What makes a “fit” Christian Leader?


What makes a “fit” Christian Leader?

As the national conversation focuses on “fit” national leadership, we want to focus on Christian Leadership, how the scriptures say it works and how we sometimes confuse our preferences with firm scriptural principle.  We want to look into different approaches to establishing leadership as well as what we believe are the qualities of true leadership.  Are there different Christian views on leadership? What about other religious views on the matter?

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  • Arimatthewdavies

    Hello fellow Christian’s! It’s 2017! My how times just flying along! I hope everybody is doing well and eager with expectation as we see the end of this system coming! Wow can you believe it’s been 7 years since I first dropped by?
    I’m getting older and grey but I’m enjoying the fact that I’m getting closer
    To Jehovah and farther from Satan with each passing day May Jehovah God richly bless you! And provide more than you need!

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