Richard Rawe of Six Screens of WT interviews Bible Student Jim Parkinson

On August 21, 2010, Ex-JW Richard Rawe interviewed Bible Student Elder, Historian and Scholar, Jim Parkinson, on the Six Screens of the Watchtower.  Richard Rawe asks Jim Parkinson questions about his family history with the Watchtower and his wife’s experiences as a JW.  Richard also asks questions about Bible Manuscripts and the accurate translation of scriptures in the Bible.  Jim explains J.F. Rutherford’s efforts to control the organization, manipulate voting, Russell’s will, the topic of salvation and much more.


7 comments to Richard Rawe of Six Screens of WT interviews Bible Student Jim Parkinson

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

    Just wondering if there are any transcripts of this interview. It is difficult to hear the brother interviewing Br. Parkinson.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Cazenovi there is no transcript. Let me explain who this dear brother is. Richard had several strokes and we learned to listen to him and we got to understand his voice patterns. He had a religious segment on the sixscreens of the watchtower network. There was never a gentler man and non hurtful or judgemental. His knowledge was profound and identified closely with being of the Bible student movement. So listen over and over again and you will pick up on his speech pattern.
      He was a man of his word and never late for his show. So you can see why we were so concerned one night when he never called us to say take over for me and didn’t answer his phone.
      He had another stroke in the supermarket in his home town. His wife was not into technology so I called the senior center down the street from his address and Barbara and others got in touch with people in this very, very small city. We were told he died. So that is just a backdrop on who this incredible man was and is as his works goes above in Christ.

  • Free

    Thank you for posting your story. The letter of disassociation was very good, well thought out and informative.

    While I was never an elder, being a woman, I have seen the changes in teaching over the years that my witness friends seem to gloss over with “we have new, clearer light now”. Jehovah God never changes so why should the truth change?

    I never asked my questions of the elders because I knew I would be branded an apostate. I simply quit attending meetings and ignoring phone calls and e-mails. I haven’t submitted a letter like you did. They wouldn’t accept anything I tried to tell them as to my reasons for leaving, the “ransom for all” was the biggie for me but there were others as well. I really don’t see a reason to “waste” my time. And as long as I am not disfellowshipped, I still have access to some of the “not as active” witnesses that I know.

    Thank you again for your letter that you posted.

  • ptt7000

    Vinnie, thanks for visiting the site again. I will send you a reminder or the site manager will, for the conference.
    Could you please visit your post on the ex-jw site. They want to know how you are doing also. I went there looking for you because some other ex-jw read you post on this site and were encouraged.
    The moderator of the ex-jw site called it a “blast from the past”. She told me the post was 4 yrs old.
    We just wanted to let you know you have support from us.
    Perhaps one day, your family can fellowship with us at a convention.
    Vinny, we think you live on the beautiful island of Hawaii. If so that in itself is great

    In Brotherly Love and Christian Freedom.
    In CHRIST.

  • Vinny


    Was just getting around to following up on this. If you can remind me, I’d be happy to join your conference call. The site moderator can privately pass on my email address to you. We can get in touch from there.

    I wrote that letter over four years ago. Today, my wife, son and step daughter are all OUT. Only one stepson is in and shuns us all.

    My son (mentioned in DA letter) has never been doing better than right now.

    Thanks for the nice support.



  • ptt7000

    Vinny, Hello I am Jacqueline. I listened to the conference that night with Bro Parkinson also.
    YOUR STORY IS AMAZING.I read the entire story and there are others still reading it.
    Thank you so much for posting it here on this site. There is no flaw in your reasoning. Your research and attention to detail is what is needed to help fellow witnesses visiting this site.
    Please help your son. You have freedom to do it now. We will support you. Could you please come on the conference call in October and let us know how you are doing?

    May you have peace as you search for Christian Freedom to think on scripture and make critical decisions that affect you and your family.
    My father took blood in 1958. He felt Jehovah would not approve if he deliberately did nothing to save his life, and leave my mother with nine (9) children. He used the 5 months to teach my brothers many things, we thank him for doing that for us.
    I hope everyone visiting this site would read your account. Again THANK YOU so much. I am encouraged.

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