Romans 8:28 promises, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” NASV.  All of us desire to be close to our God Jehovah and his son, Jesus Christ.  We long for their comfort, guidance and encouragement in our lives.  We are promised in Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” NKJV.  Yet when difficult and harsh experiences come, we sometimes feel alone and afraid.  In Hebrews 13:5 we read, “God Himself has said, “I will never, never let go your hand: I will never never forsake you.” Weymouth.  You are not alone.  Your heavenly Father and his Son are watching over you.  You are not alone.  There are others like you who have experienced hard trials and difficult experiences.  Take some time to share with us.  To tell your story.  To encourage others.  That is what this Testimony section is for.

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  • Ken

    I’m writing this to share my progress thus far, with the Bible students: currently I’m halfway through the 2nd volume of studies in the scriptures(The time is at hand)I read my daily manna and songs in the night regularly,I attend a local ecclesia usually every week and also online meetings when possible.I’ve also been distributing booklets every place I can think of and I’m trying to convert my two sisters!Note:I’m not posting this to brag, I just thought it would be encouraging to all the brothers and sisters!

    • Jeff

      Thank you Ken for your very encouraging note!

      I’m happy to see those who witness do so from the heart, not because they must meet a specified quota per month.

      I love sharing God’s rescue plan for man with anyone I come into contact with as I find the most beautiful thing being that God gave his son so that everyone can have an opportunity to come to be saved and come into a knowledge of the truth. . . . and in that order too!

      (1 Timothy 2:4)

    • Jacqueline

      Yes Ken, it is encouraging to hear your testimony. I am going to my first testimony meeting tonight. I have been at the various conventions but never with my local class.
      Also Sunday at the 4th Sunday convention in Chicago where the surrounding classes come together also I talked with the speaker. He has had contact with some sisters in Indianapolis, In that are former JW. Also on facebook Br. Peter and I have talked with so interested xjw from Indy. I visit Indy monthly. This elder is 45 min from there. So we are going to try and start a new class in Indianapolis, In. That is a very large city having many that are searching for a place to go. May the Lord bless these efforts. Dan. 12 I believe is talking about the internet and other means of communication that would increase knowledge and allow us to communicate and get together to the praise of Jehovah our father.
      Your joy shows everytime I hear you talk Ken and your love of the Lord and Jesus comes thru. May God bless you my brother. I am just so happy myself. I can’t believe there eas a way to get out from under the tyranny, yet serve God with the core beliefs held by JW, because they do have them right on. It is the leadership and worship of them thereof that I find offensive. Take Care in Jesus Dear Name.

  • max

    To Matthew;

    When I was intrduced to the truth, I was involved in all the bad stuff. Drunkenness and everything else. I studied for 15 months and had bad bouts with all them things, up and down. But Jehovah helped me overcome those things and freed me from the wicked worlds vices. My advice. Prayer to Jehovah! Not once, twice but many many tines. If you are honest he will help you. Hate what is bad, and you wont; be like the wicked. Ps 58:3,”The wicked ones have been perverts from their youth.”

    • Jacqueline

      Dear Andy, honesty has nothing to do with it. It takes time to be honest with asking for help. Because sometimes you don’t know what to ask for. You can approach Jehovah thru Jesus as a sinner and he will listen. You hate what is bad, that’s the reason you are trying to put that behind you and press forward now. God has forgiven you.
      I have an appointment now but I will come back with scriptural support and not try and put it all on you.
      In the mean time. Remember throw your burdens on Jehovah, take up the yoke of Christ it is kindly and light.
      You are trying to get help and we will help you. We will not browbeat you here, Andy. Please listen to the brothers that are willing to help you, not spit out JW dogma. Perhaps they will supply scriptures to uplift you while I am away. In Christ dear name and love. Jacqueline

  • Ken

    Welcome Kuo and Matthew! I’m an ex Jw and like you Matthew;I “stumbled” onto a Bible student website and haven’t looked away since. I have all the volumes of studies in the scriptures and am going to a local ecclesia…..what can I say? Never felt happier!!!

