Can One Who Dies an Unbeliever Still be Saved?

Salvation – it is at the very core of Christian faith. Salvation is something we all want and something that we as Christians all claim. That’s good…for us.  Now the harder part.  What about unbelievers? Where do they fit? Do all unbelievers have the same opportunity as we do? What about those who never heard of Jesus and died in that ignorance? Does the Bible give us concrete answers to these questions? Stay with us as we open and discuss an incredibly difficult

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Listen to a panel discussion by Bible Student elders on exploring the question of who will be saved.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.  Look for the May 8, 2011 program.


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  • ari matthew davies

    if a person who has not had a chance for repentance dies without knowing jesus he will have that chance in the resurection, but make no mistake god is not to be mocked! if a person practices sin and will not repent and neither wants to that person will get to find out first hand if hell is anililation or eternal punishment! god knows the heart and even if a person does all the right things and preaches up a storm if that person dosent love rightousness he could find himself in gods disfavor,but now on the other foot if such a person does good evan when he despises rightousness because he fears and respects gods wishs than god would help such a person to love rightousness! I for one can not stand the words am i saved? because no I am not And neither is any other person its a matter of do I want to be saved enough to lay aside my sinfull wants and make some kind of real effort to make my way to a place were jesus can see me and work with me, freinds I dont have much faith in deathbed repentaces because that person had his whole life to seek god,,but again jesus will judge if that person really wants to be in the millenium,endureing to the end is not just endureing till death its working the program until the milenium is over! their are going to be alot of people that get weeded out dureing that millenium,at first jesus will be leniant and paitant to those resurected he will walk the roudy fleshly christians toward life but some will simply not make progress,its my guess that jesus will cause a persons physicall recovery to be in proportion to his spirtual grown and those makeing no progress will show it by the health of their body I base that on scriptureal reading,anyway to make a long matter short its all about willing ness to be saved here and now if you say your saved and still sining bunches what are you saved from?jesus ransom saves us all from death but were are you going to spend that life? now get this and cling to it because I would bet my soul that this is true
    the millenium is judgement day! were all the dead great and small will arise to either enter a program of life with jesus as king or a program of restitution punishment and hard work with the final outcome either eternal perfect life or for those that refuse jesus tough love those shall depart into the lake of fire with satan and the demons

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