Read the Illustrated Divine Plan of the Ages online

You can read the amazing illustrated Divine Plan of the Ages book online by clicking here.  This book is Volume 1 of the famous series of Studies in the Scriptures series.

clickable_chart_of_the_ages with explaination

In 1886 this first volume of the series was written. It was originally titled The Plan of the Ages under its former series name of Millennial Dawn. The name of the series was changed to Studies in the Scriptures in 1904 in order to clarify their nature as biblical textbooks.  The series was written as a Bible study aid. The intention was that by studying the Bible topically, rather than verse by verse, details of God’s plan might become clearer.

“The Overland Monthly, a noted periodical of that time, reported in 1909 that Studies in the Scriptures, by Charles Taze Russell, was one of the world’s three most circulated works surpassed only by the BIBLE and the CHINESE ALMANAC. The periodical concluded, “In American literature, Mr. Russell stands first.”  A publication, the Continent–whose editor often opposed Pastor Russell–once published the following significant admission:  His writings are said to have a greater newspaper circulation every week than those of any other living man; a greater, doubtless, than the combined circulation of the writings of all the priests and preachers in North America.

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