Would you like to experience a convention where hundreds of Bible Students from all around the USA and even the world met together?  These Bible Students believe what was taught by the early Watchtower in 1916 and prior, in the days of Pastor Russell.  Envision the feeling of freedom to be able to fellowship openly with other students of the Bible.
Bible Students peacefully come to the General Convention each year to enjoy spiritual rejuvenation, Bible learning and loving Christian fellowship.  It is an opportunity to come away from the cares of this world for six days and be spiritually refreshed, and is attended by adults and young people of all ages.  The program includes talks (discourses) and panels on many Bible subjects, praise and testimony meetings, evening vesper services, and many hours of one on one fellowship.  There are also programs for children and young adults.  In short, Bible Students come to the General Convention to soak up the blessings, gain spiritual lessons, and enjoy fellowshipping with each other.


You can attend the General Convention over the Internet.  Prior to the Convention, we will provide you with the live feed Internet link, then later the link for the recording.  If you would like to attend this General Convention in person, send an email to me at  We can even trade phone #’s to discuss your interest and what you are looking for.  We will  explain more of what the General Convention is about and answer your questions.  If we are both in agreement that it could meet your expectations, as well as be a blessing to you and the Bible Students that you will be visiting with, then we can discuss registration. 


If you would like a copy of the program/schedule, click here:  2018 Convention Program


The 2014 Bible Students General Convention in Johnstown, PA will be held from July 19 to July 24, 2013.  The convention program, travel directions, Internet broadcast (includes Adobe Connect, no special software but high speed connection required), and audio/video/presentation file download information is available at the following website:



The 2018 General Convention will be broadcast live on the Internet using Adobe Connect and YouTube

Live Internet Broadcast!


Adobe Connect Link:



This year, there will be 2 ways to connect to the convention over the Internet, Adobe Connect and YouTube. Here are the links to each:
Adobe Connect:
YouTube: or go to YouTube and search for “Bible Students Channel”. You can watch the YouTube LiveStream on your phone, tablet, computer, smart TV or video streaming device (Chromecast, Firestick, Apple TV, Roku).Depending on the type of high speed Internet connection, some brethren may have problems connecting on YouTube (like with a DSL connection). Adobe Connect should be fine for all Internet connections. Some testing of both broadcast methods prior to the convention may be performed from 7 -10 pm EDT on Friday, July 13.If you miss a convention discourse, it can be found here (after the discourse is completed):
Video Replays: or go to the “2018 General Convention” playlist in the “Bible Students Channel”

The convention program, travel directions, Internet broadcast information (with the Adobe and YouTube connection links), and audio/video/presentation file download information is available at the following website:


Here is an alternate website for those with mobile devices (Ipads, Iphones, other smartphones and tablets):

Note: All convention times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)



You can listen to recordings of the last three General Conventions at the following links:

Find the 2017 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2016 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2015 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2014 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2013 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2012 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2010 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2009 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find more Bible Student conventions here:

82 comments to Conventions

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Albuguerque Convention can be accessed this way: It has begun tonight Friday, Enjoy!

    To connect to the broadcast, click on the following link.

    “Enter as a Guest” will already be selected. Enter your name and then click on the “Enter Room” button.

    The 2016 ABQ convention program can be viewed from the link below. (a couple changes to the program for a baptismal service have been included below)

    “Have hope toward God… that there
    shall be a resurrection of the dead,
    both of the just and unjust.”
    – Acts 24:15 (Convention theme text)

    Friday, March 25

    7:00pm Song Service
    7:15pm Psalms 25:10 – Convention Speakers
    8:15pm Songs In The Night

    Saturday, March 26

    9:30am – Devotions and Welcome
    9:45am – Theme Discourse “The Resurrection of the Dead” -Len Griehs Delaware Valley, PA
    10:45am – Fellowship
    11:15am – Group Study -Larry McClellan, Clearwater, FL
    12:30pm – Lunch
    2:00pm – Group Study -Ernie Kuenzli, Orlando, FL
    3:15pm – Fellowship
    3:45pm – Baptismal Discourse -Joe Megacz, Chicago, IL (NOT BROADCAST – SEPARATE LOCATION)
    5:30pm – Dinner
    6:45pm – Testimony Meeting -Len Griehs, Delaware Valley, PA
    7:45PM – Vespers -Joe Megacz, Chicago, IL

    Sunday, March 27

    9:30am – Discourse -Ernie Kuenzli, Orlando, FL
    10:15am – Fellowship
    10:30am – Discourse -Larry McClellan, Clearwater, FL
    11:15am – Fellowship
    11:30am – Group Study -Joe Megacz, Chicago, IL
    12:45pm – Lunch
    2:00pm – Echo Meeting (NOT BROADCAST)
    3:00pm – Closing Remarks (NOT BROADCAST)

  • Ken(B.S.)

