Who are the Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have created this website?

We are your brothers and sisters, the children of the original Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, founded and guided by Pastor Charles Taze Russell until his death in 1916. Afterward, Judge Rutherford took control of the Society, removed the editorial committee (designated in Pastor Russell’s Will) and cast out of Bethel those still loyal to the original teachings. Many left the Society as they saw the doctrines changing and the spirit of love changing to the spirit of fear.  Many of those who left, or were disfellowshipped, formed the Associated Bible Students.  We are set up just like the original Bible Students in the days of Pastor Russell.  There is no governing body, except that Pastor Russell’s teachings remain a guiding influence among us.  Each Bible Student Group elects their own elders and deacons, just as was the practice in the early church and in the early Truth movement in Pastor Russell’s day. We hold no ill will to the Society or the brethren who make it up.  In the spirit of love, we extend the warm hand of greetings and fellowship.

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  • neda

    hey bro and sis how is everyone …. ive ben lookin for some new info on my bro drew but it seems as if i cant get any answers so im reachin out to anyone who may have any info on how he and his family are doin…. well blessings to all

    • Jacqueline

      Neda, they are okay. I don’t print all mail if there is something very personal. But all seems to be okay. Take care my little sister. Can you turn in to the Detroit convention tomorrow? I will send info to you.

  • seeker

    @heckleandjeckle, thats how I feel, i still feel some things from the wtbs are correct like preaching the good news door 2 door. and remembering christ memorial, and socalize with those in the lord.. But It’s hard to be a JW for a young person, because many young people have left the JW, for one it’s too hard, for two, how can you succeed in your material life with all the rules and regulations the wtbs has laid out? And some just dont care about the truth. It’s not cool, it’s not attractive or sexy. But those individuals come back, and some dont. Like I mentioned, A faithful JW cannot play high school sports or be on the football team or track team because it takes away from spiritual activities. CLEARLY made up my MAN. I wrote to them about that, and they had no spiritual evidence that was backed up by scripture or backed up by Jehovah’s Holy spirit. I’ll end it with this point. It’s strange how the older ones of the congregation those who lived before 1914. (if there still alive. And you can catch some older ones born in 1920’s and 30s’) who have more spiritual knowledge about the truth than the Elders do, or the very spiritual “pillars of the kingdom hall congregations.” Im finding out why now. It’s because they had the older knowledge before it changed. I can remember brothers talking about the holy spirit was with the brothers and sisters much more stronger than it seems now. in the 50’s and the older ones said more zeal and more hope was bound then. I believe the light is brighter now for individuals who are trying their best to live God’s word everyday, Even the Faithful JW’s are blessed by Jehovah. But I believe i’ve discovered a missing link to what i’ve been praying about. Do I have doubts.. Very much so. But I pray every day, And I always ask God that I dont ever want to sin, and that If I am, Jehovah, show me the way to stop. I think he has answered my prayer within a few days.


    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Warm Christian Greetings,

    As you are already aware I am Ex-jws who left willingly and afterwards I started my own Ministry “NEW COVENANT BIBLE STUDENTS CHURCH” here in Malawi, Dzaleka Refugee Camp. I THANK GOD JEHOVAH and JESUS CHRIST because I started getting spiritual support from other BIBLE STUDENTS,EX-JWS. SO I NEED BOOKS OF HYMNS so as to praise GOD. Indeed WE SING IN OUR MEETINGS BUT WE NEED THE BOOKS.

