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Pastor Russell Founded the Bible Students, Not the Jehovah’s Witnesses

The picture is clear. The historical data reveals beyond a doubt that the Bible Students founded by Pastor Russell and Jehovah’s Witnesses founded by Judge Rutherford are two separate movements.

Pastor Russell founded the Bible Students. The movement had its beginning in 1872 at Allegheny, Pennsylvania, where a newly formed Bible Class selected Charles Taze Read more…

How Can Doubting Jehovah’s Witnesses FADE to Avoid being Marked, Shunned or Disfellowshipped?

Definition of Fading: is making your presence felt less and less in the congregation until you are almost invisible, not missed, so you can quietly leave.

To Fade or not to Fade?

Before making a decision to Fade, there are a few issues we need to consider first.

Making changes in our lives Read more…


Should apostates and sinners be disfellowshipped from the congregation?

“Apostate” is a term used by the governing body and JW organization, but let’s look at the Bible list of unacceptable behavior.


Various sins prevent people from inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Gal 5:19-21 says, “Now the Read more…

More about how to FADE (gradually leave the Watchtower Society) with minimum damage

Ez 34:4,5: “4 The sickened ones YOU have not strengthened, and the ailing one YOU have not healed, and the broken one YOU have not bandaged, and the dispersed one YOU have not brought back, and the lost one YOU have not sought to find, but with harshness YOU have had them in subjection, even Read more…

How should a church (or Kingdom Hall) be organized according to the Bible?

On Sunday November 7, elder Russ Marten gave the annual election discourse (talk or sermon). The Chicago Bible Students have this type of discourse once a year, the week before Church elections of elders, deacons and other church offices. Brother Russ speaks about the order and organization within the Church of which the Read more…


The whole purpose of addressing sin in our brother is to win or gain him back! Jesus himself gives directions for handling sin in our midst. In Matthew 18, Jesus said to his disciples that they must be humbled “like children” before being “greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (vss1-6). Jesus then further explained that Read more…

My Story – Part 1 – Why I Left the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

This is in answer to Br. Wow, and others that have asked why I left the organization of J….Witnesses after over 60 yrs. I begin with this info first. It was written and composed by someone else, but expresses my thoughts, then I will add my personal experience. Others may have taken a different Path, Read more…