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The Day of Judgement – Who will be saved?

“Let the heavens rejoice … the earth be glad … the field be joyful, and all that is therein: … all the trees of the wood shall rejoice before the Lord. For he cometh … to judge the earth … with righteousness, and the people with his truth.” —Psalm 96:11-13

The teaching of the Bible pertaining to a future day of judgment for all mankind is both reassuring and hope-inspiring. It is consistent with the invitation in our text for all to rejoice that the Lord comes to “judge the world with righteousness and the people with his truth.” The Apostle Paul affirmed the coming of this day when speaking on Mars’ Hill. He told the people that God has appointed a day in which “he will judge the world in righteousness” by Jesus Christ, and that he had “given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.”—Acts 17:31

The future judgment day which the Lord has provided in his plan of salvation is more than a time when rewards will be given to the righteous and punishments meted out to the wicked. It will also be a period of probation, during which the people will have an opportunity, based upon full knowledge of the issues involved, to choose between obedience to the Lord and disobedience, between righteousness and unrighteousness.

This means that the judgment day is not an ordinary day of twenty-four hours, but, as the Bible teaches, an entire age, a thousand years long. It is, in fact, the same thousand years during which Christ will reign over earth, for he will be judge as well as King. The faithful followers of Jesus during this age will be associate kings with him during that thousand years, and they will also share with him in the work of judging the world.—Rev. 20:4; I Cor. 6:2

These beautiful and harmonious teachings of the Bible are concealed by the erroneous view that the eternal destiny of every individual is irrevocably decided by God at the moment of death. There is no scriptural support for this thought (except as it relates to those who accept Christ, and consecrate their lives to divine service, in this Gospel Age).

On the contrary, Jesus definitely stated that those who do not accept his teachings are not judged now, but later. “If any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not … the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.” (John 12:47,48) How beautifully this harmonizes with the promise in our text that in that happy judgment day of the future the people will be judged by the “truth,” for the words of Jesus are certainly the truth.

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17 comments to The Day of Judgement – Who will be saved?

  • Jacqueline

    Good morning all. Ken while waiting on an answer to your question, I have to ask the worldwide audience this one, please.
    Has anyone heard a recent talk about survivors of armageddon from the society?

    In another country a brother stated that the only ones that need fear armageddon are the wicked opposers that will fight Jesus, go up against him.
    Sweden or close surrounding countries have you heard this? Does this mean they realize others will survive armageddon aside from just JW?

    I know the change about 2005 admitted that judgement day is 1000 yrs long. But I never heard talks changing all the other scriptures to fit this period rather than at armageddon. Are they beginning to do this now?

    • Ken

      I haven’t anything recently Jacqueline, but I wouldn’t be suprised if they changed their minds on this. I remember years ago at a Jw assembly one of the speakers said…it’s possible armageddon could be a gradual process where Jehovah would warn the nations using supernatural events and if they didn’t respond THEN they’d be destroyed.

      • Jacqueline

        It seems that in Sweden this made have been said already. Most witnesses, unless you come right out and say in black and white won’t get the point that they are going back to what is actually said about armageddon and judgement day. Also many will argur outright if it is not printed in blk and white in the watchtower.

  • John S.

