What Happened in 1914?

According to the book, “Pastor Russell – Founder of the Bible Students,” published by Bible Students Christian Classics:

So what did happen in 1914? Is there any evidence to support or deny the position of Pastor Russell? The outbreak of an unprecedented world war caused the following reaction from the publisher of a noted periodical.  The August 30, 1914, issue of The World Magazine in a feature article about Bible Student predictions reported:

The terrific war outbreak in Europe has fulfilled an extraordinary prophecy. For 25 years Bible Students have been proclaiming to the world that the Day of Wrath prophesied in the Bible would dawn in 1914. The Bible speaks of a “time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation.” This prophecy of Daniel Bible Students identify as the “Day of Wrath,” the “Time of the Lord,” and the so-called “End of the World,” references which are plentiful in the Scriptures.

Historians have much to say about that eventful year 1914. The following is a part of the historical record.

Edmond Taylor while quoting Arnold Toynbee said:

“Looking back from the vantage point of the present we see that the outbreak of World War I ushered in a twentieth-century “Time of Troubles”… from which our civilization has by no means yet emerged. Directly or indirectly all the convulsions of the last half century stem back to 1914: the two World Wars, the Bolshevik Revolution, the rise and fall of Hitler, the continuing turmoil in the Far and Near East, the power-struggle between the communist world and our own. More than 23,000,000 deaths can be traced to one or the other of these upheavals.”

Britannica Great Books, THE GREAT IDEAS TODAY:

“A world mesmerized by Science and progress mocked the mysticism of religious sects which had long predicted that the world would end in the year 1914; fifty years later the world isn’t so sure that it didn’t end in 1914.”


“If ever there was a year that marked the end of an era and the beginning of another, it was 1914. That year brought to an end the old world with its sense of security and began a modern age whose chief characteristic is insecurity on a daily basis.”

1914 is clearly marked by unbiased historians as the ending of a world. The convulsions since are at once the processes of its disintegration and the birth pains of a new world. Britannica editors, as noted, observed that a religious group (actually known as Bible Students) predicted 1914 would mark the ending of a world in just this manner.

The list of writers describing the unprecedented destructive forces unleashed in 1914 is phenomenal and more continue to add their observations to this day.

In his book, OUT OF CONTROL, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor and professor of American Foreign Policy at John Hopkins University, notes that the 20th century began amid great hope and promise, but became the century of insanity. In elaborating on his observation of 175 million slaughtered in the name of the “politics of organized insanity,” he says:

“Contrary to its promise, the twentieth century became mankind’s most bloody and hateful century of hallucinatory politics and of monstrous killings. Cruelty was institutionalized to an unprecedented degree, lethality was organized on a mass production basis. The contrast between the scientific potential for good and the political evil that was actually unleashed is shocking.  Never before in history was killing so globally pervasive, never before did it consume so many lives, never before was human annihilation pursued with such concentration of sustained effort on behalf of such arrogantly irrational goals.”

These observations of history confirm Pastor Russell’s prediction that the old world began to end in 1914 and is currently being ushered completely out of existence by a consuming process of wars, revolutions and anarchy. The evidence of history clearly teaches that 1914 is the most significant date in modern times as it marks a sharp break with the past. The wars and upheavals, social turmoil and unrest since 1914 are greater, deeper, and more unrelenting than anything mankind has ever experienced. Were Pastor Russell’s expectations then flatly and patently wrong? Was he indeed a false prophet? NO! Pastor Russell was correct concerning 1914 being the beginning of the end. He was indefinite as to the length of this trouble that would terminate our world or social order Without making a prediction, he allowed that it could last a hundred years after 1914. No one has given a better explanation of the events of the 20th century.

Let the reader note that this was not the last word of Pastor Russell on the subject—that the world would end amidst the greatest and most widespread trouble ever before experienced by man. NO! The trouble of the present time and recent past is merely the passing of the old order as a new order of righteousness, peace, and everlasting life is to be ushered in for the benefits and blessing of all the families of the earth who accept and obey God’s words of life. This is the real reason the doomsayers opposed him.   Their theology could not accept this good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom for the vast majority of humankind.

