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Welcome all Anointed Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who would like to talk with you!

Anointed Talk is a place for the Anointed of Jehovah’s Witnesses to talk to each other and for others of us to get a chance to talk to you.  And why not?  We have been told that no one else is listening to you.  Is this true?   The The Watchtower, 5/15/00, p. 11 says, “anointed Witnesses of Jehovah have been blessed with insight, enabling them to understand…”  (See complete quote below).  Yet to what avail is this special insight?  Does the Governing Body care what the Anointed have to say?  Do they ask for the opinion and spiritual insight of the anointed?  Sadly, we are getting reports from Anointed JWs, indicating they are being disrespected, ridiculed and made fun of.  They tell us that they are even being discouraged from partaking of the memorial.  Is it true that the elders and others just don’t believe that those who claim they are anointed really are?  That they do not respect insights of those claiming to be anointed?  Are the anointed who express a different point of view labeled an Apostate?  Is what we are hearing true?  Is this the norm or just unusual examples coming our way?

Why doesn’t the Governing Body consult the anointed?  Why aren’t they interested in their opinion?  Why is the Watchtower writing department adding more writers that are not anointed?  Are the Anointed a perceived threat to the power structure that must be diminished?  After all, shouldn’t JWs being looking to the anointed for spiritual guidance as opposed to Elders, Circuit Overseers and District Overseers?  Is the JW power structure trying to minimize and belittle their influence?  Is this really all just about power and who is in control?

We are not trying to incite the Anointed to rise up and rebel and fight the system.  The Lord’s anointed are a humble and meek people.  Yet we understand that if anyone expresses a difference of opinion, whether anointed or not, they are in danger of being labeled an apostate.   So, how then can the anointed be in any position to provide spiritual insights.  If it is only to tell everyone else to follow the organization, then couldn’t any JW member do that?  So then of what value are the anointed in the JW Organization?  It only seems to make sense that elders and leaders in the JW organization would desire, in humility, to look to the anointed for spiritual guidance.

What do you think?  What is really going on.  Let us know what you think.  This is a place to talk.  We want to hear from everyone, but especially from the anointed ones, whether presently JWs or whether you have been driven out of the organization.  Please enlighten us and tell us the truth of what is happening.  Here you can talk to each other and help each other out.

Full quote:  “Daniel 12:4 states: “As for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.” Much of what Daniel wrote was made secret and sealed up to human understanding for centuries. But what about today?

6 In this time of the end, many faithful Christians have ‘roved about’ in the pages of God’s Word, the Bible. The result? With Jehovah’s blessing on their efforts, true knowledge has become abundant. For instance, anointed Witnesses of Jehovah have been blessed with insight, enabling them to understand that Jesus Christ became heavenly King in the year 1914. In keeping with the apostle’s words recorded at 2 Peter 1:19-21, such anointed ones and their loyal companions are ‘paying attention to the prophetic word’ and are absolutely certain that this is the time of the end.” – “The Watchtower, 5/15/00, p. 11.

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  • What does be on the watch for the end of the world mean most certainly you don’t stand outside your door looking for the end of the world it means have yourself ready and the Jehovah Witnesses must be reading Bible to understand and events now we’ll talk the people attacked us at the end but we seem to be attacked right now Jehovah God soon will respond to all of this people of other faiths do hate Jehovah’s Witnesses why are Jehovah Witnesses so hated Jesus Christ said if you are my disciples you will be hated by the world the world understands from the Viewpoint of the world not the Viewpoint of the Bible Jehovah Witnesses shouldn’t be so hot cold hearted 2 members who left they should take I mean I know you should this Fellowship people but what coldest is coldness many people retiring because of being disfellowshipped and many people do not return because of being disfellowshipped I guess it’s up to each Elder in the congregations Elders how things are conducted I have nothing to do with that every society has rules and so does every church should have rules and every Bible student and every Jehovah’s Witness church House Rules the Kingdom Hall is a building with a building is defined as a church and if people is defined as a church we called the Kingdom Hall and congregation for that reason the elders explain to me what the truth was and I’m satisfied the truth is the Bible.

