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The suggested answers provided to all questions below are based on and in harmony with the views of the original Watchtower Bible and Tract Society when under the guidance of Pastor Charles Taze Russell.  Comments will often include a link to Pastor Russell’s own explanation.  However, in any case, we leave your conclusions to your own personal study, prayer, conscience and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Raj

    Hi Br Peter, I have few questions in my mind.
    Why I can find God the Father name Jehovah find rarely in Bible students songs book?
    Addressing God name Jehovah in prayer is wrong?
    Saying Hallelujah in songs is wrong?
    if anyone wants to become Bible student is it mandatory to study all volumes of studies in scripture. practically is it possible to complete all books?(Considering kids, teenagers, etc) , why can n’t summarize all volumes into one book for easy understanding?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Hi Raj,

      As Christians accustomed to reading the New Testament, I think the song books picks up on the Father being called God in the New Testament. However, the Hymns of Dawn also use Jehovah several times (I count eight) including
      DH71 Guide Me
      DH72 Hail To The Brightness
      DH73 Christ’s Glorious Reign
      DH74 Divine Wisdom

      I am not sure what you mean by saying addressing God name Jehovah in prayer is wrong? I don’t think God is offended whether we call him God, the Father, Jehovah or Yahweh. What do you think?

      Why would singing Hallelujah in songs be wrong? We find Hallelujah in Psalms and Revelation and it is about praising Jehovah.

      Bible Students don’t have rules for becoming Bible Students. It is really about whether someone wants to consider themselves a Bible Student. We think more in terms of how the Lord instructs the New Creation to believe and behave. That is a personal matter. For the most part, Bible Students like and agree with Studies in the Scriptures, finding it very much in harmony with the Bible. Our common beliefs keep us together. Those who meet with us for a while and disagree, usually eventually move on of their own accord. All of a friendly spirit are welcome among Bible Students.

      We encourage studying the Studies in the Scriptures, but not required. A recommended book is a summary of Volume 1, The Divine Plan of the Ages. The summary book is one third the size and easier to read. It is called, God’s Grand Plan.

      You are welcome to share your thoughts.

  • Kevin Davis

    Why is it I can understand the tapes of bible I have, I was trained in mind to work hard and make money, I am trained to sin as a child, I nature want money I can get rich in a few years in any English nation on earth, How can I understand bible and care about people when so few in my area care about any one but self, I u the truth about 144000 teaching when not even watch tower teaches truth about that subject,. The 12 tribes of Israel are not symbolic if the bible says a 144000 then 12 tribes counting the out of each tribe that does not mean you must be a Hebrew or Jew, The bible tells the bible story it teaches it self go back to other books and it teaches what the tribes mean ,. No person is a expert on bible, The story has already been told thru men by Gods spirit,. Any one can learn the bible almost, No one is special person that any one must go thru to get to the kingdom teaching now, The first president of watch tower of watch tower many teaches are true, AS William miller was and second president of watch tower, Christ is faithful he never was wrong,. When A man of God misleads any one he owns up to it and makes it right he says he is sorry,. And never wants that mistake to happen again, Some of these teaching does new and old back it up,. If the Lord has came were is Jesus Christ never said of some of these teaching, Does Christ come down or not, Right now gentile nations rule much of earth, Jesus said he was King while on earth in many bibles,. Bible students I love you show were I am wrong And if I am I will own up to being wrong, I see paul and a few others making it to heaven,. Christ has yet to come, From watch tower bible of today some of ther own teachings are wrong of some teaching, I find the first watch tower teacher one of the best teachers of 1800s there was on bible subjects, He was a better teacher then I will ever be and he may be in heaven he may have been right and I my be wrong on day for year,. sorry if I offend, that is why I am hated, I have been wrong many times, bible tells on story no need to add or subtract, If day for year did that then it is right,.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Kevin you shouldn’t be hated for how you see the Bible. There isn’t a need to rebutt everything that a person says. I am glad to see your thoughts. Keep thinking.

