The Parable of the Marriage Feast – Many Called, Few Chosen

In the parable Jesus dramatized two crises his followers must experience. The first is God’s calling (1Pet 5:10). This crisis is resolved in the parable by entering the banquet hall. In the Christian walk it is resolved by consecration to holy living and obedience to the will of God. Typified by the general consecration of the Levites, the believer sets his mind to follow righteousness in all of life’s affairs. As with the Levites, this consecration does not entail sacrifice. God has the right to demand that all his creatures love righteousness and hate iniquity, but he does not demand that all sacrifice.

A life of righteousness sooner or later brings about a tension. A sincere response to God’s call results in conflict with earthly interests, earthly ambitions, earthly friendships (1 Pet 3:20,21). In the “present evil world” (Gal 1:4) the path of righteousness ultimately requires sacrifice. The resolution of this second crisis, the putting on of the garment, is a second consecration—a consecration as a priest for sacrifice. Typified by the special consecration of Aaron and his sons as sacrificers or priests, this consecration is made by only a few (Luke 22:14).

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