Can I Participate in a Memorial Service from Home?

For those who are not able to physically attend a Memorial Services with a local congregation, you can have your own Memorial Service at home.  Attached below is a recording from a Memorial Service given to the Chicago Bible Students in April of 2004.  If you plan to partake, have jewish matzo bread (or substitute with crackers or bread) available and grape juice.  The Bible Students hope this day of commemoration of our Lord’s Memorial is a special blessing to you.

Memorial Service_Ruggirello-Tom_2004-04-04_D_24k


Heavenly Father, on this sacred occasion in commemoration of our Lord’s Memorial, we humbly and respectfully bow before you in solemn worship, in remembrance of Lord’s life and sacrifice.

We pray together for your divine blessing upon this assembly, and especially upon those who shall participate, remembering also fellow-members of the same body, known to us and unknown, in the entire world, and especially such as are celebrating this Memorial on its anniversary.

We pray that your Holy Spirit be upon brother who directs our thoughts and meditation tonight.

We thank you dear father for the justification to life that we have received from Jesus’ Ransom sacrifice and also for the opportunity to follow our Masters example, by sharing with him as his body members, in presenting our bodies a living and holy sacrifice. (Rm 12:1)

Help us dear Father to more deeply appreciate Jesus, his life, his work, his love, his suffering and his death.  Help us to see in these experiences, not only the pain Jesus endured, but also the outcome, in the opportunity for us to be joint members of his body and in your great plan of salvation to rescue mankind from sin and death.

Father, help us to be faithful in our consecration, especially in our most difficult trials and experiences, keeping in perspective that our “momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison.” 2 Cor 4:17

Dear Father, remove from our hearts any leaven of bitterness, jealousy, anger or resentment.  Replace it with the spirit of love, encouragement, kindness and meekness, remembering to forgive others, especially our brethren, just as you have forgiven us our weaknesses and trespasses.

Help us Father to fulfill our vows of consecration, to be faithful unto death.  We cannot do this without you.  We need your help to be faithful, so that we can have the future opportunity to participate with Jesus, our Master, in blessing all the families of the earth in your earthly kingdom.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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  • Jubal

    I will be observing the Memorial with a small group of brothers and sisters in Northwest Indiana. I will be reflecting on the ransom that Jesus provided for us. Also I’m looking forward to the talks that will be given there tonight.

  • Candice

    I will be teleconferencing tonight. I am still choosing which one to attend or maybe both, but only partake with one of them.I too got invited to the Jw’s memorial, but because I left them almost 3 yrs ago& they also meet at 9pm(too late for me to travel) I will be at home. Also I am partakng in the emblems & I donot thin kit would go over well with the witnesses & I take this night seriously, not to make a scene. I do pray that everyone attending the memorial with the biblestudents whether you are in pesron or at home to examine yourselves & also to appriciate what the lord has done for us .Be blessed.

  • Peter K. (admin)

    How will you plan to remember the Memorial tonight? Will it be from home or at a Congregation service or on a telephone conference or by listening to this recording or other?

    • Jacqueline

      I will physically meet with the Northwest Indiana group tonight at 6:30pm. We will have two discourses delivered by two of our elders. I am just 10-15 min away.

      • Jacqueline

        Br. Kent will report later. It is 7pm in Sweden and 2 brothers have come together already to begin their discourse from the site and to partake. They called using skype and one brother Roland told his experience.

  • Anonymous

    i think we are also still use some of the old BS hymns in our current songbook 🙂

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Anonymous, how are you? I haven’t checked the new book, but I think they are all basically rewritten to include the governing body and organization. They may have incorporated some of the words from past song books but the new one does make reference to the organization now. But there are good words of praise in the new book also I am sure. Take Care and use whatever is at your disposal. Also you can order a BS songbody from

  • Anonymous

    Could a Jw songbook to be used in a BS memorial service???

    • Ken

      Well I gave an older one away to the ecclesia I attend from time to time, the elder plays guitar and we sing whatever praises the Lord!

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Generally any Congregation member, can bring up any issue as an Agenda item to be discussed at the Congregation Business meeting. The Congregation will discuss the matter and vote on it. Majority wins. The Congregation members submit to the decision as if the will of the Lord, presuming that the Holy Spirit Anointed brothers and sisters were voting their conscience for what they beleived was the Lord’s will. As a matter of practice, most Bible Students sing the same hymns as were sung in the days of the early Watchtower. The word’s to these songs are very spiritually deep. We also have a more modern song book for the youth.

  • Anonymous

    Could a JW songbook be used in a bible students memorial service?

    • Jacqueline

      My Brother or Sister, I would think you could use the JW songbook. Why not just make sure you are in agreement with the words as we do with any praise that goes to Jehovah and Jesus. Sing and enjoy! Take Care. In Jesus Dear Name Jacqueline
      PS. Others might give opinion, this is just my thought.

    • Ken

      Anonymous, I agree with Jacqueline; most of the Jw songs are ok. When I go to the KH, I sing all the songs except for the ones that are about things I don’t agree with.

  • Ken

    Here’s some interesting info. I found regarding the memorial emblems Enjoy and tell me what you think.