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  • Francis

    Psalms 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

    John 12:35, “The light is with you for a little longer. Walk while you have the light, so that darkness will not overtake you.”

    Are not both organizations trying to lead people to the fountain? And as you humbly said , I hope and believe in most cases. That leaves a little room for error. But who is perfect?

    • Peter K. (admin)


      Excellent scriptures.

      Just a clarification. Bible Students are an association of like minded congregations. We are not an organiztion. We have no governing authority on earth, other than Jesus in heaven.

      Catholics and Evangelical claim they will lead you to the fountain of Truth. The bottom line is the need for personal study, personal responsibility and prayer to Jehovah for guidance and understanding, with the help of his holy spirit.

      With a humble and seeking heart, God has something to work with.

  • Francis

    Matthew 20:28, “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

    A hope for us all!

  • Francis

    It is very possible they will sell over a million sandwich’s this week. Thousands of workers, good people, with the same leaders running things from the top.

    Should all those good be punished because of a person who did wrong?

    Think of all the people who will by one, even though they heard it on the news.

    Should not truth seekers empty their vessels of the muddy waters of tradition and fill them at the fountain of truth God’s Word. And no religious teaching should have weight except as it guides the truth seeker to that fountain?

    Don’t many Bible Students guide people to the fountain?

    • Peter K. (admin)


      You asked, “Should all those good be punished because of a person who did wrong?”

      Punished by whom? Jehovah or the organization?

      There are potential blessings or consequences to every decision we make in life. Sure enough, being a member of the JW Organization has its blessings. However some might consider not permitting Christian liberty and the potential disciplinary action as an undesirable consequence (as opposed to a punishment).

      You also asked, “Don’t many Bible Students guide people to the fountain?”

      I hope and believe that in most cases this is true… that we are directing people to God’s Word for answers.

  • Francis

    Does what happened at a big sub chain make all their leaders and sandwich makers bad?

    • Chuck (Bible Student)

      I have to ask…
      Are you comparing the JW organization to a big sub chain? Odd.
      It would make more sense to make the comparison to the Catholic Church.
      It does not make all the leaders and followers bad, but, an honest Christian should question if that is truly the Church approved by Jehovah or a false church ran by a man/men. And then get out of Babylon as quick as possible! I don’t believe Jehovah’s people would make excuses for the evil or try to cover it up.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Francis, I don’t know if your question is in reference to this article or another post. But normally a worker at a chain has no liability.But if the owners or persons running the chain puts out bad food from the factory or have policies that are against law, it does reflect on the entire chain. If fact a sub chain is standardlized, much like the Jehovah witness organization. It is the same thought all over the world. There is no allowance for an original thought. Only the thoughts of a few select men (7 mostly). Witnesses obey and elders enforce. In that regard it puts the entire chain under the criticism of what the few decide.
      When everyone thinks and does the same identical thing it is normally because only one person is thinking. Does it mean the rank and file are bad? Misguided and misinformed. Captives of a Concept and refusing to use the thinking faculties given them by God as an individual. The average witness believes by being ASSOCIATED WITH THE ORGANIZATION AND WORKING HARD TO SELL THE MAGAZINES THEY HAVE GOD’S FAVOR.
      Francis it is not the end however as judgement day for all of mankind that follow men only and the world is still future and it will all be revealed and the truth about what God requires under Christ’s rule will be known. Thank you Jacqueline

  • Francis

    Isaiah 60:5 and Ezekiel 38 show Jehovah God’s people will have wealth. And Gog of Magog will come for it.

