What is the Purpose of Jesus Second Presence?

This question is answered by the founder of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Pastor Charles Taze Russell)   here: [First click on question above, then click on “here”]

This is taken from chapter 6 of volume 1, the Divine Plan of the Ages, of his Studies in the Scriptures series.

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  • Mike

    Just look in Revelation. ALL eyes will see him, not just a couple of old men in Bethel. Faith in Jesus’ word is one thing. Blind faith in an un-Christian organization like the watchtower society is insanity.

    • Jacqueline

      This was our discussion last nite on the sixscreens hook-up. It will be posted here soon. Br. Jim Parkinson and others addressed that subject.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Peter,

    What difference has Jesus’ alleged second presence made in anyone’s life?

    Do you feel this belief is vital in any way in terms of personal holiness/sanctification, love, behavior, and/or service to Jehovah?

    Does preaching His alleged 1914 return change anything at all…objectively speaking now.


    • Peter K. (admin)

      Vander – Thanks for your questions. The answers to all these questions can be found in the Studies in the Scriptures series and other material Bible Students offer. I will briefly answer, without many of the supporting scriptures. Complete answers to your questions are far more detailed than what we can say in this small reply.

      Looking for Jesus return must be important since the Bible frequently tells us to watch for it (Matt 24:42). We want to be obedient to Jesus and engage in the activities he tells us to do. At Jesus first advent, we find many scriptures which refer to the Harvest of the Jewish Age. Jesus was the chief reaper and his disciples were reapers too (under-reapers). The fan (shovel) in his hand was the Truth, with which the farmer would toss the crushed wheat into the air. The wind would blow away the chaff (nation of Israel and their religious leaders), but the wheat (Jews who accepted Christ) were taken into the barn (the association of early Christians together in the Early Church. The chaff was burned with fire, which was the destruction of the Jewish Polity and nation in AD 70.

      I believe we have been living in the Gospel Harvest for over a century. Just as the chief reaper was not recognized in the Jewish Harvest, so Jesus is not recognized as Chief Reaper during the Gospel Harvest. Jesus sickle (Rev 14:14) of Truth is separating the wheat (True Christians) from the Tares (False Christians). It is the job of the reapers (True Christians), to preach the Truth. The truth reveals the errors of the Nominal Systems, binding them in bundles, forcing them to join together (i.e. ecumenical movement, World Council of Churches, etc.) for their ultimate burning (destruction as false religious systems preaching the error of hell, Trinity and Immortality of the Soul). The Truth also draws the wheat into the barn, into association together (like the early Church) to be ultimately glorified together in heavenly barn. In the Jewish Harvest, there was only the earthly barn. In the Gospel Harvest, the earthly barn of association together becomes a heavenly barn as the final members of the Little Flock are glorified together with Jesus in heaven, sharing with him in his kingly work.

      So our job in the Gospel Harvest is preaching the truth (sickle), which draws in the final members of the Little Flock (and all those guided by God’s spirit) and reveals the Nominal Systems for what they are, false religious systems.

      Jesus said, “Sanctify them by thy Truth, thy word is Truth.” The truth has a sanctifying effect in our lives. As the Holy Spirit moves us to apply the lessons of the Truth to our heart we grow in the Fruits of the Spirit. An accurate understanding of God’s Plan and Bible Doctrines, give us an insight into God’s character, the author of those doctrines. So an accurate understanding and preaching of doctrines helps them become a part of our lives and character, as we strive to be more like God and Jesus.

      Jesus second presence is compared to the “day of Noah” and Lot (Luke 17:26-30) before the flood (or fire), when they were going about their daily life routine, not know aware of the coming Armageddon (pictured by flood and fire). So people are going about their daily life routine today in the “day of the Son of Man” (Luke 17:26), just as they did in the days of Noah. The flood and fire are what revealed (Greek Apocalypse) God’s judgment (Luke 17:30). So Armageddon will reveal Jesus second presence to the world.

      When Jesus talked about the time of Noah in Matt 24:37-29, he did not compare it to the coming of Jesus, but to Jesus presence. The Greek word for coming is actually “parousia” or presence.

      This is in harmony with Paul’s words in 1 Thes 5:2-4, Paul describes Jesus second presence like a “Thief in the Night.” A thief doesn’t break into a house with lots of noise, but quietly, so that he will not be noticed. The travail (trouble) comes in spasms, like a woman in labor. Over time the spasms of trouble in the world continue to grow more frequent and more severe.

      There is much more to be said, but that can be found in the Studies in the Scriptures series.

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