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Romans 8:28 promises, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” NASV.  All of us desire to be close to our God Jehovah and his son, Jesus Christ.  We long for their comfort, guidance and encouragement in our lives.  We are promised in Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” NKJV.  Yet when difficult and harsh experiences come, we sometimes feel alone and afraid.  In Hebrews 13:5 we read, “God Himself has said, “I will never, never let go your hand: I will never never forsake you.” Weymouth.  You are not alone.  Your heavenly Father and his Son are watching over you.  You are not alone.  There are others like you who have experienced hard trials and difficult experiences.  Take some time to share with us.  To tell your story.  To encourage others.  That is what this Testimony section is for.

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  • Dundee (Bible Student)

    Thank you Sister Jacqueline & Brother Peter! A bit ago you helped me start on a journey to learn more now about God & Christ through the scriptures than I had learned for 40 years as a JW. Questions I’ve had in my heart for many decades have been answered when I attend Bible Student Conventions. How is that possible? Its like my mind was read & the answers are continually being provided. I recently attended Wilmington Convention & it solidified my faith even more! I thank Jehovah & I thank Jesus for leading me here. The highlight for me was that I got to meet Brother Peter in person at the convention & listen to him give Talks/Discourses. Next I will be looking for Jacqueline. Perhaps one day we can see each other face to face dear Sister in Christ. May the LORD add his blessing & strengthen the two of you to continue assisting those in need & to teach the Truth.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Dundee, it is so nice hearing from you and your mother! We all rejoice when one of our brothers have joy. I can just feel your joy sitting at your convention and hearing with a fresh mind and heart. It can’t be described in words, but I have been there and understand. I hope to meet you one day also.
      I will be at the six day General Convention this year.We will meet Br. Tazzyman and his wife from Australia. You might remember him from the site. He gave a discourse at his convention at AU.
      Maybe you will run up to Johnstown, Pa for a day at the July convention.
      Thanks for coming to report your increase and joy to the site. It warms all of our hearts. Take Care my brother and sister in Christ.

      PS: On the Memorial I would be horrified if I passed on taking the emblems to show Christ I Thank HIM for what he did. All glory goes to God for this Christ.

  • Dundee (Bible Student)

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to testify that I very much enjoyed the Bible Student Memorial of Christ’s Death.
    My mom & I both attended & partook of the emblems. It felt right!

  • Dundee

    Theme: My Religious Persecution Continues…

    The other day I receive a text from my ex wife(JW) who wants our daughter to have a sleepover with 1 of the JW kids. I have no problem with that as my daughter likes this friend. I initially said yes. However…realizing later i made plans weeks ago for a play date with a nice kid from school who’s mother takes my daughter home from school often, who have been nothing but kind, generous, hospitable, & giving to my daughter. Notice the dialog between us parents…

    1st my x calls daughter & explains that her friend from school doesn’t love Jehovah & will die at Armageddon. That she needs our 11 year old to search the jw.org website for video’s to see that she shouldn’t be socializing with her classmate. Daughter runs out her room to me in tears completely shattered!! Tells me her friend will die, that Jehovah God doesn’t love her friend & will kill her. I comfort her, dry her tears, calm her fears, & share with her Matthew 5:37 to “Let our Yes mean Yes”. That she already made these plans & from what Jesus is saying here, he would want her to keep them in place.

    My TEXT to EX: I mistakenly realized Wednesday after I told u yes for her friend at your Kingdom Hall that I made plans b4 your plans were set up.She had plans already with 1 of her friends here who’s been so kind2 take our daughter home from School while you are still at work your weeks so she wouldn’t have to walk home.She bought a bunch of stuff already.Don’t want 2 jeapardize receiving her help by telling her that her family is of no worth&judge them.It would bother my conscience2cancel as u told her to do.So I’ve instructed her in our Worship this week the value of letting our Yes mean Yes as (Jesus) sed in Matt5:37. So definitely another time with her friend will be fine.I honestly forgot we organized these plans early in Decemeber.If […….]is a Friend of Peace she will understand & there will be no issue…

    MY Ex (JW): Listen (Dundee) I’ve no tyme for nonsense & frankly no tyme to discuss this with u. U r an apostate!!! n I’ll not communicate dis wit u.I gave my daughter an assignment to do. So she would come up with a decision on her own. Not 1 I tell her or u. U decide to text me dis hour. Any other correspondence should be via email as I’ve warned u. I will not respond to any other. Tell (daughter)to contact me as I’ve tried reaching get severally & am sure u have told her not to respond.Its sad indeed!!!

    ME: Thanks 4 all the insults. (I mentioned Jesus words) didn’t realize that is Apostasy. But I expected a response like yours.A Bible verse of teaching honesty2our daughter triggered such a Violent display of expressions from u.Not interested in (your opinion) of me.Only my eldest brother Jesus& his Father Jehovah & Mine. U may need to get advice from your friends at the weekend meeting now on how to get even with me 4 merely inculcating the Truth in our children as is my scriptural obligation 2 not preach Hate 2 our kids. I take my responsibility seriously by sharing God Inspired Words. Deut 6:5-9. Also she has been studying while u r trying 2 break her spirits while its my week.

