Do we all worship the same God?

Our Multi-Religious Culture

A Cultural Revolution is creeping across our country. We are in a fundamentally different religious environment from what our grandparents or even our parents encountered. No longer can we think and speak in terms of a Christian society. The United States is fast becoming a multi-religious culture. The world we live in has changed.

One reason is immigration. In 1998 there were about 22.5 million foreign-born people in America. While America has always been a nation of immigrants, today more than ever, they come from culturally non-Christian nations, and they bring with them the religions of the world. Our nation is becoming less and less a religiously homogeneous country. Islam will replace Judaism as America’s second-largest religion in about 10 years; already 3 to 5 million Buddhists live in America; and Hindu temples dot the landscapes not only of Chicago and New York, but also of Aurora, Illinois, and Springfield, Virginia. While mosques of Islam share the religious scene in many cities. Their minarets in Dearborn, Michigan, sound throughout the city calling Muslims to prayer five times a day.

These non-Christians live in your neighborhood. They actively support your school’s PTA. You see them at children’s sports leagues, piano recitals, the workplace, market and parks. They are often very friendly folk—morally upright, hard working and community-minded. Their children often excel academically and are among the most respectful and successful students in our schools. As professionals—doctors, researchers, educators and merchants—they do much to elevate our standard of living. We enjoy their company and their contributions to the society we live in.

Through this interaction we discover that people of other religious faiths are very much like us. In fact, Bible-believing Christians often find they have greater unanimity on moral issues with these non-Christian associates than with those of a liberal Christian orientation. The question naturally arises—do we all worship the same God? Are these various religions just different roads to the same God or are their adherents, and the vast non-Christian majority of earth’s people, in jeopardy of being eternally lost? Just what do some of our new associates and neighbors believe?

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  • doug

    Jacqueline I have read the web sites you gave me, all I can say is thank you ,thank you, and thank you again. It has been 9 months since i contacted you, been very busy reading all about C Russel and everything that he wrote
    God Bless you,


    • Jacqueline

      Doug hello, so nice to hear from you again. Well what are your thoughts? Has it calmed your heart and answered a lot of questions that sometimes we just couldn’t quite get it the way the organization was saying it. You could see the element of truth in so much but it seemed convoluted. Now that I am a Bible Student and see the changes and why, the truth is fitting together and making sense.For instance Br. Russell broke the human existence down into ages, then you put the scripture in the proper age and you can understand it. The society puts the scriptures in an age where it can apply to them and that gets it all confused. So nice to be used by Jesus to help and I thank him for the pleasure. Take Care my brother

  • Hank

    To Doug and all;

    Not to throw a klink in your armour, but at a recent Bible Student convention from the stage it was said,”thetruth is in the Bible–understanding is in the volumes!

    So then, will it be the Pope, the GB, or the Volumes?

    You have to admit, all three share spititual food. And all three have authority. But remember these two important things.

    1.”Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God: and the powers that be are ordained of God.” Romans 13:1 AVS 1901

    2.Of those three authorities you must choose which one erving the proper food. For God’s Son said there would be one doing so. “to give them their food in do season.” Mt 24:45 AVS 1901


  • doug

    The whole world is in pain, groaning and praying to God almighty, the sick the hungry and those suffering and yet who must they believe, every one say’s they are the true believers can we blame them ? Many are christian in name only but not in there deeds, how do we reach them if they refuse to listen.
    I started when a JW started talking to me,(1978) I thought i could prove him wrong i wrote every thing down on paper and was up all night investigating the Bible it was not easy,my wife was shocked to see me reading the Bible all the time. I in turn was shocked to see things i new nothing about he opened my eye’s (planted a seed)and Jehovah God made it grow .I was never baptized I thought I was not good enough to be baptized for I had many faults. Yet I believed In Jehovah God and will continue to believe his word.
    I have been reading the watch tower and awake all these years but stopped about 6 months ago when i logged onto your website . I love to listen to the kingdom songs it touches my heart, what must i do?
    The witnesses in my town have no idea whats going on with the G B in new york, they are good decent people

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Doug – Many JWs are very good and sincere Christian friends. I enjoy their visits at the door. It sounds like your congregation is a good group. The challenge I have with speaking with any JW is the same difficulty I have talking to most other Christians or religious people. Each has their authority and they generally will not consider even discussing it. For example:

      * The Catholics have the Pope
      * The Mormon’s have their President, the appointed prophet of God.
      * Various Protestant Church heads, administration, priests or pastors.
      * The JW Governing Body

      The problem is that no matter what we think of scriptures, the assumption is that the stated authority is correct. Hence it is very difficult to have an honest discussion and let the scriptures speak for themselves. There may be Bible Students in your area. To find out more, email be at

    • Jacqueline

      Doug, that was what puzzled me, the fact that all religions said they were the authority. Yet how could JW get thru to them all? Something was not adjusted right, this was so unfair to kill them when it is literally a babble of religion out there. Some even born into religious systems where it is impossible to hear anything else (ie Islam). They will go from the cradle to the grave in ignorance. The watchtower society said if they die before Armageddon they have paid for their sins, (misinterpreting the scripture that says the wages of sin is death). They come back because of Jesus paying the price, no man can redeem himself.
      But, it taught that those dying in the end times might not if they have heard or had the opportunity to hear the truth. Also those dying at Armageddon or in the great tribulation would not come back.
      I felt this is not just! For the JW were distorting the Bible so how could you destroy them on the basis of a religion that the average thinking person can see is wrong?
      But now it makes sense that at Armageddon all are still dying the death of Adam and thus can be redeemed and come back during millennium to learn and then be tested.
      This to me satisfies Justice! Now Jehovah and especially Jesus is real to me. I see them as Gods not to be feared in horror but respect for their love toward us.
      We tend to judge God by his unfinished work but Christ is the finisher and man as you say who groan and moan will not longer.
      Have you read the armageddon series of articles on here? They give you comfort and hope for all mankind. Remember the pictures in the watchtower that shows little children riding their bikes into holes as the earth engulfs them. What a terrible scare tactic to inflict on parents. Most witnesses as Br. Peter stated will not listen because of the authority vested in their governing body, but that’s okay. Jesus has it under control, they will learn in the future. So I am so glad you found this site and I am glad I was allowed the privilege by Jehovah to find the Bible Students that allow you to think and not indoctrinate.
      All of the books that you want can be read electronically. But brother Peter will be in that decision process. I enjoy your thoughts and you take care our brother.

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