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April 1 – What’s so Special about Palm Sunday?



The events of the Sunday before Jesus’ crucifixion were monumental.  They not only began the culminating process for the greatest human life ever lived, they also retold the story of the ancient Passover and gave it a world-wide meaning.  Stay with us this morning as we look into all of the pieces of the Passover, Palm Sunday and the road Jesus walked to sacrifice his own life for our deliverance…

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6 comments to April 1 – What’s so Special about Palm Sunday?

  • ken R

    Why don’t the Jw’s celebrate Palm Sunday?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Ken – A Pioneer told me that there are no instructions in the Bible to celebrate Easter. I suppose the same would be true for Palm Sunday. Although, I wonder if the fact that “Nominal Christians” celebrate these events provides something else where they can draw a distinction.

  • The killing of Jesus saved his apostles and church, but only because he showed himself 40 days. They had quit and returned to their previous life. So to the death of 144,000 causes quitters. They need to see the 144,000 these 40 days. Or they will not flee to the mountains above the ocean line when all the sea floors rise up to be level again with all the continent plains. When asteroid impacts on day 40, it is too late to migrate in any organizating. The rate of water is 45 feet every 12 hours 20 min with the moon. For many places this covers 800 miles in a single day. The bride must gather entering into the kings house or Mordecai knows Jehovah somehow has an alternative to replace her for not obeying this command to save her people. Now is the bride’s hour, she must announce her Palm Sunday because upon doing so her death will be guaranteed easter Sunday. 7 days Noah packed the ark and it wqas raptured up to heaven by water for 40 days, the same 365-day calendar dates of 2370bc as 33 AD. The same for 2008 thru 2011 have just passed by in the 4 years that were thrice 1460 years 365 leap days from 2370bc. They didnt do it then from Nov to Jan… perhaps today is the day. If I knew for sure that she would say yes I am the Christ, then i would gladly tell Herod’s whore to go back to her husband in Rome and lose my head for it. Monica could do too, but that democrat Clinton isnt our president.

  • The bride of Jesus is the Lamb. The head is Jesus. The body is his wife already engaged by being at his right hand in heaven, but her feet are missing as a remaining remnant on earth. And she cannot stand up. To stand up they must join her as Jesus did in trial. But when they did the answer to Jesus’ question comes forth Oh my God for what reason why have you forsaken me. Because to die, he has to be forsaken or not protected. The feet of the bride, the feet of the whole Christ must be forsaken and Satan will bite the feet because two ways to destroy a project, when it tries to start (Jesus), or destroy the whole thing the last day it is finished… dont let the number of temle stones get finished. This is why the bride must gather her last ones because Jehovah will abandon her to let Satan destroy her. The reward is the ability of 144,000 people from heaven to appear for 40 days like Jesus did to say do not obey the world, we are alive, and they will soon die. 7 days she gathers to the day she is slaughtered and for 40 days only her children a great crowd see her and are persecuted and called insane. But they will live by fleeing to the mountains as instructed. Do not be like Lots wife. All who go with you will be saved with you.

    • Jacqueline

      Hello Elijah and welcome.Thank you so much for commenting I have visited your site once before. Your brain is working and thinking and reasoning. Thank you so much for your views. Sincerely Jacqueline

  • Jeff

    This video has footage from the original Photo-Drama. Each frame was carefully handpainted.

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