    My Ex: Listen Apostate!! Don’t preach to me. U refused discussing religion during court mediation so get your head right ok. Action!! Speak volumes. Am not going to discuss this. U may deceive the kids or sum others about who u really are.What Congregation do u attend??? That should not be a Secret…U r hiding from the brothers, speaking against them & trying to get others on your side…Who does that??? AN APOSTATE!!!!! What have u done???Stop speaking against the brothers. I’ve heard all u said. People see you for what u are, making up stories in your head of unrealities. Get medicated so you can think clearly. u have been warned. What I discussed with daughter is the best course of action that she read & come up with a scriptural decision. U don’t listen & believe every wim, datz ur prob. Listen!!! Focus on real issues. I’ve sent u several emails to no avail. Don’t u ever, ever text me 2am again unless its an emergency. U new from Wednesday that she had plans but failed to tell me until Saturday. I’ve no tyme to exchange words. I still have not heard back from daughter for days now. I wonder why???? U r da prob!!! Stop!! You’ll reap what u r doing to these kids one day, mark it. I have said my peace. Don’t talk to me about your week because you’ve also had my wk in da past so get your facts right. I’ve compromised so you too can have what ever you wanted to do or go with them. So don’t tell me its your week. Because if you go with the PSA Property Settlement Agreement it actually my week starting so get it right.s

    Daughter calls mother & says she had phone off & was studying like crazy for a test. & she tried searching the website & found nothing. Mother says..All this wasn’t necessary…all you had to tell me is that you’re not going to the witnesses house & are going to your classmates house instead. This is all your fault daughter.

    Daughter tells me. She looked confused & said that mom said this is all daughters fault. I told daughter this is a technique mother is using to shift blame on daughter when infact mother was making the issue & Religon was making the issue.

    ME: Fwd: “There’s one zealous (fear trapped) soul spewing forth venom.”
    A mesg. sent 2 me from an Elder after I prayed to Jehovah about you & yur religious persecution directed at me. Jehovah sent this reply quite quickly. Yes (venom) is spewing out your mouth as Worship..

    Ex: Stop Apostate. What Congregation r u going to? Don’t need u forwarding anything not authentic. There was a part/ article about that. Don’t no if your aware. So don’t send me anything. It will be harassment. Better yet, send the elder my text messages & #. Give me his name n cong!! That will be great!! You are hiding, deceiving sum. But the truth will 1 day come out. You refused telling me what cong my children go to. So that I’ll no they r getting spiritually fed. I see it when they come to me & how I need to work to undo the satanic influence you’ve created.Am no judge, Jehovah is. It saddens me about them.

    Me: More Religious Persecutions spewing out your mouth like Venom. U just won’t quit. U resemble ISIS with your targeting me in Your scopes chopping me to pieces with your sword. All you ever do is judge. Pick Pick. Over & over u nid pick like a broken record. Each time you persecute me it gives an opportunity for God to give me blessings in my life. Builds me up spiritually. I am not a man with a small self esteem from your constantly Picking & Judging as b4. My self esteem built up when the honorable judge………ordered you 2 leave my home Forever..U try2tear me down always. People like u r bringing Scandal Within. I will always stand up for myself with my Last Dying Breath. Who tells you I’m hiding?Are the elders saying this to u? Have them come to my home & accuse me of that! R they siding with a Seductress? I will not be Bullied by ANYONE u send after me!!! Sending people to bully me from Jehovah’s Witnesses is very clever of u & Jehovah will always protect me from counterfeits.(To clarify what I mean by Counterfeit is not to b directed against the organization being your trying to cleverly prove Apostasy…but toward your close Friends that u plot against me with that are counterfeits no matter who they Are.) One day I pray that in the Name of Jesus Your Demons will cast out of u & you’ll be a peacemaker when they leave & that you’ll be more God-like instead of resembling the Devil in your attacking me. U r the 1 instilling in the kids they can never be good enough for Jehovah & the things your friends in the cong.say to our son to guilt him r shameful!!!! I won’t stand 4 that at all!! U think he keeps that from me? I will deprogram them from your judging people & teach them about a God u know nothing about. Oh & as far as what Cong.I belong to or trying to take away my Christian Religious Freedoms as a parent…Again this is America.. The 1st Ammendment to our Constitution gives me religious rights for my parenting time no matter what your (unlettered biased friends)tell u. Any fair Judge in this country will honor that. Our founding Fathers have set up this protection for people like me who have to be persecuted by people like U. Are there any of your other friends beside (named an elder-her close friend) that would like to (Bear False Testimony)????? Exodus 20:16 (This i said to her cause months ago this elder provided written documention to a judge trying to persuade the judge to take away both kids. I possess the court discovery papers & maintained my one week on, one week off custody)

