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The Hidden Message Behind Noah and the Great Flood

Most Christians today sense that we are living in the prophetic end times. This is for good reason, because Jesus gave his disciples a hidden message in Matthew 24 about the days of Noah which provides Scriptural confirmation that we are, indeed, living in the last days. In fact, Matthew 24:37 is but one of many symbolic prophecies with hidden meanings for those who are diligently  seeking truth. The comparison between the days of Noah to that of the coming of the Son of man is what is termed a type and antitype.  The term type can best be understood by looking at a  rubber stamp. The stamp can be considered the type, and when ink is applied and pressed upon paper, the image left behind is called the antitype—a representation of the original. Comparing Noah’s day with the prophetic second advent of Jesus Christ is just such a type and antitype which reveals a fascinating hidden message to Christ’s followers.

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Listen to more here:  Noah’s Ark-Type And Antitype


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