    • Jacqueline (Bible student)

      Francis hello. I agree the witnesses have wealth but the nations are coming after the witnesses for crimes against children and women and Russia is doing it because they break up families.
      Israel however have wealth and it is a sort after territory.
      So I just am trying to understand exactly what you are saying. Maybe if you could explain a little more that might help.
      Isa. 43:10-12 says of Israel that they are Jehovah’s witnesses. In Isaiah, Jeremiah it shows that Jehovah will forgive the sins of his people. Israel will in the future accept Christ.
      We, you (are0 will be “Witnesses of Jesus” as Christian. Replacement theology is a hatred of the Jews and we should not adopt that thinking because that doctrine came about out of hatred for the people that Jehovah (who can not lie) says are his witnesses and many prophecies are fulfilling now and there are yet future prophecies not yet fulfilled concerning the Jewish Nation.
      This link has the scriptural support for these statements: https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/category/israel-answers/
      Thank you

  • muldoon55

    If the eighth world power has been ruling since ww1 (league of nations followed by united nations) as watchtower has so clearly laid out in its’ publications, and receiving the mark of the wild beast could be just thinking that these agencies were a good idea and a force to bring about peace for the earth, then why do JWs spend so much time preaching to a world that has had their name removed from the Lambs’ book of life seeing how many in this world may have thought they were great organizations?
    Additionally, since JWs supposedly don’t receive the (mark), how is it that they are able to buy and sell and prosper as they do under that world power when Revelation clearly points out that they wouldn’t be able to???

    • Jacqueline (Bible student)

      And I might add they joined the United nations as an NGO, They UN-joined after many ex-witnesses exposed them but it is alleged they have become. Non Government Organization again,
      Others will no doubt address the correct meaning of the image of the beast, you will find it very different from the witnesses, There was a time already when you could not buy or sell if you were not in line with the Papal system. This scripture has been fulfilled.

      • muldoon55

        Thats’ an excellent point about the ngo membership.
        Not being able to buy or sell may have had some limited fulfillment under the papacy of yesteryear but in the context of an eighth king whos’ rulership would be earth wide and despotic and dictitorial with the chief aim of total control and eliminating any form of christian allegiance,we could easily see this as a world wide situation.
        My point is that these events are yet future but near.
        Christ taking his heavenly throne coincides with the fatal blow to the head of the seventh world power U.S -anglo. An event Jws claim occured at ww1. The U.N hardly could now be fulfilling the role Revelation describes.

  • Anonymous

    Daz and all readers

    Solomon had tons of money. Just like billionaires today, who make about 675,000 dollars a day. That’s right, a day. Why does God allow this? Would it be more fair if God had the same daily provision fall from the sky for each person?

    • Daz

      Hi Anonymous, I understand your point of view & appreciate your comments but my point is that if you are materially well off & have every new gadget that comes out & your children get all they ask for then you have know right to tell others not to persue material things especially if the ones you preach too are struggling & aren’t financially well off, it’s kind of rubbing their face in it so to speak, this is hypocritical. Jesus was very clear regarding his view on materialism.
      Many thanks again for your reply . . . .

    • Curtis

      Truthfully, if you read the bible, read 2 Timothy 3:1-5, and Daniel 7:13-14, and that should give you a lot of answers.

  • Daz

    Thankyou once again for your replies Jacqueline, it really is a big comfort to be able to at last talk with someone who can relate & understand the issues I & my family have had to deal with. As I said I do feel that the domestics (regular Jw’s) are all pretty much very kind genuine people but are just mislead in particular areas, we need to pray for these ones & hope that the vale is lifted so they too can see the light.
    It is very sad also & hurts to know that ones we thought of as very good friends of which we trusted & shared our personal lives with now have seemed to have cut ties with us as we haven’t been to any meetings for about six or seven weeks. My wife doesn’t make friends easily as she is quite shy & a private person so for her it has been very difficult to accept that the ones she thought had befriended her no longer contact her, not even to see how our little baby is doing. I guess you live & learn, feels like it was all about them getting the study & getting us baptized into the organization but because it hasn’t gone quite to plan they now just leave us to get on with it & the friendship it seems sadly no longer exists. I question now whether it was a true friendship in the first place because I could not do that to someone under these type of circumstances. They know my wife & I are still studying the bible but that seems to have no significance. Where is the love, humility & care which Jesus teaches? All because I made a stand against the elders judgemental decision regarding my baptism rights.