    Ex: Please. Thats your problem. U make up things in your head. Thats a sign of mental illness. It runs in your family so why u won’t get help? As I’ve told u b4 get treatment so that u can be well. There’s no plot against u. You’ve continually thought so. It’s all in your head. I’ll not be opening up any text. So stop sending me such. U plot against yourself because your apostasy is clearly seen in your Actions. I don’t need to prove that.You should focus your attn on more important things like daughter failing in class. Do u even no her overall grade??? & in 2 oda clases she’s not doing well. She runs the risk of repeating 9th grade. I’ve emailed u regarding dis with no response as to your plan. What do u plan to do to help?? Cause I’ve mine. What is your plan? Or going back n forth about rubbish is more important. Listen!!!! My priority is my kids. & I’ve told u this over the years. Why don’t u focus on the smell that’s in your house each time I pick them, they smell. Why don’t u focus on the last time u took your son for a hair cut. I’ve been the 1 doing it for who knows how long now. Yet u take him to the meeting unkept. Yea right!!! What meeting??? I’ve been doing Rachel’s hair now for who knows how long. Do I complain to u??? No!! So again..Actions speak louder than words. You’ve refused telling me what Cong.U take them because you are not taking them. Keep running..Focus on the kids & how to make their lives better. & not on ur made up plot. Believe me no 1 is thinking or talking about u on a regular basis. U are not important…

    ME: Really…..it duz????(referring to mental illness)
    Am I mentally ill now or an apostate? Which is it????? Anything else u need to spew out?There are Doctors that 1 can vent their anger to, perhaps they can help your temper. Why won’t u leave me alone??? All this for daughter having a play date with her friend?? Perhaps I need to be like Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise…ceasing ALL communications. Just send your elders after me. Thats all u need 2 do at this point because u like to War & not be Peaceful. It is beyond u to be nice. U r free to raise the kids as u see fit your half of month & I’m free to raise them the way I & the Holy Scriptures teach here for my half. Focus on your weeks please. Again as the mediator sed u keep blaming me when u should be refocussing on our kids alone. I’ve had enough now…I must now tell my God your words & look forward to His Love in response.

    ME: I continually give you my new email u keep sending things I assume to my old one. Again my email address………& yes I am aware & have been in contact with teacher & guidance counselor. Perhaps u can stop blaming me 4 any grades & do your part while I do mine. As soon as you realize everything is not my fault then daughter can be helped. & she studied at your place & failed tests..I just chose not to go there with you or play the blame game. She just is not getting the material. I’m not telling her to fail. Thats preposterous! P.S. I’ve had 2 PCP’s (Primary Care Physicians) since the divorce. I’ve told them u think I’m mentally ill. After eval they said I was perfectly normal. Interesting thing was the ONLY people telling me that I’m ill is your Mother, You, & ……..name of elder in RELIGION…All uneducated in the department of mental health. But all 3 Hate me violently!!!!strange cooincidence. Just a technique of trying 2 get inside someone to cripple them emotionally..But as I always state…that duzn’t work on me those techniques. It may work on others.

    Ex: Send all messages via email.11 mesgs?? OMG!! Please u r both mentally ill & an apostate. Stop your nonsense. Your just giving me dis email now. U never update it. Good to know. Again I have no time for your high school drama.All part of paranoia.. Someone is always out to get you. OMGudness!!!This is science on what I’m saying that your mentally ill. Its genetic. [[Interesting thing is her mother is mentally ill not sure if its on record BUT her sister has slashed her wrists, suicidal, mentally ill..So who’s family does it run in? She forgets. But I didn’t say anything]]

    ME: I’ll have 2 figure out how being an alleged mental ill patient & alleged apostate, & a paranoid now. So computer stuff isn’t compatible with those alleged ailments.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Dundee, I am so sorry to see you and your family has had a rough time during the kids vacation break. Divorce is a multisided very complex situation and children often bind the two people.
      There is relief in sight however, because the children will become adults and the two parents can finally go their separate ways. Until then pray.
      It is very brave of you to share your conversation here and we have persons that perhaps can see in addition to the process itself of divorce. religion should not, but often is brought into the mix and it gets more complicated. I might suggest if I may that the children have a confidential therapist where they can vent and the therapist make sure all is going well with the teenagers in this situation as they are very delicate and the young parents can’t see as clearly.
      Take care of yourself and tell your Mom hello for me. We will pray for Peace. God Bless, Jacqueline

      • Dundee

        It never ends Jacqueline, it never ends…Yes though i can’t wait for adulthood, I don’t want to see my babies spread their wings & fly away. As far as a therapist, my one child says what a Bible Student might reply, that he wants to hold on to the situation to make him stronger & learn from it. That he does not need any help with it. His grades are great. My other child does not believe in therapists as I tried & it is a wasted session, got no where. Then mother found out & I was verbally attacked. So I try in my own way to put a positive spin on things, but is still a work in progress. I just got another lengthy email from my ex which took a better part of the day to deal with & respond. I told her that once she keeps religion out of her conversations with me & once she can get her friends in town to leave me alone,particularly not saying things in front of our daughter, then that is the moment things will fall into place & our child can have two parents helping her to succeed in school.Otherwise this banter will go back & forth & never end. Told her to get the elders after me already & called her bluff on that. She told me some of the things the elders divulged to her & that they are annointed of Jehovah. I told her an annointed of Jehovah would never EVER cause contentions among ex’s. And I will stand up to BULLY’s in all forms..

