Why Did Jesus Say He Would Return? Has He Already Returned?

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John 14:3: (NASB) If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself, that where I am, there you may be also.

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, the prophecies about the return of Jesus are not in question. If you are a Bible-believing Christian, you know that the return of Jesus coincides with the End Times, again, not a question. The question is: Why does Jesus return? What is the mission, what is the focus, what is the purpose of his return? As we approach the well-publicized date of May 21, 2011, and its accompanied predictions of rapture, chaos and destruction, we thought we would spend the two Sundays leading up to it in an in depth conversation about the second coming of Christ, so this first lesson is the “why” of his coming and next lesson is the “how.”  Find the next lesson, program # 659

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20 comments to Why Did Jesus Say He Would Return? Has He Already Returned?

  • Ari matthewdavies

    Hello it’s me ari! I Ltd year 2016 now .my how time is just a blowing by! We are still here thanks to Jehovah gods mercy and the grace Jesus poured out upon us.
    We are rapidly approaching a time of both trouble as the love of God grows cold and the glorious return of our Lord Jesus.

    We may yet see him in our lifetime ! As we move forward I’d like to encourage each and every one of my brothers and sisters to shine for Jesus lead the way to him!
    I know people are really slacking off toward religion and God or adopting foreign ones but you and me are their last hope!

    If they don’t see Jesus through us they might never get another chance.
    I hope everyone is in good health and feeling Jehovah’s might! Which is truly a wonderful feeling!

    I still am hard at work helping to bring gods word to people online and please pray that I can turn as many as possible to look toward Jesus Christ.

    All of you are forever in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to the time we reach gods paradise and can have the mother of all home comings!

    Jehovah bless you and keep you

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ari my friend, it is nice to hear from you! You are doing your part to spread the Good News about Christ and God’s Divine Plan.
      You have been on the site from it’s beginning and it is so refreshing to hear your down to earth sincere expressions.
      Some of our very welcome, helpful, needed and loving brothers commenting have never met you. So they know now you are our brother. The obstacles you have overcome in your past makes you a person that knows the Grace and Goodness of our God.
      I am fighting pneumonia that is resistant and has over the years enlarged my heart. But I pray I kick this.
      Take care of yourself my friend. Agape

  • ari matthew davies

    I am now reading the gospel of john out loud I am now begining to understand this idea called the trinity, Im now more than ever convinced that jesus christ when he was in heaven was way more than an angel. I would have to say that jesus the man was exactly what hebrews calls him the perfect and exact physical representation of jehovah god and while jesus the man never sought worship as a man, he is most worthy of it in his spirtual form, this is quite evident by the bible saying let all the angels worship him,
    It will be most interesting to finaly meet jesus and fully understand how the three beings of the godhead can be in seperate bodys and still be fully god! their is no qustion whatsoever of jesus being almighty god yet submiting to the father, the bible says jesus learned obediance,and that shows us that while he was in heaven that he and jehovah were obviously operating as a single being,the revelation states pretty darn clearly that Jesus who sent his angel to testify is the alpha and omega..this scripture referes to jesus who was back in heaven with his father saying I jesus sent my angel in physical body as jesus the man to testify! truely profound until you read for he being god emptied himself[leaveing the father in heaven]and took the form of a man. it is also most interesting to note that jesus before he died said he had the authority to lay down his life and to take it back! remember that he had not yet died! this incredably enlightening bible verse tells us that he had authority over life evan before he told his apostles all power and authority has been given me!it kind of leaves no room for either trinatarians or the jehovah wittness totally seperate doctorine because both are wrong! JESUS IS NOT seperate from god nor has he ever been sepersted from him !jesus was extended by jehovshs power to a physical body as a man so that we who are humans could see what the father is like ! without dieing instantly from being exposed to a glory far beyond all human comprehension,I did try to explain this point on a jw site and that was a hopeless endevour jws simply can not grasp that jesus is fully god yet subjects himself to jehovah.and its so darn simple jehovah is telling man in simple human terms that althogh we are fully gods ourself that the onley way to perfection is to do exactly what jesus did let god fully control your flesh! and 99% of the human race is self deceived! we keep waiting for jesus to come back so he can fix us so we can stop sining ! but he has already fixed us ! all we have to do is keep submiting to jehovahs rightous way over and over until it sinks into our brains that their is no other choice that will keep our souls alive! the onley thing that will die is this old body !and when it does jesus christ will resurect us into a body that will not automatically self destruct !until that time we are stuck with bodys that want some kind of external stimulus to feel good ! but freinds onley god is good !and its onley through holy spirit that you can feel him ! for just as jesus manifested jehovahs physical atributes so the holy spirit manifests to us gods will, his feelings, and our dailey walk and contact with him,,I will close now because this is a lot to read,, but I will report what god is showing me as I continue the reading of his word out loud and the prayor for jehovahs wisdom to understand what im reading and why.

  • ari matthew davies

    thank you for the convention link! I will listen in.I need fresh spirtual food, its so dry in most places.we are entering some prophetic times and wining souls is a good thing..Ive got a graduation to attend sunday but labor day Im going to listen. thank you

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