    • Jacqueline

      Daz, I am maybe sometimes too blunt but I have come to realize it is a deception by the organization. Here in the US some of us see the actual inner workings of the org and have CO, DO and elders tell you what is said behind closed doors. It is a “Good old boys club” that includes women also that put huge contributions in the box. I regard it as a counterfeit as it looks real until you go up close and examine.
      New York city lists the watchtower as their top 40 wealthiest business, not religion, business. Money has a corrupting influence, even King Solomon succumbed. 590 million and now said to be a billion dollar corporation. And it is a very successful corporation run by business men and lawyers.
      Where you, I, and sincere lovers of God go wrong is we think it is a religion. Scientology is said to masquerade as religion for the tax shelter. The watchtower society is buying property in the coastal islands now. There is a top heavy hierarchy that will no doubt be rich offshore when caught. If you have time google Warwick, New York and Jehovah witnesses and read the articles, I posted the good ones some time ago.
      There they say they are a real estate company that buys up landmarks and reburbish them so to speak. The community will be allowed to use playgrounds huge gym facility. Also they are having built a huge Old folk community for the aging. Although they teach we will not grow old in this system. In my day it was 1975,1984.
      Daz it is not religious and that is hard for you to comprehend, you must give huge checks not cash and the elders will include you in the mix. I talk what I know, I was such a contributer..
      Also consider God, nothing happens without his permission and he knows everything. Embrace the road he is letting you and your wife travel. Encourage your wife to make friends at the playground where she takes her children to play with mothers like her.
      I went to my non witness relatives and told them humbly that I was wrong and deceived in shying away from family as family is formed by God. You will be surprised, other people are not like the witnesses! The witnesses are a haughty self important priviledged group, but only in their eyes.
      You are not useful to them, you like Daniel and the three Hebrews can’t be broken. You won’t bow down to their nine headed image, so you are collateral damage. They have even said so on occasion that they don’t worry about those that feel stumbled that Jehovah will take care of it.
      Pray Daz, I mean some old down home on the knees with tears praying. And when you feel the power of the Holy Spirit it will be refreshing and different.
      You are being called to know Christ and it can get confusing but trust in him. Trust in Jesus and the ability of his Blood to atone and put you at onement with God.
      You have been blessed as your mate is beside you. Count every little blessing as you are at the point where you can sink or swim (survive).
      You have taken the first step by questioning, you think it is your hair. I think it is God’s spirit. Once you realize this is not a religion per se you can come to grips with the situation and dig in the word of God which is POWERFUL. In Him, Jacqueline

      • Daz

        Jacqueline, again thankyou for your warm kind & informative reply. Yes it has been confusing for us & even now in the back of my mind, I still ask whether I am doing the right thing breaking away from the organization, it is scary for us because we have believed for so long it was what Jehovah wanted us to do ‘to be a part of the org’ & now we have doubts about something we used to feel so sure about. I personally have had my reservations about it for approx 3 years now, I tried to deny it to myself & fight against my insticts because I knew by going up against it that it would affect my whole family & it had the potential to create turmoil for us because as I said in my previous post, it’s all my wife had ever known regarding the teachings of the bible as I was the one the introduced her to the Jw’s. I was brought up as a Jw child but my parents were stumbled & fell away but I was too young for it to affect me but my father always maintained his love & faith in God & I guess that was ingraved into me. I did live a worldly life for a while but there was always that faith in me & although I may have suppressed it at that time it still was active in a sense because there were always certain things I would not do or get involved with as a teenager & in my early 20’s. I will not lie, it does upset me that my association with them & ones I thought were friends seems to be severed but I am keeping my faith & letting Jehovah lead me, I pray constantly, I know there must be a reason for this happening to me, Jw’s would argue the fact & say it is Satan leading me a-stray which if I am honest, that thought has crossed my mind but I just read the scriptures for comfort & pray every day. This site has really helped me & helped me to study more so I see that as a good & positive thing!