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Dundee , with some persons that want contact, even negative contact will do. Lol I agree with you that religion should not be in tins as it is like pouring gasoline on a fire.
          Witnesses are about control and bullying. She is trying to make you go to the kingdom hall. Acting as if it is your duty to take the children when they are with you. But that shouldn’t be. You can study the bible with your children as you are as good as those men at the king Dr on hall. Even introduce them to your worship. Witnesses try to control what religiously is heard by anyone that has been near the kingdom hall. She is blind but hopefully something might just open her eyes to at least stop controlling what others choose to do. Take care of yourself, it is a distraction from the adversary to force you to abandon Jesus in favor of the so called vicars of Christ, the governing body.

          • Dundee

            I guess little did she realize that when she tried so desperately to turn every single one of them against me while she secretively kept being immoral,that she was making this present reality4the children.

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              Dundee, sorry to not see your comment we are at the Chicago convention and I have guest. Children are resilient and will be adults and adversity can help them to make proper decisions in their lives. Divorce brings many problems regardless of where the blame is but it is survivable and children will grow up. Then the two parents can forgive, accept and hopefully have a decent life. I wish peace for you and your family this year. Take Care and give my love to your mother.

  • Dundee

    Interesting thing happened…i was driving home from work. As I approached a 1/4 mile away, I see coming out the parking lot of a sandwich shop a nice looking car & looking into the drivers seat trying to exit the parking lot is the Cobe(Coordinator of the body of elders)who has attacked me on a number of occasions.Recently his plan backfired trying to sway a judge by written documentation that I’m unfit to parent my 2kids. & recently i wrote to the WT about it & sent in much court discovery proving the elders plotting with my ex wife. I just want them to know that even though i don’t expect any of them to be removed, that i will speak up always for myself & whistleblow to the Watchtower each time they retaliate).Well, i see HIM in the driver seat & I instinctivaly slow down my vehicle & stare into his eyes.My facial expression was extremely serious & focused on his eyes.As if my eyes were communicating to him that he’s crossed a line, that I’m still here in town, & enough is ENOUGH!! His eyes locked on mine. He wasn’t looking to his right & left to exit, he recognized me & my car. He looked spooked! He looked extremely aged like suddenly older than normal. My car passed by. I turned off the 1st turn i can see & just stopped my car & looked behind me, he was driving extremely slow like he was concerned. But that is the extent of my actions..I will give a look. Since seeing him I really don’t think he will now pursue anymore attacks on me. I think he got the message. I also feel perhaps the LORD aged him greatly since last i saw him 2 years ago. He looks sooo old! Remarkably any upsettedness i had inside for making me waste $4000 in court recently has been disappearing. If this system lasts, he will pass away from age & health.I feel Jehovah made sure i crossed paths with him at the very moment I did because truthfully it has been soooooo upsetting to be victimized by these brothers for sooooo many decades. It doesn’t stop. They want to kill me. Another elder in the same hall who slandered me from the platform, the very worst humiliation that anyone could of ever experienced, has coincidentally lost two toes from a diabetic attack & has stopped focussing on me.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Dundee hello, You are a MAN! I for one am glad for once to see a male from the former witness community stand their ground and not look down at the ground when they come face to face with these gestapo. It will take away their power and maybe another person that has chosen to stay within the organization of the witnesses will get a break. Maybe they will stop doing the bidding of the Hitler like governing body by interfering in family affairs. We tell people to always make eye contact with the abuser because abusers are bullies. Bullies sometimes will choose another “whipping boy”, move on, to another target or in the case of some of the elders of the JW back off. I personally don’t think you were in error by making this eye contact. Now you may get a measure of peace. Your wife will not have him as an ally and one by one your enemies will fall. Patience and sin not, God will fight your battle.
      I have seen some of the elders from my former congregation and they appear older. I am older than them yet they appear to be sullen not crisp and happy like you would expect a person happy in Christ to be. I do know however about the pressure they are under to fund the organization. If the publishers don’t put the required pledge in the contribution box the elders have to make up the difference every month. They and the circuit overseer takes responsibility now for some of the liability that used to go directly against the organization headquarters. They are being sued directly by publishers.
      We don’t want anyone to be stressed out but at least you might get a break as he tell the others that you are no longer afraid of them as men.
      Your children will be of age before you know it and you can distance yourself from their mom if it cause you mental or emotional distress.
      I wish you the best and may you have peace in Christ as you carry on as MEN. God Bless!

