Does Jehovah Really Care About All the Suffering? When Will He End It?

Jeremiah 14:17 assures us God even cries over the tragic loss befalling those who have rebelled against Him. Yes, God does care when we suffer. He is concerned when tragedy strikes. God knows our frame that we are but dust (Psalm 103:14 ). He realizes the enormity of human suffering could and would cause some to doubt His love and others to doubt He even exists.

The infinite Creator and God of the universe wants to convey to mere earthlings—frail humanity—His compassion and love for us. How can one so omnipotent communicate His capacity to suffer with finite man? He uses an imagery we can understand—”tears.” Far from being an indication of weakness, God’s imagery of shedding “tears” assures us of a profound fatherly care and concern. Just how deep is God’s fatherly love?

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