Jehovah’s Witness writes letter with sincere questions to Romanian Organization leadership.

Ioan Bota’s First letter – Reghin, October 2011


Dear brethren from the Bucuresti congregation,

This letter, with the exactly same content, I sent you three months ago. But you didn’t answer me. Now, I’ll try again.

My name is Ioan Bota, I live in the Mures area, the city of Reghin…

I have decided to write to you because I have become (internally) a battle field of many serious contradictions regarding some ideas of our belief system, the Jehovah Witnesses.

I beg you to help me, please answer me!

  1. My first concern is regarding a matter of vital importance to any Christian: the honor of our Savior and Captain of our faith, Jesus Christ. My understanding is that the first Christians, the apostles, and the other disciples from the 1st Century, were much more loving and much more respectful toward Him. They had Him more often on their lips and he was the focus of their good news. – 1 Cor. 1:23, 24; 2:2. That’s why they were called Christians.


But they were honoring Him in still another way: They were calling him Lord and our Lord. A very careful reading of the New Testament would lead to this conviction.


Out of my own personal studies, I arrived at some astonishing facts: that His honor as the Lord started already in the Old Testament, with David – Ps. 110:1 (Matt. 22:41-45). He was David’s Lord!


Also, to Elizabeth, He was her Lord, before He was even born! – Luke 1:43.

It is the same manner that the angels announced His birth to the shepherds – Luke 2:11. And I repeat myself here: it is the same way that the first Christians were referring to Him. A few proofs: John 4:1; 20:28; Acts 2:36; 3:15; 1 Cor. 8:6; Phil. 3:7,8; Eph. 4:5,6; 1 Pet. 3:15; Rev. 22:20,21. The language the first Christians used when they referred to Him was full of reverence. This reverence is obvious from their expressions and in addition, the Lord Himself teaches us that we ought to honor Him very, very much! John 5:23. However, I observe with sorrow, that honoring Him is actually a big problem for us. We are lacking in this matter.  And this is very easy to see not only in the materials that we are publishing, but also in our programs for our congregations and Assemblies. In all of our literature, He is not being addressed as Lord but as follows: The Man Jesus Christ, Jesus (a lot of times), Christ, Example and Master (the same way a Hindu Guru would be addressed), Instrument, etc… It is sad that although David, Elizabeth, the angels, and the first Christians were calling Him Lord, we don’t!


In the literature we are publishing, it is repeated many times that He is King. But, from this position, as of now, he is not influencing the situation on the Earth. Still, in these writings we can’t find either much talk regarding His roles that he performs since the day of the Pentecost (Matt. 28:18-20), which are Lord, Redeemer, Mediator, Great Priest, Wonderful Shepherd, The Door, Master, The Prince of Life, etc, … Almost everything is mentioned only in relation with the Sovereign Lord, Jehovah. We are being preached a Jesus much less important than the one in Matt. 28:18; Phil. 3:21; Heb. 1:3; much less involved, much less honored, and even much less loved! Even worse: in some articles and studies from the Towers, He is not even mentioned! He does not appear either in the autobiographical reports of our missionaries! In addition, and unfortunately, even our hymns are reflecting this unbalance: out of 135 hymns, only one, which is Hymn # 30, calls Him Lord! This is by far, not enough!


Due to these severe official omissions in our publications, our brothers and sisters are not calling the Only Son, Lord: this is not happening either in prayers, discourses, programs, conversations, etc… They (our brothers and sisters) are imitating the language found in our publications instead of emulating the language of the first Christians, which was to call him Lord, Master, Shepherd, etc… Rom. 15:4. The argument that we are not calling Him Lord because other Christians are not calling Him such, is inconsistent since the first Christians were calling Him frequently Lord.


  1. Reading the WTs-CD, I discovered that the “Awake” issues from 1991, the months of February-June, are missing. Which is the reason of this gap in the spiritual nourishment? They existed during that time, right after the fall of the dictatorship. Is there something tainted that it is being hidden from us?
  2. Another issue: our explanations teach that Jesus’ brothers from Matthew 25 are only the 144,000. But in Matthew 12:50, Hebrew 2:11,12, we read that all Christians are His brothers, albeit less preeminent. What should I believe: the words of our Lord and the words of Apostle Paul, or the explanations of our Organization?