  • SJ

    I really see this site as one that uses the truth someone has learned as one of JW’s to start their own site of believers. Perhaps they want the center light for themselves much like someone else we know.. Don’t be like that! Go to Jehovah in prayer. And others who have issues with their family members should handle this in private and not with site watchers. Even the title of this site is really deceiving. Leave Jehovah’s people alone. Make your way back to the truth or stay strong if you are there and leave this site. There is nothing out in the world worth making trade.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      SJ – I admire your faith and that you are standing strong in your conviction. We do not mean to bring any harm to our JW friends. If you are happy as a JW, we are not encouraging you to leave. If you are a JW, be the best example of a true Christian follower of Christ you can be. Now SJ, on this website, we encourage open dialogue. I encourage you to pick one specific topic that you would like to correct us on. How are we wrong on that issue. Let us know. We want to hear your opinion. This is what Christian liberty is about. We can find the Truth, when we cast out fear, when we are honest and when we seek answers directly from Jehovah’s word, the Bible, as superior to what any person or organization instructs us.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      SJ, hello and thank you for commenting, that took courage and you seem sincere. I agree with Br. Peter that we continuously emphasize we do not encourage or ask persons to leave the Jehovah Witness organization. The Bible students have never been witnesses and never learned from them. In fact our beliefs of what the Bible says are different.
      Since Bible students have never been witnesses they can’t return. I know you wondered even as I did when I found the Bible students, we were deceived into thinking they were all dead but that was not the truth. With the internet many untruths are being uncovered. Could it be Jehovah Holy Spirit led you here?
      Ask us a question. Read the subject such as Armageddon and the ressurection subjects, you will see a loving God actually is fair and not unjust as he is depicted by killing all except witnesses at Armageddon. Even children and persons that have by virtue of where they are born can’t get to know him.
      Maybe we could discuss that because most witnesses remain so because of fear of Armageddon.
      Recently the governingbody said that Br. Russell is not the founder of the Bible students. Br. Rutherford did around 1927 taking on the name in 1931 to distinguish his new religion from the Bible Students.
      Hope to hear from you, Agape Jacqueline,

  • Dundee (Bible Student)

    Who would of ever thought that from the 1st moment I surfed this website & made a post that I would of gained lasting friendships. Not only have I gained Jacqueline & Peter from here but I have friendly people in my group that meets local, & also at the conventions I’ve widened out to more spread across the U.S. & even one i met from France.They are very pleasant to converse with. One thing I’ve observed for myself, I have no question in my mind if the Bible Students are sincere in their love of Jehovah & Jesus. I can see they are onboard.

  • Dundee

    Hi, this is Dundee. I know its been awhile on this site. I need some help with something.
    I was in communication with my JW father. He doesn’t like to call me or his grandchildren. I am not DF’d. We worship Jehovah.

    I was telling him that I wasn’t feeling well with a few concerns from the Doctor today but am taking some good natural remedies that always do the trick for me to make me well again. Via text mesg. he said that he was sori 2 hear that i was suffering with some pain.Sounds nice…rite? So I responded this:

    Its apart of life. No compaints. Our individual experience gives us a longing 4 the Kingdom. Our experience of sufferings should give us Empathy for fellow humans because we have an insight now when we have these sufferings of our own when we deal with others who are having similar troubles. Our character is being built up as we strive to put on the white robe of Christ in the bk of Revelation standing b4 the throne. To try & be a blessing to as many ppl as possible when the time arrives.

    Dad’s response to me “What in the world are u talking about?You sound like a worldly preacher.

    My response “Oh boy U always have such a way to complement. Nite”

    His response “Never heard a Witness use that terminology”

    My response “Is it the white robe?
    Is it the showing of empathy
    Or the longing for the kingdom?
    Or the being a blessing to others?
    We are all unique creation. We all are allowed to express our heart.”

    His response “Don’t understand what you mean”

    Mine: “If u don’t understand cause I’m a different person than you & given my own powers of understanding, why do you resort to calling names?

    His response “Are you affiliated with a cong?
    What name did I call you?”

    Mine:I think u r just looking thru a microscope to find something to fit your opinions of me. I remember when I used to work with you in the ministry & whenever i would speak at the doors you would correct every single thing i said if i didn’t recite it the way you taught me. I don’t talk the same as you. Then I didn’t want to talk at the doors while you were with me….I was quoting the bk of Revelation in the Bible dad.
    You’re calling me a worldly preacher & saying I don’t sound like a witness. 2 insults.

    His response: Do you go to a kingdom hall?

    • Dundee (Bible Student)

      My response: Prov.17:14 I took my leave…Yes I am affiliated with a Cong.I do attend my meetings. I should ask if you are going?
      Prov18:24 (you may not realize how your personal comments to me when we speak are designed to break a person to pieces)
      Catch yourself please! Listen carefully to your phrase-eology. It is foreign.
      Either you say I don’t speak like a witness,
      or you challenge if i worship Jehovah,
      or last time you throw the phrase borderline apostate.

      Those insults don’t fade away so easy pops.

      I merely said yesterday our personal experience blds character
      2Peter 1:5-7 “Supplying to our Faith, virtue, knowledge,self control,endurance,godly devotion,brotherly affection,LOVE.”
      Our experience bld these as we strive to bld a foundation with gold.precious metals.stone 1cor 3:12-15

      Rev.7:9 speaks of the white robes standing b4 the throne. Its provided by Christ.
      1 cor 6:11 washed clean & declared righteous in the name of our lord Jesus

      Isaiah 1:18 sins should be crimson but are white like snow or wool.
      Sori, I thought we were feeding at Jehovah’s table. I’m there. I have a seat saved 4 u.