        • Jacqueline

          I do understand I was a witness for 61 years myself. One close relative accused me of breaking up the bond. I informed them I have no problems with being mother, sister and grandmother that it is your organization rules that says you can’t be this to me. It caused them to think.
          Witnesses have an unusual fear of the devil and gives him more credit than Jesus. Most Christian have a knowledge of Jesus, witnesses are Jehovah, governing body, devil then Jesus. I said just the other day to a witness that they don’t own Jehovah he is God of all, it caused them to think.
          Many fade away to see if it is what they want. Also something must replace it if you decide to break free from the org. It used to be you could move to another congregation maybe a few to find a home, but now a letter follows you and you are labeled as they tell what the body of elders think about you. I wish you the best with the choice you and your wife makes.
          Organizations, like well run corporations only function well if there is one board or boss. Worship is a body of Christians helping each other and serving giving of yourself. It is difficult to blend Christ with dominance and fear for he is just the opposite and God is love.
          He said take my yolk for my load is light (he’s under there with you and the whole association of brothers) and he adds no pain with it.
          I spoke recently with a major TV production doing a film on breaking free from hierarchy religions. They did the show “Breaking Amish”. They intend to feature 5 different religions like Mormon etc also.
          Their observation was that the JW were the most afraid and stories were the worse. It was a eye opening experience they said.( I did warn her that the witness have floors of lawyers and will fight back.)

          I always advise to try the spirits, test God and see that he is able to deliver you and help you to do what is best for you at this time.
          I agree that sometimes you have to step back and see if this is right for you and your little family. You can serve God being in the witnesses. There are thousands of mates sitting at the Kingdom halls with their mates to keep the peace. Think for a moment of the silent men in the congregation, they are all over the internet talking yet some are actually still elders.
          You are going to have to learn to read the bible during meetings so you don’t raise your hand and open your mouth. Because I experienced the elders don’t want thinking individuals there and they made my life miserable. Hopefully they will let you be in peace.
          Just remember zip your mouth as you have become concious of your spiritual need and once you wake up a fire gets in some of us and we can’t not tell others in the cong. If you do you are in trouble.
          God let me experience all the things I am telling you not to do and I know why I suffered so I could help dear ones like you.
          If I can just say one thing that we have told others and they suffered so much because they didn’t consider it:
          WALK AWAY RATHER THAN LET THEM DISFELLOWSHIP YOU! Your life will be easier in your family and with some friends. Prayerfully, Jacqueline

          • Daz

            Dear Jacqueline, thankyou again for replying, I agree with you & I have certainly noticed that although they do talk about Jesus it doesn’t come across that he is their main concern apart from Jehovah, he should be a big part of EVERY meeting. As I said I am just going to trust in my lord Jesus & my God Jehovah & see where they lead me. Although I am still a little nervous & scared of what lies ahead I do trust in them & I have already felt the burning desire of which you mentioned to tell other people I know & I have already started to do so. They cannot disfellowship me because I am unbaptized which as you know was THEIR decision to not let me be, maybe that’s part of this journey I am on, maybe it will be easier for me to subtly talk to other Jw’s without such serious consequences. I have already met a visiting brother who approached me as he felt drawn to he said & he is of a similar mind to me although his issues are more so with how the elders behave & judge others. He hasn’t told anyone else at my congregation that he is a brother & asked me not to tell anyone either. He dresses smart but casual, no suit or tie, this has raise alot of eyebrows & finger pointing. He is a great guy, very knowledgable & spiritual & totally clued up. He trusts me because he feels that I am of honest heart & also very clued up but says I underestimate myself. He has helped me alot & I him. He is also a thinker & was picked on in his last congregation because he speaks truth. But our journeys I feel are different ones because we are individuals & Jehovah & Jesus knows our strong points & our weak ones too but they will use us to the best of our abilities I expect. Although I mentioned I was a bit scared I am also excited too to see where I am be directed. It has given me new zeal to learn more & want to serve Jesus & Jehovah more than ever.
            It does make me feel sad for you to hear what you had to go through especially when you had dedicated all those years to the organization, it is so unfair & unjust but it certainly now seems that you have been embraced & comforted by our saviour Jesus & our father Jehovah, God bless you Jacqueline x

