How to make a phone call for free over the Internet.

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There is actually a way to make free phone calls through your computer.   The benefit of the head set with mic, instead of a microphone with speakers, is that with the headset, you will not create feedback problems in your phone call.  With speakers however, you may often encounter a problem with feedback, especially on a conference call.  If you are interested, here are some simple instructions.

1)  It would be good to have a quality head set with a microphone that you can plug into your computer.  Test out the audio by playing audio on your computer.  For example, after you plug your headset into the computer, go to You-Tube and play anything.  If you can hear the sound, that’s great.  You can now go onto step #2.

2)  Next, click on this link to go to Google Mail         Select “Create an Account.”  (You need to first create a GMail account before you can set up your free phone service – Google Voice.)

Complete the information and make note of it somewhere so that you don’t forget your Google Mail email address and password.  This is called a GMail account.  You will never be able to get into your GMail account unless you can type in your GMail address and password.  You can get into your GMail any time by using this same link above that I just provided to you.  Once you are in your GMail account, it will look like similiar to your present email account in some ways.  Perhaps your email address might be something like  —

3)  Once you are in your GMail account you should receive an offer to set up Google Voice.  Do so.  Set up Google Voice.  If you do not get an offer to set up Google Voice, then click on this link to set up Google Voice.  Sign in with your GMail Account and Password.  Follow the instructions to install Google Voice.  It is quick and simple.

4)  Anytime in the future that you want to get into your GMail account to make a phone call, click here:
At this point, in the lower left hand corner of your screen, you should see an option called, “call phone.”  Click on “call phone.”  In the lower right hand corner of your screen a number pad will appear.  If on the dial pad you see an option to “download the voice plugin,” you may need to do this.  With your mouse, click on the appropriate numbers to make a phone call.  Make sure you have your headset with mic over your ears.  Call me a friend.  If he/she can hear you and you can hear him/her, it worked?  Congratulations, you should be able to make clear phone calls on the Six Screens conference call in the future.

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