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Photo Drama of Creaton – God’s Plan from Creaton through Human History


The Photo-Drama of Creation was produced in 4 parts, altogether for 8 hours.  The completed production premiered in January 1914 in New York and was presented worldwide, being viewed by over 9 million people.   It has the distinction of being the first major screenplay to incorporate synchronized sound, moving film, and color slides.

The Photo-Drama of Creation carried viewers from creation of the world through human history to the climax of God’s purpose for earth and mankind at the end of Jesus Christ’s thousand-year reign.

This book is a historic reprint of the original scenario book issued for distribution at the Photo Drama showings that toured the US and Canada in 1914. The original book was printed in magenta ink with half tone pictures. It was originally published in both hardcover and paperback. This paperback reprint is a careful reproduction with some important differences. The cover was carefully re-drawn tracing the original artwork from the printed cover. The pictures have been created by scanning and carefully retouching the original glass slides from the production. These glass slides had been hand painted and tinted for the original production. The original colors and details have been carefully preserved when possible, with scratches and cracks being electronically removed. With the exception of 7 glass slides which could not be located, all pictures in the book are reproductions of the genuine, original glass slides from the 1914 production. The type has been re-set for readability, but not edited. This is a fascinating book, not just for its historical interest but for the sweeping explanation of God’s Plan as set forth in the Scriptures.

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