EDT and and 5:00 pm PDT]  Find information on the next upcoming study here:


Call Phone # 1-(302) 202-1110.     After connecting dial pin#: 991337

The study begins promptly at 7:00 pm Central time (8:00 pm Eastern & 5:00 pm West Coast).  It is best to call in 5 or 10 minutes early to avoid technical delays.   If you have any questions, you can contact me at


Our study topic will be a topical study of the Bible from Brother Russell’s famous book called “THE ATONEMENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN” It is Volume 5 of Studies in the Scriptures.


Night:  Wednesday

Time:  8:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm Central, 5:00 pm West Coast

See the main website page and find the most recent study announcement for the chapter we are on.  These announcement are brought forward to the front of the home page on Wednesday morning so it is easy to find for those looking for the study questions.


The study will in some ways be similar to a college class room in that we plan on covering the material in the chapter.  So you will benefit by reading in advance and preparing.    You will find our teachings just like what they were in the early days of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, before the year 1917.  Bible Students do not believe and forcing our views on others and you are welcome to have a difference of opinion.  However, the study is not intended to be a free for all.  We intend on keeping on the topic for the first hour.  Off topic questions and thoughts (or differences of opinion that will take time to discuss) will be reserved for after the first hour. Our goal will be to cover a chapter a week, however realistically if more time is needed we allow more time the following week.


In order to keep order in the study, if you have a question or comment you can type “Q” for Question or “C” for Comment.  If you are on the phone, say the words “Question” or “Comment.”    The study leader will use his discretion in calling on each of you in an orderly fashion, but only as time permits.  In an hour it may not be possible for everyone to say all that they wanted to say.  However, we will do our best to encourage participation from as many who desire it.


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  • Rosa Soto

    What is you domination ?

    • Jacqueline (Bible student)

      Hi Rosa and welcome. Did you visit the society in New York? I think they have guards there. My friend worked the night shift but police? I don’t know about that.
      We are non denomination Bible students.

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

    Peter –
    I think you should change the description under “Character of the Study”.

  • Jacqueline

    This is my opinion, I know it is long but it is the way I see it and I might be in error but it is an honest error for I love God, Jesus and his worshipers.
    HEALING takes a long time,remission happens, but can come back.
    Mark 2:17: On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
    Matt 13:15 “ For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’ “
    The Wednesday night Bible Study conducted for this site on a call-in reflects these scriptures.
    Many coming out of the Jehovah Witness organization and some still in think incorrectly that the Bible Students know about the organization. They are learning about this bizarre version of what is proclaimed as being from the Brothers such as Charles Taze Russell and others around his time, just as we are learning what the Bible really teaches and the beliefs of those brothers.
    This means they will ask us questions about our experiences and we will respond with those experiences with tears many times. Often horrible mistreatments have happened to these brothers. Pretending it didn’t and not providing an outlet to discuss these “atrocities” is being “naïve”.
    It is not meant to be a recreation of the Witnesses book study, where you display your knowledge on being able to answer the questions presented. Knowledge puffs up. Love upbuilds and that is the way the lesson is conducted with honest expressions from the heart.
    Is it “BASHING” the governing body policies and the Jehovah Witnesses religion when a person tells the truth? If the study material is talking about the development of the systems of religion in our day, and this happens to be what the witnesses have done also. Is it bashing to bring this out? Why would a study containing ex Jehovah Witnesses not talk about their experiences as a witness?
    Personal study helps us individually to attain head knowledge but MORAL knowledge is an affair of the heart and any observing or just listening in on this study will hopefully see we are all trying to heal the heart and soul from terrible abuses. Ages on this study runs up to 84 years old and many in their 60’s so young ones could benefit from their accurate knowledge of how Elder talks are prepared and what was actually revealed in Elder meetings. It is a part of the HEALING process not meant to be a “BASHING” of the witnesses but a healing.
    YOU CANNOT HEAL A SICK PERSON UNLESS YOU IDENTIFY THE ILLNESS. In the case of the Wednesday night study it is horrible ABUSE OF POWER BY the policies of the governing body of Jehovah witnesses.
    AAA statement is I am an alcoholic. Abuse women statement is, I am an abused woman.
    Why do these groups especially the women go back to the abuser? Why does she leave yet keep in contact with the abuser? Why does she DEFEND THE ABUSER? It is complex! Unless she admits and humble herself and stay away from the abusive behavior and the abuser she will never heal. She will always defend the abuser and try to hinder anyone else from exposing the abusers conduct. The alcoholic must stay away from the bottle and learn to abhor it in order to stay free. He will always be an ALCOHOLIC, he must abstain. He must not seek the company of those still drunk. In this case drunk on the destructive policies and Harmful family destroying teachings of the governing body of the witnesses.
    For anyone to THINK they are any better than the abused woman or the alcoholic is deception in my opinion. The symptoms and cure for them are the same as a person that has been abused in a high control and authoritative religion

    • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

      Very interesting. I didn’t know the Weds study was were exJWs talk about their experiences for healing using the study of the Volumes as therapy from bitter past experiences.

      I should have asked what I could expect. It was the opposite of my expectations. That type of healing therapy bible study is not what I am looking for. No, not like the JW book study that has no liberty, but to delve in the full spiritual truth that lies therein derived from prior study and preparation.

      I loved when the brother talked about scriptures that contained the accurate thought of the inspired word. That is what I really appreciated.

      Thank you for clarifying the purpose of that study. And I agree that the spiritual healing process does make their calling more sure.

      With that end, for those who need the therapy, may the Lord bless them in their recovery and remain in His providence in this most holy faith.

      Abound in Him,

      • Jacqueline

        Cazenovi, That is just one of the aspects of the study. You came in on a cetain topics and we followed the flow. There are other call-in studies with just Bible Students and Br. Peter can supply you with some of these numbers. They are not ex jw and in fact wouldn’t know what to say. They are not abused Christians by the governing body policies so it might be a different feel for you.
        And perhaps Br. Peter might have some additional comments on that. I have a place on this site and I try to stick to that as the other brothers do a very good job in deep Bible discussions with you.
        Sometimes Cazenovi when you walk both fences it can get a little confusing but you seem to be content and able to handle it and I wish you the best in your ministry among the witnesses. We are on the same page, each doing it as the Holy Spirit moves us. We welcome those that are not so knowledgeable but have the heart condition for association and need a spiritual and comforting ear.
        A lot of other ex- jw sites have some deep dig into the scriptures also. I am a poster on some of these sites under a moniker and we have beautiful spiritual scriptural supporting and stimulating conversations. They know I am from this site and have never talked against it’s function. For most mature ex witnesses knows it takes different types of sites to clear up this CHAOS that the policies of the governing body has created. Take Care

        • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

          Jackie, your moniker? Wow! I remember reading your posts haha (I dont remember where). But yes, I can sympathize with those who have been abused. As for me on both sides of the fence its all about balance. I am content and just waiting on the Lord to indicate to me personally how and when and if to leave.

          Could you provide the other bible studies please?

          • Jacqueline

            What was the moniker name of the post you read and I can tell you where you saw me. Br. Peter will speak with you concerning other studies. Some are mentioned on the right side bar.
            Also have you downloaded the APP Christian Resources? It will present the challenge you need in deep subjects. There were two very versed Brothers that approached you to meet face to face with their group. They live quite close. Br. Len and Br. Gray are deep students of the bible. Br. Brad is very deep and effective in helping us to understand the Divine Plan of God. The brothers on the Wednesday night study are ex elders etc and you could learn a thing or two from them (smile). We all together have learned to be specific in studying the bible and wth age come wisdom for those that listen. But not always I agree, some young ones have great knowledge that will grow into wisdom (the ability to use knowledge wisely).
            I don’t have anything against your staying with the witnesses or your walk in any way with the LORD. But for those that have experienced abuse by the organization, I wouldn’t suggest their going back under their abuser. It is not prudent.
            There is a movement within the witnesses to keep from losing so many members, they allow some other reading now and don’t react to someone like you. As long as you are not truthful with them on being immersed by the Bible Students you will be okay.
            Behind the iron curtain during that period the communist infiltrated the witnesses and even formed a governing body because they read of it in the magazines the New York branch thought was getting through to the brothers. The brothers rejected them immediately when they got free but they tolerated them as long as they didn’t reveal themselves. So the witnesses will probably allow you to stay.
            I am surprised that the CO and some of the men are traitors to their faith even as they stay in it. It must be emotionally and morally difficult for them to encourage you to keep speaking the opposite of what they say from the platform. And if they believe what you say how can they as moral and spiritual men teach something different?
            Well I don’t understand everything and don’t need too. I personally function better inside with being true to what I believe and am not ashamed or leary in any way with telling my family and all friends that are witnesses that I now associate with the Bible Students that remained after Rutherford formed the Jehovah Witnesses in 1931. The organization is changing even the CO and principled men are aware what they teach is not quite right. Thanks for sharing that with us.