  • Matthew

    I have felt discarded half my life for what I considered growing pains. I’m not justifying my mistake, but I needed direction not discipline. Since then, I have been searching the details of history for the truth and continue to uncover evil every step of the way. I try to expose people to the wickedness surrounding them but most dont seem to care. I recognize truth within the system of my youth, but I also see a man-made control system and hypocrisy in the details. I’m not sure how I even got to your forum, but I have felt moved for some time. I don’t say that with any illusions of grandeur, I am just a man searching for the truth and finding it very difficult adjusting to this profoundly wicked system and it’s apethetic people.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Matthew – We hope and trust that there are some good Christian people among the JWs. Unlike you, they and most other Christians are not searching, but feel they have the Truth. And indeed the JWs do have much Truth, but perhaps one of the greatest Truths is found in Jesus word’s to the Jews “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (Joh 8:36 NKJV). The Apostle Paul encourages us, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” (Ga 5:1 NKJV) As long as we recognize Jesus as our Master, not an organization, we are open to searching the scriptures directly. 1 Jn 4:1 says, “My dear friends, don’t believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you. Not everyone who talks about God comes from God.” (The Message Bible)

      • Matthew

        Peter K.- I have no doubt there are good people in the JW’s. My mom and dad never abandoned me, although our relationship now seems superficial, but 99% of the people I loved did. They didnt ask why. I’m not condoning drunkeness, but I was a kid and I made a mistake. They accused me of many things, most of these other outrageous rumors were false. I never lied to them, although, I’m not sure they actually cared anyway. I was being made an example and it has ruined me emotionally. My dad was the presiding overseer, as well as the city overseer at the time, and I was/am completely destroyed that he did not speak out against what he had to have known was a gross misuse of power. I was so stumbled and alone at 17 that I joined the Marine Corps. It was obvious to me right away, that a boy who spent his summers pioneering, didnt belong in this world. I finally obtained conscientious objector status during my infantry training and was discharged. I have looked seemingly everywhere since and found nothing but corruption and wicked control systems…Thank you for your spiritual encouragement and guidance.

        • Jacqueline

          Matthew. Hello and welcome my dear brother. Matthew Youths make a lot of just plain old stupid mistakes. There is no malice, they are just like all young teenage mammals. It is a stage. You didn’t stand a chance if something new was out on discipline. And , noooooo, your father being the presiding elder sort of sealed your doom. I feel your pain. Every person that have children (I have 3 adult boys) know they make the kind of mistakes you mentioned, but look how you still had your head on straight! You knew Jehovah and Jesu would like for you to neutral in war! DF’d and you had that presence of mind??? I am proud of you. No, your friends should not have abandomed you, they and others should have shown you love.
          Sometimes Matthew when God is training you, he has to let you go through the paces. Think of it as an embarkment on training. It has allowed you to be free and search out the scriptures. I know rejection, one of my sons says I will diue at armageddon and go to Gehenna, so I can empathize with you. However your parents are stuck with having to follow the GBthoughts on showing real love for you. But at least they are talking to you. Count your blessings,count them one by one. I have seen 4 since reading your comment and the replys. We had a 4th Sunday 1 day convention, so I just saw this.
          Blessing (1) You survived the stigma (2) your parents are speaking to you.(3) Your mind is awakened and Holy Spirit is on it. (you daid I don’t know how I found this site, Holy Spirit guide you.) (4) You have shown Jehovah your heart. You took that stand to get exemption according to YOUR CONSCIENCE!!. Jesus took note and Jehovah sent out his spirit to guide you.
          WELCOME!. If you can come on skype Wednesday night and say hello or participate in our study, please do so. Most of the 5 ex-elders can empathize with what you are going thruogh. We (many elders on call last night) were just talking about how elders had to hurt your teenagers in the committe rooms. Especially taking liberties with the young females when asking questions on immorality in the judicial hearing, not recognizing rape of a minor. So you can see how you being 17 they forgot you were still young. Look up the age at which the brain matures on the internet. You will find out it is 24.
          You were a child, chalk it off to youth and today begin new. Br. Peter can have the herald mag sent to you that talks about new beginnings, the January issue. It mentions to forget past wrongas, sins ask God to forgive you and don’t doubt his forgiveness and move on. I say thius because I detect you somehow feel Jehovah or Jesus remembers pass sins. Jesus is a propiatory sacrifice for our sins. That means he covers them over, out of God’s sight. You might say he has buried them in his shed blood. He is not digging them back up and neither should you.
          BTW, everyone coming to this site is a sinner, you are in among fellow sinners who are searching for God, truth and believe their sins are covered over as Jesus is a Ransom for ALL of Adam’s offspring. Take Care my brother and check out some of the material on this site. You will find truth and a way of seeing the scriptures in a new way. In Jesus dear name. Jacqueline