    God bless,


    “ncbsc7@yahoo.co.uk” is CHURCH’S EMAIL

  • Jacqueline

    Thanks heckle&jeckle,
    I honestly from the bottom of my soul believe, Jehovah sent me to the BS for help and comfort. Like you I was specific, I wrote to the society also. I said send me to a calmer place with your truths in tact. I didn’t ask to send me to nominal Christianity, I can’t buy the doctrines. He kept bringing up the http://www.chicagobiblestudents.org. I would look it up but couldn’t understand because they were renting in the seventh day building. (Although we have our convention at NOTRE DANE south bend, IN). This kept happening to me no matter what I put in google saying, “people that believe like Jehovah witnesses”. They kept coming up. I got scared a few times, you know us JW, that was getting spooky. But I was a praying person. I was on my knees walking and praying because I felt like I was close to Jesus and Jehovah. I could read the Bible with clarity of understanding. It scared me, because I came to the conclusion that the society had sinned against God and I was a part of it. I needed to go. That was the push inside of me. It was peaceful but urgent. It seemed I had a work to do but I didn’t know what. Now I have promised or accepted the assignment. I have to help those that are downheart and beat up. I certainly know what they are experiencing. My family say I need to write a book. I fought and begged the society, I wrote letters to ask them do you know what you are doing. They say by what authority do you question us. I told them by the power of Christ Jesus. And I must say he protected me. I feel our brothers pain and I thank the Bible Students for letting me help on this website. Some of my and their brothers need a lifeline to hold on to until they can get on the boat. I left in peace.

  • Seeker vs guilt

    Well thank you for those kind words to all of you. I’ve never heard much of you all, I heard of the term.. Russellites. I guess they meant.. you all. But ow, that was in the 80’s as a young boy. Well I will contact someone, and I’d like to attend a meeting, and I wonder how your meetings are conducted. Are they like a congregational meeting? So I will contact someone. Is there an official website?


    • Jacqueline

      Surprise! No organization. There are many BS websites but all congregations are autonomous. Remember double KH may have 5 cong. meeting there but they all make their own decisions on meetings time and etc. Now leave it like that and cut out the Society, Bethel and Governing Body. Leave the printing factories, that just print and distribute. Bam! That’s the BS set-up in a nutshell for a witness to understand. Now they come together in 1-3 day General conventions, all over the place( see side bar to right). 6 day general conventions ( remind you of Districts). They have character development, we are characters the way we act sometime, but you will learn to love and accept it. Just be prepared to be shocked with their acceptance of each other different views. You can even express your opinions and ask questions. And they understand sin and error and no reproof is thought of. You can come to Christ in Peace. Welcome, drop your guilt at the door, you are concious of your spiritual need now, and what a journey. Don’t check your brain at the door because you will need it. And don’t do like me at my first convention, I had to go cry alone, and come back in.
      Remember different isn’t always wrong or right, you’ll understand this as you go. Peace my brother Jacqueline

    • Peter K. (admin)

      seeker vs guilt – You can hear a recording of a Bible Student Convention here. There is also a link to the help you find the Bible Student Convention nearest you. If you contact me privately here and let me know what town you live in, I can try to find Bible Students near you.

  • seeker vs guilt

    I will say being one of JW and then being Disfellowshipped and then on the verge of being reinstated has been a trial. You all dont know some things I wont say, because, I was falsely accused of some things, and later on vindicated by the Circuit Overseer, but he never publically appologized. or Announced it at at service meeting. But that killed my faith, and I joined the Freemasons for a year, and went into other secrets, which almost destroyed my life, at the worst of the dilemma was me full fledge being involved in sorcery organizations such as the OTO and rosicrucians. I since left those, And slowly getting my life back together, it destroyed my relationship with my family. But before all of that, I blamed the congregation for not doing the proper actions to handle brothers who had zeal, If theres a bright flame, why extinguish it? If the flame is burning bright for Jehovah, why would you take it out? And I feel thats what the brothers did, and they killed relations with my mother and father, and other brothers and sisters. I’ve noticed, that many Witnesses in my area have mental issues, and if it wasnt for Jehovah’s caring spirit, they would have a hard time in the world period. I dont know if this is all making sense. This is years of things crashing into my mind all at once, all the problems i’ve seen in the Kingdom hall congregations. I mean the youth are excellent youth growing up in the kingdom hall. But they cannot play high school SPORTS??? it’s because of an idea of a MAN? My reasoning with the WT started when i learned about Beth Sarim out in California.. When i was a little kid I asked my dad about that, and he said, “faithful men of those days had shards of the truth, as we do, but the light gets brighter, by our works of faith.” but he said it so that i could understand it. I was only maybe around 8 or 9. Once again yall, I appologize for the run-on sentences, and the punctuation, and the structure of the whole letter, because it’s many things on my mind, and finally I think I have some people who understand what im talking about