          • Jacqueline

            Cazenovi, the question I asked. Are these complainers about this site not being user friendly. Are they out of the headquarters in Patterson or Wallkill? Are the exjw that feel this way in any way involved with the pedophile issue. I ask because I know a prolific pedophile relative of mine that has gone over to the Mormons and they don’t know what he is. He doesn’t like this site because we have this very important element to it. He calls me an apostate, yet he has been jailed and have destroyed the lives of many young girls as an elder in the witnesses. He was DF’d 5 times by the age of 40 but let back in and became an elder. He is back in again as an active JW but is with the Mormons also. I hope they have put policies in place so he doesn’t destroy one of their children. The society has never reported him to the police to this day. I did however. So that is why I ask you the questions. Do you know the answer?

            • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

              I cannot recall the particulars associated with the name moniker.

              It is not emotionally and morally difficult for neither them nor I because what I say is not directly against the GB. I word things ever so carefully to stimulate seeking minds. I use discernment in my comments and word them as if my thoughts completely harmonize with the paragraph.

              I always comment on the scriptures and it’s cross references and not necessarily on the paragraph. I think about the theme scripture as the foundation.

              I word my comments like “think of it this way…”; “could this mean…?” or “I like this thought in the paragraph… this scripture expounds the point in an even more profound way…”. Things like that.

              After the meetings, few friends always come up to me to expound on my comments. When asked what reference I am using, I refer to a modern/current one that carries a similar thought to a Reprint.

              In comments I say ‘one watchtower states…” (often a reprint) or “one reference work mentions…” (other bibles versions or quote a bible scholar) always substituting the society’s old language with the current. Like they say grace=loving kindness/undeserved kindness, consecration=dedication, long-suffering=patience etc

              This same principle applies to the talks I give.

              It all sounds complicated. I feel like I am serving the congregation in a more full way and therefore not stressful. I pray for the divine wisdom, discernment and joy to bear truth to the congregation.

              Abound in Him,

              PS the answer to your question:

              • Jacqueline

                Oh okay, follow the Spirit and sift everything through prayer and the WORD. Moniker mean I use another name. I use numbers and letters when posting. Many think I am a guy until I slip up and say some obvious girl stuff. I tell them I am a girl. I use scriptures very deeply and we battle but come out friends. These are the good old first sites of the thousands that left after 1975 and in the 1990’s after the governing body got really ugly and put their foot on the necks of brothers that were doing what you are doing.
                But now they have lost most of their bright minds and thinkers so congregations are more lenient until a hardliner write New York about you. Also there are some many traitors within the bodies and the Bethels. They give us all the info right out of Bethel. I have called in and got switched about four times until the phone was in one brother’s apartment and he went in the super computer to give me the deleted article I wanted, even mailing it to me directly. So many are like you staying to educate from within. Take Care

  • Sherry

    Thank you for the link. Very interesting article. And here are a few thoughts. He mentioned the ships of Christopher Columbus sailed off. The good news for expelled Jews was a new land where they could go to.

    But this land is now turning its back on Israel, and the fact the blood moons are taking place here, the disaster may come here.

    The brethren mentioned this at the end. “Now, more than ever we are to follow the admonition to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper that love thee” (Psa. 122:6).

    You have a nice convention also Jeff.