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for all your words of encouragement. I’ve had seventeen years to process my feelings and I don’t blame my parents or anyone else for that matter, although not until recently did I cross that threshold. Perhaps this is why I have just discovered the Bible Students. I need some time to process all the information, specifically the hostile takeover by Rutherford, which all of you are privy too but a very different story than I have known. More often than not, the details of history provide more accuracy than the one that the “winners” promote. Unfortunately, I neither have Skype, nor the hardware to use it. I would be very interested in reading the magazine Jacquelin spoke of though.

            • Jacqueline

              Hi Anonymous, We can send the booklet to you. Please leave your mailing address in contact us. Only Admin sees this and I will get the brothers to send out the history of what really happened and the God’s grand plan booklet.
              You can come on Wednesday by telrphone also. Quite a few are on that way. Br. Peter should be posting that info on the first welcome page in a few hours. You don’t have to talk but just say hello. We have all been there. You will hear grown men in their 70’s down to people in their twenties studying and absorbing the word of God. But as soon as I get your address we will get it to Chicagobible.org to get you out your free booklets.
              PS. I know I talk too much but I need to just share this with you: One brother asked me if he would have to get reinstated back into JW before he could come to the BS. I told him these are the children of the brothers that Rutherford DF’d or they just left just like we are doing. And I call us the latter day saints (pun). So you are among good company, even Jesus was denounced by the sanhedrin(org. of that time) and hung up on a cross for being true to his mission. We are not bound by the rules of the organization only by the bonds of the Bible, Jesus, Jehovah. I didn’t see your comment until now because I was sharing your testimonials with Rick Fearson when I refreshed and saw this. Love, Joy and Peace in Jesus Christ our saviour.
              PSS: The info for the Jan 25th study this Wednesday is up already. It is to the right under Recent Posts.

          • Ken

            Jacqueline, what’s the name of the booklet you and anonymous are talking about?

            • Jacqueline

              The Grand Plan of the Ages booklet. It is what I call a cliff note (summary) of parts of vol 1 of studies in the scriptures. The other one is the history of what happened before and after Br. Russell died. It tells of the establishment of the JW under Br. Rutherford. It is different from the story we heard. If you want it, we need your name and address.

    • Hi Matthew
      there are good news : Jehovah is gathering His people , He is calling them “out of Babylon” just now,
      the Kingdom of Heaven is “coming” now on earth
      it is very good that your love for God is pushing you to search for the truth !
      I invite you to search some of the inputs on Biblical subjects I was able to put in english
      Let us repent and go to Jesus for guidance as Father’s will is : Matthew 17:5 .

    • Dupin

      Greetings Matthew:

      And welcome to our forum. Since I’ve had my say elsewhere in this forum I won’t waste either of our time bashing my former brethren and their system. I will mention that I became a part of them in my teenage years and know the score. I will acknowledge your words about evil surfacing in the truth and that it was never a problem exclusive to the Witnesses. The problem goes all the way back to the first century as anyone can find out just from reading Acts where some tried to enslave gentiles to the law of Moses, likely for their own selfish gain (chapter 15).

      Yes, we do live in a world of apathetic folks who are mainly fixated on their own selfish concerns. But consider this, Christians were ever meant to convert this world during the Gospel age. That time was meant for the gathering of the true church who will join Jesus in ruling the world at God’s appointed time. An awareness of our unworthiness to be included in that church, much as you seem to have, is an important trait for those God calls to that hope my new friend. One of the beauties of the truth is that we know what is going to happen, especially in the long run. So while we should rightly feel for folks in this world who don’t have the same precious hope as we, we neither look down on them or worry overly about what is going to happen. God has something better in mind for them as well.