  • Sebastião Mendes de Freitas

    Porque os Testemunhas de Jeová, não divulga os grupos discidentes que perpetuaram os ensinos de C.Tazel Russel e J. Rutherford?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Sebastião Mendes de Freitas

      Google Translator: Because Jehovah’s Witnesses do not disclose the dissident groups that perpetuated the teachings of C.Tazel Russell and J. Rutherford?

      Response: Yes, that is true that the Jehovah’s Witness Organization does not acknowledge that groups exists who respect the writings of CT Russell and other groups respecting JF Rutherford. For more in Portuguese, click on this ink:

      Resposta: Sim, é verdade que a Organização das Testemunhas de Jeová não reconhece que existe grupos que respeitam os escritos de CT Russell e outros grupos respeitando JF Rutherford. Encontre mais informações em Português aqui:

  • Jerry kann

    Hi Jaq and P…this is from my phone so excuse the abbreviations.
    Thanku for that link. Very interesting indeed. Yesterday I got to thinking that if u break it down to basic bible principles, the same ones that JW use with new bible students, it becomes clear.
    Basic principle 1. With evil things, God cannot be tried. Principle 2.Jehovah does not change. He is the same as he ever was and will be.
    Principle 3. When looked at as a composite, during this time of the end, all the negative events point to the fulfillment of Jesus ‘sign’. Not one or two isolated things.
    Applying them…
    1. If the methods used by Rutherford were unchristian, the organization does not have its origin with God.
    2. Jehovah did not suddenly change between Russell death and 1919 when the slave was apparently appointed (according to Jw) So who changed? Rutherford did.
    3. When looking at Rutherfords character and behaviour as a composite, in context, over time…it’s clear his basic motivation in life was highly suspect. He was not a peaceful, loving man. His life, as the time of the end is, was marred by conflict, deprivation of others, self indulgence, excesses and wars.

    I am going to quietly continue on my path. Thanks again for your prompt responses. I will check in from time to time and keep you posted. My real issue is that I’m not so sure I have ever experienced the ‘freedom which belongs to christ’ under all the books and meetings and mumbo jumbo. Or that I would even recognize it.
    At this stage, it’s baby steps.
    Take care.
    Jerry Kann

    • jacqueline ( Bible student)

      Hi Jerry, on the contact form send me your contact info with city. That way Br Peter will forward to brothers in your country or give info directly to you.
      I understand your hesitancy as I look on fro ?outside at my sons and their wives. They have so much put on them with their little children that they can’t ever just open their Bible.
      The field service time is Just walking and the meetings are damage control and fear. It is abusive the pressure They are under. But they feel they have to work to save their children and themselves.
      I know now what it means when it says it is a “FREE GIFT”. But they are told they have to earn it.
      I can’t say much, just try to help releave some of the pressure by helping. So I understand, you must pray and let the Spirit guide you to Christ by finally being able to think, slow It down and study and read the Bible.once his Spirit enjoins with you, it will set you free. You have taken the first step by allowing yourself to seek him.
      The present day governing body is in my opinion WORSE THAN RUTHERFORD. The men have been neutered and let them run over and in their households. It is not natural for males to give elders and the governing body the power over them in the manner that They have.
      Feel free to express your thoughts.
      I am at the HUNTSVILLE CONVENTION now.
      Click on convention and the internet links are there to see it in real time. Please sign in with your name.

      • Dundee

        Hi Jacqueline & Hi Jerry,
        Yes I agree it is not natural for a man to give control to the elders or the GB Governing Body.
        Its funny, I told my dad that he’s been neutered. That he speaks like he’s connected to a universal hive mind. I think of Star Trek with the Borg…resistance is futile…we will assimilate. They were connected to a hive mind. I live this with my dad. Any & all scriptures must 1st be entered into the Watchtower Library CD to see what the current understanding of the hive mind, the GB says. No independent thinking. No thinking at all.When I was in attendance myself, anytime I expressed a thought of a scripture, I was labeled a borderline apostate. So I gave into giving up my control for a time. They were interfering in EVERY aspect of my life& others. I did speak up, but believed I had to relinquish control to conform to the majority doing the same.Most others did not speak up at all..

    • Dundee (Bible Student)

      Hi Brother Jerry,
      May Jehovah continue to bless you on your path. The administrators of this web site put me in contact with some local Bible Students within my locale last year. I must say, life has been exciting ever since. I have enjoyed their opening up the word of God & speaking about it. And most of all their sincerity & love toward the Heavenly Father.There were many things that I didn’t know were in the scriptures. Foremost that Jehovah is such a loving God to have such a beautiful Divine Plan of the Ages. And for the 1st time I learned about Jesus, I mean I REALLY Learned about him. I continue to be intrigued when in attendance at Bible Student Conventions or meetings or just eating out with a local elder & his wife & discussing the Kingdom. I have/had been a jw for 40years. In the short time I have been in association with the Bible Students, I have learned more in the truth message over 1 1/2 years, then in the 40. All through examining the scriptures just like the ancient Boreans must have done. May the LORD bless you in your quest of worshipping Him.
      Love Brother (Dundee)

      • Lincoln

        Hi Dundee,

        It is a long story you have with the JW. I understand your situation since I have tried it myself. I am not dfs either, but I was “declared not to be associated with” since I became a Born again Christian 25 years ago.