  • kevin davis

    I will not drink of wine or bread this year I had some problems,. I do not feel God would accept me this year,. Is that wrong of me even if I have had the calling in past,. And was ready if any thing happen,. I not mind or spirit ready right now,. I understand the bible better then most watch tower people in wallkill or most bible students around the world,. I know I will over come my mind and other troubles, I have know mind trouble if trouble does not come I have never needed a mind doctor but i go to them, I can not handal stress, Doctor are nothing but drug dealer for big money of this system,. I am not telling any one not to go to a doctor they can help in some cases, never just stop taking pills with out notice to doctor for advise you may need pills,. Any way can a person with mind trouble if not over come even go to heaven even if he has better knowledge of truth of bible the most who go,.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Kevin you are asking questions that are between you and God. Don’t worry about Heaven or taking of Bread and wine. Concentrate on keeping your spirit calm. Stress will derail you.
      Having a knowledge of the Bible does not set one in a special position. Jesus healed and ran with persons with no knowledge of who he was.
      Works and head knowledge is not it. It is the heart.
      I have known some people who couldn’t read or write and were by God given heart condition a better person than those who could read the Bible.
      It is the heart Kevin, not the head! Head knowledge puffs up! You will never heal if you can’t get the Witnesses out of your head.
      Are you convinced that they are not the ones appointed to lead an organization for God? If you can make this decision this will take some stress off of you. I notice you always reference things to that organization which means you still have an attachment to it.
      Try something and see if it works: Try to pray that you stop thinking about what they taught. Forget them so you can get free. God’s hand is not hindered by men thoughts. He can reveal his word to whomever he pleases. Jesus said if you ask in his name his Father would do it. He also said to be with Christ God has to draw you to him.
      Just do what you are doing and stop worrying because God got this.
      LET GO AND LET GOD! Take Care of yourself this is not urgent. If you don’t take the emblems that’s okay. Remember God deals with you as a person and the heart. Some will be in prison or sick but God isn’t imprisoned or sick.
      Ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus then DROP IT AT THE THRONE OF GRACE, forget it if you ask God. Do you believe Him when he says he forgets and forgives in a large way? If Christ sacrifice able to cover your sins with the rest of the world. If you keep fret about a thing then you don’t believe Christ covered it.
      Yesterday is in the past you can’t change it. Jesus told the person your sins are forgiven go sin no more. A clean slate every morning! Only men try to keep your slate crowded. Stick with God and Jesus. Pray and we will pray for you also.

  • Lee Anthony

    Hi all,
    I have a couple questions, I have tried to post on 3 occasions using my cpu and it never shows up, at least that i can see so I am using phone mostly. Any idea why that may be happening? Also as for a question i posted, I just joined facebook (dont really like the idea) and was looking to find good places to connect to bible students or ex-Jw’s ( not hateful ones) and was wondering where might be a good place to start. I really only want the page for spiritual related stuff only, Ive never been fond of the idea of social media so need a bit of guidance. Thanks.

  • Lee Anthony

    I saw it on homepage, for the wednesday study… Maybe thats not the book, is it called studies in the scriptures i guess?

  • Lee Anthony

    I posted a question earlier but not sure it went online… I was wondering if there is a link to the book thy kingdom come that i could download to my laptop for study?

  • greg (Bible Student)

    Hello Jacqueline, Peter, and anyone else who might be reading.

    I have a question.

    And yet– It’s not so much that I’m looking for an answer as it is a question that I believe is simply worth asking, worth considering. And so I will ask it, hoping that it might possibly generate some discussion that may perhaps prove to be of some particular relevance to any who have a JW background.

    My question is: What really happened to a very dear sister I know?

    If you will permit me to give a bit of background context to the picture.

    This woman and her husband worked at the Toronto Bethel Branch for many decades, and then later, at the Georgetown Bethel after the Branch Office was relocated there. She was born and raised near where I live, and her and her hubby would frequently come to visit her fleshly sister here, and they would attend the Sunday Meeting at the local Kingdom Hall. That’s how I got to know her.

    When her husband died she moved back here to live with her sister. She was active in Field Service, and claimed to be of the Annointed, as did her husband. Around that time I was just finishing High School and endeavoured to enter the Pioneer work. So I got to spend A LOT of time working with and alongside this elderly sister. Later, when my wife and I got married and had children, this dear sister (and her fleshly sister) were rare gems in our lives.

    While all our other JW acquaintances were judging, criticising, condemning, and punishing us for how we were working with our severely disabled child, this woman had love, concern, compassion, encouragement, patience, and comforting words for us and our children.