      You went through bad things in your youth, some of it due to the inexperience of youth and bad handling by shepherds who never really knew anything other than the “company line.” You’ve tried to find a better way. We invite you to see God as the man the Witnesses claim to be the heirs of saw him and how we see him as well. I know it’s become kind of passe given the way it was used in a popular TV series a few years back, but God loves you and he wants you to know what that really means. He wants to heal you, and he wants to offer you a prize which will be worth everything you went through and will yet go through in this life.

      This forum was put together for folks like us. To help us with counsel, resources and most importantly, truth. This place wasn’t here when I started my journey out of the Organization and towards unadulterated truth. I’m am happy beyond bounds the Chicago brethren started and support this effort specifically for folks like us. I’m also glad to do what little I can to help you as well.

  • Hi.
    I am working on a website for Sweden. I am hoping to create a community for Sweden with the goal on starting to interest people for the Christian message with the Kingdom of God as a theme. being a Christian for 25 years I have come to the conclusion that the biblestudents are as near the truth as you can come today. Please tell as many as you can with connection to Sweden to participate in making this website something that God can bless. We hope that in time we can have many biblestudents here in Sweden that can help others that hunger for the truth and that want t o know the glorious truth about the divine plan of the ages.

    may Jehovah bless you.

    Love from Kent in Sweden.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Kent. These are some of the cities we have visiting from Sweden. Perhaps if they see there are others in Sweden it will help.


      • Hi Jacqueline my best wishes. I am not witness but I receive watchtower and awake magazine. Welcome to Peru and fraternize with peruvian witnesses. Please feel free to. Thanks your att. Oscar

        • Jacqueline

          Hi Oscar Kuo. Sorry to take so long to answer, just got in. It is nice to be concerned about spiritual things. The brothers, witnesses, are good people to associate with. Enjoy! Thank you for visiting the site. There is a lot on here to add to your spiritual meal. Welcome dear friend. In Jesus Dear Name. Jacqueline

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Kent – May Jehovah bless your efforts. We would like to support you in prayer and any other way we can.

  • Tulsigirl (Sharon)

    I’ve been coming here for about a year now so guess you brethren should know my real name. LOL I live in Oklahoma and and quite isolated. I have found a couple of Bible Students in the southwestern area of Oklahoma but that’s a lonnng way from me. But I’ve been blessed to attend many telephone conference studies, Skype (the study here on Wednesday nights) and AdobeConnect online webcasts. So now I don’t feel isolated at all.

    This morning I was reading the Daily Manna (for JWs it’s similar to the Daily Texts) and I wanted to share. Altho I was NOT disfellowshiped I think it is one the most terrible wrong the Watchtower organization follows. Today’s Daily Manna made me think of how wrong it is. It reads:

    Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted-Gal. 6: 1.

    Let us learn well this lesson of reproving others very gently, very considerately, kindly, by a hint rather than a direct charge and detail of the wrong-by an inquiry respecting the present condition of their hearts rather than respecting a former condition, in which we know they have erred. We are to be less careful for the punishments that will follow wrongdoing than for the recovery of the erring one out of the error of his way. We are not to attempt to judge and punish one another for misdeeds, but rather to remember that all this is in the hands of the Lord; we are not in any sense of the word to avenge ourselves or to give any chastisement or recompense for evil–Z ’01, 150 (R 2806).

    Now tell me Brothers and Sisters, after reading that does it sounds as though someone should be “run out on a rail? or rather disfellowshipped?

    I’m just practicing a new experience for me – THINKING! Oh I might also include REASONING! I wasn’t encouraged to do those things as a JW. So these are my thoughts for today. Is disfellowshiping a wrong doer the right thing to do? Does it really bring back a wrong-doer to Jehovah GOD?

    GOD bless you and help you find the JOY and the FREEDOM of worshiping and serving GOD and his precious son, our Lord Jesus Christ that I have found.
    Phillipians 4:4

    • Tulsigirl (Sharon)

      Oh let me add this Poem for today also that goes with the Daily Manna. It comes from the Book named Poems of Dawn.