    Seeker V. Guilt

    • Jacqueline

      S vs G, You are doing just fine. We understand what you are saying. Please if you will read Ezekial chapters 33 and 34 to get a picture of how the Sheep scatters and become victim to all sorts of things when shepherds fail to shepherd.
      At the last annual meeting it is said the governing body said if we are the GB, let’s get to governing. They are supposed to be sherpherding there is a difference. And always remember you cannot in 100 hundred years top the apostle paul, a man chosen directly by Jesus he was on the wrong path. His zeal for God was misdirected. He has stopped you in your tracks, slow down now and listen to the brothers. Also you will never be able I hope to top King David. And yes my brother, I understand the race issue. It played in my favor however, I was able to express myself because it would look bad to DF me for speaking up. Also I had age and knowledge on most of the brothers.
      And while we are talking about knowledge, it was so wrong, I am almost afraid to quote a scripture without looking it up and the scriptures around it. Being with the BS you will find and when you study now, that you don’t really know what is in the Bible. You know the Society slant on it. I can hold my own against A CO or DO because I committed to memory everything the society breathed. But I look in amazement at the BS, how they kept the Bible as their main book, they aren’t afraid to read whole blocks of verses and chapters to make sure of it’s application.
      You have been conditioned to read the watchtower and books, very little of the scriptural support.
      SO, now you can catch up. God has called you to peace and Freedom in Christ. There is no sin HEAVEN CANNOT CURE. Probably you know where I got the lyrics. Take Care my Brother. Love, Peace and Joy. Jacqueline

      • heckle&jeckle

        jacquelin i love your support an concern and love . its a shining example of christian love. it seems we all more or less have similar stories minor differences.we’ve been given basically shut up answer for so long and kept busy on a treadmill of guilt ( whether it be guilt over minor example i always thought i didnt study enough even tho im a single parent who works fulltime etc. or acting out as some tightly coiled springs often do during the bloom of youth)this treadmill distracts you from the point of the bible rus has reminded me of one of them and i thank him i liked that!when we finally get to a point in our lives unfortunately it takes a negative event in the congregation to open our minds and start to piece all our little questions together we’ve all had them only before a conversation ending cliche has always reinforced the the programming much like hipnosis.once we start piecing it all together it really does become clear. its every emotion tied together i mean happiness because you realize your not crazy ( youve basically been in jonestown so long surruonded by koolaid drinkers thats a little harsh wanted it to be harsher but thats not christian i was one so half my family)terror whatstrue now whats my hope who do i believe maybe im wrong maybe their right after all maybe i imagined it maybe the devil has me then you read more proof then your mad at wbts again and your furiuos you want to tell someone off. then desperation to know god again actually probably all along desperation to know the truth. when i first started listening to my doubts i was praying to help me get away from meen behavior at a kh my exact prayers question or verbage i forget but my pray was answered 3 times and it scared me .3 times friends from work said dont give up on god out of the blue i didnt initiate it at all then told me to go to any christian church just stay close to god?! wow love you guys

  • seeker vs guilt

    Hi everyone, Thank you for the lovely replies. I havent read them all yet. But Was too tired to pray to Jehovah last night. But, I wont talk much about how I know I am anointed. I just do. And it happen shortly and gradually after my baptism in 2000. I know some people in near by Kingdom halls who took the emblems, and stopped taking them after some years now.. (it’s been 5 years for one sister i know.)
    I remember telling people should I have this knowledge at such a young age? and so quickly. The WT publications tell us a member of the 144,000 is indicated because he or she is older, and been in the (truth) for many years, and has substantial holy spirit and knowledge and unwavering faith.

