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  • Liz

    Is there anyone out there who does Not believe they have the heavenly hope?

    I am of the “other sheep”.
    I want Jehovah to accept me, to love me and understand my need to remove myself from Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve been raised a JW since I was 9. Baptized at 18. Thus 44 years total. I need to investigate other religions, and find out what I REALLY want…to be free to live and experience MY life. I feel less guilty now than I have in years.
    Yet I have to tell this and PLEASE don’t offended. I want friends but not at the expense of associating with “apostates”, whatever that is. I’m caught in the middle of believing most of what I have learned about the Bible from JW’s and yet not accepting Everything the Organization is teaching. There are many things that should be conscience matters: Celebrating birthdays are one of those things.
    I have always been warned (by the Organization, of apostates, especially on-line.)
    I am concerned that Br. Rutherford is being “trashed” and maligned. I don’t trust anyone who does not investigate the truthfulness of his becoming President. It reminds me of the evil slave that beats his brothers. Is that what I am getting into?

    • Peter K. (admin)


      I can hear your struggle. You talked about guilt. The congregation should be a refuge of love and encouragement, not of unwarranted guilt and fear.

      There are a lot of conflicting ideas and it can get confusing. My suggestion to you is to refer back the flagship book of the Early Watchtower, the Divine Plan of the Ages. After reading that, the Truth of scripture is simple and clear. As a mater of fact you can find a simplified and summerized version of it here:

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Hello Liz and welcome. I was a witness 62 years but at 18 my mom sent me away to live in Chicago from Alabama. She said I want you to investigate other religions and make your choice. It wasn’t easy then, there was no internet and 300 of my relatives were witnesses. My parents are from Br. Rutherford time and grandparents. Only in the last five years have I been able to do as she told me and understand why. I have lived through many, many changes (not brighter). I couldn’t accept the organization part of all this having never had a governing body. Doctrine some didn’t make sense of the hope for ones at Armageddon but it was the outside rules and being at Bethel a lot. I decided to check out religions. I hope you do the same and get peace. I was not disfelliwshipped not would I ever write a religion a nasty letter. I just quietly left. Jehovah and Jesus did the rest. See if the Armageddon article on here makes sense. That is how I started my search. Now I just love Jesus! His Ransom can cover ALL. Take care.

  • Dana (Anonymous)

    Has Anyone ever read “Faith On The March” by A.H. Macmillan. It was written by the brother who baptized Br. Rutherford.

    It’s a real EYE OPENER.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Dana, I have it right here on my shelf but never read it. What are some of the points?

      • Dana (Anonymous)

        It was written by a brother who was in the thick of things regarding Br. Russell, Br. Rutherford. It also covers the events about the upheaval when Br. Rutherford became president.

        The information was written by someone who was there, to witness the events. Br Macmillan writes about the good, the bad, and the ugly

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Thanks, I have read a lot of the history and my mother and father and friends talked about when I was young. It was a tumulterous time indeed. Here is one eyewitness account also:
          How id it going with the congregation matters? Your husband will probably not be so apprehensive when he sees you don’t drop dead from leaving the organization.
          My family of about 100 or more are planning their first family reunion. I gave them the names of witnesses that they weren’t aware of when I was asked and left it to them to make the facebook page. IT IS A HUGE SUCCESS! I told them they could get together and wished them happiness. The response was if I didn’t come nobody was going basically. These are persons that some shunned me openly and hurtfully with words. Of course many won’t come because we are letting ALL family come together without regard for religion.I would like to think I had a small part in this union of my family because they observed my conduct and love and kindness to them in spite of their mistreatment of me. So I learned Patience, Time, Prayer and just going on with your life is the best thing.
          So glad to see you are enriching your knowledge and are mentally and it seems emotionally free. Take Care.

          • Dana

            Jacqueline, I love what you did regarding the facebook page. If I understand this correctly, you said that you were not able to go…(disfellowshipped or disassociated). So others said if you weren’t welcome, then they weren’t coming either…?