      HE came to my desk with a quivering lip-
      The lesson was done-
      “Dear teacher, I want a new leaf,” he said,
      “I have spoiled this one.”
      In place of the leaf, so stained and blotted,
      I gave him a new one, all unspotted,
      And into his sad eyes smiled-
      “Do better now, my child.”

      I went to the throne with a quivering soul-
      The old year was done-
      “Dear Father, hast Thou a new leaf for me?
      I have spoiled this one.”
      He took the old leaf, stained and blotted,
      And gave me a new one, all unspotted,
      And into my sad heart smiled-
      “Do better now, My child.”

    • Ken

      Hi Sharon, glad you’ve revealed your name!As for disfellowshipping; I agree with what the Bible says concerning someone who’s an unrepentent drunkard or fornicator etc; those are scriptural reasons,however, my problem is with kicking someone out of the org. because they ask to many question or want to research the org….those reasons are definately unbiblical!

  • Ken

    Hey Jeff, yes I’m the “ken” your dad was refering Too!In fact, he mentioned you at our meeting last wednesday. By all means have him give me your tel# and e-mail address and I’ll do the same…have a great day in the Lord!

  • Ken

    That is so true Tulsigirl….I’m an ex Jw and know exactly what you’re talking about. Since I’ve discovered the Bible students I’ve never been happier!

    • Jeff

      Welcome Ken!

      Thanks for joining the site and joining in some of the interesting conversations around here.

      Keep on pressing on!

      By the way, are you the same Ken that happened to meet with some Bible Students in Madison for a couple of weeks now? Paul is my Father. If you should see them again this week, see if my Dad can slip you my phone number or email address.


  • arimatthewdavies

    Arimatthewdavies also known as jehovahisgod would like to take this time to remind all that everything that is happening in our world is a sure and certain sighn that jehovah god and jesus will soon intervene and put an end to this ungodly mess that satan and worldly men have made! I know rejoyceing is hard to do in these times, but do it anyway for jehovahs glory becase deliverance indeed is drawing near!

    • Jacqueline

      Hi arimatthewdavies, haven’t heard from you in a while, saw you on ejw. Thanks for loving comment. He has it under control so we wait patiently on him.Rom. 8:20-22 offers hope for All creation. “For the creation was subjected to futility, not by its own will but through him that subjected it on the basis of HOPE 21. that the creation itself also will be set free from enslavement to corruption and have the glorious freedom of the children of God. 22 For we know that all creation keeps on groaning together until now (icaps added) Greek Iinterlinear

  • Tulsigirl

    I was just reading the Daily Manna’s scripture and comments for Sept 20. (For the JWs who don’t know that is like the Daily Text) The scripture was from Is 57:15 “Thus says the high and lofty one that dwells in eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place…to revive the spirit of the humble and revive the heart of the contrite one.”

    The comments says in part: “LET us ever keep in memory that a broken and contrite heart the Lord never despises, will never spurn. Therefore, into whatever difficulty any of the Lord’s people of the New Creation may stumble, if they find themselves hungering for the Lord’s fellowship and forgiveness, if they find their hearts contrite and broken, let them not despair, but remember that God has made a provision through the merit of Christ which enables Him to accept and justify freely from all sin all that come unto Him through Jesus– through faith in His blood.”

    I found myself thinking about how the Watchtower Org treats repentant ones who want to return to Jehovah, their families and friends. It reminded me of a time when someone referred to the WT Org as the “Little Papacy.” I didn’t get it. But I do now.
    The Governing Body = The Pope
    The Priest forgives Sin = The Elders forgive Sin

    I also had some refer to the WT Org as a “cult.” I didn’t see it. But I do now.

    Exclusivity = discourages friendship with anyone not a Witness
    Requires unquestioning allegiance
    Solidarity in beliefs with no deviation of the slightest
    Total “devotion” to the Governing Body in all they dictate.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Something to think about, huh?

    The TRUTH – the REAL TRUTH, has set me free. If you are here and you are a Witness, you must have questions, doubts. The WT Org discourages such things. You MUST ask questions to learn the REAL TRUTH. Just like the song says, MAKE THE TRUTH YOUR OWN. So beautiful, but you don’t “make the truth your own,” if you don’t ask questions and discover on your own! ! !

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