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  • Jacqueline

    Dear friends on the site. When the convention begans here are a few guidelines.
    Br. Peter will tell the convention that there might be more traffic using the adobe connect.
    Please sign in with some full name (for instance Daz Jones) We will know that is you Daz. lol Don’t be afraid on this connection put your country maybe.
    ( Daz from UK). I know some are afraid to put names but we want to offer the opportunity yet respect the convention guidelines to sign in properly as brothers.
    There is a chat section if you will put the cursor over the name it starts a private chat between you and them only. Public means everybody sees it.
    Please if you can do us a favor and come to the site to critique the convention for those that can’t come on.
    This provision has not been made in years pass for the public to come on, so Br. Peter is going out on a limb here, Please don’t chop the limb off. lol

    If you have strong criticism, Please, Please come to the site and voice it, there will be persons looking for your thoughts and will reply.
    Replys might be during intermissions or with me when I go to my room at the end of the day, but others will reply whenever.
    If you are having a problem logging on Saturday – Thursday come to the site and tell us we will help you. Thank you so much in advance. The adobe connect crew will sometimes tell us things in the chat session read it and comply please.

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