Is the JW Songbook Really Singing Praise to the Faithful Slave (Governing Body)?

JWSongsDoes the JW Organization believe it is good to extend our worship of praise beyond Jehovah and Jesus and also to the men known as the Faithful Slave (or Governing Body)?

You can find the JW Songbook here:  Sing to Jehovah Book

What do you think of these songs?  Do you agree with the words to the following songs?  We would love to hear what you think.

Hymn 43 – Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty – “Stay awake, and keep your senses, Always ready to obey. Staying alert to Christ’s direction, through his faithful slave to day. Heed the counsel of the older men, Who protect his sheep and truth defend.”

Hymn 63 – Ever Loyal – “Ever loyal to their guidance. When our brothers take the lead, When they give us clear directions, May our mind and heart give heed.”

Hymn 84 – I Want To – “Oh, what help Jehovah God gave, when he sent the faithful wise slave, With whom we serve with joy, Our powers employ, that meek ones we might help to save.”

Hymn 116 – The Light Gets Brighter – “Our Lord has appointed a trustworthy slave, Through whom He gives food in due season. The light of the truth has grown brighter with time, Appealing to heart and to reason. Our path ever clearer, our steps ever firm, We walk in the brightness of day.”

Hymn 125 – Loyally Submitting to the theocratic Order – “God provides his steward and his active force. These will ever guide us in our Christian course. So may we be steadfast, seeking God to please, Loyally proclaiming all his wise decrees!”

72 comments to Is the JW Songbook Really Singing Praise to the Faithful Slave (Governing Body)?

  • Ted R

    The new song book has been released. It can be downloaded from

  • just stay sweet and good

    Jacquiline, Barbara Anderson wrote Jehovahs Witnesses Proclaimers book not the Aid book. The “Aid to Bible Understanding” book was Dunlap who was disfellowshipped with Ray Franz

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      I am going to stop and see Barbara maybe on Wednesday. Is the proclaimers book still being used?

      • Anon CJohns

        No Jacqueline. They redid the book for translation purposes it’s the “God’s Kingdom rules” book. I personally think they redid it to whitewash history and keep what used to be taught a secret. When I read the book I wanted to know all about Russell and the Bible Students. They had the Chart of the Ages in it and they had the Pyramid. I’m sure it made many want to research and eventually leave the truth.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Cjohns. Whenever the writer of a book leave the org they discard the book. The blue bombshell Truth book was an example of this. I felt it was a waste of trees to discard good books. I sometimes wonder if they are aware of their helter shelter actions? Do you think they know how their constant change looks to outsiders or does the governing body really believe what they do and write?
          I will be near you for a week have to attend a Memorial service for my brother in law and spend some time with family. Just drove halfway today.

  • It is worse than this. Let us look at the lyrical changes of the song “To Whom Do We Belong?????”, it is a question and the GB now provides a new answer hidden in the lyrics. Now, hidden in the cacophony of “To Whom Do We Belong?” song melody massacre is the new lyrics and the question of Jehovah’s witnesses belonging to Satan:

    Look at the lyric changes in “To Whom Do We Belong?”:

    Old lyric: “which God do you obey?”;

    New lyric: “Which god do you [NOW] obey?”;

    What is that supposed to mean?

    Is that a rhetorical question with a lower case “g” “god”?

    Why is UN NGO Bethel now re-questioning who they and JWs “now obey”?

    Looks like more than melodies and lyrics have changed in Jehovah’s witnesses. Now the answer to the question in the song is SATAN.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Thanks for bringing this out about lyric changes. Wow! I never read anything now from them but this is significant.

      • If you can get the “Sin[g] to Jehovah” first songbook, the back cover has a hidden phallus of the black man with a “pedophile glance” that was so bad they changed it. Then the “pearl necklace” has a hidden meaning to.

        When they changed it, the new white guy has a scarlet tongue flicking over at the little girl.

        But to me, it is all on purpose.

        The memorial invitation featured a picture with NO BREAD. And the latest one also has a phallus on the back cover.

        Think that is an accident? They are IN the JW org doing this stuff as per Dan11:32a.

        But I am not too much into hidden Satanic symbols, such as2014 JW Calendar and that big red star fish pentagram.