            • Jacqueline

              Daz thanks, I wanted you to have a friend and your wife, wow! You do by God’s help, it;s his Holy Spirit Daz and it is a journey. You are right, their not letting you get baptized has backfired. Again, it was not permitted by God for a reason because you can just get on the front row against their will or go to another convention to get baptized.One of my female studies did that. She told about an elder having a girlfriend although married, for years right across the street from her. This was a very prominent elder and they penalized her. It was sad for him because when it came out he was disgraced 10 years later as the lady with one little girl by him found out about a witness with 2 boys by him that never told he was the father. His wife suffered and his daughter had a breakdown over the stench. He was the then city overseer. (I digress).
              I feel so much better about your situation now as Jesus has given you a gift in an actual witness and maybe together you guys can discuss the Bible. Remember 2 or3 gathered and Jesus is there. Take Care my brother and show him this site if you feel comfortable with it, some of the subjects. Remember those men have no more power over you than you give them. They are something only with the JW community and are sinners like us.
              Take Care Jacqueline
              PS: That zeal and fire to speak will eat you up, you might need to talk to your wife or a tree or something otherwise it is trouble for you. LOL

  • Hank

    Greetings again Chuck

    Through my decades of not or so doing the reporting of time, it was never held against me for not doing so. When did I finally start reporting again? I heard a discourse on how the reports are gone over. The biggest reason that I saw as important, was when it was brought out, that many people die and move away and the preaching in certain areas is way down, and a need is now for people who can move and live there, or go and work the field to help out for a period of time. I have seen about 15 to 2o travel to a different state to help out the rural. Have seen where they helped out at a 45 minute drive. Have seen two go to different continents, and saw them both back, one returning there, and the other to a state five away to help out and if able to save up, will do another continent where the help is needed.

    Because I am a nobody I don’t know much more than that. If for eternity, I get the chance to be a water carrier for the people, I will jump at it. Just think, being perfect, no more sin, able to carry the water in no pain. Able to see and hear animals and other happy humans. And when the chance arrives dwell on the Most High Jehovah God and realize he let a simpleton like me get to know him.

    Why should I not want to have open dialog with people who want to communicate. And when I see they don’t I won’t. As far as I could tell Jacqueline will still discuss, if I am wrong she will make it clear.

    I hope I made it clearer why time reports help know where the need is.


    • Daz

      to Hank, Jacqueline & Chuck, thankyou all very much for your insight & opinions, you all have valid points. I only comment on what I’ve seen with my own eyes & heard with my own ears & of course what I read in the scriptures. It is impossible for us to be a 100% right in some areas as sometimes the scriptures bring out things that apply to us on a personal level yet another person may perceive it in a different way depending on what they are looking for at that particular time, that is what I find unique about the bible. I am not here to critisize not to judge anyone although there have been intances of late that I myself seemed to have been judged by certain individual elders at my local congregation of Jw’s when if fact they have no right to do so, only Jehovah God & our saviour Jesus knows what goes on inside us & what our heart condition truly is. This is one of the reasons I ceased going to the meetings becuase I felt that their reasoning was some-what out of line with Jesus’ examples. Yes, I understand that we should be open to direction & be corrected where need be but that isn’t my issue. All I am saying is that NONE of us are perfect, not me, you, the elders, the governing body, none of us & we all make mistakes but the key is to ebrace your mistakes & learn from them. None of us are above each other as we were all made equal & certainly NONE of us are above our king Jesus Christ for he is the way & the truth, period. As Jesus once said, ” You have no power over me unless it was given to you from above”. I answer to him & our father in the heavens above, I guess that’s why I was lead here. I have a young family & we struggle like many others in this system, I am not finacial well off like many in my congregation yet some them preach to me & to others not to be concerned about material things which of course they are right BUT ironicly these are the ones with the huge houses, smart cars, their kids have every latest gadget under the sun, money to splash around on trips holidays etc. My point is, practice what you preach or more to the point practice what JESUS preaches. Remember what Jesus said to the Rich man?! This kind of behaviour is one of the things that nearly stumbled me in a big way along with a few other things that are going on. BUT these things are not Jehovah’s or Jesus’ fault & I was determined not to let it affect my journey to find the truth. I am planning to attend meetings again unless I can find a suitable & honest alternative & just take what I need from them, anything that for me rings as an untruth will be disregarded & left there. The basics of what the Jw’s teach is very truthful & I am thankful to them for leading me this far & helping get the general understanding of the scriptures but I have learned & grown alot more since those early days & as I said before ALL I want is the truth!
      Thankyou once again guys for all your comments . . .

