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Would you like to experience a convention where hundreds of Bible Students from all around the USA and even the world met together?  These Bible Students believe what was taught by the early Watchtower in 1916 and prior, in the days of Pastor Russell.  Envision the feeling of freedom to be able to fellowship openly with other students of the Bible.
Bible Students peacefully come to the General Convention each year to enjoy spiritual rejuvenation, Bible learning and loving Christian fellowship.  It is an opportunity to come away from the cares of this world for six days and be spiritually refreshed, and is attended by adults and young people of all ages.  The program includes talks (discourses) and panels on many Bible subjects, praise and testimony meetings, evening vesper services, and many hours of one on one fellowship.  There are also programs for children and young adults.  In short, Bible Students come to the General Convention to soak up the blessings, gain spiritual lessons, and enjoy fellowshipping with each other.


You can attend the General Convention over the Internet.  Prior to the Convention, we will provide you with the live feed Internet link, then later the link for the recording.  If you would like to attend this General Convention in person, send an email to me at BibleStudents1@GMail.com.  We can even trade phone #’s to discuss your interest and what you are looking for.  We will  explain more of what the General Convention is about and answer your questions.  If we are both in agreement that it could meet your expectations, as well as be a blessing to you and the Bible Students that you will be visiting with, then we can discuss registration. 


If you would like a copy of the program/schedule, click here:  2018 Convention Program


The 2014 Bible Students General Convention in Johnstown, PA will be held from July 19 to July 24, 2013.  The convention program, travel directions, Internet broadcast (includes Adobe Connect, no special software but high speed connection required), and audio/video/presentation file download information is available at the following website:



The 2018 General Convention will be broadcast live on the Internet using Adobe Connect and YouTube

Live Internet Broadcast!

YouTube: youtube.com/c/biblestudentschannel

Adobe Connect Link: http://biblestudents.adobeconnect.com/general



This year, there will be 2 ways to connect to the convention over the Internet, Adobe Connect and YouTube. Here are the links to each:
Adobe Connect: https://biblestudents.adobeconnect.com/general
YouTube: youtube.com/c/biblestudentschannel or go to YouTube and search for “Bible Students Channel”. You can watch the YouTube LiveStream on your phone, tablet, computer, smart TV or video streaming device (Chromecast, Firestick, Apple TV, Roku).Depending on the type of high speed Internet connection, some brethren may have problems connecting on YouTube (like with a DSL connection). Adobe Connect should be fine for all Internet connections. Some testing of both broadcast methods prior to the convention may be performed from 7 -10 pm EDT on Friday, July 13.If you miss a convention discourse, it can be found here (after the discourse is completed):
Video Replays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLViz7kRuY-_yoc9PcEysPk_5S2NeL41u or go to the “2018 General Convention” playlist in the “Bible Students Channel”

The convention program, travel directions, Internet broadcast information (with the Adobe and YouTube connection links), and audio/video/presentation file download information is available at the following website:     http://www.biblestudentsweb.com/general18


Here is an alternate website for those with mobile devices (Ipads, Iphones, other smartphones and tablets):


Note: All convention times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)



You can listen to recordings of the last three General Conventions at the following links:

Find the 2017 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2016 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2015 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2014 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2013 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2012 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2010 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find the 2009 Bible Students General Convention here:

Find more Bible Student conventions here:

82 comments to Conventions

  • Jacqueline

    First pre convention report: An elder from California and his wife pulled up as I was looking at my rooming accomodations and they asked if I was lost (only few persons here). I said how do you get to this building? Turns out they were in the same one and said you don’t unless we show you. (large college campus). They drove there with me in tow and it was a little hop skip and a jump from the parking lot. I went on the cheap this time on rooming $235 for 7 nights and 2 meals a day included
    (skip breakfast, lol) You can’t beat it.
    He and his wife grabbed my suitcases etc and carried it to the room for me showed me the landmarks to get back and went beyond the call of duty.
    I would have had to make 3 trips over that distance. It was a blessing.
    Tomorrow I attend my first PBI business meeting. (Herald Magazine). See everybody Saturday.

  • Alvera Conyers

    PLEASE, I need the agenda of the Jehovah’s Witnesses International Convention, 2014

  • I have never talk to anyone on line .I am a bible student, not very good in expressing my feeling I would like some help in talking to the friends on line.I’m a single sister one day will become a bethelite .I love Jehovah and thankful for his son Jesus brothers and sister please keep me in prayer your sister DEBORAH

    • Jacqueline

      Call in on the phone now Deborah 1213-226-0400 pin number 991337 it is 7:13pm CST. We will be on until 8:30CST. It is 5:13 where you are. I would also like to talk to you here. Welcome sister.

  • Ken

    Jeff,btw,what was the Bible version that was made by the early WBTS that that sisiter showed me at the picnic?

    • Jeff M

      That was an American Standard Version bible published in 1901.

      • Ken

        Thanks Jeff, is there anywhere besides Amazon that I can purchase one?

        • Sharon

          Hi Brother Ken! You can buy an American Standard Version Bible anywhere. But if you want the 1901, I guess you’ll have to look for just that one. A lot of Bible Students use it. They also use the King James a great deal. I can’t make my tongue go over hath, knoweth, maketh, and those odd words. LOL (No disrespect intended.)

          It was just great to hear from you last night. How is it going at home? I’ve been thinking of you and sending prayers to our Father.

          GOD give you Joy and feel the liberty of Christ!

          • Jeff

            The New American Standard is better. You can buy them at any bookstore. There is a Half/Price books on the East side of Madison which is pretty close to you that has some (I was there recently).