  1. The saints in the Bible often prayed on their knees. A few proofs: In Ps. 95:6, we are commanded this. 2 Chronicles 6:13; Ezra 9:5; Daniel 6:10; Acts 20:36; 21:5; Eph. 3:14; Phil. 2:10; Rev. 4:9,10. We see that there is a commandment but also clear examples that we cannot ignore. And something even more extraordinary: there are prophesies regarding this! Isaiah 45:23; Romans 14:11. But, there is also the innate law of the common sense and of humility that God put into men; before Him, we are falling to the ground!


During br. Russell’s time, kneeling in prayer was often practiced, but after his death this good Biblical habit disappeared. And we are not taught this any longer. I am a Jehovah’s Witness since 1968 and I knew the brethren for even longer than that, since my childhood, but I haven’t ever seen a Jehovah Witness kneeling in prayer! This proves that our sensibility got rough and we are no longer humble. I am aware of this and it hurts me. Am I wrong?


Which are the scriptural reasons for giving up this biblical, old, popular, and humble practice?


It has been practiced since before Adam, and in Revelation we see that those in heaven are throwing themselves down before the One sitting on the throne. Further, our Lord Jesus kneeled in prayer. Again, in this case the same like in the previous, we cannot bring the argument of looking at other Christian groups, since we should worship based on Biblical principles and not based on other cults’ practices.


  1. The advice of Ap. Paul from 1st Timothy 5:23, according to the New World Translation, cannot be obeyed: anyone following it would dehydrate and intoxicate himself. If Timothy would have applied it in the form given to us in the New World Translation, his stomach sufferings would have aggravated.


I had never learned a foreign language and I’ll confess (if needed) that the text might be so in the Manuscripts. But Ap. Paul never gave advice that was impossible to follow! If one or more scribes made a mistake, their writings did not deserve so much superstitious honor. It was again Paul who said that “the letter kills”. Also, due to translation we got the word “riches” instead of “mammon”. And in our case, wasn’t it possible to find a way to follow the logic of the text under translation? And now what is the result? An advice that nobody could follow without negatively affecting his body!


As about me, I am going to stand by the Cornilescu translation, GBV, and Galaction; I will do the same as you: I will drink some water too, when I am sick.


The translation regarding this paragraph should be revised soon; because of it I had to go through very unpleasant moments, not being able to defend it before our slanderers.


  1. Another problem with our translation: many old Romanian words especially of slavic origin are gone from it. For example, the words “prostitute” and “prostitution” are not being used any longer. They are replaced with adultery and fornication. And this fact incite our critics; “You falsified the Bible!”, they say! “You modified the Bible to satisfy you!” How can we answer them?


But the most critical aspect of this issue is another one: any well-educated person knows that these words are part of the “politically correct” language of the unbelievers, who fight hard to eliminate from the everyday vocabulary all the words with a “religious flavor”. Thus, the elimination of the words “prostitute” and “prostitution” is essentially an attempt to fit in with the “political globalization.”


The beast of Revelation wishes to shut up the religious language. She wants a political language instead. But we are a religious system, aren’t we? We are interested in the accurate Scriptural (Biblical) language – aren’t we? Then, what are we doing? Are we also striving to fit in with the political brainwashing? Aren’t we trying to fight on our front?!


The world “adultery” would never bear the same stigma as the world “prostitute” or “prostitution” does. These are words that burn, words that remind us of God’s judgment! “Adultery” reminds us of human judgment courts, and not of the Bible.


Further, the word “fornication” does not even exist in the DEX (Romanian Language Dictionary). And, when used, minimizes the powerful accusatory charge that the Bible directs toward sin!! But this is the effect of this word, an effect desired by the world. Do we desire the same thing?


The way these verses are being translated (and the same is the case with the verses from 1st Timothy, but there are also more) makes me feel very uneasy, and greatly disappoints me. I am shocked!


  1. What is the Scriptural foundation for the campaign to invite guests to the Memorial?


Our Lord Jesus, did not invite anyone else, except His disciples, although He and his disciples had baptized a lot of people (John 4:1), and although the upper room was quite big; after the Pentecost, we read that 120 people were gathered in that same room – Acts 1:15.


We understand from the restricted number present at the Supper Jesus shared with the disciples and also from 1 Cor. 11, and from many other Scriptural references, that the presence at the Supper Memorial is a special honor, sober, brotherly, intimate, at which the non-Christians were not invited, contrary to what we practice. Am I wrong?