      • Jacqueline

        Daz, I appreciate and see your honest hearted reply. Some of my close family and persons close to me feel as you do that they will stay and just take what they can from the meetings. It is so ironic that they have the same observations almost word for word especicially with the elders misunderstanding them. I wish you well and you are always welcome here.
        Daz, Jesus and Jehovah deals with us individually not as a lump or organization and we all make mistakes and the blood of Christ covers us. I am so glad to hear you don’t blame God or Jesus it and all of us are just humans, making others life miserable at times. The thing is with almost anyone you can tell them you are being hurt and they will stop and adjust.
        I am sorry to say this but I didn’t find that in the Jehovah witness organization. Not just with me but so many men in our family were neutered by the domineering, just to keep their positions. They let the organization abuse their children and family to keep their position.
        I thank God and Jesus every day that I am blessed to have found the Bible Students once again where the harshness isn’t felt and I have a voice. I can see a deferent aspect to a scripture and be secure that I am not marked for it. To see all the brothers give talks on the same scripture and give another side is beauty to my ears.
        The bible students have so many adobe connect meetings when you can’t attend and you will get to know the people. We used to have our studies by skype and got international attendance. Check out some of the conventions by clicking on them on this site to the right.
        Go with God my brother and we will keep you in our prayers, come back whenever and stay to read what you find appropriate here. In Jesus love, Jacqueline

        • Daz

          Hello again dear Jacqueline, thankyou for you reply, I can tell that you are a very warm & sincere person who has a very deep love for Jehovah & Jesus. I certainly won’t be a stranger on this wonderful site & hope to become a real part of it, there is so much information & uplifting topics on here so I reckon I will be here to stay!
          I have actually already contacted the Dawn Bible students & they told me there is study meetings in an area which is only about 35 mins from where I live so I am hoping to attend some time soon once they give me the details.
          The problem with being given an authoritive position is that there is always the danger of it overwhelming that person & making them power hungry, we see this throughout history, religion & in many corporations within the business world.
          Someone shouldn’t preach about materialism when infact already inslaved by it, this is what I have seen, the sad thing is is that they are good people with good hearts. There are certain elders that made judgements upon me because of the way I look & style my hair (1950’s type look), I always look smart in appearance in every aspect when attending meetings etc. I found it just very wrong when they told me that I cannot be baptized because of this, even though prior to that I had gone through all the questions & answered them satisfactory. It isn’t up to them in my opinion to say whether you or I can get baptized, that is a personal thing between us, Jehovah God & Jesus. There is nothing scriptually supporting their view as regards to the way one looks, it is all to do with your heart condition & your love for both God & Jesus. Jesus certainly never turned anyone away because of the way they looked?! If he could see they’re heart condition was right & they accepted him as their saviour & excersized faith in him as the the son of man then that was more than enough, through having the right heart condition opens up the way for us to accept Christ & learn & imitate his teachings. I am by no means perfect but I do have a deep love for Jehovah & Jesus & I am trying to do things the right way, I have daily struggles as we all do but I try to keep focussed on finding truth & sharing the truths that I have learned via the scriptures.
          Do you know that even a couple of the elders wives tried to convince my wife to move forward in “the truth” without me because I questioned certain things etc. This upset her deeply because we always said we would do it as a family. It did drive a bit of a wegge between us for a short while but we overcome it & stuck to our decision to do this as a family no matter what.
          My wife had hardy any knowledge of Jehovah & Jesus when we first met, I slowly introduced her to the bible & it’s teachings over 17 years ago & we have tried to keep within it’s moral standards & guidence, so there was no way we were going to be divided. As I said before I do not blame Jehovah or Jesus at all because it is the imperfection of people that are to blame but that said it isn’t really even their fault because they no not what they do, sometimes they seem totally oblivious to their actions. That is why I don’t look for any mallace on their part because they genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing. I have always had reservations regarding certain aspects of their 1914 teachings, this something I am searching to find the truth about. I am sure I will find the truth because Jesus said to seek & you WILL find, I will knock & wait for the door to be opendened . . .
          Thankyou once again Jacqueline x

