December 25 – The Birth of Jesus – Chicago Bible Students Sunday Service


Date: Sunday, December 25, 2011

Time: 9:00 AM Central (10:00 am EST and 7:00 am PST)

Speaker: Br Joe Megacz

Title: The Birth of Jesus


What does the scriptural record say about the birth of Jesus? • What prophecies foretold the circumstances? •  Did he have a pre-human existence? • Is gift-giving at Christmas a scriptural concept? • Why was Joseph told to call his name Jesus in order to fulfill a prophecy that said his name would be Emmanuel? • What year-round lessons should we gain from the birth, life, and death of the Savior of Mankind?

You can access the  recording of this public meeting  here.  Enjoy the service!

3 comments to December 25 – The Birth of Jesus – Chicago Bible Students Sunday Service

  • Should Bible Students celebrate this “Christmas” at 25 December ?

  • Jacqueline

    Joe it is indeed a blessing. Now we can show them in video that our dear brothers are alive and kicking!. To be told that they died out is so unreal. But this is a new year and now we can help many to have religious service as is the custom of all JW. Many don’t have an ecclesia in their city. This helps a lot. I have been told that maybe in the future more of the meetings will be shown.
    THE ENTIRE 3 DAY CONVENTION will be shown next weekend. 12/31/2011-01/02/2012. I will leave Friday night so I can get a good night’s sleep. Hope to see you on adobe connect.
    Joe and thank you so much for your diligent efforts on facebook to get the word out. Also on six screens you have been very vital and helpful in letting brothers know about the Bible Students.
    Imagine they were hiding in plain sight. We couldn’t see them, or know of them. I think it was by divine providence that they have been hidden for this day when many are fleeing brutal persecution in tyhe cong. by the GB.

  • I slept in this morning but have now come to here and am listening to the taped replay. I don’t know how to express Thanks enough for this service which can help so many. When people watch you they can see for themselves that Watchtower is untruthful in calling Bible Students “the Evil Slave class.” That will help more to exit Watchtower and find fellowship as Bible Students.

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