  1. According to our teachings, only the 144.000, those receiving a heavenly reward, are being allowed to share of the Supper Memorial’s symbols, while the great company (Rev. 7:9) – those who are hoping for an earthly resurrection – should not have a share of these symbols.


However, I found no mention in the Bible of a direct relation between the final destination of the overcomers and their share in the symbols. I found only that Jesus left us the observance of this celebration with the end goal that we would be able to recognize the importance of His sacrifice on behalf of our salvation. And for one more reason: to keep His sacrifice and its importance in our actuality. It does not have a relation with the place of reward of those who are saved. Luke 22:19; 1 Cor. 11:26.


The explanations from our literature point to 1Cor. 11:27-29 as argument in the matter. But these verses are referring to something completely different! The context (verses 20-22 and 33,34) warns us not to mix up the common practice of brotherly meal sharing (agape) that they were practicing before the Memorial, with the Memorial itself.


The Conclusion: All the beneficiaries of the sacrifice at Golgotha have the right to partake of the symbols, the same as in the Old Testament – the entire nation had the right to partake of the lamb and the unleavened bread, even the Proselytes – not only the King, the priests, and the Levites. What then?


  1. Regarding the baptismal practice: Why do we baptize by using the Trinitarian formula? (See the book “Organized”, question #31; the book “Knowledge” pg. 176 – paragraph 12, and other literature).

The first Christians were baptizing in only one Name: the Name of Jesus Christ. Could you please show me in the New Testament a baptismal done by using the Trinitarian formula? Matt. 28:19 is not a proof: in the high position you occupy, it is not possible for you to not be aware of what the researchers of the old manuscripts have discovered, even from the beginning of the 20th Century; which is that the Father and The Spirit were not found in the original manuscripts, but these were additions done by the Trinitarians, and that this verse has been translated wrong by the apostates of that time. Our translators should have observed these discoveries which have become already history.


  1.  Why aren’t we, the Jehovah Witnesses, proclaiming the High Calling, too? According to the Watch Tower from May 1st 2007, the section called “Questions from the Readers”, the understanding regarding the year 1935 got changed from being an end point to the Heavenly Calling; according to the new understanding, the High Calling is still open and still going on up to the time of the great tribulation.

I am convinced that I do not tell you anything new in the matter. Then why aren’t we also proclaiming the High Calling in our witnessing literature? Further, why aren’t we talking about it during our spiritual programs at the Meeting Halls, or in our magazines? This could be the basis of a great joy and hope, because it is not up to us to choose who is going to or who is not going to have a part of it. This could be a possibility even for a newly immersed member if this is the desire of Jehovah God and our Lord Jesus (see the thief at the crucification scene, who was not a disciple).

Jehovah God did not empower anybody to go and choose the ones going to heaven, but He reserved this privilege for Himself. Rom. 14:4; James 4:12.

  1. Why aren’t our sisters covering their heads during meetings and when they prophesy? Apostle Paul gives two reasons in defense of head covering: to acknowledge the authority of men and because of angels. Any contrary explanation does not stand up before the clarity of the Biblical text. The angels are a permanent spiritual presence. The explanations coming from the Society define witnessing and the pioneer work as prophesying and Paul commanded that women should not prophesy without covering their heads.

Those women pretending that the Bible is their guide, but in the same time being selective at obeying its teachings, deceive themselves, by believing themselves approved. The norms of the Bible are not negotiable and they do not depend on the cultural context.

  1. The Apostle Paul orders the women to be silent in meetings, and in order to enforce this command he notes in 1 Cor. 14:37 that this commandment is coming from the Lord. The reference to the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ is not made just in passing and it cannot be ignored.

Besides this, in the Bible we see an old law: in the old Jewish times, the women were not allowed to speak during assemblies and inside the Synagogues, that’s why Paul alludes to the law. Again, I don’t bring here anything new to anyone that is familiar with the Scriptures.

I am aware of the explanations that give this right, but the Apostle Paul is very categorical here: he does not leave room for exceptions and we cannot disregard his authority and especially disregard the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But I see with great grief that our literature is purposefully bringing up arguments just to transform the interdiction into permission.

I searched for instances of Christian women speaking at assemblies during the 1st Century and I could not find any.

Conclusion: this regulation is well known and respected by others. Why can’t our sisters respect it? Moreover – some of them are disobeying it even worse, by the fact that they speak at the congregation with mini-discourses and even dare to use these opportunities to give advice to the elders!


