April 7 – Saturday Conference Call – OPEN FORUM! – You choose the topic – Ask any question – Share your point of view


This conference call will be an open forum.  You chose the topic you want to discuss.  You ask any question about the Bible.  Share your thought and your reason for it.  Former JW and Bible Student Elder, David Stein, will guide the discussion.

Please tell your friends to come join us.  If you would like, mention us on your Facebook page.  Get the word our so more can participate.  We hope you can make it.

Some possible topics are:

  • Did Jesus die on a cross or a torture stake?
  • Does the Bible forbid Blood Transfusions?
  • Is door to door witnessing required to please Jehovah?
  • Was Brother Russell right or wrong about 1914?
  • Is Jesus second presence visible or invisible?
  • Who will survive Armageddon?
  • Does Jehovah have an earthly organization?
  • Can I be anointed (begotten of the Holy Spirit)?
  • What is the evidence that someone is anointed (spirit begotten)?
  • Should I partake of the bread and the cup at the memorial?
  • Who is the Great Crowd?  Are they a heavenly or earthly class?
  • At the time of Paradise Earth, will I come back to earth or be in heaven?
  • Did Jesus die a Ransom for ALL or will some not come back to Paradise Earth?

What topic do you have in mind?  These are suggestions, but we will cover what you select.




Conference Call Phone #:  213-226-0400

After connecting dial:  991337

Date:  April 7
Time:  7:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 pm Central and 4:00 pm West Coast

How to participate:
4 * – Self-Mute Line (toggle)
5 * – Raise Hand for Q&A

5 comments to April 7 – Saturday Conference Call – OPEN FORUM! – You choose the topic – Ask any question – Share your point of view

  • Jacqueline

    This Br. was on the conference call but didn’t tell his story but he emailed me. I got his permission to post the email. I had talked about my dedicating myself at 12yrs and rushed up to get baptized at the last minute. I had hid my bathing suit and rushed past my mother that was DF’d wrongfully at the time and my father died refusing to come back in after being DF’d wrongfully. Just background. I thought this should be shared with all our readers for encouragement.

    Greetings in the Lord dear Sister Jacqueline:

    I enjoyed listening to your inspiring testimony dear sister ansd so wanted to follow you with my own. The reason I didn’t was mine is so like yours in so many ways that I didn’t want to steal your thunder tonight. There will always be another time. I consecrated with much the same attitude you did dear sister. My attitude was, and still is, just like yours, i’m consecrated to sevge Jehoivah god wherever and whenever, even if I were to somehow fail him in the process. As far as I’m concerned Jehovah is my God and first in everything, as my wife can testify to. I consecrated at 16, but mother, who was opposed, threatened the local congregation if they allowed me to get baptized before I came of age. So I didn’t get baptized until I was 18 years old.

    By the time I was baptized I’d already proved my faith in God under trial as my mother did everything she could to dissuade me, including beatings. One of the worst beatings I ever got, whipped across the bare back with a fiberglass fishing pole until it broke, was because I’d asked to go to a special talk. But even at that stage in my life although I believed the Witnesses were God’s organization, my consecration didn’t include the organization as I only saw it as a tool of God’s and nothing more. In fact, when I finally realized the organization was becoming openly idolatrous, that’s when I left. Jacqueline, isolation beats fellowship among the idolatrous anytime. My attitude is that if it be God’s will that I must go it alone, then alone I will serve because with him as my God and his son as my Master I’m never truly alone.

    Once again it was great to hear your voice. The enthusiasm with which you approach life is always refreshing and energizing. I count myself blessed to have you among my friends and pray Jehovah blesses you in your efforts to finish the race and win the crown which is reserved for all who serve him to their very last breath.

    Carry my love to the brethren you share fellowship with Sis. Jacqueline,

    May I post this on the site for comfort to others? My walk was never with persecution Stanley. I am so glad you conquered. This walk has to be with fire. Your Mom will praise the Lord when she comes to understand:
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

    • Dupin

      As she mentioned,

      I did give permission for her to post this. Jacqueline had responded to a question about re-baptism and why she believes her baptism is valid. I share the same view in respects to mine, the dear brother who posited otherwise not withstanding. That is the underlying thought which was in the e-mail which I sent to Sis. Jacqueline. God accepted my consecration and the call to the true Church was extended while I was still a Witness. Thus I am proof of another subject discussed and the opinion just about everybody on the panel agreed on.

      The difficult circumstances didn’t stop with my baptism as mother continued her opposition, even as I stayed with her and my baby brother because she was divorced and destitute. It also continued after the crack-down in 1980 when the local elders set out to break the spirit of several of us brothers, succeeding with several of them. By that time I’d received my heavenly father’s acceptance and the call and his spirit strengthened me and bore me up during those difficult years until the right time for me to leave and join the brethren.

      Mother has since died sis. Jacqueline. In spite of her opposition and the form it took at the time so many years ago I loved her and can still find myself slipping into a bit of sorrow as the anniversary of her passing approaches. Yet God’s plan for her gives me comfort when it hits me what is happening.

      Thank you for your kind words as well.

  • Sharon

    It was a great forum. I’m so glad that I went. I liked the variety of topics and the elders answering our various questions. Thank you to all the Elders who participated.

  • tessy

    what the area code in the telephone number? its 213?

    • Jacqueline

      Tessy, hello. The 213 area code used here is for a conference call. It does not refer to the geographic area. It is not an international call as it originates in California. If you have free weekends or can call free within the US. This is not a call that will incur charges. Hope to hear you on the call tonight.

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