    Meantime she began a Bible study with a man who was devoutly Catholic all his life, and he eventually got baptized as a JW. He had similar qualities and personality to this dear sister. He too was a rare gem, and he also acted with great compassion, kindness, generosity, and benevolence toward us and so there is an equally special place of fondness and appreciation in our hearts and memories for the both of them.

    This dear sister eventually died and I always imagined that she had indeed gone to heaven to work alongside Jesus Christ as she always desired and expected to, unlike her fleshly sister who always held on to an “earthly hope.” Her sister outlived her by several years, but when each of them died, I mourned for them in a way I had never before, and never since, mourned for anyone else.

    As I was coming to abhor the JW organization and it’s unscriptural teachings, I kept having memories of this dear sister come to mind. She was very different. I would say she had a very Christ-like character and personality. It was actually this sister, and a couple others like her that kept me confused, left me puzzled, kept me from being able to simply exit the JW organization. And yet, at the same time, it was also her that kept me wondering, whatever happened to the Bible Students?

    I still have trouble, distress of mind and spirit sometimes when I grapple with the question, “What REALLY happened to her?” because I really do wonder where she is right now. I mean, if she truly was of the anointed, how and why is it that Jesus let her remain a part of the JW organization, rather than calling her out of it? While I realize that it’s likely no one this side of heaven can tell me for sure, I am also haunted by the memory of a few of her parting words.

    She said: “I’m afraid.”

    The context of her words suggested to me that in those last few days of her life, she had tiny, lingering, but legitimate doubts about how she had spent her life, perhaps some small questions about the beliefs she had always held, and about the other persons she had surely influenced during the course of her life. For anyone that strives to be a genuine follower of Christ, those concerns are noble, and certainly something one holds firmly but tentatively, always full of faith and confidence, and yet also always ready to reassess, learn, grow, and improve. Why even Christ Jesus seems to have entertained some uncertainties regarding his awareness of his human frailties despite being perfect and his ability to prove faithful even to death. (Matthew 26:36-44)

    So, while I do sometimes wonder what REALLY happened to this dear sister, I am comforted having been convinced that Jehovah God and Jesus Christ always do what is righteous and just. –Luke 5:32; 1 Corinthians 8:3; Matthew 10:40-42; Genesis 18:23-32; 1 Samuel 16:7; 1 Corinthians 1:10-17; 2 Corinthians 10:18; Acts 10:34-35; John 14:8-9

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Greg I have limited internet in the place where I am at the outdoor Harvest convention so I will respond only briefly.
      There in my opinion has been others within other religions that have died and ascended. It is the heart that God deals with not where they are. Down through the centuries there were not witnesses not Bible students yet God was choosing and calling men to Christ.
      Maybe like you say this will open discussion and there are articles on this site. Be he faithful until death says the LORD and I will give you the Crown of Life. Remember Peter, he constantly made mistakes but was of the foundation stones of the Church. It is only right that she hoped in Christ as this is the call today. I will look up more when I go home. I am sure Others have thoughts. Take care.

    • Lee Anthony

      Hello Greg,
      I find that to be a very interesting question. I wonder about things like this myself, I know many jw’s who really have that christlike love and compassion yet remain in the organization. I agree with Jacqueline on this. I feel that her hope in christ and her christlike life until death is evidence of where she now is. (Phil. 3:10-14)

      • greg (Bible Student)

        Lee Anthony,

        Having read your reply, and Jacqueline’s reply, I find myself comforted in yet a new way now: I am grateful that those “funny ideas” of which family and friends (JW’s) have accused me of having aren’t so “funny” nor strange to the Bible Student companions I have found. It’s always very reassuring to me to hear validation and that similar conclusions have been reached by others.

        Thanks to you both sincerely. And thanks too for reminding me of the scripture in Philippians 3:10-14. Very fitting!

  • Jan Kerkhoff

    Dear Brethren

    Thank you for the link to the Finished Mysterie

    SHALOM and Thanks !

  • jan Kerkhoff

    Dear Brethren

    Do You have a link to the E Book of the Finished Mysterie
    Thank you very much

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

    Also in the reprints, there are a series of berean bible studies, are did the brethren compile them all in one publication? If so may I have a link? please email me: cazenovi@gmail.com

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