  • Sherry

    Thank you both for the info. The 4 dates were. 2014 April 15
    2014 October 8th
    2015 April 4th
    2015 September 28

    I believe the Shmita begins on 2015 September 13th.

    If anyone is planning on observing Thanksgiving along with Hanukkah this year it will be a once in a lifetime event. The next one is 2165, but because of leap year it will not happen, also the 11 minutes problem will throw it off forever.

  • Sherry

    Thank you for info to convention, but was unable to log in live. Have a super time there.

  • Sherry

    What do you think of the 4 blood moons? Will not have another for 400 years. Sept. 13

    • jacqueline

      Sherry hello, we are all at the General convention but I am sure someone will enter the discussion when day is over. But could you explain to (me) us what a blood moon is and especially 4. Thanks I will wait for your answer that way I can reply. Take care. Also you can look in on the convention by following the links in the article top right.

    • Hello Sherry,

      I am also at the convention, but thought I would take a little time to reply.

      I saw a documentary on this recently which included a panel discussion on this subject. Blood moons are a regularly occurring astronomical phenomena. These happen quite often. The rare occurrence is when the blood moons synchronize with specific Jewish dates/holidays.

      Unfortunately the blood moons for this year are not visible in Israel, and are only visible in North America.

      Although it is an interesting concept I find evidence for it lacking. There is an interesting correlation however with the ninth of ab and specific and important eventful dates which happened with the nation of Israel and all which happened on the ninth of Ab.

      Some of these were mentioned in the documentary and the evidence for this date is much more compelling.

      First Year of the Exodus

      Nebuchadnezzar burned the city of Jerusalem

      The temple in Jerusalem was burned by the Romans (AD 70).

      The forces of Bar Kokhba were put down the Hadrian (AD 135)

      The last group of Jews were expelled from Spain and departed by Ship in 1492 on this date.

      There was an article published on this in the Herald of Christ’s Kingdom magazine a few years ago that gives much of this information and you can find it at the following link.

      This article was written by our dear and departed Br. Carl Hagensick, and there is also an MP3 available of a talk he gave on this subject.

  • Sherry

    If man is right and the universe is 14 billion years old, we must remember Jesus was created in heaven before the universe. So for the sake of opinions lets say Jesus was 1 billion years old so he could learn a great many things about his Father. Then the Creator, having His Son participating made all things.

    That would mean Jesus never sinned in 15 billion years, thus showing that not sinning can be a serious reality someday. You asked what builds my faith in previous post, that is something I just learned, and it helps build my faith in God’s word.

    • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

      Sherry – thanks for sharing your perspective! It is indeed something I think about in connection of Jesus conquering the world in remaining sinless completing his father’s will for him to do on earth. I agree with you of how faith strengthening it is!

      Agape in Christ,

    • jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Sherry that is a sobering point. It shows we can depend on Jesus when he said I will return again and I will be with you until the conclusion of this system of things. The apostles went into action on those words. Died martyrs so we could benefit from by spreading Christianity all over. As you stated we know men can be sinless and there will be glorious peace and happiness for children and all suffering today. Thanks for formulating in words.

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

    Anyone interested in an after study/discussion? 8p is just one hour too early for me. I get off work at 9p.

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

    I would like to inquire of those BS & JW who are vigorous students of scripture & who take personal study seriously. In recent months I have been developing an extensive theocratic library to aid my personal study. I would like to know what your current study projects are and what you have appreciated from it in enhancing your faith and sonship of God.

    Perhaps a new thread could be created if enough brothers and sisters share their discoveries and personal applications! 🙂

    One project I have embarked upon is the examination of the Song of Songs. Years before I have wondered how this book of romance came to become canonized into holy scripture, even ‘holy of hollies’ with minute reference of love of God or spirituality!!

    I now know that it is the spiritual lenses of Sons of God must have on in order understand and appreciate, and even more so… cherish! After all, it is that perception that we have in every aspect of our life.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Cazenovi – It’s nice to hear your comments and interest in Bible Study. Yes, the Song of Solomon has a deeper spiritual meaning. I found the book by Anton Frey on the Song of Solomon quite helpful and quite deep. I hope it is a blessing for you at this link:

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