Police inquiry over Jehovah’s Witness magazine ‘mentally diseased’ article

An official magazine for Jehovah’s Witnesses that described those who leave the church as “mentally diseased” is at the centre of a police inquiry, it has emerged.

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The official magazine for Jehovah’s Witnesses has described those who leave the church as “mentally diseased”, prompting an outcry from former members and insiders concerned about the shunning of those who question official doctrine.

An article published in July’s edition of The Watchtower warns followers to stay clear of “false teachers” who are condemned as being “mentally diseased” apostates who should be avoided at all costs. “Suppose that a doctor told you to avoid contact with someone who is infected with a contagious, deadly disease,” the article reads. “You would know what the doctor means, and you would strictly heed his warning. Well, apostates are ‘mentally diseased’, and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings.”

A copy of the magazine, distributed by Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world, was given to The Independent by a current member of the church who has become unhappy with official teaching but is afraid to leave for fear of losing his family.

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  • Altavista elders in virginia i love you all.

  • Bible students and the governbody faithful slave and its annoited Jehovah’s witnesses can you drink the cup i kevin Davis drinks from and eat the flesh i eat this year or next year every day of your life forevermore.

  • Wild I looked up.my own name and it gave this page I am anointed but have mental problems. Some one must know problems of sick to be in heaven not make fun of them.

    • Christopher Johns

      Hey Kevin,
      I don’t mbkw if you’re using Kevin as a name because he was the one in the videos who left the JWs. But assuming it isn’t welcome. I recognize your comment as from the WT when they said many think they are anointed and are really mentally diseased but they are wrong. We are not JWs. We are Bible Students who believe what was taught by pastor CT Russell. We believe God has a plan for everyone and not just those who joined an organization. Even adam and eve will be brought back. Do you have an specific questions?

      • Peter K. (admin)

        Chris – Kevin is a spammer. I deleted over 100 messages most of which did not make much sense. So far he has come in under 4 IP addresses which I am now blocking. He may have access to more IP addresses and if so we may see him back under the same name or a different name. If anyone notices this again, please feel free to contact me ASAP if you have my email address.

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Yes Kevin,I would like to make the same comment as Bro C Johns.We are Bible Students,not JWs,who did not exist before the 1930s.As bible Students we follow the Bible,the same as Bro Russell,Who Said -“The Scriptures truly teach”.We have no man made Org,the truth that sets us free is our world wide bond that unites us!We are more than happy to Help you with any Questions you may have.May Jehovah,the god of all mercy be with you!!.Bro Richard.Tazzyman,Bible Student,C/-Australian Bible Students.

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