    Thanks Humbleman for even asking.The things we have believed for years are now being re-examined by everyone,as the closer we get to the Millenium, the clearer the picture becomes. The word foretells a terrible testing for all Christians;all who are loyal to Christ.That lncludes 100,s of millions of persons as there are 2.5 thousand million Christians on earth even now,and the end is not yet.”All those desiring to live in association with Christ Jesus will be persecuted”,Paul stated as part of a discussion on the last days in his time;they were,torched,massacred in Roman arenas,crucified,sawn in half,and so on.It never fails,when the conditions whipped up by Satan get to the point of the near-elimination of Jehovah’s people,or the human family’s extinction,He(Father) steps in and annihilates the wicked WHO ARE CAUSING IT.This was one thing I agreed with Bro. Russell.I was able to see that Satan’s plan before the flood was the transforming of the human genome into his seed,and his angels,as they had procreated with many women(Bro. Russell states,also in the beginning of the ‘Photo-Drama’book,Satan was starting his own kingdom and that was his motive in seeing the possibilities toward eve and her daughters) and their offspring had spread throughout the earth,causing no doubt a hatred of mankind’s “seed” toward Satan’s “seed”.(he and the demons no doubt had many children,violence,resulted as a consequence as these races of demons had over 1500 years to build Kingdoms,bring technology,weaponry,you name it,all accelerated by off world intelligence and power(s) we cannot even imagine.We still irrefutable proof of these kingdoms in archaeological monuments that have survived till today.(ruins in Peru,India,Mexico,and even the Great Pyramid of Giza has been strongly argued to be a pre-flood structure as the technology required to construct these near-perfectly cut,and assembled gigantic stones has never been achievable by humans alone.Yet they not only still exist in almost exactly the same place they were set,but scientists and scholars spend their whole life trying to decipher their means of construction.Last night on a t.v. program,one investigator hypothesied that the stones(50 tonners that fit so close a human hair could’nt fit between them)must have been bombarded with some electron or molecule realignment process after they were set that “settled” the stone matter even further thus creating near-perfect fit.This kind of construction and placement(tho built on top of a peak in the Andes mountains,yet the stones were quarried miles away on another mountain),is not even thought about yet by human engineers.These are thought to be works from ancient aliens who visited earth before the flood.Yes the demon hybrid race was quite alien,as their fathers were possibly millenia old and with a great grasp on technology.And Jehovah himself tells us who they were,what their motive was,and what happened to them;Destroyed at the flood for murderous,adulterous,wickedness,and bent on the demise of the human race.Even in Eden it was clear if you read the account,Satan had schemed to seduce the woman,take her as his,and start his “seed”and an entire race,with her(which he did).We can see this because Jehovah in pronouncing judgement upon him stated;” I shall put enmity between you and the woman,and between your seed and her seed.He will bruise you in the head,and you will bruise him in the heel”. Satan failed to acquire Eve (as it turned out according to J.s word she decided to side with her husband after all,not only now submitting to his headship,but craving his love and so the human race began conception when their seed started to be born. Now,though,Satan didn’t quit his original plan,but saw a further problem;one from the seed of men would be the avenger of human blood,by judging and killing Satan and the demons. So Satan sets out to conceive his seed,waiting for the offspring of men to bear many daughters,”all they chose”.(Gen.6)He figured on killing two birds with one stone,create his Master Race,and at the same time,contaminate ALL human DNA with alien genes thus DESTROYING ALL CHANCE OF CHRIST BEING BORN THE EXACT DUPLICATE AND BLOOD OF ADAM.He almost succeeds,but even Bro. Russell figured out,like I did with Jehovah’s help and years of thinking about it,that Noah and his family was possibly the LAST Pure HUMAN DNA.(Again I refer you to the ‘Photo-Drama’ book on the flood,where Russell emphasizes “Noah was a RIGHTEOUS MAN”,(Gen.6:9) This is why Christ is repeatedly referred to as the “son of man”.It is also good to note at this time that the Bride of Christ will be pivotal in trying and judging of the angels that sinned and have been murdering mankind;WE THE HUMAN RACE WILL TRY AND CONVICT SATAN AND THE DEMONS.(1 Cor.6:3)The Mosaic Law and Jehovah’s words to Noah declared that MAN could rightfully execute murderers(Gen.9:6),the Law giving that right to close relatives of the murdered person(Num.35:19-21).The execution of these demon murderers(the seed of SATAN) will be carried out and judged by the seed of Eve.Who will they be?The ‘son of man”;Jesus,and the “144,000”…..Now…in answer to your question,Humbleman,at the end of this system as Satan again has built a huge “Beast” political organization…AND a huge,murderous false religious organization;”BABYLON THE GREAT”-both of which as foretold are intent on the “marking”,corrupting,or slaughtering(the prophets and holy ones)[Book of Revalation],it is clear from 2 Thessalonians,Matt. 24:9,Rev.14:9,10;18:4,20-24,Rev.17:8and finallRev.19:14-21.These passages cannot be construed as anything but a judgement upon those who knowingly engage in directly persecuting and killing the Christians at the last day’and those disobedient to the good news,not ignorant or misinformed persons who haven’t had the ransom opportunity,but those who have and willingly diregard or trample on it,(Matt.13:49,50and Luke 20:1-19).”Armagedon is the time/place/situation/event of the destruction as clearly described throughout the scriptures,the “Day of Jehovah” The end of the old heavens and earth we now suffer thru. If we try to place Armagedon as a transition event where people turn over a new leaf,lay down their arms,aggressions, hate of Christians and God’s laws,and humbly submit,we are preaching the exact opposite to what God’s word states.That’s pretty bold.I would’nt want to do that for fear of receiving the plagues of Revelation myself.(Rev.22:18,19) As for the answer to your 2nd question,It appears the people killed and judged for death at Armagedon are those knowledgable,yet disobedient to Chist’s commands,and who are actively making a deliberate stand against Christ and the anointed Christians.(Matt.24:41-46)Also those who receive the”mark of the beast”,something we have yet to understand.It is evident as we get further into this “Great Tribulation”(which we may be entering now,as we have already seen the initial phases of the sign of M.24) that the dividing lines of these actively involved in the murder and mayhem…versus those “doing good to Christ’s brothers”… will get clearer and clearer;Luke 21:25,26 states there will occur “signs” occurring before the end.And act 2:19-21 seems to indicate a a turning to Jehovah,calling on his name at that time as a result of these signs.This would duplicate the period when the plagues were brought upon Egypt,for the the purpose of having” Jehovah’s name declared in all the earth”.This would certainly be in keeping with the way Jehovah always gives ample warning before any destruction/judgement.Many Egyptians were saved as a result and made it thru the sea.Amos 3:3-8 I hope you give thought to these scriptural points,they are not my fabications,but are shared by 100s 0f millions of Christians thru 2000 years….And lastly,humbleman,after the :Thousand years,Satan is let out upon perfected mankind to test them.Sadly it seems a large number will fall away,enough to pose a serious threat upon the earth.It is over when Christ as “Son of Man” and the Anointed(Rom.16:20)throw him and the demons into the Lake of Fire(Rev.20:7-10).(Peter please post this comment,which I edited for sp. and scrip.quotes)