I will stop here dear brethren. I look forward with great interest to receiving your reply!

I will continue to worship our Jehovah God rejoicing in His present blessings and being full of hope for the future ones, as a disciple of our Lord Jesus.


With great respect and brotherly love!

Nelu Bota


PS  A note to my readers: Until the date that this letter was published on the Internet, I haven’t received any answer from Bucuresti, although I sent the letter to them twice already (in summer and then again in October). But even no answer is an answer…

Of course, what followed was me being disfellowshiped from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization on July 11, 2011.  

18 comments to Jehovah’s Witness writes letter with sincere questions to Romanian Organization leadership.

  • Lincoln

    Dear Jacqueline, How are you? Do you remember me? You wrote recently “you are black”? Are you a black woman? That I am glad to hear. In my life I have always favored black people. I don’t know why, but always. So, this is long time ago I was writing here and spoke with you, so after reading Ghana assembly comments I just wanted to say hello.

    God Bless. from Lincoln

    • Lincoln

      I am just here to see what is going on? Are you in success or what? If anyone has any question to ask me please do.


    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Lincoln, yes I remember you!!! How are you doing? Yes I am a black woman. Tell us what is happening in Ghana? We want to have diversity here on the site because as you know ethnicity doesn’t matter in the Bible but it was a big issue with the governing body, the organization and the control issue. So, I felt a need to let Black ex Jw that are trying to get their voice back that it is possible.
      Among the black community we often heard other voices from our community leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson (Knew both personally). This would give the new world society a little bit of a problem with complete subjection and submission as the other voices even now advises the community to get educated (a no, no with JW at the time) to think and behave as free men and not have a slave mentality. The Jw organization has a HERD mentality, a Simon says do this and you are out if you don’t.
      So since we can’t be seen here on the website we have a diversity of brothers and sisters from different walks of life and ethnic groups so we can understand each person.
      So where are you in your journey? What are you doing now? I think I referred you to Kent in Sweden at one time. Did you two connect?
      BTW, I am just so happy now my life is better now that I accept divine providence as regard my family. We have adjusted to my being out of the organization. Everybody has found there niche when it comes to interacting with me. LOL Since Mother died I am the go to person and keeper of the family history so I am sort of important to them, thank God for that. Jacqueline

      • Lincoln

        Dear Jacqueline and Friends of Jehovah`s Witnesses on this site. Thank you for comment and I just want to say I am very impressed that you black people are here. I remember living in Canada and visiting USA in the 1960s I felt in love with the black people. I met sisters and brothers and I was very impressed by the different race being a white person myself. I never understand the problem about races. But there is many things I don’t understand even today about many things.

        (I stayed one day with the Peerman family living on the Woodrow Wilson house project 1963 convention New York. Charles and Delores Peerman with children, Charles Jr. Abigirl and …. So I just think about them how things are with them.)

        Where I am today with my faith and person? I don’t know. I think I am ok and family are ok too. Looking back in my life I think today I would have done things different; living life forward and understanding backwards”, but at times we all do what we believe is right at the time.

        But have we learned from it and have I learned from my experiences? I hope so. I think about the time within “the organisation” and the friendship and fellowship and I liked that, but I was mislead and I am very sorry I had to skip it all and miss the brotherhood.

        So, why this strange religious beliefs from the Watchtower? I was referring to the 2016 convention in Ghana and the comments on shunning even within families at times when you actually needed the family to overcome serious problems in life. What, could it happen Jehovah’s Witnesses ever give up their strange teachings?

        So, Jacqueline and everyone else reading on this site, do we love each other? I myself came to this point in my life; we all need each other and even within the society we must support it to help poor people and people who needs friends. We can only do this within the society where we live. Political we can do much to change bad situations and we must educate ourselves along with our families (children) to become clever and helpful citizens in our communities.

        Education is most important along with a Christian faith. Jesus is the front leader in how to behave and treat your fellow man.