        What they are doing IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is far worse and final apostasy locale signal.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Temple Judgement, the young computer guys and graphics are put those images there on purpose. Some have left and say they did this. That religion is not run by the governing body in day to day activities. They are just concerned with the buildings and the money part. Sisters write most of the articles and do all of the research in their departments and one overseer will just put his signature on it. Barbara Anderson can attest to this. So the angry,overworked and controlled young adults put this there on purpose. I have seen a lot of them. Thanks for mentioning so the over 3000 on the site can check for themselves.

          • That genre of investigation is far from my specialty. But there are many more examples, but I generally go for exposing the more in broad daylight aspects of this prophecy and Daniel 8:13-14 signal it will allow to manifest as the first trumpet parallel sign.

            Once that is fully manifested it will be easier to benchmark the prophecy for those who may have some doubts, and its timing will be the full affirmation, because it does have to lead to a final announcement that only complete world government will trigegr Christ when they are fully warned and as ready as they can get. (Joel3:9-12)

            So as per 2Thess2:11-12, which many religions end up falling into, the JW judgment will provide a far more specific context in anointed claims and the issue of who it is who shall rule this planet, so they are of the proper scale, modern form, and of notable lawless activity so conencting it to a divine judgment will get easier, the worse the JW org downfall becomes.

            The GB KN element of Daniel 11:32a knows they have a limited time, so they have the “it is the end” cover story to sell the catstrophe to JWs and to hype them up for “JW Bunker” delivery, because they can use the hype and fear to control JWs for the last time even transforming the “good news” into that “hard-hitting judgment message that Satan’s world is about to come to its compleet end” which JWs were told about in WT7/15/15 as they essentially will cancel the JW ministry.

            So that will be the final GB false prophecy only used to conceal the true nature of the JW org takeover attempt. It will actually be the Rev13:3 final “sword stroke” which “heals” into world government.

            That is why as Christ said at Matt24:6 and Luke21:9 the end CANNOT come when wars are active; Instead as per 1Thess5:1-3 it comes with full world government in their final “world peace” mantra which all will clearly see and hear this whole trek there.

            JW downfall in divine judgment allows a good initial benchmark for the recovery and the rest of the forecast, because it is already “seven trumpet” gauged through the final warning 1260 days and into world government to trigger Christ arrival, as GLOBAL ATTENTION is sure to form around the JW org catastrophe and its final false claims.

            Thus God does not condone an aposatsy like this to this scale unless it is for a greater eventual final warnign aiding purpose which this will be.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Temple Judgment – Thanks for stimulating thoughts. I think we need to be careful when presenting evidence.

      You said: New lyric: “Which god do you [NOW] obey?”

      Yet the song (see below, lyrics from clearly states “Jehovah I will obey.”

      It’s important that we be as factual and correct as possible when providing evidence or else people will tend to disregard everything else we have to say, if upon examination our evidence is not convincing.

      Song 62 from
      To Whom Do We Belong?
      Alternate presentation available
      (Romans 14:8)
      1. To whom do you belong?
      Which god do you now obey?
      Your master is he to whom you bow.
      He is your god; you serve him now.
      You cannot serve two gods;
      Both masters can never share
      The love of your heart in its ev’ry part.
      To neither you would be fair.
      2. To whom do you belong?
      Which god will you now obey?
      For one god is false and one is true,
      So make your choice; it’s up to you.
      Shall Caesar of this world
      Possess your allegiance still?
      Or will you obey the true God today
      By always doing his will?
      3. To whom do I belong?
      Jehovah I will obey.
      My Father in heaven I shall serve;
      I’ll pay my vows without reserve.
      He bought me at great cost;
      Devoted to him I’ll stay.
      The death of his Son my ransom has won;
      His name I’ll honor each day.
      (See also Josh. 24:15; Ps. 116:14, 18; 2 Tim. 2:19.)

      • Lee Anthony

        There is a new songbook used now called “sing out joyfully to Jehovah” and they actually have a subject index for all the songs and one section is called the anointed and the other sheep. Not sure about changes but i am told there are some new ones in some places.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Can someone tell me why this religions change their song books so much???? I know one reason is when the entertainer that wrote songs leave they have to get rid of their music and songs. Also like when Barbara Anderson was DF they had to stop using the Aid to Bible understanding book because Barbara wrote it and di all the research. The truth book was written by a brother that was disfellowshipped so they stopped using it.
          This is a giant corporation. It doesn’t have anything to do with God. Normal people would ask themselves questions when they see all these constant changes. Those loyal ones are supporting them because it tickles their ears.