    But the faith I have is like When Jeremiah said his love for God and spreading the good news was like “fire shut up in his bones.” I feel the same way. I’ve tried to even remember scriptures, which I can, If i get back to truly studying the bible and having a regular studying regime (weekly.) Anyhow, Im a second generation Jehovah’s Witness. My mother and father have been in the truth since 1977. My father a staunch JW. one of the most Real In his congregation. Not fake about anything he prays about or says. But he hates the racism in my former home congregation, the gossip, the “putting on aires.” and thats people no matter where you go.. Thats the nature and the science and behavior of people in general. Were imperfect. I’ve wrote to the WT about the congregations racism, and said that some blacks and other minorites of color who what to reach out are hinder because of personal reasons, They write back but they wrote to the elders and wrote to me, so I had a copy and they had a copy.. And pretty much hahaha.. That made our family look bad, and the fact that I claimed that I was one of the anointed several years ago!!! I’d give you the name of the circuit overseer, but that doesnt matter, because, thats his battle with Jehovah, not mine. I’ve messed up in my life, i’ve done some sinful things.. but the knowledge and the knowing is still there, and the will and zeal to serve Jehovah and Jesus is growing, and yes, I need and want truth, and I actually want to feel holy spirit than suppose it’s there and guess, and feel that im doing things right because thats whats expected of me. the scriptures says. I want to. be made clean.. Thats what the man told Jesus correct? I want to be made clean. so Im here and I want to know.. But still I’d love to be a missionary. and travel the world or be assigned to where the need is great to spread this knowledge. Do bible students have a provisions like that?

    Seeker V. Guilt

    • Seeker vs guilt,
      I just wanted to invite you to talk with me. I also was anointed at a relatively young age, and there also is no doubt to it with me. When I had my doubts as to whether or not I should partake (in light of being discouraged by those who I thought were spiritual authorities), I prayed to Jehovah to let me know clearly if I should go ahead. He actually performed a miracle to leave me with no doubt that I should obey Him, and not men. Now why didn’t I already know that??? I had to repent.
      Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is…I really have been many of the places you are, and if you’d like to talk, I’m here.
      I can also answer many of your questions that I saw here.

  • Hello Seeker V Guilt !
    I am not sure you say that you are an anointed one(because I am not englishman)
    but I understand that you are a Seeker (Matt 6:33) and that you have some questions.
    Look ! all the answers are already known by Jehovah and wrote down in His inspired Book!
    You only have to read them and to believe the word
    But the problem is, many answers are “hidden” within God’s prophetical expressions
    and many prophecies were sealed until God’s proper time to be released to the faithful ones
    but God’s “proper time” is HERE now !
    please read the words found here http://putinthesickle.blogspot.com/ and let you know that this message is given by Holy Spirit through a man who believe the Bible
    furthermore, there is written regarding a group of men : “those who had been victorious over the beast and its image and over the number of its name….. sang the song of God’s servant Moses and of the Lamb” Rev 15
    Here I invite you to read, study with prayer and seek the “understanding” of the Song of Moses found in Deuteronomy 32:1-43 / it gives light to the worshipers of Father.
    regarding J.F.Rutherford he did not stay 10 years in prison , only about 10 months / I am not exactly sure

    regarding WHY is WT able to preach in spite of Jehovah being not with it/them , all the answers are “hidden” within the Song of Moses and the prophecies related to it