    • Jacqueline

      Ken thanks for the link. You know I can spout from memory what the GB and org. teachings are on almost any subject. I choose not to just to aid in my deprogramming but truth is truth and they do have exellent info in the aid book and the 2 Vol set. Crazy I know but that is what I have to do to snap my brain into thinking for itself. I am almost at the end of that journey been out 2yrs 1 month now. Will you be on the bible study tonight? Probably have your own I know.
      Yes grapes have normal sulfur in them as well as other foods. Grapes will turn to wine very quickly if you don’t add sulfites. In fact it is one of only fruit product that the government allow to be sprinkled or soaked with sulfites. It used to be all fruit had it sprinkled in the stores but because of millions of people like us in Chinese restaurant and etc. They had to outlaw it because it will cause my death. I read all packaging with frouit in them to see if it is there and avoid it like the plague. I don’t eat grapes at all because of their natural high sulfur content.
      I took the emblems for the first time last year and will not ignore what Jesus did for us this year. I always felt it was not quite right to ignore this and his birth. I felt the Jews did and the magi had to provide funds for their escape to egypt. Angels rejoiced and sang at his birthday. So now I can rejoice in his providing a ransom for all on this Memorial. I will try not to be away from home this time so I don’t have all the drama from JW family.

      • Ken

        Hi Jacqueline,this year will be my first time partaking of the emblems and I’ll probably do it at home by listening to a taped version, because if I try to do it online with the BS friends, I know my wife will just happen to be there at that exact moment. I’m not ready to do it at the Jw meetings yet( I don’t need all the sneers right now. I was just thinking about Jesus’ birthday recently and like you, I noticed the angels did make a hoopla about it! I don’t have a problem with having dinner or something similar on Cristmas day,however, I’ll dimiss with the tree,mistle toe and other pagan things connected with it.

        • Jacqueline

          I was at my relatives for an emergency so I went in by adobe connect with my class. They opened the door and saw the cross and crown and knew it was not the KH in the same city. I was asked if you are doing memorial with your (blank)city I said yes. If fact my class is in the same little city as the KH. When they came back from the KH after I guess talking to the elders, the whoile family and some not living there ganged up on me and for the next 3-4 weeks I battled by email and phone. It was fierce indeed as one relative said I would die at armageddon and go to Gehenna. I ended up calling Patterson New York as a professional (which I am in the field of mental health) and after conferring with another mental health government facility. They sent me articles directly showing that my familyu were acting of their own accord not because of the org. I printed it under my shunning article. So it can get volatile as witnesses see their empire crumbling if a member of the family leaves. I finally informed my close family members that if they didn’t want to have anything to do with me, although I am the concrete cement in the family, that they were free to do so to practice their religion. They seem to accept it when I said no fight worship your god of seven heads. Now they have all calmed down when they realize now that perhaps millions have left the org since 2009. They still count DF and those that just walk so the figure seems as if it is climbing or remaining steady.
          I don’t celebrate xmas as I have not done so for over 60 yrs, it would have no meaning for me. But I acknowledge his birth now and speak about it to others. He is dead and dead people don’t have birthdays so I wouldn’t feel comfortable celebrating it. I have no problem with anyone else doing so however, especially if this is their custom all their lives. It is not a salvation issue for me at all.

      • Dupin

        I’m an asthmatic as well,

        So sulfites are something I’m wise to avoid. I’m hoping God will make the way for me to meet with an ecclesia some distance to my South for the occasion. Should he not I’m game for an Adobe connect broadcast if one is available.

  • Ken

    Hello all, the Jw’s say the memorial emblems must consist of a special kosher wine and unleavened bread but the BS say you can substitute grape juice for the wine and regular crackers for the unleavened bread.Would someone tell me the reasoning behind that?

    • Jacqueline

      I need to look up scriptures, but sometimes during battle or whatever the passover could be celebrated at another time. And wine might not be available in that season because they are still grapes. I am not near my materials. But I was caught at a relatives house last memorial and the witnesses had come for dinner. I siphoned off some of the bubbly grapejuice and one of the friends told me how to make my bread on the stove without leaven. I think Jehovah knew I did the best I could. By the time all the witnesses left our adobe connect memorial had started so I listen then connected with the New York group an hour later to actually take the bread and wine. I went thru a lot that night especially afterwards as I was verbally attacked by a relative. I think Jehovah and Jesus accepted my having bubbly grapejuice. BTW. I am severely allergic to grapes because of the sulfites and I had an asthma attack for 2 weeks afterwards, but it was worth it. Some friends have been in concentration camps but had pretend emblems and took the actual emblems when they got out, not on the actual date. Hope some reasoning helps.

      • Ken

        Yes that helps thanks! I know how you feel as an asthmatic….I’m one also and sulfites give me the same reaction + sneezing and itching:( I think the wine the Jw’s use has no sulfites in it.Do grapes naturally contain sulfites? Also are regular soda crackers basically unfermented but just have salt added to them?

    • Ken

      You can all disregard my question about the wine and crackers.

  • Jenn

    This was beautiful ~ and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you posted this prayer ~ My daughter and I read this together and I feel really at peace now ~ Thank you 🙂

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Jenn – I am so happy that the Memorial prayer was a blessing for you. Jesus and our Heavenly Father both love you and your daughter. May they continue to bless and guide you both every day as you endeavor to remain faithful to them.

  • mark torre

    thank you for uploading the session of memorial, even i am in riyadh ksa i participate the emblem. thank you so much brothers and sisters. -truly yours mark of philippines, working in k.s.a.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Mark – I truly wish that the Memorial Service recording we provided was a great blessing for you and your friends. May Jehovah richly bless you as you strive to serve and worship him.

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