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We Believe


  • Both the Old and New Testament are Jehovah’s inspired words; the primary source of all Truth.
  • Man did not evolve but was created
  • Jehovah created his only-begotten Son, Jesus.  Jesus created all other things.
  • Jesus descended from heaven to earth and was born of Mary as a perfect human man, not as God in flesh.
  • God raised Jesus from death in a Spirit body, not in a physical body of flesh.
  • The Holy Spirit is Jehovah’s active power and force, not a person.
  • The Trinity is no where found or taught in the Bible.
  • Man is mortal and does not possess an immortal soul.  The soul ceases to exist after death.
  • There is no hell of fire where the wicked are punished.  “Hell” is from the same Greek and Hebrew words for “grave,” describing the sleep of death, not eternal torment.
  • We are now living in the ‘time of the end’
  • Jesus returned and has been invisibly present on earth since the early days of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
  • The 144,000 of Revelation 7 are the anointed Bride of Christ in heaven.
  • Earth will never be literally destroyed or completely depopulated
  • In the Kingdom, Christ will rule the earth in righteousness and peace
  • By their faithfulness to God, the obedient of mankind will be granted what our original parents lost—everlasting life in human perfection on a paradise earth.
  • Ultimately, the wicked will be eternally destroyed, but not first without a full opportunity to follow Christ.

Chart of the Ages Detailed

272 comments to We Believe

  • Christoff

    I have noticed in the “what we believe” many of the statements are un-scriptural and anti Christian in doctrine.Just two example.

    You state that “God raised Jesus from death in a Spirit body, not in a physical body of flesh.”

    But Jesus emphatically said he was NOT a spirit immediately after His resurrection to the disciples.

    Luke 24:39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

    “The Trinity is no where found or taught in the Bible.” Actually it is everywhere in Scripture.

    The term is “Godhead” – Colossians 2:9 For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

    Isaiah 48:16 Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord GOD, and his Spirit, hath sent me [Jesus].

  • Christopher Eckels

    Hi, I just came across the International Bible Student Association web site. If I understand correctly they are claiming not to be Jehovah’s Witnesses yet, they believe the same thing. Is this correct or am I confusing the two groups


  • Gasa

    Hi I’ve just read the article on the cross or stake, the writer seemed to want it to be the cross in conclusion but there is doubt whatever is our preferred view. I heard a talk sometime ago and Gal 3:13 was mentioned in connection with quoting Deut 21:22,23 nwt where both verses say “accursed is every man hung upon a stake” Paul was saying Christ purchased us releasing us from the curse of the law”. The kjv uses the term ‘tree’ in both scriptures. The gn (good news version) says ‘tree’ in Gal and ‘pole’ in Deut. The gNt uses ‘tree’ in Galatians. (gNt = Johannes Greber New Testerment pub 1937). The apostle Paul being a Hebrew scholar trained by one of the highest Pharisees prior to becoming a Christian is saying that Christ was impaled in like manner. We know for sure the Hebrews in Deut did not use a cross. There is an interesting story behind the Greber version (German) of NT. Thank you all.

    • Christopher Johns

      We know from history that the romans crucified on a cross. Jesus wouldn’t have survived long on a stake with his hands over his head. My personal theory is Rutherford adopted this view to get his group to take off their cross-and -crown pins thus furthering his group from Russell’s.

  • Maria

    Hello Richard.Tazzyman,

    I live upstate Ny Rochester NY.Also wanted to know if there will be a commemoration that I could attend with my family.

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello Maria,Am making Enquiries for you.Will get back to you ASAP.Have made enquiries at our printing house in Rutherford New Jersy.In the Meantime I will supply My e/mai address & you can contact me in the meantime.I was a JW For over 40 years.Regards,Richard.Tazzyman.Australia

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hhello again Maria,I have not forgotton you.Its that quite a few of the Bretheren are at conventions,I have been told that I will be supplied with a contact for you in the next day or so.Thanks for your patience.Bbro Richard.Bible Student Australia.

      • Anonymous

        Hello no worries.I was also checking up on conventions which my family enjoys every year.hopefully next year I can attend a bible student convention.thank you Richard.patiently will wait for your response.Thanks again.

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello Maria,So,so sorry to not get back to you.I & my wife have both been in hospital with different problems,& my wife has just had a knee replacement.It appears that the Bible students(our bretheren a very thin in the area you reside in.I have a couple of suggestions for you.You can contact the PASTORAL BIBLE Inst,on ,or the Dawn bible students assoc,199 Railroad Ave East Rutherford,NJ 07073 E/mail Both of these are printing houses for the bible students world wide,& also have Pilgrims that will be able to contact or visit your area.Also we have a memorial CD(mp3)& booklet that we can send to you if you e/mail me with contact detalis on, celebration of the Lords Passover is on April 18th (after sunset).Pls let us know if we can send you the CD,Christian regards,Richard,Bible Student Australia.

      • Maria

        Hello Richard ted am writing because am interested in the in the passover cd.don’t know how to get in contact without posting sensitive information but yes i would love to recieve thecpassover CD sorry it is such short notice just found the reply in my email.Thank you so much.Hope for the best for your wife and you and fast recovery in jehovah’s name.


        Maria Santiago

  • Maria

    How can i find a bible students church where I live? would like to change also has to have the beliefs mentioned above.

  • Interested one

    Hi, everyone!
    I can’t say I agree with all the above list. I’m a skeptical believer. I don’t take everything people or an oganization say is the truth! So many things have been proposed as truth. Than someone comes along and proves it not truth. It is all a matter of belief. We look to something to believe in, and along comes something that makes sense to us, so we begin to believe that!

    I grew up as Trinitarian and was quite happy in that religion as I was growing up. And than driffed away to a worldly way of life. Years later I went back and enjoyed that fellowship. Than I came across a different religion that made me question the faith I had. That began a path of belief and disbelief. Due to so many ambiguousness and contradictions texts in the scriptures.

    While I respect everyones faith, Today,I no longer believe any “one” organization has the monolopy on what is classed as Bibical truth. I lisen to what other say, and consider the value of what they say, and if it is reasonable and in harmony with truth than I accept that.

    Maybe I have the wrong approach but I have to be satisfied in myself that what I believe is the truth, and that it is not just based on assumption or conjecture. Most religions are, giving birth to the many thousands of different religious organizations all from one Book.

    Christian Love to all!

  • Ted R. (Bible Student)

    I agree. The Bible Students are not an organization, but a fellowship of like minded Brothers and Sisters. Our study of the Bible causes us to have certain shared beliefs, but we are not so dogmatic to condemn others who may disagree with us. We must prove everything from Gods word, not the word of any man or organization. We are told in scripture that each of us must prove for himself what the will of God is. We all stand or fall on that belief. It is not until Satan is abyssed and this earth is finally under the rule of Christ that the earth will finally be filled with the true knowledge of God. Until then each of us must do what we can each day to follow in the footsteps of Christ. God is the judge, not man. Any religion that claims to have the whole truth and complete understanding of Gods will and punishes those who don’t go along with their teachings is wrong. That has been my problem with the JW’s. When a person can be cut off from friends and family simply for disagreeing with doctrine, that organization has become like the Pharisee’s that Christ condemned!

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ted I agree, because they have to shunn relatives because they left, yet they can be with relatives that are into everything, some very bad. And the witness doesn’t see how this isn’t logical to associate with say a pedophile or rapist relative or in the congregation but not a God fearing relative that left off worshipping and following men.

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