            I have one brother who is not a witness. He said he had never heard of a religion before that breaks up family. If people want to stick their nose up in the air, then they can just keep on walking away, was what he told me.

            So it will be interesting to see what becomes of our family dinners. I don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable. My witness family members will find it awkward…let them explain it to my non witness brother. I honestly find this situation amusing.

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              Will the witnesses come to the dinner if you attend? My 3 Elders, 2 my brothers and the other an in law attempted to block me from coming to my brothers funeral and the after dinner. They had a 30 man elder meeting and called the watchtower headquarters in New York. I only went in because my sister in law and her adult children were getting upset if I didn’t support them all the way. He and I was very close.
              But something happened this summer it seems and relatives have been asking about me and I have done only good to everybody. If I am condemned it is only because I left the organization. This seems silly to those that aren’t witnesses or never took to it.
              I am not disfellowshipped nor did I write a letter because I didn’t think I was owned by those 7 men or an organization. I just decided one day I would never go back into one their meetings, I was done with the craziness. My family went ballistic. One son and family wont talk to me and acts like a demon at funerals or anywhere I should be. He will go in before me to make sure every witness knows I have left. At first even my son and wives violently berated me with words and said I couldn bring any religious literature in their homes. It was much verbal and emotional abuse and I had been gone almost a year but it was when I didn’t attend Memorial while babysitting that they really knew. My brothers had been in talks via phone for months deciding what to do about me.
              I finally just went on with my bothers here and became happy and content. I still helped everybody, as that is who I am in the family. I keep my mouth shut and refuse to discuss religion. Now that I am settled in and safe, content, they are reaching out to me in earnest. Some have apologized in their own way but I told them it was okay I am doing fine. So I wait to see how the reunion goes next year. There won’t be a problem on my end. I even said I didn’t have to attend as I know all of my relatives but the religion had splintered them from each other.
              Was your brother ever a witness? Did they read a letter about you from the platform? What is your husband’s viewpoint or is he tolerant? Normally it is the man that stops going, so your case is interesting. I think the organization is losing it’s grip on families as they see we have support groups outside the religion.

              • Dana

                My non witness brother was only exposed to the JW meetings when he was a little kid. He never had any interest in becoming a JW.

                My letter has not yet been read from the platform. Maybe this week?

                My husband has been surprisingly tolerant regarding my choices.
                He knows that I’m going to do what I want to do….for the most part. I hate arguments and he respects that I have free will. He is “by the book” when it comes to the organization. Like I said before, he used to be an elder.

                I’m not sure what my family will do regarding family dinners, etc… My sister-in-law told me that it will be awkward but she didn’t say that she would not attend. Her husband, my brother probably will come. He’s more like me when it comes to not accepting all the JW teachings. He’s not allowed to go in service because of his viewpoint.


                • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                  My, I didn’t know they would stop his service. They took all my bible studies in the 1970’s because I refused to teach worldvending 1975. Also just this morning I read they aren’t letting the “Metro-sexual” look or sister’s inappropriate dress go door to door.
                  My family have mellowed out after 5 years and many seem me out now. So at least you and your brother will have the same views.
                  That is great that your husband respects you are a person and can make your decisions concerning religion. Harmony in the home is so important.
                  You mentioned the Facebook page last time. Please feel free to comment there as the new efforts are being made by one of the admin. To reach a wider audience.

  • Anonymous

    I am about to become disassociated (ultimatum…be disfellowshipped or disassociate myself).

    I feel the ministry about the kingdom blessings coming to earth is So Important. I am searching….how do you preach the good news?

    When I say good news, I don’t mean judgment of people. I mean the wonderful paradise where no one will hurt them or their family. No more sickness, death, starvation…..

    • Peter K. (admin)


      I am very sorry for what you must be going through. May Jehovah give you strength through this ordeal.