        I will give you my Jesus this way to strengthen you. (skip the ad)


        Your Christian family wants you to comford you in the name of Jesus.

  • Jerry kann

    Hi again….thank you for the expressions to my post. Yes if you think that every neurological fibre in your body and almost all of your emotional experiences in life relating to pain or pleasure, have in some way been intertwined with JW your entire life, including events, weekly routine, births, deaths…then there is a real danger of damage if you go cold turkey. I am not about to replace them with anything else so it’s not as if I am looking for a substitute. However a crossroads of choice either or will come in time. I am aware of that. But by then I hope to sufficiently armed with a balance of knowledge and courage and wisdom so as to know how to proceed. It’s a delicate thing, this thing called faith. Holy ground.
    A question I have relates to the hostile take over. The impression I have from Light after Darkness and all the other accounts of Rutherfords character is that he may very well have simply had a chavenistic issue with the curtailing effect the 5 sisters designated by Russell’s will to be his voice, would have had on future control of the Society. Given his labelling of the bros who never shared his excessive view of alcohol as ‘weak’, given the state of his own marriage, given his bullying treatment of anyone who never fell in line, could it be that it was as simple as he never liked the idea of women having any say in anything? When he spoke of the faithful men of old coming back to life in 1925, I don’t read him mentioning any faithful women coming back, like Sarah. It struck me that he may have simply been a chauvenist who was compensating for the lack of feminine influence in his upbringing, through bullying women and ‘weak’ men. Those loyal to Russell he seems to have seen as weak and easy prey, when all they were was trying to be christlike in trust and patience and loyalty. I wonder if Rutherford had a very controlling mother and his unresolved issues came out later? Was he an only child? Just curious. Would you care to comment on that?

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Jerry hello again also, I found this about Rutherfords life. I didn’t have time to read it thru so just posting it, not vouching for it. http://www.freeminds.org/history/mystery_years.htm
      He had a huge problem with women being regarded as anything more than property. This attitude prevailed in his organization and some sisters are treated in this manner still within the congregations but it has lessened in latter years as more women stop tolerated this attitude.
      My opinion and it doesn’t mean much but I just really and truly believe it was a power play by satan to create a shadow look a like organization. Remember he can’t understand the plan of God before hand like humans who get Holy Spirit to help them discern prophecy. He is in darkness and have to wait and see then act. He saw, wow, they are discerning the plan. Br. Russell died and he is an oportunist and jumped at the right time. THAT IS THE WAY HE IS! He saw the opportunity to create a deception but because he can’t get holy Spirit they have to keep changing doctrine. Now that is how I see it because normal people would realize they are just printing lies and stop but these men are led by something. He gives them lots of money and prestige. They have headquarters rivaling the Vatican, yet they have only about 5 million people. (Not counting DF and inactive). Because they have no shame with thinking people are buying this lifestyle, I conclude they are possessed or being lead and controlled by their god, satan. No scriptures just my thinking it through.
      The Bible students according to my grandfather felt he might do right so before they were aware he had gone to far and it was best to just get away from him. Now we have a more purer form of Truth still existing by a people that appeared to be dead. I think they were hidden from Jehovah witnesses eyes until the proper time (internet). Now they can easily be found once hearts allow themselves to look for truth.

      • Dundee

        Hi Jacqueline,
        You mentioned who they are being led by. I find that very interesting. Because whomever I speak to of my old jw friends or my dad, i find this: When i speak of Christ, they make a look in their eyes that it is foreign to their understanding. I quote scriptures & they hesitate. They’ll tell me I don’t sound like a jw. They launch insults like burning missiles at me. And they make judgements telling me exactly what Jehovah will do to everyone except jw’s. As if they can control God’s hand in his judgements. I leave their presents not upbuilt in the least but discouraged. If I mention my mom was dying, they change the topic. No expressions of love. I know if a person was being led by Jehovah, it would be the opposite of what I’ve experienced in my everyday crossing paths with my jw friends. Looking to how Jesus treated ppl when he walked this earth, I get a better picture of our Heavenly Father Jehovah, & by their fruits we can recognize. So I thank you for expressing your opinion as to what mite be wrong with the picture.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Dundee hello, it is so nice to hear from you. My but you are catching it with discouragement. Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, belies, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.
          Witnesses have been conditioned to behave abnormally. As indicated by the response to your mother dying. A normal person would drop hate even to talk about your mom. Which bow, how is she doing? Hopefully better.
          One thing I have learned and practice is silence or no preaching to the uncapped or one that are not asking for my opinion or why I believe the way I do.
          I also use language a witness is familiar with. I do this because I put myself in their shoes, I would sound foreign to them if I used words like consecration. Dedication they would understand etc. But mostly i have just wAnted to be free and not really discuss my views unless asked specifically. I think the person not being accepted in his home territory might apply.
          With your father, it seems he controlled or corrected you often in the ministry while you write a witness. This will only get worse now. He for one will always be your father and unless humility or a situation happens within the organization he is caught in their trap.
          Since this is not the age for world conversion I choose to let relatives see a sermon rather than attempted to teach or preach to them, I want never to intrude on their rights to serve GOD the way they see fit,
          It would be nice if they could learn the same.
          These experiences are teaching lessons and help you to grow and be strong.
          You will began to figure out how to proceed after each incidence.
          I got on with my life developed friends among the brothers attend conventions, sit and just talk to a neighbor but no more than a wave of hello from afar when dealing with witnesses. They are conditioned to think they are special.
          It is so nice seeing you come thru the sickness with your mom. You showed great love. Take Care