    Jacqueline where and when can I see the video of me and Peter K. talking during lunch at the last convention?

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ken, here is the link to the convention. Hit on the adobe connect to see them and the other one to hear them.
      Now I don’t know if it shows the audience also but you can look at Sunday to see if when lunch starts they show the audience.

      You know I was also thinking how when we were at the hall we heard about other religious systems but those that came out of them never had the open and freeness to comment one way or the other.
      We loved the fact we could comment freely last night even with concerns we had coming into our brotherhood here. We didn’t have to shut up at all we could speak freely.
      It is a shame the witnesses can’t hear nor ask questions about some of the practices of control within the organization.
      If fact most witnesses think it is normal to not have the right to question or think about anything taught or done by the governing body. But really that is part of the process Jesus is bringing us out of.
      Freedom is so precious. I never want to lose it again.

      PS: I am going to the Boat and RV show in Chicago today so I might not see comments. I think I will take the train in. Take Care.

  • Ken(B.S.)

    When will the 2015 Chicago general convention be posted?

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hello Ken. This is the link for the calendar for conventions. They are added as each class give their information. Also Dawn may have even more listings here:
      The General convention is held in Johnstown, Pa in July 16-21. The next Chicago convention will be Memorial Day weekend I assume as every year.
      Since these conventions and dates are decided by each class there is not central organization or hub that decides if a ecclesia will have a convention or not.

  • Ex Jw

    Peter K.,I was glad to finally be able to meek you in person at the Chicago convention on Sunday! I must say I haven’t felt the love the brethren showed to me in a very long time…I could definitely feel The Lords spirit!

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Ex-JW – Yes it was great for me to finally meet you on Sunday. Your love for Jehovah was evident. It is our joy to have spiritual fellowship without fear of judgment and condemnation. It is wonderful to be able to share our heart and even sometimes doubts and receive encouragement and strength.

      2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

      1 John 4:18 (RSV) “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears is not perfected in love.”

  • Cazenovi

    Adobe connect this year?

  • Jacqueline

    I attended the Southwest Oregon completely online convention and we had brothers from Croatia and Poland on as well as from all over the United States.
    This is the first time I have attended one when you can raise your hand and answer or comment on an adobe connection. It was great association today.

  • Jacqueline

    This is the convention announcement posted earlier for those that want to come in by adobe connect.
    Convention Announcement
    The Milwaukee Bible Students would like to invite believers in the ransom for all to our annual convention on Sept 27-28. For program information go to our website, and click on conventions.

  • Convention Announcement
    The Milwaukee Bible Students would like to invite believers in the ransom for all to our annual convention on Sept 27-28. For program information go to our website, and click on conventions.

  • Erika

    Hi Bro Peter, I am having a problem with the conventions loading. I can see everything on the chat side but cannot see or hear anything even though the mic flashes letting you know someone is talking. I don’t know if I am logging in too late or not.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Erika – Sorry for the delay. What you are clicking on from the “Convention page” is all recordings from General Conventions for several years up until this last 2014 conventions. I am able to get sound and video. The 2014 link takes you to the Columbus Bible Students website Which has the talks from the 2014 General Convention as well as from other conventions. The General Convention talks are through Adobe Connect, so you should be able to see a video of the speaker talking as well as hear the audio. I am not sure why you cannot hear anything. Have you tried another talk to see if may it is a problem with just one of the services? Can you get the audio when you go to a YouTube video? Are you sure you are getting sound out of your speakers? I think the problem is on your end and it is hard to know exactly what is is since I am not there with your. I hope you get it working. – Peter K.

