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Apostasy? Who is an Apostate?

The concept of the apostasy as a “falling away” is clearly defined in the Scriptures. The prophetic and historic “apostasy” of the Christian Age has been the Papacy (2 Thessalonians 2:3-8).

The Historic Apostasy—and Many Apostasies.

As the “mystery of evil [lawlessness],” the apostasy was already fomenting in the Apostles’ day with “elders” emerging as Read more…

How should a church (or Kingdom Hall) be organized according to the Bible?

On Sunday November 7, elder Russ Marten gave the annual election discourse (talk or sermon). The Chicago Bible Students have this type of discourse once a year, the week before Church elections of elders, deacons and other church offices. Brother Russ speaks about the order and organization within the Church of which the Read more…