          • Lee Anthony

            I have always wondered about the changes actually, before I realized I was in the wrong place I was a literature servant for a hall close to chicago area, I took care of everything for 3 english halls which shared one building and I remember a list came in once that had a whole lot of publications including some old bibles and it said to trash immediately on some and others were to be left out for people to take for one or two weeks then tossed as well. They are very particular with the literature and even need to know how many tracts and books etc, are used or not used each month. How could the “truth” ever become obsolete? Was the light too bright, had to dim it down I think.. When I think back to how excited everyone was for new publications I find a little joy and even a little bit of sadness for some who I still call a friend and brother but know no better.

          • Everything has changed in fact. The whole has morphed gradually. (Dan8:12) But it is good for a sign.

  • Francis

    Hebrews chapter 5 and verse seven shows another who fears!

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Francis, this is how I was able to escape from the watchtower organization. That is a great scripture you suggested, it works.
      Hebrews 5:7New International Version (NIV)
      7 During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.

  • Suzan Chapin

    All anyone has to do is open your eyes up and look at what’s going on with the witnesses and anyone can see they have Jehovah’s backing. Mere man could not have done what has been done here.The Preaching Work. The Unity. The Love! Everything Jesus described is What they are

    • Jacqueline (Bible student)

      Suzan hello and thanks for visiting. I think all religions can make a claim of God’s backing using the criteria you present.
      Protestant religions are responsible for all distribution of the Bible immediately after the reformation, they spread Christianity across the globe when the Catholic church reign of terror was over. There were no Jehovah witnesses until 1931 or at least 3yrs before when Rutherford started the religion.
      Unity: The Bible houses and the different religions worked together in unity to achieve this great preaching work and I agree it had the backing of Jehovah to release the world from the reign of terror of the Catholic church.
      Love: Many churches have great love among them. In fact millions seek out most of the Christian religions without them going door to door selling books and indoctrinating. They number in the Millions. Some religions have 15 million without doing targeted door to door witnessing.
      The Witnesses have done their part also in teaching persons what the bible says. They are unified if all believe exactly what the governing body teaches, I agree with you on that. Love is extended to all of the faith of the witnesses to one another and I would imagine others.
      If you are satisfied with your worship as a witness we are not here to disturb your worship.
      There are however many that do not feel the way you do about the Witness religion and it’s policies and would like to leave but have a spiritual supportive group of friends.
      We are there for them. Millions have been hurt by the disfellowshiping, no blood and shunning policies of the Witnesses and wish to look for truth of what the Bible teaches instead of what the governing body says it teaches.
      They want to think on their own, discuss the bible openly without fear that their family will have to stop talking to them. They want to be free.

      Suzan, may I ask why you left the witnesses, could you share your experience with us? Or have you returned, if so, could you share what drew you back since all of your criteria can be met in any church.
      Thank you, we will wait on your reply.

    • Anon

      They are only united because they are threatened with disfellowshipping if they deviate from the teachings. And they also don’t have love. Leave the society and see how loyal that they are you you. Preaching work? I guess Mormons must be the truth too.

      • Bret (Bible Student)

        You are absolutely right on with that assessment! I was an Elder for many years and service overseer. I recognized a long time ago just watching and analyzing that the majority go out in the ministry because of reprisals. Don’t go out… Don’t turn in time.. And see just how much love you get!!
        Its a fear induced fobia that imprisons all witnesses..
        Fear of Armegeddon, fear of second death, fear of disfellowshipping, fear fear fear.. Thats a technique that was presented by Rutherford and has grown like a ugly monster, and developed the cottage industry of Jehovah’s witnesses that exists today…

  • Well then there is this little ditty:

    Look at the lyric changes in “To Whom Do We Belong”:

    Old lyric: “which God do you obey?”;

    New lyric: “Which god do you [NOW] obey?”;

    What is that supposed to mean?

    It means the “god” is Satan.

  • Dundee

    The GB announced an even newer songbook that they’re working on now,that will match the silver sword. Am curious about the words in that songbook.i guess we can discuss it in the near future..

  • Anna

    As hard as I try, I do not see any “glory, worship or praise” directed at the faithful slave or elders in the sentences of these songs. Perhaps you would want to point these out to me?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anna – For example:
      Hymn 84 – I Want To – “Oh, what help Jehovah God gave, when he sent the faithful wise slave, With whom we serve with joy…”

      • Anna

        “Oh, what help Jehovah God gave, when he sent the faithful wise slave” (The Bible says so:….. whom his master APPOINTED over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time Matt 24:45).

