APRIL 10 – Ex-JW & Creator of Pastor-Russell.com Interviewed

Since first going online in 1996, Eric Patterson’s Pastor Russell websites have been seen by nearly 20 million people from literally every state, country and territory on earth.  In January 2006 Pastor-Russell.com temporarily entered the top 60,000 websites worldwide.

Eric Patterson has been contacted by two Hollywood celebrities, college professors, students, and thousands of interested public.   Pastor-Russell.com has been noted in numerous media and academic sources both in print and electronic.  One of the most recent is a new college textbook on American religious history published by a well respected professor of religion, Charles Lippy.

Eric Patterson has written the article on Charles Taze Russell for Wikipedia, and contributed heavily to the article on Judge Rutherford.

Over the past 15 years people’s view of Pastor Russell has shifted significantly from overwhelmingly negative to increasingly positive.  Through both his websites and articles written for Wikipedia it has now become clear to many that the doctrines, policies, practices and beliefs of Judge Rutherford have been unfairly applied to Pastor Russell and that the character of these two men were as different as night and day.


The Sunday, April 10 program starts 6:00 pm EDT.  The central time zone is 5:00 CDT.  On the west coast it begins 3:00 PDT.  Peter Karavas, co-creater of FriendsOfJehovahsWitnesses.com, will interview Eric Patterson.  David Stein will be back next month.  People can participate in this mega conference call discussions by calling (712) 432-8710. When asked for pin number use 9925 followed by # (the pound sign).  To participate a called needs to hit *1 to unmute (*1 is a toggle between mute and unmute).

The conference call is only by telephone call in.  It will be recorded and posted within a couple of weeks or so after the program.  The recordings are posted here:     http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/telenetwork/bible-students.php


Eric will discuss his personal life story in the interview.  He was not actually disfellowshipped but was considered “disassociated” and although he was only 18 at the time he was very respected, frequently used, and well liked in the congregation and considered to be someone who had the potential for a prominent future within the organization.  He was told by his parents that the announcement of his “disassociation” was such a shock that the entire congregation of nearly 200 individuals actually gasped!

Eric’s relationship with his parents has fluctuated over the years.  Right now it is friendly, although it has not always been that way as the Society insists that you must shun anyone who rejects or leaves the Society, even if it is your own child.


Here is just a sample of some of the many question Eric will respond to:

*  What was it like growing up as a JW?

*  What was your “judicial trial” like?

*  What attracted you to the Bible Students?  What are the greatest differences between the JWs and Bible Students?  a) Organizationally  b) Doctrinally  c) Personally

*  What resources does your website offer?  What impact has it had worldwide?

*  How will your brand new site CTRussell.com be an improvement?

*  What impact did Pastor Russell, the early Watchtower and early Bible Students have on the world?

*  What happened in the first days and weeks after Pastor Russell died

*  Who was Judge Rutherford, and what were his ambitions?

*  What changes were instituted during Rutherford’s 25 year administration?

*  Why did these changes upset so many Bible Students?

*  Why do you think Rutherford instituted these changes?

*  How were Pastor Russell and Judge Rutherford different?

*  Was Pastor Russell guilty of infidelity?

*  Is there any difference between the allegations against Rutherford’s infidelity and Pastor Russell’s?

*  Was Pastor Russell a Freemason?

*  Where the symbols he used on the Watch Tower and the Studies in the Scriptures of Masonic origin? This includes the cross and crown, the winged sun-disk, the pyramid, and the knight’s helmet.

7 comments to APRIL 10 – Ex-JW & Creator of Pastor-Russell.com Interviewed

  • Jacob

    I don’t think Jeanette is a JW. Obviously the message is intended to make JWs look bad.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Jacob, I kept reading your comment and wondered who you were talking about. Then I went to the comments before yours and I see what you mean. I think this person is trying to make Witnesses look bad. Noone associated with the Bible or God would speak that harshly. Glad you brought that to our atention, I totally missed her comment.
      I don’t think she is a witness either. Thabks for commenting.

    • Ken

      It certainly seems that way to me!

  • jeanette

    you are an ex Jehovah’s Witness huh? well then you know what it says about Babylon the great which you are obviously part of, you are responsible for misleading hundreds if not thousands and you well know the consequences of that,dont you? your right you are not Rutherford and should never ever be mixed up as him. you don’t have what it takes to be a true christian,or a leader like him. I’ll be glad when Jehovah finally rids this world of ex Jehovahs Witnesses. Repent and come back or die with the rest of the world.

    • ZENODotus

      Hello Jeanette,

      Have you read your message? “I’ll be glad when Jehovah finally rids this world of ex Jehovahs witnesses. Repent and come back or die with the rest of the world.” Do you say the same thing at the doors when you preach to others? Do you find this “good news” to be told to the world? Should Jesus ever have said such a things to people who sincerely look for him?
      Shouldn’t be better to live in love, like God is love? It is better for ourselves because we won’t get annoyed for something someone else says…
      I know that you probably are sincere, and want to do what God want you to do, and I believe that is great, because that is what we try to do also… But also remember that God is first of all a God of love!

    • Jacqueline

      Jeanette, thank you for your comments and learning from the website. For some reason you appear to be full of anger, could you share with us why? Many have taken over the task of Judge from Jesus and Jehovah, we here would leave that in his hand. What has made you search the internet? In the beginning in our quest to get away from the JW organization we are angry at first. But you are among friends and can talk. Waiting for your reply. In peace Jacqueline

    • Ken

      Fine Jeanette, I’ll be sure to eat a really large can of baked beans just before I die at armageddon,hoping maybe you’ll happen to step on me after I’ve been laying there a few days!!

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