    • Jacqueline

      Hi John, We are at conventions this weekend. I am in Illinois at the surburban and others might be at Jackson. I really like some of the reasoning you use in explaining Noah’s day. I printed the one that I think is the edited version. I am answering between testimony meeting. I will be here tomorrow also. John when that day comes a lot of us might be surprised. Thank God it is Jehovah’s day and he is directing Jesus according to his will and the master exactor. Talk to you later. Take Care my brother

  • humbleman

    John do you feel all people except true Christians will be killed at Armageddon ? as a witness that’s what we are taught. im just trying to understand. if the judgement day in 2 peter & 2 thessalonians is the war when when all nations go against Jerusalem. Zechariah 14 v 2 or the judgement of mankind which would be a world wide judgement. because to me the scriptures seem to indicate a world wide judgement not a isolated war in Jerusalem whats your thoughts ?

  • humbleman

    just a couple of questions and something to think about. does Gods new earth get corrupted again at the end of the thousand year reign ? and if so does he have to create a clean earth again? also the scripture in 2 thessalonians. the people who were persecuting the first century Christians have they suffered second death. and if not will they be resurrected before armageddon so they can suffer second death if armageddon is the judgement day that 2 thessalonians is talking about

  • John S.

    Thanks ya,ll for trying to straighten me out on this.Yes,Humbleman,I think Ps.37 is talking about Armageddon,and on into the nwe kingdom”1000 years”, the same with 2 Peter ch.3.The old order,’the world that is now’,will be destroyed as if by fire it says and will pass away with a hissing noise(fire hisses and sizzles).This makes way for the New Earth.2 Thess. 1:6-10 is also a MAJOR teaching on the subject that again shows persecutors of Christians is what brings Jesus back to earth in a” flaming fire as he brings vengeance upon those that do not know God and do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus.These very ones will undergo the JUDICIAL PUNISHMENT OF EVERLASTING DESTRUCTION from before the Lord and from the glory of nhis strength.” This is a payment to those who are persecuting and killing Christians at the very end( also repeatedly foretold for the time right before Armageddon).verse 6 of above citation.And Jaqueline I know what you mean about Armageddon and Hellfire,but as you know “the fear of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge”,and since Eden men have known the consequences of disobedience to God and that WICKEDNESS will be punished,not those who don’t understand the gospel.Yes I agree on God’s mercy,yet the second death is meted out upon those involved in the sins of Babylon the Great(Rev.17:6-8;18:4-8 and those worshiping the beast and taking it’s mark;Rev.17:14 and Rev.14:7-12.These are clearly thrown int the “Lake of Fire”;people,not just institutions.I would believe that everybody will cruise on thru into the Kingdom if that was Biblical,but too many scriptures say the “Day of Jehovah” is a bloody battle to make way for the New Earth where righteousness is to dwell,and to bring justice to those who are unrepentant in wickedness and those bloodguilty,and at the end follow the ‘Beast’ at the very end,taking it’s mark. These other teachings might sound”more loving”,but Jehovah is also a just God,and the Rightful Judge of the earth.I’m sure he will make the right calls.

