The harvest is a conclusion of a system of things [the end of the Age]

“. . .the Harvest is the End of the Age. ..” Matthew 13:39 NAS  (… the conclusion of the system of things NWT)

A harvest is the gathering of the results of a preceding growing season.  Jesus—at the request of his Apostles—actually interpreted his parable about “the harvest” at the “end of the Age”—the end of the Gospel Age which was then just opening.   Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43

Briefly, Jesus explained that sowing the “good seed” would produce “the children of the Kingdom.” But after the Apostles would leave the scene (“men slept”), an “enemy” (Satan) would sow imitation “wheat” producing “tares.”  When concern was expressed for pulling out the tares right away, the “householder” said to let them grow together till “the harvest” in order not to disturb the “wheat.” Then, at the time of harvest, the householder would tell his “reapers” to first “bind” the tares in “bundles” for burning—but the “wheat” would be gathered to his “barn.”

After being asked, Jesus defined the “field” as the “world” and the one who sowed the “good seed” as himself, “Son of Man.”  His “reapers” would be the “angels,” that is, messengers with messages who would gather those true Christians as “Wheat” by the sickle of Truth.  By contrast, the “tares” sown by “the devil” in resisting the Truth would be even more tightly “bundled” as nominal systems of Christendom—but then destroyed eventually in symbolic “fire.”  There would be great anguish and “wailing” by the people themselves to see Christendom being destroyed (not realizing they individually as people will have fresh opportunity for life in Jehovah’s Kingdom).

The Wheat being gathered into the “barn” Jesus finally explained with still further symbolic language, “then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun.” In their glorified reward, the gathered “Wheat” with Jesus would be the enlightening, “healing” benefit for the world of mankind (Malachi 4:2).

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  • John S


  • John S


    • Peter K. (admin)

      John – The wheat and tares are individuals that group together, either in the barn (assocation in Truth followed by association in heaven) or in bundles, denominational systems. For a more info. open up the document and look at the description of the Jewish harvest. The individual Jews either groups together in the barn (association together in the early Church) or grouped together with the Jewish nation (the chaff burned with unquenchible fire – Jerusalem and temple destroyed by the Romans in AD 70). So in either case John, the wheat, tares and chaff may represent individuals, but these individuals group together into associations or systems.

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