        No, I never met Kent from Sweden. Now I wish all the best to all of you. God bless.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Lincoln I looked up the Peerman family before and only found deceased Charles maybe. A deeper search may bring up the other people.
          I too realize we are not an island of Christian but in this world like everybody else. We have boundaries as indicated by scripture just as all persons have standards. I look at my neighbors not as goats to die at a made up depiction of armageddon but as persons Jesus died for and as children of Jahweh and Jesus precious in his site and I treat others according to this knowledge.
          On the shunning issue, there is a way to fight back so to speak that has worked for me and others in our family. I graciously acknowledge the shunning and ask my relative if this is what they want and write down the name. I let them know I will respect this and not call or come near them. They are accustomed to you begging, crying and whining so are puzzled as they see you branch out and make friends and serve in soup kitchens, seek other religious associates etc. This normally brings them around if you don’t go out and become immoral but happy and content with yourself and your relationship with God. I don’t really worry about friends within the organization. Also I respect that a grown child has a right to find their niche and make decisions for their family. I don’t believe this is all there is too life, I trust his divine plan that will make these little minor disruptions a blimp in the span of time. Everyone does what he can to get over being in a controlled abusive situation.
          We are here steadily to help any that are trying to come out of this situation until they stand on their own two feet.
          I had to explain to a person the other day that we are not a match making site nor are we here to be solicited for money, because on the internet we don’t have a visual of anyone but trust in the sharing of the word and words of support can be given to anyone including whalers or fishers.
          We have grown since this site was put up and to see ones like you check back to encourage and share your experiences makes it worth it.
          Do you have close family still in? Are you still attending or fading?
          Ex witnesses have evolved and realize they don’t have to write letters or tell the congregation that they are no longer attending. As free men delivered by Christ, they can just walk away. That has been the biggest achievement I would say. To stop this disfellowshipping insaneness has helped a lot mentally. To advise people not to humor those men by sitting in a room with so called “judicial” meeting without a lawyer. Judicial is a legal term. Mentally it helps to say I left them, they didn’t put me out I left. This keeps us healthy mentally. Take Care

          • Just say sweet and good

            Recentlly I have giving out the tract: “Blessings shall flow to ALL” which you can order from 1-800-GODSPLAN (463-7752). When people ask me my religion I say:
            I take my religious instructions strictly from the Bible” “I personally favor the commentaries of the Bible by Issac Newton (Unitarian) George Fox (Quaker) C. T. Russell (Ransom for ALL) and Tertulian (1,000 yr. reign of Jesus of Nazareth)”

            Daniel 12:4 is being fulfilled right before our eyes with the information available on the internet. All people have to do is to take their spiritual life seriously and Jehovah God will hear their prayers. 1 Kings 8:41-43 Romans 2:14

          • Lincoln

            Dear Friends of Jehovah`s Witnesses.

            Thank you Jacqueline, thank you for answer. Sorry about Charles Peerman maybe he is the one from that family, but anyway some lost a family member and it is always sad. But it could be he was very sick (or just old )and could not carry on any more.

            Questions?: yes, I have an old sister who stayed with the JW, but she got very sick last year and went to hospital and now I spend more time looking after her than I used before. We have social security in Denmark so the city hall is taking care of much finansiel. The friends in the congregation knows I looks after her and once in a while I speak with them and they understand the situation. Last memorial I had to make it at my old sisters home for her to attend this, since she cannot go to kingdom hall anymore.

            I have a daughter and son in law with two grown up children who still attend the meetings and my daughters husband is an elder. I see them once in a while but they made it clear that they want a distance.

            Sometimes I meet members and talk a little with them, but nok much. What happened to me was something 25 years ago. I met Pentecostal members and attended the meeting and got baptized in the Holy spirit. I cannot explain it but it just happened and I could not stop this new feeling.

            So, after some time I told the JW congregation and in the first place they wanted to think about it, but after some time they told the congregation that I had withdrawn myself from them.

            To day I am not associating with the Pentecostal congregation and have a more quiet life about my faith in Jesus Christ. I have been very sick myself and went to hospital for surgery, but I am ok to day. But I am not feeling so joyful at the moment. Something happened to me I don’t understand. About my feelings.

            My former wife 25 years ago left me and found another husband and divorced me (after 10 years marriage) and our daughter today 35 years old, joined the Catholic church. I have very close relationship with this my daughter.

            I remember a good time within the JW, but when I met Jesus personally I could not do anything else but follow him.

            Here are some of my favorite people some black persons: Nina Simone, of course, Martin Luther King. Here is a little black girl doing her best to make a difference today; America’s Got Talent 2015 – Arielle Baril The 11-Year Old Opera Singer. Then I liked

            John Steinbeck, Grapes of wrath, Judy Garland Lyrics – Over The Rainbow.