  • humbleman

    Hi John when do you feel psalms 37 v 9-11 is fullfilled.

    For evildoers themselves will be cut off,
    But those hoping in Jehovah are the ones that will possess the earth.

    10And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more;
    And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be.

    11But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth,
    And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace

    i think finding out when we have a a new earth is the key to understanding when the Judgement day is. if the new earth is straight after armageddon does that really make sense when its a judgement period and millions of people fail the test at the end of the thousand years. surely the logical conclusion is the new earth is once everything has been brought in harmony and Satan is killed. because then it will truly be a new earth

  • John S.

    Bros.,I hate to ‘harp on a string’,here,but this event is foretold by Christ as the most important facing people alive at the end of the age,so I’ll try again.2 Peter 2:4-7 shows God destroys persons who practice wickedness,sexual,criminal,selfishness,etc.S.andG,mrah,the flood ,the pre-flood angels that sinned,”setting a pattern for ungodly persons of things to come. Then in 2 Pet.3,Peter again sums up,first saying that as before in recorded Bible history and prophecy,we are now at the end of the age,and the warnings again are going to go unheeded,ridiculers saying”where is this promised presence?” Again,this is mankind in general,being exposed to the witness of Jesus due to come in Kingdom power,not anointed ones.Vss 6&7 say the ridiculers in those previous times were destroyed and that “by the same word the heavens and earth that are now are stored up for fire and are being reserved to the day of judgement and to the destruction of the ungodly men.” So Peter warns us to be persons of Godly devotion and holy acts keeping close in mind the “Day of Jehovah”when the heavens and earth we are in now are destroyed by fire(a consistent symbol of eternal judgement).Vs12.Then he showed this act CLEARS THE WAY for the “New Heavens and New Earth that we are awaiting according to his promise,and in these righteousness is to dwell”.When we alter God’s message and water it down,saying “You don’t have to worry about your conduct,world, the ransom for all means that unless you are born again,you don’t have to account for your wicked deeds”,we place ourselves in the position of a prophet of Jehovah speaking things God did not say.That is spoken of at Ezek. 33:1-6.People’s lives are at stake here at this time according to so many prophecies ;old and new testament.Do we want to be responsible for their deaths because we held back from telling them about God’s reqiurements? That is our purpose as Christ’s disciples;”teaching them to OBSERVE all the things I have commanded.And look,I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things”.Matt.28:19,20If we want to have Christ with us ,we must be out in the world teaching these commands of Jesus.Either that ,or just go bury the word,or just keep it to ourselves,and our spiritual brothers.There is just too much scriptural proof that the end of this system is a judgement of people’s conduct.There is even a common awareness by the ungodly that God is watching and will judge them.You hear people say all the time,”I’m going to Hell any way,so I may as well live it up now”.People in this time are filling up the cup of wickedness.An intelligent person knows that stealing,murder,defrauding persons of their life savings,homosexuality and animalistic fornication practices are universally regarded as actions God hates.Why else do would they try to keep these things a secret,that is until their consciences get seared as Rom.2 says.All the news,novels and literature,written codes of countries,religions Christian and non,state these actions as obviously immoral.One only has to look at the severe sentences meeted out by the laws of every country for murder,rape,child porn,extortion,etc.And look how widespread the Bible,God’s word has become,thanks to His Spirit working on Christians for 2000 years.Many have sacrificed their life in lifetimes of hard work to get the word out about Jehovah’s laws and rewards for obedience.Let’s not say by our actions that it doesn’t matter what people believe or are doing.We have the same responsibility that Luther,Paul,Wycliffe,the Waldenses,and any Christian group has.Teach God’s word,popular or not,no matter what the people are doing,or how wicked they’ve become.(Book of Jonah)We need to strengthen each other to do this,not try to soft-pedal or shirk our responsibility.I know Bible students are helping people learn about the Kingdom,and they will continue playing a pivotal role in gathering people to give the solace they need in the word. The hard-hitting truths(likened to hail in prophecy)also need to be given voiceto to give the whole picture of what Christ and Jah are saying.