  • The reason why the leader of the New York Bible class could go all over the world it’s because he took care of his money when he worked the Apostle Paul work with his own hands to pay for his own Ministry of the Gospel most of the time or good news most Jehovah’s Witnesses pay for their own Ministry that they believe in live by the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most Bible students and Jehovah’s Witnesses pay for their own Ministry.

  • Jehovah God has the power to change lives for the better but we are as the person must have the ability to change our lives to and we all do have the willpower to do that.

  • I’m going to be tight with my money I must have high paid labor in my department stores before I can donate any money to Jehovah’s Witnesses that’s what Jehovah God has put all my heart. What I mean by high pays labor the package will be high maybe the cost per hour and pay won’t be high but the package I give them will be high in benefits how’s my dad that former Union man who become a non-union man said you you need to go for your benefits when he was a union man you need to have your benefits he said he work for Less pay to get more benefits he said they could have work for $5 more an hour or better not had two benefits but he wanted the benefits I cannot give money to the Jehovah Witness work to buy department stores unless I treat the workers right when I can do workers right I can start giving the first fruits of my department store to the governing body that first fruit might be $1 a month or could be a large sum I’m going to choose Campbell County tax system will do well off these department stores we leave me alone and people leave me alone to do my work that I want to do good for Campbell County people need to stop worrying about my religious Faith about how I want to treat workers right mini businessman will not like it because they don’t like to pay workers my dad used to own the a crop of tobacco he paid the workers to to $3 more an hour back then that other Farmers did based on today’s pay all the pharmacist Gladys got together and came to him and said you can’t pay the workers that you know my dad told him it’s my crop and I’ll hard if I can pay up what I want if you don’t want to pay your workers that’s your problem.

  • Charles Taze Russell took care of his money he made Investments I do not remember reading anything in a watchtower about him asking members for money. What impressed me the most what I want to the Kingdom Hall but nobody wanted my money and still today no Kingdom Hall members wants my money. What does the cartoon meme when Sophia says to give the ice cream money to the governing body her she speaking of childish wants she gives to the governing body this is a cartoon for growing up the members. Now hope that the price of Jehovah’s Witnesses by the kids ice cream cuz I certainly will buy my kid ice cream Sofia is talking to the members who are adults mostly not to waste your money in a teaching children not to throw away your money that we need the money for the preaching work they need to start back teaching at the Kingdom Hall people to take care of the money for their own needs as well a lot of I’m going to give a small amount of my money to the governing body I can’t give a lot because I need to have something in life to and then later on to my department stores I can give a lot of money at one time then I get my tax deduction my department stores are going to be the highest paid labor of department stores of in Department chain in the whole package before I can donate money to the Jehovah’s Witnesses Charles Taze Russell started off with a clothing chain is how you built the Jehovah Witnesses Society what would his dad like of the Jehovah’s Witnesses now what does Charles Taze Russell think of Jehovah Witnesses now if he made it to Heaven hope

  • I Kevin Davis and flat broke because I hadn’t been falling the rules of Jehovah God As One Elder said at the Kingdom Hall you must take care your money.

  • When I was doing the governing body rules at the Kingdom Hall that I want two things work well in my life.

  • There are many rules to being a Jehovah’s Witness but I personally think they’ll too many many times but when I was at the Kingdom Hall following those rules I was better off than I am now

  • I Kevin Davis will do what Jesus Christ teaches me to do as of this date 2020 I will not be a fake at all please forgive me Jehovah’s Witnesses for falling short of the mark of being anointed like I’m supposed to be I’m still anointed and I will serve Jehovah’s Witnesses the rest of my life.

  • It’s not the government’s that’s the problem is Mankind’s Wicked ceiling is the problem

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