    hoping to meet you again,
    with love
    in Christ,
    rus virgil

      • Jacqueline

        Hello Seeker vs. Guilt, Welcome my Brother.
        I know what you are feeling now. I had the same feelings. I didn’t dare tell anyone tho. And I felt how could I be called by Jesus when I was struggling with things in his “organization”.
        The org. has changed dramatically since especially about 1970, particularly since 1990 or so. The CO should have listened to you and helped you to understand that the Holy Spirit can injoin with your spirit and let you know you are called in a special way to serve him. Remember Paul, he kept saying “I am an Apostle”. you see Paul was called. Jesus will help you to see what he wants you to do.
        Numbers and money is not a good indicator of having God. It can be just the opposite, I’am just saying remeber “Love among you” is the indicator. (I am not quoting scriptures because it is 4am, I happened to check and see the comments. Snow is up to my porch(:))
        You can not do the work he has for you under constraint. He is calling you out.
        I would not worry about whether or not God is or isn’t with the JW. I think he is not with the GB, for one they have seated themselves in the Place of Jesus. God’s salvation for man has been pushed aside and they say you have to recognize and accept them to get to Jehovah. Many of us have tried to reason with them, with letters direct to the society, to no avail.
        I was a regular and aux pioneer most of my life (62yr) even as a teenager in school at times even. The Bible really says House to House. (ex: my mother would visit all her daugthers on Sunday seeing who cooked the best dinner, she literally went House to House (7 homes)looking for the best meal (she was older and a pioneer and stopped cooking.)Not door to door they lived miles apart. Get the point. While going door to door used to be very effective, growth in the JW comes mostly now from informal witnessing. That is why the society has tried to push this in later years. All methods should be used. There is nothing wrong with door to door either, a bit of all is more effective. Most in our territory never open doors and we have pages and pages of do not works. (I left in 2009)
        I know now that the Bible Students are the people I saw at fairs in booths, I never knew who they were.
        I saw tracts at the truck stop a lot, everywhere they could set them up. I had a man ask if I would put them on my rack. I didn’t know who they were at the time. JW have done and is doing a fine work in spreading the name of God, but much of their knowledge has warped and changed, something is wrong but it is Jesus job to fix it. The blood issue has caused them to have blood on their hands. The poor innocents and the pedophile issue. If they were getting direct communication from God they woukld not have perpetuated this crime. If they relied on the Bible and help from the Holy Spirit as all Christians do they would have acted swiftly instead of cover-up. They rank with the Catholic Churches in this regard. But still Jesus will handle you have a work assigned to do, you just need encouragement and an environ to do it. Also to learn the Truth about Jesus.
        You can serve Jehovah as a Bible Student also. Pleas follow your heart and that feeling within you. Meet with the BS. A former Elder of JW came on Sunday of our convention in January. He was so sorry he did not attend all three days!
        Doesn’t a lot of the info on this site make sense, especially literal Israel.
        I was raised in the the 50’s with all of this understanding of the Bible. The organization changed, you see God does not need an organization.
        Why in Revelation did he address the Angels of the congregations? Why not take it through the Governing Body? It is in the end times so he should have known they were there. Your elders and your father knew you better than that pompous CO (I say that because I know how they are). Many have lived in my home over the years, it was like Bishops or Cardinals were here. I thought I was supporting J…organization, but I learned and saw the real organization. My exodus took 10yrs.
        You have found a Landing spot. You didn’t stumble on this site. Jesus dropped it on you.
        Your sister in Christ, Jacqueline

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Rus, Anointed is the same as Consecrated. You know you have been called by Christ as a member of the heavenly calling, his bride. Jacqueline

  • seeker vs guilt

    And I appologize that I wrote such a short and scrambled letter previously. Im very tired, and not that I feel betrayed, just baffled that I stumbled upon this website. But I wonder from the Bible Students, do they go door to door? That is something that should be done.. (not in the way of a quota like the kingdom hall congregational publishers are required to do.) But in as much as you can, house to house, like Jesus sent the seventy. I was ready to go into the Ministerial work, and eventually become a missionary. But I have some elders in my congregation that dont see eye to eye with me, I feel they hinder me, but I always take it to Jehovah, and I get the conscientious feeling that I should go elsewhere. When I trust in Jehovah, I get results, and I ask him to use me, and to work his will through me. And I want to fulfill that covenant that I have vowed to him every time I pray.. Can someone talk to me about this?

    And Why is it that The Watch Tower is able to continue with the preaching work worldwide if the light isnt getting brighter with them. How come the money is constantly flowing, and there is no halt to the work of the Watch tower? And If Jehovah and Jesus is not with the Watch Tower, how come a person can get sentenced to prison, and have faith, and be released? A good example was J.F Rutherford after 10 Years of Prison, President Wilson Released him because President Wilson felt a life sentence was too harsh that the clergy imposed upon the Watch Tower officals?

    Can anyone answer those questions?

    Thank you
    Your brother
    Seeker V. Guilt

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Dear seeker vs guilt – I believe J. F. Rutherford was in prison for close to one year. It could not have been much more than that. In the 2010 JW movie, “Faith in Action,” the prison sentences of the eight Watch Tower officials, including JF Rutherford, was stated as for sedition and government objections to material in Volume 7 (The Finished Mystery) during World War 1. Their release was stated on the video due to a petition and President Wilson’s pardon considering the sentences were excessive.

