We are grateful that Mrs. Researcher has put together Internet links of some of the best articles for understanding this very serious life and death issue.  Perhaps you have some you would like to recommend as well.  Here is what she has to share with us:

• On all blood transfusion topics:
Associated Jehovah’s Witnesses for Reform on Blood:
I especially recommend Jehovah’s Witnesses the section on the biblical perspective:

• On the doctrinal basis and the ambiguities of current policy:
Article: “Jehovah’s Witnesses, Blood Transfusions, and the Tort of Misrepresentation” Journal of Church and State, September 22, 2005. Author: Louderback-Wood, Kerry
Written by an attorney who was personally affected by the no-blood policy.  It seems longer than what it actually is because of the number of references listed, which give it substance and credibility. The essay exposes the vulnerability of the Watchtower Society to tort claims because of the religion’s misrepresentations of secular writers in the 1990 pamphlet: “How blood can save your life”, published by the Watchtower Society, used to teach Jehovah’s Witnesses the no-blood policy for the last two decades.

Now the full article is available online for free:

• On medical advances for bloodless procedures:
No blood!:
This was a major site and excellent source for information on bloodless medicine. We would like to see the Watchtower Society provide financial backing for this site since the service they provide can help save lives of JWs who cannot conscientiously accept blood or blood products.

• Also on doctrine and policy:

• Excerpt from “In Search of Christian Freedom”

• Library of blood links:

Some of you might have seen it before, but them it may new to others, and if a life can be saved, lets spread the word!


  • just stay sweet and good

    Every active JW has this in their file at the Kingdom Hall

    In a crises, If they can’t speak the HLC will enforce their request and not allow red blood cells to save their life. If somebody refuses to sign this directive, according to the Watchtower current
    Teaching, they will be dismissed and labeled apostate to JW policies.

    Anyone who is actively distributing the book “What does the Bible Teach?” (see page 130) Is an extremist view.
    In the USA we do have freedom of speech and freedom of press, as Christians in this country, but not without consequences.

    While practicing Idolatry and Porniea are practices that will disbar the Anointed Christians, Sons of God, The Spiritual Israel of God , those of the heavenly hope in the Kingdom of Heaven, the eating of blood and strangled meat was not included as a disqualifying act. 1 Cor. 6:9,10 Jesus has not made an agreement for the Kingdom of the Heaven with mankind in general at this time. Luke 22:29 It was a bilateral agreement with conditions.

    Mankind in general is under obligation to the rainbow covenant Gen 9:6 which was unilateral promise to punish murder. People called “Friends of God” because of their faith, are under the Abrahamic covenant which was also unilateral promise to bless all of Adams descendants. Only the Jews still hold to the Law of Moses and its conditions.

    Even in this day it would be offensive to purposely offend a Jew and not go kosher as regards the draining of blood from an animal. It is also very offensive to a Moslem. The Jews were taught blood was to be poured out or used for atoning for sin. However, even a Moslem or a Jew could eat blood in dire circumstance and be unclean till evening. Lev. 17:15 The same cure as sexual activity. Lev. 15:16,17 Both groups can sell it to a Gentile because Gentiles were only constrained by the Rainbow covenant which did not mention strangled or trapped meat. Deut. 14:21

    Paul said: ‘But keep watching that this authority of yours does not somehow becomes a stumbling block to those who are weak” 1 Cor. 8:9
    He went on to say to eat meat sacrificed to an idols, but don’t do it if it will stumble someone. And don’t ask questions!
    All people of the book appreciate the Master of the Universe, the Creator of us all as being a merciful God. Matt. 12:7 Our good rabbi Jesus of Nazareth taught us not to “……….strain out the gnat and gulp down the camel”. Matt 23:23,24

    We are all under obligation to save a life if we can. Not to try would be a sin of omission and a stumbling block to all kinds of people . Anybody would be happy to throw a life raft to a drowning person. It’s the basic story of the Good Samaritan.

  • Anonymous

    I do not use blood and will not ever have blood transfusions. I’m a faithful member of congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses. To anyone that does not properly understand the blood issue they need to speak with one of our faithful brothers who is more knowledgeable than I am

    • Peter K. (admin)


      Do not shortchange yourself. Go study your material on the topic. Come back here and explain to us the evidence you find in the Bible against blood transfussions. We look forward to hearing from you, unless you do not feel you can find evidence in the Bible to support your view.

    • Anonymous CJ

      When the Bible says abstain from blood it’s talking about not eating blood from the sacrifices of idols. Not blood transfusions.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    These are the latest leaked link on secret elders letters on blood transfusion and other surgeries etc.

  • Jacqueline
    Thankfully the courts can beat the legal dept of the governingbody and protect the minor children.
    I wonder how many witnesses died or were df”d for not properly bleeding meat? Yet they ask this child to die for them. Child sacrifice Jer 25.

  • Mrs.Researcher

    Dear Alex
    Thanks for posting the links, I hope that some Jehovah Witness brothers and sisters will be able to use them to “carry their own load” on their conscience in this matter, rather than the Watchtower Society’s load . after all, their decision will affect THEIR and their LOVED ONES’ lives, not the Society’s Directory and Governing Body members’ lives. Brothers, just for a second consider what would be your load before Jehovah if you had rejected the gift of life unnecessarily, or even worse, if someone else died unnecessarily because of your decision.

    I have a couple of ammendments to suggest to the post:
    -The link for the article “In Search of Christian Freedom” is part of the section about doctrine and policy, as is the one from jwfacts, so if you can, put it under the same subtitle s the jwfacts link, so it is understood what I recommend it for.
    -In my last sentence I wrote “Some of you might have seen it before, but them it may new to others, and if a life can be saved, lets spread the word!” Obviously I did not proof read it and it should say: Some of you might have seen this information before, yet it may be new to others, so if a life can be saved, lets spread the word!”

    (You may not publish the section of this post on ammendments, just leave my comment, and if you can spare a minute, fix the above post.)

    Thank you very much for allowing me to make a contribution to push this cause a step further.

    Bless you

    Mrs Researcher

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