Are we Now in the Perilous Times Prophesied?


In the ancient texts prophecies fortell world events. With society crumbling and world events heating up, are we in perilous times? What does the Bible really say? In 2 Timothy 3, The Apostle Paul warns of a time when godliness is seemingly evaporated and sin overruns all.  We are now (we believe) living in this time.  We will discuss the “list” in 2nd Timothy 3 and the particular dangers this time in history presents.  Will will focus on proof of the peril of these times, as well as reactions to our present social structure – do people like it?  Do they fear it?  What about abortion, the crumbling of the family unit, social justice vs equal justice, individuals perception of rights, etc…, and what does the Bible say about this important topic?

Listen live and participate Sunday mornings from 6 to 8 am EST

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