            So many years has gone by, more than 130 years since Charles Taze Russell came up with his interpretation of the Bible and I must say I don’t understand it today. When we say we study the Bible we also must say that it is the Holy Book of the Jews and the God mentioned is the Jewish God. Today Israel has more success than ever. Hope to hear from you again and maybe others like to give a comment.

            I would like to tell what I am looking for today. How to apply Jesus into the society.

            • Just say sweet and good

              Lincoln I see you have heart. Your like me, your love of the arts show. The arts tell
              mankind about themselves. Frank Sinatra had a song: “You’v gotta have heart, miles
              and miles of heart, oh its nice to be a genius of course but keep that old horse before the cart” I too was deeply moved buy a street preacher who preached “Jesus Christ and him crucified” and realized the warmth of Jehovah’s love for ALL of us. 1 John 2:2 It was like a chain was around my heart just squeezing and squeezing and when I accepted the fact that Jesus Christ died for me personally I literal gave out a big exhale and threw myself into his arms. I then could relax in my love of life. It came back and my smile just gets bigger and bigger, as I now understand what brother Russel wrote in his volumnes.

              Remember the parable of the “Pearl of Great Price”?
              The man have to sell everything to buy the field and still he had to dig for it.

              I have found listening to the audio recordings of sermons the Bible Students have given in the past is also a real blessing. I do one first thing in the morning and then think about it all day. This is now my motto for life 1 Corinthians 2:2

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              My Dear Lincoln, your are discouraged. It is the killer of faith! It is also some evidence that your thoughts are in the right place because if not you wouldn’t even care or worry about Christ.
              I am not a numbers person but looking at what God has said and see if it came to pass even if it took 2000 years. I have come to see such a dynamic God has a grasp of time and knows we need this experience with bad to trust him when he lets us into his eternity. He understands time in a way we don’t.
              Focus on the future, it helps me when I get down. I go look at Lake Michigan, at the trees and all the different families walking with their little ones on the beach and come to tears as I say what a God to let parents birth and take care of theses babies with joy.
              AND THERE IS THE ANSWER! YOU AND YOUR SISTER ARE THE ANSWER! Its called understanding the family unit and how it works.
              THAT FATHER WILL DIE FOR THAT CHILD OR SEND A RANSOM OF MILLIONS IF KIDNAPPED! He will also let that child go thru Chemotherapy for cancer and amputation of his leg to save him. (earthly father power is limited).
              It is the end result. That child sees all of this some times as his father letting him down but he says TRUST ME, DEAR CHILD! The siblings play with him, keeps his spirits up until it is over and done. The cancer is gone and he has a new leg.
              TRUST HIM, discouragement is trying to get you. The flood did come. I am sure Noah might have wondered. Jesus and Christianity and a Ransom did come. These things took thousands of years, in Noah’s case 120.
              The jews are Jehovah’s witnesses. WE ARE WITNESSES OF CHRIST. We can look in the New testament and if we don’t understand go back to the old testament to see the answer. I know you know this but you are trying to do it alone.
              I had an experience just like you did with the Pentecostal, but it was in my home. I know it was the Holy Spirit of God absolutely no doubt in my mind, it enjoined with my very spirit.
              Start at John chapter 13 and go at least thru chapter 18 for about 10 nights listening and reading over and over to get every gold nugget and feel what Jesus is telling his apostles and us today.
              I grew up under segregation an apartheid type of condition and it was the hope presented by brother Russell and others that gave us hope. Even Martin Luther (who preached 300′ from my house on the steps of Bethel baptist and lived next to it in Birmingham) pushed God and Christ and in that power he went in with faith! There have been many delivers sent out by God to release a people not just the Jews.
              I did a tour during Black history month this year called The Printer. Police could never find the printer and distributor of all the flyers needed in the 60’s to inform the black population of where to meet or do sit ins etc. I have lots of props newspapers and the company BET here sponsored me.
              The answer to the Printer is: A black 14 year old genius master printer. He walked pass the police and all, often after midnight. In the morning he distributed magazines on the corner and many blacks took what he had in his bag. Right under the nose a little Jehovah witness boy distributed the flyers. If you stopped him he preached to you, so the police left the crazy Jehovah witness boy alone.
              The watchtower society told all black witnesses not to help or get involved with Martin Luther and this was made an issue so the police never suspected the little black master printer as the one, who did it in a flower shop while they watched the only two black printing shops in the south.
              His story was printed and he was honored before he died by the governor in 2006. Had it been done any earlier he could still be killed!
              I tell you parts of this story to show you there is hope if you will divine the will of God yourself.
              My Mom knew God was with us and let her son do this work while she instructed us her other nine children to defy Martin Luther and the movement openly in the schools. The leaders in the community knew the game and would protect us before the crowd beat us and help us escape home. Once with a shotgun on the crowd. So you see DON’t get discouraged, wait and it will all work out. We are free now!
              You and I are getting old but our experiences have been a training ground for heaven. As we walk toward that door satan wants us to falter at the end and lose our crown, but don’t. KEEP THE FAITH!
              Now I wish others will comment. Love you, Jacqueline
              PS: Lincoln my heart broke in 2015 when Eddie died. He was my rock as my family turned against me when I was leaving the slavery of the watchtower. My brothers are all elders and they were in violent conflict with him many Sunday nights as they met to discuss me and this heresy.
              My nieces would call me to inform me of what the society was saying and how my brother stood his ground against them for me.
              He won and when I visited Birmingham in 2012 he told me the family decided I can go in peace into the Bible students. They stand over 200 within the religion, even in Bethel. Just something to encourage you to hold on.