  • Raychick7

    As a baptized Jehovah’s Witness myself, I find it very refreshing that you all want to attend the 2014 convention. I just recently went today, for my second time. Tomorrow is the last day for our convention. In Illionis we only go three days to the convention, not necessarily seven like it used to be. I’m pretty sure that’s for most circuits in the United States, but I’m not certain. lol

    The international Jehovah’s Witnesses conventions are also extremely beautiful. This convention has people from all over the world coming together to read God’s word. I got the chance to meet a Korean overseer and his wife. 🙂 You might need a special invite to this one though…because I hear so many people want to attend but they don’t have a lot of room for them all.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Raychick7, thanks for commenting. My family went to the Jehovah Witnesses international conventions in Indianapolis and I babysat for the preweek activities so they could attend. My other sons and family members went to the San Diego, Ca and the Atlanta Ga.
      I went to the Bible Students International Convention in Johnstown, Pa for 6 days and 2 extra. It too was a beautiful convention as we discussed deeply the Bible Scriptures digging deeply. The talks are not manuscripted and the brothers have latitude in presenting the scriptures from what they can harmonize.
      We have hot breakfast, Lunch and dinner prepared by the facility at University of Pa. and stay in the dorm room and apartments for a nominal affordable fee.
      We will now have an International in Poland in August.
      Our group is not as large as the Jehovah Witnesses but we share a lot of same thoughts on scripture to some degree. One main difference is Bible Students believe that the Bible teaches that Jesus is a RANSOM FOR ALL of Adam and his children.
      Were you in Dekalb, Ill? I used to go there. Did you hear the talk on Friday evening about the Bible Student and Jehovah Witnesses history? If so will you give us a review of it on this link: . Take Care and tell us more about how you found this site, please. Jacqueline

      • Dundee

        I went to a Bible Student convention some months ago for the 1st time in Delaware.i’m a baptized JW. I must say my jaw just dropped. I am in shock how wonderful!!

        • Jacqueline

          Dundee i know what. you mean. For witnesses to say they are bible students the beliefs are 99% different.

          • Dundee

            Yes Sr.Jacqueline…because of the difference of beliefs, I’m having a hard time looking back. I enjoy Bible Student Conventions more!! I wish more would just try one out.

            • Jacqueline

              Dundee, my heart is heavy. I spoke to a very close dear relative about 1 hour ago and told them I was on the hyway going home after being at the “Olde Harvest” outdoor convention. They were so hurt as 2 families was waiting for me to tell them the exact weekend and had this weekend and next off. I try so hard not to offend or encourage anyone to leave the witness organization and didn’t think they were serious when they asked about it this year and last year.
              I also learned that my family members are confused about the recent articles where the watchtower is saying it is the Bible Students. I was read paragraph three of today’s study article. The conclusion at this meeting was that the witnesses are the Bible Students. Some of my relatives spoke out to say their sister is with the Bible Students long before these articles, so they want to know who are the Bible Students if the witnesses are also. I hope they write the society as they don’t mention us at all being Bible Students. Confusing to them. So now I am going to began a study with some out of the Grand Plan Booklet. I explained that armageddon, the great crowd and the Ransom has all been changed from Br. Russell’s day, they were very interested in knowing.
              Wow! Every witness I talk to in the last 2 months have said they are the Bible Students. I am speechless.

              • Dundee

                Thats a tuff long as this system lasts there shall be more conventions.Prayer can b said that they will again hav sum time off to attend.Perhaps they’d be willing to listen to sum archived conventions in the meantime while the soil is perhaps looking good in their hearts & their minds r open to the option there is another option. I wish i found the Bible Students sooner but the condition of my mind in the past was that the WT was Noahs Ark.But its members kept trying to throw me overboard for decades.They didnt want my family & i onboard.For me it was a freightening tramatic experience. I’d rather be on the Bible Student Tugboat who rescued me & reminded me about the real Jehovah & Jesus..

                • Jacqueline

                  Dundee I know what you are saying. I have realized it was the experience that Christ knew I had to have for 61 years to bring me to him for use. This little Tugboat is doing a wonderful job and Jehovah kept them hidden from us as now in this perilous times they are needed because they kept to the simple truths of the Bible.
                  I believe he has called persons like you, me and other former witnesses out early to help the Bible Students brothers get used to what a witness all beat up is like. I personally feel that there will be many more tested with fire ones coming out. Watch the middle east and Israel!

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