The Herald Magazine investigates Creation Verses Evolution. It begins with an examination of the creative days of Genesis chapter one. In elegant language, God has provided an account of the central work of each of seven epochs preparing Earth as the everlasting home for his human family. The details of these days are examined in Highlights of Creation.

Though God rested from his creative activity on the seventh epoch-day, he had in mind another creation, a New Creation, as an act of mercy and kindness not only toward the elect, but to benefit even the non-elect during the Millennial Kingdom. Indeed, without the New Creation, the Old Creation would never secure its release from the thralldom of sin. Old Creation, New Creation traces some interesting scriptural parallels between the two works.

The scriptural record is clear. God in the beginning created a single human pair, Adam and Eve, who became the parents of all living humans. Therefore Eve is the one woman who is the mother of all women living today. Likewise all living men can trace their parentage back to one man, Adam. But we can advance forward in time to locate another man with the same distinction, father Noah. In the fascinating article Creation, Evolution, and DNA we consider some recent biological evidence supporting the contention that all living women descended from one woman, and all living men descended from one man, that is consistent with identifying these forebears as Eve and Noah respectively.

Since Darwin published The Origin of Species, the Creation-Evolution debate has continued strong. Clearly it has pleased God to use natural processes to produce variety and diversity among living forms. But recent scientific evidence increasingly accords with the Bible that different “kinds” of life were established distinct from others, at different periods. The article The Creation-Evolution Controversy considers this evidence, and explains some of the intense problems exponents of evolution theory face today.

The next article, Does Scientific Evidence Point to a Creator?, reports some surprising evidence from modern physics, astrophysics and cosmology, which explains how precisely the physical laws of the universe have been adjusted and balanced in order to allow the physical existence of life as we know it. (Not just any “big bang” would work!) This intriguing information is pushing the scientific world to face the logical requirement for an overriding intelligence in the formation of the universe.

Among the testimonies of Genesis disputed almost as much as special creation is the narrative of the flood “whereby the world that was, being overflowed with water, perished” (2 Peter 3:6). But unknown to many, remarks about a catastrophic deluge only a few thousand years ago have been permeating scientific literature in recent years. The latest findings draw from a variety of scientific disciplines, and the various strands are pieced together for us in the article The First World, The Flood, and Current Scientific Consensus. This is state-of-the-art material. Much of it has appeared in science journals in only the last two years.

Finally we close with an article titled Jehovah, the Omniscient, a verse by verse study of Job 38. How wonderfully God speaks to Job about the majesty of creation. How has all this greatness come to be? “Declare if thou knowest” implores the Heavenly Father. And if not, then let us trust the great wisdom so mightily displayed throughout creation. Let us trust our great Creator, and never fail in our faith to trace his goodness, and trust his providence, even when outward circumstances turn difficult for us. What a God! What a Caretaker! What a Creator!

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