Order a Premium Set of Deluxe Studies in the Scriptures

A special opportunity has opened up to the general public to purchase deluxe sets of Charles Taze Russell’s “Studies in the Scriptures.”  This is a reprint of the original unaltered Watchtower publication.  This is the premium edition, constructed of the highest quality materials.  They are durable heavy duty sets with wide margins and sewn binding.  When each volume is opened, it lies flat when placed on a table, and stays that way without help from its reader’s hands.  Extra blank pages are included for notes.  The “Tabernacle Shadows” book is combined with and in the back of volume 1.

The books are sold at costs.  Bible Students do not make a profit on the sale of books.   The cost per set is $40.00 plus postage.  This offer is for a limited time only.


You can order these Deluxe sets by choosing the shipping destination (US, International, or Canada) from the list below.  The shipping charges, depending on your location are calculated in the total.    Click on the “Add to Cart” button and complete your payment using the PayPal screen, You will provide your shipping address in the PayPal screen that follows.

Prices incl. Shipping:

18 comments to Order a Premium Set of Deluxe Studies in the Scriptures

  • Anonymous

    The PayPal link for Studies in the Scriptures does not seem to be working on my end.

  • weldon

    would i be able to get all the study in scriptures volumes please say yes

  • Chris Swain

    Hi besides This book which I would love a copy I am after back volumes of watchtower and awake from 1960 – 2014, I am an unbaptised brother, with HF Autism and Im trying to build a library to read and research from as well as any other books printed.

    Many Thanks

    Chris Swain

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Chris, I have a library of the books you are asking about from when I was a witness. We don’t have copies of those to mail out. We are Bible students from Br. Russell. The books you are asking for are from Jehovah witnesses, Nathan Knorr onward.
      This is a link to the bookstore for the Chicago Bible students, you may order from here:https://chicagobible.org/bookstore/
      Also this is another source of books you might like and can order what you like: https://herald-magazine.com/bookstore-2/
      I hope this helps and there are forms and telephone numbers to help you order.
      Could you tell us a little more about your journey?
      This website, to the extreme left has subjects taken from books to make it easy for you to research by topic.
      You may also ask us questions on here and some will answer.
      Take Care, Jacqueline

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

    By chance are these still available to purchase? I have original IBSA of vol 6 (which I love) but does not have adequate space for annotation. I am old school and like a physical library.

    With much appreciation, Agape in Christ,

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Cazenovi – Yes, they are still available. Select “US Domestic” and “Add to Cart.” This is sold at cost and a great deal. I would love to meet you at the General Convention in Jonestown Pennsylvania starting July 18.

      • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

        Peter – It will not change from US Dom, I am only getting Canada pricing. Perhaps see if you does the same for you when you get a chance.

        I would love to attend, I will have to see if there are any public transportation to get me there.

        • Peter K. (admin)

          Cazenovi – Problem is fixed. Should work now.

          Call in studies are every Wednesday night. Sorry, once in a while I get busy and miss posting the update.

          • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

            Peter – No worries my brother. Thanks for the fix. I have a question, that is, what are the difference in the editions and revisions of the Millennial Dawn and Studies in the Scriptures? What is the difference between MD and SS? What about the 1899 and the 1910 editions? If they contain ‘updates of understanding’, I just want the most accurate series. In your opinion, which is the best to study from?

            • Peter K. (admin)

              Cazenovi – This Deluxe Edition is the latest with Br. Russell’s 1916 Forwards. Only minor changes occurred from the first editions to the final 1916 edition. The most significant changes are the clarifications in the 1916 Forwards.

  • Ken

    Ok, thanks Peter, personally I have the ‘green set’ and the BIG book that combines all the volumes + Tabernacle shadows in one book.

  • Ken

    Was it Paul and Tom?

    • Jeff


      It was Paul, Tom, Jan, Jeanne, and Jeff!

      It was good visiting with you again Jacqueline!

      Ken…. I believe you wanted me to give you a call at some point. I should be free tonight. Do you want me to call?

      • Ken

        Hi Jeff, I don’t remember asking you to call me but I would like to talk with you again sometime……I’ll let you know, this week I’ll be pretty busy.

  • Ken

    Nice! Are these published by “Dawn”?

    • Jacqueline

      chicagobible.org. I met brothers that know you at the 4th Sunday convention yesterday in Chicago. Ken

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Ken – These are available from the Chicago Bible Students, but published by the New Brunswick Bible Students. Most Bible Students use the New Brunswick set, which has C.T. Russell’s 1916 Forwards, although many also use the Dawn Volumes.

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