    • Jacqueline

      John, let me jump in on this subject for a minute if I may. It is difficult to accept God as merciful, because we have had him painted up as a vindictive God. Armageddon is the “HELLFIRE DOCTRINE” of JW. It keeps you in line and hard to forget. Maybe if you use the term or think of the fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals etc as not receiving the kingdom as an inheritance, or receiving bride status as an inheritance. Maybe you can sort of see he isn’t talking about everlasting life or death, but reward, an inheritance from God.

      It is true at armageddon, I believe that many will help the armies fight against the takeover of our systems, they like themthe way they are, and will die.( I know some neighbors now that will take up arms if anything threatens the United States and it;s systems) It is a battle for rulership (although not evenly matched). Many will understand because of what they may have heard during our immense preaching and teaching campaigns going on now. So, we get the word out! Also at the beginning of Millenium these persons will recognize and maybe associate what they heard from Christians about this government and Jesus. So, no we don’t water it down, the preaching work, we want all to know enough to bow to him inmillenium and at armageddon. But sadly, a lot are probably going to resist and have to benefit from the resurrection and Ransom sacrifice. Some might think resurrection is transmigration to another life if the Good News had not been heralded. They will have a reference or phophecy that came true going on here, and will believe in Jesus as a result of the preaching.
      John, now, I reread scriptures and can see that they cannot apply now. The Good News has been preached under all heaven as a witness and will come to an end but the full knowledge has not been available. Think, if some that are judged now or at armageddon and destroyed forever, could only see the other scrolls that will be opened. Why is it that they are not given a full chance to hear all that Jesus has to say. Maybe they will repent in Sackcloths and ashes as Sodom might.

      Think about it, if he is judging people for 2nd death on what is said about him now, then that is not just. Even you and I, BS, JW and nominal Christianity are still searching and can’t agree. How can you judge any one on what we have said? At best they can reference that we did say it and reason let me hear some more about this in Millenium. So the preaching has helped down through the Ages and will benefit the masses. If Christians kept quiet, how could they trust this Jesus and this kingdom? Why they might reason I never heard of such a thing until now. And we would be thousands of years behind, but Christians have kept it up front. Many have died to tell them about a coming kingdom, so they can trust when the phophecies come true. That is how phophecy works for humans. It allows them to trust.
      Old ideas die hard. But John read the scriptures carefully, put them either in the : The world that was, the world now, or the world that is to come. I found if I slotted the scriptures I could understand them better, with the help of the Spirit.

      2Peter 3: shows that the world of old was destroyed but doesn’t say it was 2nd death. They didn’t even know about Christ, if they had, they might have repented in sackcloths and got on the boat. But that was not the time for “WORLD CONVERSION” . He was getting rid of that unnatural race and banishing those rebellious demons to tartarus. The Bible didn’t say they died because of not listening and repenting, It said they were bad and so were their hearts. They weren’t ask to my knowledge to get on the boat.
      Jesus said of the world now, to his followers, I go to prepare a place for you. He said declare the kingdom. I will be with you and will come get you. He no where as I recall told them that what they were saying would prove to be enough to judge the world for 2nd death. That is God’s death and people are put in it for disobeying what he says the truth is and disobeying. None of the students that I have taught can be judged eternally based on how I presented the good news. Most of what I said would have scared them away. As it dide with many. They couldn’t believe I didn’t want to go to heaven. And couldn’t believe I thought armageddon was judgement day. A Baptist lady told me that wasn’t so and stopped studying with me. It is some of these experiences that started me to thinking.