      Well, there was another matter in the works. Rutherford struck a deal in which he would remove or edit Volume 7 portions to appease the government objections. This being agreed upon the eight were released.

      One brother remembers an old-timer in Portland, Br George Simpson, who was arrested with colpourtering the 1917 edition of The Finished Mystery. He spent some time in a Portland jail and was then released upon agreement not to circulate that edition. He provided the copy that was objectionable with his notes of the problem pages. He then indicated the “corrected” 1918 version that Rutherford reissued after leaving prison and was now acceptable to circulate.

      PDF scans of these book pages can be made available. The 1917 edition beginning on page 247 deals with “patriotism” which was entirely removed and reworded later to deal with racism. The rest of page 247-251 were replaced with new material in the 1918 version because the 1917 edition dealt with the US government, international issues and persons in the war efforts. Changes were also made on pages 252-253 concerning war matters. Then page 254 returns to the same text from the 1917 edition which did not have government objections.

      So was it a matter of presidential pardon based on “excessive sentences”, or concessions by J.F. Rutherford to revise the message?

      After their release from prison, in addition to allowing alternative service in 1918, the Watchtower encouraged Jehovah’s Witnesses to purchase “Liberty Bonds” which help funded the United States war effort for World War I:

      “A Christian, unwilling to kill, may have been conscientiously unable to buy government bonds; later he considers what great blessings he has received under his government, and realizes that the nation is in trouble and facing dangers to its liberty, and he feels himself conscientiously able to lend some money to the country, just as he would lend to a friend in distress.”—The Watch Tower, June 1, 1918, p. 168

      “Some members of the Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation had previously purchased Liberty Bonds….Members of our Association who have some personal means have bought Liberty Bonds, including Tabernacle workers who are paying 25 per cent of their monthly allowances to purchase a bond.”—The Watch Tower, May 15, 1918, p. 152

      The evidence suggests that a “deal” was struck on earth to perpetuate the Watch Tower organization.

    • Joanna

      Dear Seeker v Guilt,

      I am so happy to see your desire to serve Jehovah, and that you do feel He has anointed you with His Spirit. He is able to guide you through, and I’m glad you are listening to Him.

      I only have a little to add to the great answers already given, and that has to do with your question about why the Watchtower continues to get so much money and continue their work. I would compare how much money the TV evangelists get with how much money our dear Lord had, when he had “nowhere to lay his head”. Money is not an indicator of Jehovah’s favor. A good indicator is seeing His Spirit, and love (1 Corinthians 2:12-14; 1 John 4:7).

      Peace to you. 🙂

  • seeker vs guilt

    I have many questions. But it’s one o’clock in the morning, and i’ve been reading these things all night. I’ve prayed to Jehovah to draw closer to him and Jesus Christ, Baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness in 2000. Im a 29 Year old man, who knows without the shadow of a doubt he is of the anointed. I’ve prayed, and prayed that theres nothing wrong with me, or that I have no mental illnesses or personal desires that makes me want or desire to be anointed, I prayed that this Knowledge is directly from Jehovah himself through Jesus. It’s still there. I still know.. Nothings changed. I’ve talked to a circuit overseer.. He laughed and laughed and laughed, and embarrassed my father who is an elder of the congregation I attended at the time. I still agree with many things of the Jehovah’s Witnesses like going door to door, not celebrating the holidays, since the orgins really are pagan. I prayed that the light got brighter with me, and the light got brighter with the Governing body.. And I so many questions. And I wanted to meet with some Bible Students, and if theres a meeting, I’d like to attend one. I have so many questions.