        “WITH WHOM we serve with joy…” (It doesn’t say WHO we serve with joy but WITH them we serve Jehovah God with joy).

        Do you have any more?

        • Peter K. (admin)

          Anna – Gramatically, the Faithful Slave (singular) would be a “whom” even if he represents a class. For the sake of argument, even if this is meant the way you explain, do you really feel comfortable singing praise and worship songs mentioning the Faithful Slave? If you do feel comfortable doing so, shouldn’t you give at least equal mention of the Apostles?

          Hymn 43 – Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty – “Stay awake, and keep your senses, Always ready to obey. Staying alert to Christ’s direction, through his faithful slave to day.

          This sounds like worship and praise of the Faithful Slave to me. I certainly could not sing about Brother Russell either.

          • Anna

            Peter, I know this is how it was meant, there is no IF about it.

            “do you really feel comfortable singing praise and worship songs mentioning the Faithful Slave?” Yes I feel comfortable since the “Faithful Slave” is appointed by the master, Jesus Christ to feed his sheep. This is a Biblical arrangement. Does singing about this arrangement constitute worship? Or isn’t it merely stating and agreeing with this arrangement, in support of it?

            I could not sing about Brother Russell nor about Brother Rutherford, nor about any person, thing, or arrangement that is not mentioned in the Bible. Therefor I COULD sing about the faithful men and women of old, their good examples, the angels and various situations mentioned in the Bible. Wouldn’t you? By the same token I can sing about an arrangement put in place by Jehovah and Jesus, written about in the Bible which includes the provision of the helper: the holy spirit, and the provision of spiritual food: by means of the Faithful Slave. Does singing about these things constitute praise and worship of these?

            • Ex Jw

              Hi Anna, do you remember the old SNL show(Saturday Night Live)they had a character named “Al Frankin”, he would constantly throw his name into every subject talked about in the news by say….”What About Al Frankin”, the JW GB reminds me him because they are constantly emphasizing themselves either in Kingdom songs or in the pages of their literature.

              • Anna

                Ex JW – Out of 135 songs, the faithful slave is mentioned 5 times in total, which is 0.037 percent. Would you say that was constantly emphasizing themselves? And in every subject?
                Tell you what though, I know I wouldn’t be using you if ever I wanted a factual and accurate report on anything.

                • Peter K. (admin)

                  Anna – You are free to express your opinion here and disagree, but I will not allow you to be rude to other paricipants.

                  Philippians 2:3 NASB
                  “… with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;”

                  1 Corinthians 13:4-5 NASB
                  “Love is patient, love is kind … love… does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked…”

                  • Anna

                    I am sorry – I did not mean any malice. I should have kept my personal thoughts to myself.

                    • Peter K. (admin)

                      Anna – It’s okay. I can get worked up about these discussions and sometimes I can can come across as rude unintentionally. So, I guess we can forgive each other and continue on. Thanks.

                      Isaiah 1:18 NASB
                      “Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord…”

            • Peter K. (admin)

              Anna – Thanks. You explained your point of view well. We do want to give Jehovah’s Witnesses an opportunity to present and defend their point of view here. So I am glad you are taking advantage of this opportunity.

          • Anomymous

            Then the evil slave would be a person too. Because he is a “he” also. But this is not what Br.Russell taught

            • Peter K. (admin)

              Anonymous, Would J.F. Rutherford fit the Evil Slave description?

              • Anomymous

                Nope because Br.Rutherford didn’t leave the Society which according to Br.Russell is the faithful slave.
                “There is no question that a remarkable service has been rendered, and hence that it is indisputable by any who believe that there is a harvest work in progress and that the Society has been a servant of the harvest message in a most profound and peculiar sense, even if they dispute that it has fulfilled Matthew 24:45, as being “that servant”
                What about the persons who caused the divisions?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who has questions about Jehovah’s witnesses please ask someone who is currently a Witness or better yet visit their official website Have a nice day!

  • doug

    Dundee, My songbook printed 1984 song 11 is infact song 51,Making Jehovah’s heart glad,
    second line: May we from your side nev-er more: A liar the Temp-er we would prove.

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