          • Dundee (Bible Student)

            Hi Jacqueline,
            Thanks for asking.Mom is recovered fully.A miracle i will never forget! She doesn’t have a lot of strength to do anything though. We sit & read things together but quickly she is dozing off. We listen to recordings on this web site, which absolutely is stimulating spiritually. We subscribe to the END TIMES, & The Herald of Christ Presence & read that together. I give her the bible to look up the scriptures & it is such a wonderful feeling to be led to gems of truth we had been steered away from in our other world. We are happy inside. But as a human we still feel. I can see the logic behind waving from a distance my jw brothers & sisters.For my own sanity. In my business i run, some witnesses call me. There is one i will just tell her the job’s too small. Her brother in law is the elder who cost me $4000 in litigation after he went after my kids. Another I have been able to speak to, she is extremely open minded but the job takes forever & am making horrible money.I will tell her the same. Another is an elder that my mom & I believe was a plant to find information of where i attend.When I told him what his fellow elders were trying to do, but that I believed Jehovah would protect my custody rights, he didn’t express any type of emotion. I will cancel the contract with him for my sanity. I know you have a headstart in this Jacqueline.So I appreciate your direction. BTW…i was at my friends for an appt…he does body balancing with herbs, homeopathics, vitamins,etc along with, if necessary, emotional clearings. He said there wasn’t anything that was affecting my health from the emotions. Besides intense pain, which he’s helping with, he said to me that it was Religion that was at the heart of every single problem in my life. That once he cleared the conflicts in the past, I have been able to make decisions free from any conflict in my soul. That even though the elders tried to have a court take my kids away recently, I was able to face my x wife & present my case & things went in my favor on multiple counts. That even though it affected my health for the moments in the situation, that my body was able to recover quick enough with no long term affects. We had a nice discussion about the Kingdom because he loves humanity.He loves to help as many people as possible.I gave him our God’s Kingdom IS AT HAND! YOU AND EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER LIVED WILL BE IN IT! Tract. He just loved it! Put it in his shirt pocket after reading it thorougly & he was displaying the words….God’s Kingdom That was so encouraging! To give him something in return for all his labors in connection with the ppl he comes in contact with. He realized that at that moment he was correct..there will be a Kingdom that will be the solution to everything..

            • Jacqueline (Bible student)

              People, think we are crazy when we say the religion was killing us physically. But it is the truth. It is as toxic as any chemical spill is to the eco system of say the ocean. Like the ocean our systems have a balance, to destroy or severely maim any major part like the heart and control the mind will kick us out of balance.
              But you and your Mom are a great example of how you get to critical mass but doctors from Jehovah ( Holy spirit, hospital, courts, bible help from Bible Students) have help you put your systems back in sync.
              You will have some hiccups because of your job contacts.
              It is okay to say no. No is a complete sentence and needs no explanation.
              You will make it Dundee. Your Mom will make it. Your children will make it. All by the GRACE GOD HAS ALREADY PROVIDED FREE! CHRIST! They will be exposed and have to bow before the KINGDOM. It is our true hope that is SURE. Take care and talk it out here.
              Btw: Smart man to lose the money rather than your peace. I shy away from witness clients.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Jerry Kann – I am seeking answers to your questions about Rutherford.

      Eric Patterson of PastorRussell.com writes: “Yes, he was an only child. I do not know anything about his mother. They were a dirt poor farming family and his presence on the farm was essential for their survival. When he wanted to go to law school his dad would not let him because he thought that such kinds of education were a waste of time and that it would cause him to think more of himself than he ought. He convinced his father to let him go if he found for AND PAID FOR a day laborer to take his place. So, he did everything he could to not only pay for the day laborer but also pay his way through school. As is true for everyone I’m sure those early experiences in his childhood and teen years were what formed him into the person we know he became.”

      Jim Parkinson adds: “Jim Hill sent the 1900 census, which shows JFR’s father was born in Kentucky and his mother in Tennessee. His wife was Mary (Fetzer) Rutherford, and her parents were both born in Germany. R. Persson says that JFR was the seventh of eight children of a strict Baptist family. He questions whether JFR actually went to law school, but he did become a court recorder at first.”

      Years ago I knew Bro. Ken Thompson from Palm Dessert CA. He told me his wife was close friends with Mary Rutherford. He said that Sr. Rutherford would regularly cry on his wife’s shoulder lamenting that JF Rutherford was a drunk and with prostitutes.

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