      It is wonderful your focus is on witnessing about God’s kingdom to others. Here is a possible positive approach. After Armageddon – God’s Kingdom.

      I think an effective way to witness is to get people talking about what is important to them. Show interest. Ask questions. Talk about what is in the Bible that is relevant to the issues important to them. In the end come back to God’s kingdom to bless mankind.

      • Dana (Anonymous)

        Peter and Jacquline,

        Thank you for your support about informal witnessing.

        To walk away is what I wanted to do.
        My husband however, is a JW.
        He has kept the elders informed of my actions.
        Recently, he told the elders that I had been attending other Church meetings as well as the “Associated Bible Students Of Central Ohio”. He used to be an elder and knows the (3 time means a practice of wrongdoing rule). I have not told anyone in the congregation that I was attending other “church” meetings. I have not been associating/ meetings or socializing with anyone in the congregation for about a year. I wanted to protect them from me. An elder told my husband that some of the friends came to the elders and said that I have told them some things negative about the organization.
        So the elders have given me the ultimatum of disfellowshipping or disassociation. To be disfellowshipped implies adultery in our congregation. So I have chosen disassociation. I wrote a note on scrap paper of disassociation…I should have written it on toilet paper. I think I will feel a sense of total freedom once all of this is settled and my stand will be clear.

        Thank You for your prayers, Dana

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Dana, now I understand a little better and your circumstances makes it a little more difficult. It is done so now we proceed from there. My husband said I couldn’t attend the Chicago Bible students meetings as long as he was my husband said he married a witness not another religion. He was from another country, he left to visit home and I went to the BS convention. The peace I received and felt meant no going back for me.
          God has called you and you might not realize it now but Jesus has decided he wants to use you to help accomplish His Father’s will for this age. You are in for a ride!. It probably will involve helping other witnesses that are escaping or your family. I can’t really write about the turns happening in my life in this regard because I let the website address out and family will see it.
          One thing I learned that it is about letting people know the divine plan and what God has already planned. Not indoctrinating and calling out the “uncalled”. I leave them in their system with hope and they spread what they know. I have learned he calls persons to tell of his glory and that this is not the age of world conversion. Witnesses are trying to make all a witness but it doesn’t work, many can’t live up to the life of a called one of the LORD. So, I have learned with my conduct and not so many words to declare the truth so they know help is on the way. When I first came out I had the convert as many as possible attitude. It is a JW theology because they have buildings to keep functioning and a lifestyle.
          HE will guide you if you give in to the Holy Spirit. I am glad you have an ecclesia to meet with. I know you know this but words should be kept to a minimum or sweet when dealing with your husband. In the atmosphere of the congregation it could all go wrong. I happen to be a person that absolutely loves being alone but some are not like
          Whatever happens it will be HIM working through you. I tried to do it my way but Jesus called me to help my former brothers escaping and every time I try to go another way I meet disaster, so now I listen and follow his pathway.
          Welcome and we will be here for you if you need to shout or cry. We won’t forsake you or leave you until you get on your feet and RUN FOR THE UPWARD CALL OF Christ!
          May God Bless and Keep YOU in your new walk in the light. Jacqueline

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hello Anonymous, sad to hear the ultimatum. Buty have you ever thought about just walking away? You lose less by just walking, don’t attend meetings anymore and don’t meet with them in a judicial committee. I don’t know your country but in most you have freedom and the right to join, attend or just leave a religion without repercussions.
      You must maker your own choice but most that wrote a letter or met with them to get disfellowshipped have regretted it. In the heat of the moment it may seems brave but you might have someone that cares about you and will talk to you if you are not DF or disassociated by writing a letter.
      We give 3 men so much power over our lives but taking control at this crucial step might just make you a stronger person. I just walked away and it was 1 year before anyone realized it. By then it would be foolish to try and meet with a person that has gone on. I wish only to spare you mental harm but wish you God and Jesus blessing in whatever you decide. Take Care dear anonymous, I will say a prayer for you tonight. Jacqueline

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