Facebook – Meet Bible Students, Former JWs and maybe even Freedom Seeking JWs

Meet and get to know other Former Bible Students, JWs and others who are seeking an outlet for freedom of expression

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5 comments to Facebook – Meet Bible Students, Former JWs and maybe even Freedom Seeking JWs

  • max

    To ARI Matthews;

    I think I see your point. Everyone steps outside and a bible rains down for each ones use. It opens to John 17:3 and you are saved.
    We do lose a little freedom though when this man tells us how to pray. Mat 6:9 And then we can see the twelve lose some freedom when that man sends them out to preach. Mat 10:5 and other places. Then that other man says in Heb 10:23-25 to meet and encourage one another so we lose some more freedom.

    And the gual of that man, who held the coats of those who murdered a man.

    Your freemdom is so complete. Do your own thing, now thats freedom. Wonder why no one ever thought of that?

    • Jacqueline

      Jesus is our Lord an Savour, not just a man as a small group of christians like to say. I for one like the fact that ari praise God in the best way he can. He is not a superfine apostle but speaks from his heart.

  • ari matthew davies

    freedom hmmm
    I got to thinking further on freedom from jehovah gods standpoint.
    freinds were in the bible are we directed to serve jehovah by placeing with people a pre aranged system of books and literature that leads one to become a member of a certain organized religeion ? nowere thats were ! instead jehovah god has provided a bible and the one savior jesus christ through whom you have the freedom to aproch the one true god as an indivigual and ask of that god what his will is for you ! this is the most precious gift available to man, without that gift you would be required to sacrafice items of money food and animals and obey to the letter certain laws and submit to a group of men called high preists,and a sanheidrin,hmm sounds like an organized religeion dosent it ? remember when jehovah made adam and eve ? he bestowed freedom on them giveing two comands one was have lots of children and garden the earth, the other was dont eat my tree fruitage of good and bad.. now since god gave us back such freedom through jesus we need to go to jehovah like he intended to find out what he require of us as indiviguals,we are not supposed to settle into a program that makes those choices for us ! that is takeing again the knowlede of good and evil away from god and placeing it in the care of men just like ourselves ! thats not freedom thats enslavement,now some will tell you that god onley speaks through the society in a rank and file system.my freinds that is a deception by a group of men..these men have exactly the same priveledge that you do to go to jehovah and ask. why on gods not so green earth would you give up the onley true freedom that you have by letting someone go to jehovah in your place and thereby get your blessings ? my freinds come to realize this moment how precious the sacrafice of jesus is ! he gave back to you the right to aproch jehovah god under his authority ! and no other authority is acceptable none it dosent matter if the men say to you we represent jehovah gods will through jesus so you are supposed to obey us ! no but no ! jesus apointed that freedom unto you and its you responsability to know your god,its your responsability to read his word, and its your right to be ruled by jesus and no other ,obeying the cival authoritys you own self you are not to let a religeion tell you wich ones to obey and which no !yes freedom is bought by the spilling of blood !but the spilling is over,its a done deal and now you are freed by jesus christ ! you do have the freedom to sin and go off to destruction, but you also have the freedom to acept your adoption as a son of god! now let me say it plain how foolhardy to give your freedom back to someone after jesus died for it ! obeying god is freedom ! yes if you do right you will get whats right from jehovahs hand. if you do as you are told the person who told you to do it is entitled to get your pay ! if the person rewards you its onley a piece of what should have been all yours ! so gather with other christians but start today to report to king jesus ! if your under rank and file you being cheated and your being cheated because you gave away your freedom ! so take it back enjoy a direct relationship with the liveing, loveing father god by the merrits of jesus! spread this good news thats called the gospel and watch how happy you become haveing freedom in christ…

  • ari matthew davies

    freedom ?I just wrote a thread on it on another site I believe that we here in the usa have deluded ourself on purpose, we simply dont want to face the fact that we are enslaved ! religiously we do not have the right to openly state that jehovah god is the one true god and jesus his son the onley savior ! just you try it and see how fast you get moved along ! financialy we are enslaved ! we have freedom to work pay bills and plenty of taxes or else ! freedom of speech oh better watch that one Say the wrong thing or insult the wrong person and its easy to wind up in jail. freedom among your local brothers and sisters at the kingdomhall sure you are free to go out in service till you drop, you are free to do as many chores at the hall as you like, you are free to put as much as you want into the contribution box, but If you dont like something their is no I dont like this box and you best not open your mouth to wide or you will get a big disfellowshiping letter stuffed in it for sowing discord in the congregation… yes thats the way it is and thats the way its likely to stay,,its definatly my way or the highway sorry to say, but back to feedom i like what the bible says their is no law againts doing fine things at least in gods veiwpoint certainly not mans because now adays doing good or obeying god or the local law is out of style,but at least for now the internet is pretty darn free,as long as you dont incite a major illegal act you can pretty much say anything,so lets count or blessings on that one! ive been writeing now 3 years on the various sites and I do my very best to make people remember that without jehovah and his son jesus we would be slaves to ourselfs and that would really be a mess crdatures created in the image of god yet enslaved forever by imperfect bodys and minds, it would be like an old phonograph record with a scratch you would go insane quick thank jehovah god he provided a way out,a way to live and a sure hope for a blessed future through jesus christ !

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