Homosexuality in Biblical Perspective

imageAre homosexual desires a choice?  What should be our attitude toward those who are homosexuals?  Does is make a difference if they are promiscuous, have one sexual partner for life or decide to have a platonic relationship (whether or not they desire sex).  Is the Bible clear on this topic?  Can non-practicing homosexuals be accepted in the Congregation?  How about practicing homosexuals?

The speaker, Brother Carl Hagensick will answer these questions by covering eight Bible Scriptures that deal with homosexuality.  We feel the elder did a good job of honestly and compassionately covering this topic.

55 comments to Homosexuality in Biblical Perspective

  • Anonymous

    Being gay is no more a choice than the colour of your skin or gender. Believe me many people wish it were that easy so they could live a life according to you, of purity and nil of sin. Life is not that simple, as you of God fearing people should know.
    Respect those who are born different to you, and appreciate their diversity which only adds to your knowledge rather than suppress it to keep in tune with the tune you are singing.

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