              • Lincoln

                Dear Jacqueline,

                Thank you very much. I understand you and I think about the things you have experienced in you life. Thank you for telling me. What is going to happen in the future we don`t know, but I also want to stay with Jesus Christ. God bless you and your family and all on this Internet Site.


  • Dear brother
    Greetings from Romania to … Romania (that is, from Maramures to Mures )
    I did not write any letter to “leadership”
    but I continued to search in Bible
    and here it is what I found…

    waiting to hear from you ,

    rus virgil

    • Jacqueline

      Hi rus virgil, I went to some of the discussions in that comment. Paradise Cafe is one I am familiar with. Nice hearing from you.

    • Jeff

      Peace Rus,

      The letter above was translated by my wife who is originally from Targu Mures. The individual who wrote the letter has visited with friends of ours who attend the Baie Mare Bible Student congregation.

  • Ken

    Nelu Bota, thank you for posting your letter, it addresses some of the concerns which have been on my mind for quite some time,namely, how the WTBTS seldom mention Jesus in talks or publications,in fact, I’ve been more aware of how the GB is mentioned more times than Jesus Christ! It really greives my heart that they do this!!:(

  • jacqueline

    Dear Nelu Bota, hello and thanks for sending this letter. I have one also that is 6 pages long to the United States Bethel. You have given me courage to perhaps print it.
    I have the bound volumes of Awake for 1991 and already I can see why it would be out of print. You see any articles written by Br. Franz and others that left Bethel are deleted. I will read and find out what is objectionable.
    I also got the apostate judicial meeting but as with you I had scriptures to back me. I was not DF’d although the society alledged told the brothers to do so.( I did have a retraining order that is still in effect, so maybe that prevented it.) For 10 yrs after I wrote 2 letters the CO and DO hounded me as if I was a runaway slave, to make me leave. I finally just left after 10 years of torture from the platform.
    I have only read part of your letter but I will go now and finish. I just had to tell you, this is a safe place. Jehovah has answered your letter. I prayed specifically to put me in a smaller cong that knew also about the ransom and the bride class. I KNOW HE ANSWERED!! I would not have found the Bible Students without HIS HELP. Nor had the courage to tell my family and take the fallout. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING to openly acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ in writing! He saw it! Welcome!! to Christ.

    BTW, this is a bible lesson in itself as I check all the scriptures. (LOL) Also we see this is an organization decision to ignore letters as you and I and others that have written lives thousands of miles apart. It is the governing body that is at fault not individual brothers, it is org. policy to set their standards. (finished your letter, thank you for your courage, mine has names in it, need to black out.)

    • Just say sweet and good

      I thought Ray Franz was disfellowshiped around 1980. How could he have written something in 1991? That has since been redacted? Or was this written about someone else I don’t know about? What was the subject of these deleted articles? Or was this something just in the Romain Awake?

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Just stay sweet. Barbara and others were still writing after 1980 and their writings of entire articles are no longer in internet volumes. So it didnt have to be written by Raymond to be erased.

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