    Your Friend and Brother
    Seeker V. Guilt

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Dear seeker vs guilt – Don’t feel guilty about seeking. I am Peter, a Bible Student elder. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this website. Here is what I think. Since you are anointed with the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t the circuit overseer be coming to you for advice? If he is not anointed, he does not have the indwelling influence of the Holy Spirit guiding him. (John 16:13 Why does the Governing Body have authority over the combined numbers of all the other anointed? If all the JW anointed were permitted to vote on decisions made by the Governing Body, would they come to the same decisions? Most Bible Students strongly believe in witnessing. Many of us have gone door to door, but as you might guess, at this time in my life, I would not have time to contribute to this website and to the congregation in services and go door to door (unless I was retired). I would imagine that full time Bethelites today do not have time to go door to door. In the early days of the Watchtower (days of C.T. Russell), Bible Students were very much involved in the Photodrama of Creation work. In Rutherford’s day, the Radio witness work began. Today all sorts of witness opportunities are available through radio, the Internet, phone followup, etc., however I think door to door is a great way to go. The old Bible Student/early Watchtower term for it is colporteuring and Bible Students doing it have reported that it is as a wonderful opportunity to share the Truth with others. As the light shines brighter, Truth becomes more clear, but it doesn’t change. You can contact me privately on the “ABOUT” page at the top, then select “CONTACT.”

      • Joanna

        I just have one more example to give in the discussion about going door to door as opposed to other methods of witnessing. The Apostle Paul’s custom was to go to the synagogue (Acts 17:2), and there is no record of him going door to door. There are a couple of references to going house to house (Acts 5:42, Acts 20:20 – though this one is likely referring to going to the homes of those who were already believers), and it is a good way of witnessing also. The method of witnessing is not strongly directed in one way or another in Scripture, though witnessing itself is, so it appears to me this is something which is up to the individual Christian to watch for the Lord’s leading as to the best way for them to tell the truly Good News. If some are going house to house, while others are at fair booths, and others are speaking with their friends and neighbors informally, then we are more likely to find the few “wheat” who truly are seeking. It truly is a “little flock” (Luke 12:32)

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Dear seeker vs guilt – Regarding celebrating holidays, many of them do have pagan roots and we should find that very objectionable. However, why then did righteous Job’s sons celebrate birthdays? “Every year when each of Job’s sons had a birthday, he invited his brothers and sisters to his house for a celebration. On these occasions they would eat and drink with great merriment.” (Job 1:4 – New Living Translation)

      We are told in Col 2:16 – “Therefore no one is to act as your judge in regard to food or drink or in respect to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath day” (NASV)

      Romans 14: says, “1 Now accept the one who is weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions… 4 Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. 5 One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. 6 He who observes the day, observes it for the Lord… 10 But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt? 13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this—not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way.” [A careful reading of all of Rom 14 would be helpful.]

      In 1 Cor 10, we learn that some brethren were eating meat that had been offered to idols. This meat was directly associated with idol worship. Would not that make the meat detestable? Shouldn’t it be avoided? Let’s read from 1 Cor 10, “23 All things are lawful…but not all things edify… 27 If one of the unbelievers invites you and you want to go, eat anything that is set before you without asking questions for conscience’ sake. 28 But if anyone says to you, “This is meat sacrificed to idols,” do not eat it, for the sake of the one who informed you, and for conscience’ sake; 29 I mean not your own conscience, but the other man’s; for why is my freedom judged by another’s conscience? 30 If I partake with thankfulness, why am I slandered concerning that for which I give thanks?”

      So Paul is saying that it is okay to eat meat offered to idols. It’s just meat. Yet if another brother is offended, don’t partake for his sake.

      The bottom line is that we shouldn’t judge others for what days or activities they consider important. That is between them and Jehovah, their judge. (Rom 14:10) Yes, we should set the highest standard we can personally and follow our own conscience. But if a brother celebrates Christmas and uses that event to remind his children about the birth of Jesus and how the gift of his life was the greatest gift of all, then we should not judge that brother. Are there any specific scriptures that forbid us from celebrating Jesus birthday? If it is a sin to celebrate Christmas, should we then condemn C.T. Russell and the early Watchtower brethren at the Bible House and Bethel?

      If on Easter we remember Jesus’ resurrection, isn’t that a good thing to remember? Now on the other hand, if we use Easter to worship Astarte, goddess of fertility, then now I have a problem.

      Matt 23: 23“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. 24You blind guides, straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel!” (NASV)

      We should not be like the religious rulers of Jesus day, imposing self made restrictions on
      If like the religious rulers of Jesus day, we man made restrictions on our brother and neglect the weightier matters, like love and mercy.

      You might find some more comments of interest here:

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