          • Jacqueline

            Daz thanks for sharing for others are reading. Great Dawn is on that info. I will see those brothers for 6 days at the General convention next week and will ask about you.
            Speaking of dress. They even changed Jesus to not having a beard but had to put it back on as he was born under law and we know what his beard looked like.
            His dress was common as the soldiers couldn’t spot him. If you see a Bible student convention you will notice the brothers have beards even.
            Now let me tell you why JW can’t wear beards. (my grand and parents are from way back). Rutherford had a difference of opinion with Br. Russell, so when he died and when he finally formed and organization one of the requirements of the brothers that wanted to be a part of the watchtower, was to get rid of the beards because it looked like Br. Russell.
            And as you know an organization has an image and branding. You know McDonalds employees from afar by their clothes and the familiar arc on them. Well this is an organization and a witness has to have a coded dress. Jesus apostles didn’t nor the early Christians if you read other works that describe them.
            It is a part of conditioning and controlling if they can do that the conditioning start to totally subjecgate you to an organization and away from Christ.
            You are a good man Daz for you speak so kindly of the men at the top. I agree that most if not all of JW are sincere and fooled. But I am not so gracious when it come to the CO< DO< and upward as I have dealt with some of them and they know what they are doing. One governingbody member has been in my home and if you live around them for a few days you will see these are POWER hungry men and the Bethelites will step aside to let them pass as if they are God's. I know they know better than that. I witnessed this during a stay at Bethel and it made me look for a way out as they were no different from the televangel preachers on TV. Even morning worship is haughty. My experiences I believe was allowed by God to bring me to Christ as I was like a female apostle Paul in this religion. So glad to see you are still on the site. Your journey when being called to Christ will be a testing ground, I thought at times I would explode from the pressures but Holy Spirit saw me thru. In Christ

  • Hank

    Hi Daz

    If you read my post to Chuck you will see I gave numbers from the old W.T. OF 1913. Believe me when I say you can find many numbers from the old WT,s. I find them encouraging and I am sure many readers back then did to. I am also sure nobody had to twist Brother Russell’s hand to put them in writing. Good news, is good news.

    As I was in service today I mentioned I was thinking of signing up, but have a fear I might fall short. One brother told me to pray on it. Another brother said it would make him happy and many others to hear it. Yes, that is the exact reason they announce it. Not to glorify anyone but to encourage all. Negative people will not understand that, and I am not saying you are negative, just stating a fact about negative people who are against it. There is one thing of being dead set against something and questioning something. Two different cans of beans.

    As for the Bible. Numbers give insight. They give understanding. They help see what is going good and what needs help.

    Acts 16:5, “Then indeed, the congregations continued to be made firm in the faith and to increase in number day by day.

    Acts 4:4, “number of the men became about 5,000.

    2. Chron. 25:13, “they struck down 3,000 of them.

    Acts 12:17, “Report these things to James and the brothers.”

    Back in the early Christian time Letters with information was continually being exchanged. Discussions on a on going bases were taking place. You and I were not there. My favorite is Paul in a letter to the Thessalonians. 2 Thess. 2:5, “Do you not remember that when I was still with you, I used to tell you these things.”

    Daz, I feel you and others here are like me. My ears are as big as an elephant right now. Oh, how I wish I had a CD of all those conversations. I know, it is not going to happen.

    Daz, was Jesus afraid to announce he was going to serve Jehovah? Is. 61:1, “Because Jehovah anointed me to declare good news to the meek. He sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And the wide opening of the eyes tot he prisoners.” Do you think Jesus did a bad thing by so doing?

    Nice talking to you, if ever You don’t want to hear my thoughts, just say so.


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