      Just a little added thoughts John. Take care

  • humbleman

    Hi John i just wanted to try make some input on this thrilling subject. is it possible the sheep do good to Christs brothers by doing there best to live a righteous life under the rule of the new government. when Jesus gives them everlasting life they are surprised. that they have done Good to Christs brother. but they did good by obeying the law that comes from Zion. i don’t feel the scripture show they personally knew christ’s brother. the same with the Goats they didnt do Good to Christs brother because they disobeyed the law coming from Zion. just a thought take care brothers

  • John S.

    Hi Peter, as always you make a strong case for your reasoning about the angels in the scripture at Matt.25:31-46.Your faith is well rooted in Bible passages.Now, though ,help me with understanding the “doing good to Christ’s brothers”.If this is referring to his bride,then how could they(resurrected humans)be judged as to their treatment of these if they’re glorified in heaven,for Jesus stated that when he returns at the beginning of the Millenium,he takes the wheatlike brothers home to him ,initiating the commencement of the kingdom;the marriage of the Lamb?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      John – In a broad sense, all of creation will be brethren in the kingdom, because all mankind will be considered Sons of God. Adam was a son of God (Luke 3:38). The angels too are considered Sons of God (Gen 6:2, 4; Job 2:1; 38:7) So in that broad sense, all of the perfected human family will be considered brothers and sisters of all the perfect heavenly creation. Humbleman offers an interesting alternative thought.

  • John S.

    Dear Peter,You wrote a very good argument for the day of judgement being Only the Millenium; well researched and supported by many scriptures. I particularly was surprised by the references to “Christ’s word” that would be the criteria for judgement. As far as the “sheep and goats parable” though,I see a little wobble there.The anointed Christians in heaven are not angels,but a “New Creature”.Also the parable is in the grouping of parables that identify to the disciples that they are now in the presence of the Lord,and at the end of the age,not at the end of the Judgement Day Millenium,but can possibly be placed at the beginning of the Millenium,maybe right after Armageddon?(Joel chptrs 1-3) As far as angels go,some even place Jesus as an Angel(archangel),to which I would naysay as he has always had god-status (Heb.1:1-6). Those who are of the “congregation of the Firstborn are higher than angels and will in fact be judges of those needing discipline.(1 Cor. 6:3) It seems that many feel that all who live in heaven are angels, but angels are a seperate race than ,Christ ,the Bride of Christ,Jehovah,maybe even cherubs,or seraphs,archangels.Not just a rank or position,but possibly different races.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Thanks John. You make good points, particularly i Hebrew 1:1-6 about Jesus being higher than the angels. Matt 25:31 says, ” …when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels…” So to me the timing of the parable begins with the time Jesus 2nd Advent is revealed to the world, not at the end of the Millennium. We find an apparent contradiction in that Jude says he returns with his saints, rather than his angels. Jude 14 says that Enoch prophesied, “the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints.”

      Regarding the word “angel” itself, Strong’s #32 is defined as, “a messenger; especially an “angel”; by implication, a pastor.” On occasion, the Greek and Hebrew words for angel simply have the meaning of messenger and do not refer to angels. Here are examples where the Greek and Hebrew do not refer to angels:

      Matt 11:10 – “For this is he of whom it is written: “Behold, I send My messenger before Your face, Who will prepare Your way before You.’ “ NKJV [Here John is speaking of Jesus]
      Luke 7:24 – When the messengers of John had departed, He began to speak to the multitudes concerning John: NKJV
      James 2:25 – Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way? NKJV
      Gen 32:3 – “And Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother” KJV

      In Revelation 20:1, 2 we have a great angel coming down from heaven with a chain in his hand to bind Satan. This great angel is generally accepted to be Jesus who is the one responsible for binding Satan.

      So who is Michael the Archangel (Dan 12:1; Jude 9)? Of the word, “Michael,” Strongs 4317 says “who (is) like God, ” as does Brown Driver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon. Who else is like God, but Jesus himself?

      For “Arch” Strongs 757 “a primary verb; to be first (in political rank or power):–reign (rule) over.”

      So who else would be Jehovah’s chief messenger, but Jesus himself, the Logos “word” of God (John 1:1).

      Hence in 1 Thess 4:17, Jesus descends with the “voice of the archangel,” because he is the chief messenger of Jehovah – the Logos/word of God.

      So in Matt 25:31, I believe the word for angels is referring to the messengers/saints/144,000 that are with Jesus at his revealment to mankind at and after Armageddon.

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