            • Ken

              Hi Jeff,thanks for the info.BTW, I got your message on my Cell when I was about to leave the assembly…I wish we could’ve met up! Which town near Dekalb do you live in?

              • Jeff M

                I’m in the Aurora, Oswego area…about 30-45 minutes away.

                Is the convention over?

                Any interesting tidbits you can share?

                • Ken

                  Hi Jeff, the convention ended on sunday(it was only 3 days),2 New DVDs and brochures were released, also they said there’s “new light” on the understanding of ‘kidneys’ in Ps. 11:9 and Jer. 11:20(kidneys mean deep inside a person)……

                  • ZENODotus

                    Hey Ken, I wasn’t able to attend… Could you elaborate on the new publications? What are they? So I can ask them and study them? I know about the movie they made for children.
                    Thanks in advance!

                  • Jeff M

                    I guess kidneys are something to be excited about!

                    A man was in a line of patients trying to get his release from a mental institution. He watched as the others went in to meet with the doctor and heard the questions the doctor asked, which were: “point to your right arm”, “point to your stomach”, point to your toes”, point to your knee,” and so on. He saw which answers were correct, and which answers were wrong.

                    When it was his turn, he sat down with the doctor and answered all the questions the correctly. The doctor was amazed, because he knew this patient and his problems. The doctor asked: “how were you able to answer all those answers correctly?”

                    The patient pointed to his head and replied: “Kidneys, man! Kidneys!”

      • Ken

        Thank you Sharon for your prayers…I need it!And thank you for the info. on the ASV Bible. I went ahead and ordered one from Amazon….I like the fact that it uses God’s name throughout and has the King James style of writting.

  • ZENODotus

    I enjoyed the convention… It is also so touching to hear the young folks sing in the vesper service!
    Regret it it is to far to attend for me… Maybe in the future I will try to attend the international convention in Romania.
    For now I have decided to make a website in Dutch, so people also in my country and in the neighbouring country of the Netherlands can know that we are still alive and kicking ;).
    Therefore I’m looking for a beautiful picture of the chart of the ages, to translate in my own language.

    • Jacqueline

      Br. Peter will help you with that Br. ZenoDotus. I thought you were from Belgium. I love that the young people had their classes according to age groups also. And the beautiful freedom of their laughter as they ran about at late evening and night. To much energy for me.LOL. One thing I try to avoid is the young sisters asking if I need help with my dinner plate, if I can get pass without them asking me, I know I am still alive and kicking(:). My 10hr. drive home alone in my car was a good time to reflect on each day. I am thankful the Lord has given me a gift to turn each day like a page in my mind. As a witness the brothers discouraged me because I could remember printed pages word for word. They said that is head knowledge only, but not true I was using my heart. Now with freedom I can hit the road running the race for life. I do my first service at our State county fair in Indianapolis IN this year. It is the one where the stage colapsed last year and killed seven and injured many. I was glad I stayed home that night as I knew some of the stage hands and meant to go and say hello. The weather was ominous. I know this will be a blessing, I will serve in the booth for 2 days. We have special packets to give out. I hope to visit the Dawn publishing house this fall, a sister have invited me to stay with her, he work there 2 days a week. I will go to my family in a week or two to share with any that want to hear about the religion our mom started out with as a little girl. I will pray as I will enter into turbulent waters as all family are J. witnesses. Take Care

      • Ken

        Hi Jacqueline, I’m so happy for you! Now that you’re baptized as a Bible student, everyone knows where you stand for sure! I had a good time at a Bible student picnic yesterday, Jeff Mazera and his dad was there…..we ate, studied and sang songs.I also saw you and Sharon getting baptized on Jeff’s phone.

        • Jacqueline

          Oh, how nice you got to go to the picnic. I have not seen the complete baptism but will this week. I was just mapping out my conventions for the balance of the year with my grandsons days off school.(I babysit when their days don’t correspond with their teacher mother’s days off, love it). I like now that I have freedom to spread word and not report. Ken, I really feel as if a load has been lifted off of me. I am calm and at peace now. Baptism, following in Jesus footsteps on this, was an outward acknowledgement before my father and the brothers that I have come to do God’s will and serve on the side of Jesus in his kingdom if God wills it. I feel as if I have a newness of purpose. Kind of hard to explain the peace and calm. It is so nice to see you can associate with the brothers. How is your wife taking it? My family has somewhat grown used to the idea that I am a BS. On the road my brother was attending the Cleveland, Oh. convention as I passed by. I wished him enjoyment at his convention and he thanked me as if not expecting me to acknowledge his spiritual retreat. I told him I had just finished. I think it’s going to work out. Thanks to Jesus to the glory of God. I plan to use my freedom to learn more, attend conventions, spread the word among my family and friends. Some friends are coming over tomorrow to get their DVD and new booklet on Armageddon. I am just so happy. Take Care.

          • Ken

            Hi Jacqueline, yes the freedom of spreading the word without reporting time is truly liberating! I told my wife weeks ago that I had planned on going to the picnic and asked if she wanted to go with me, of course, she said no but I went anyway.When I came home from the picnic on Sat. Eve. I asked if she knew where I’d been, she said….”I figured you went to that BS picnic”…..that’s about all she said.I think she’s slowly getting used to the idea that I’m determined to be a BS.

            • Ecce Homo

              Ken, just read your comment and its left me rather intrigued and curious to know whether you are playing with a full deck of cards or not.

              Thanks Bro

              • Ken

                Ecce, my deck is full, would you like to play cards?

                • Jeff M


                  The picnic was a lot of fun. We we happy to have had a little time to visit with you. The pizzas you brought were quite a surprise and an enjoyable one.

                  I hope you enjoyed our little study/discussion on love on Saturday. It is truly remarkable how much many misunderstand Yahweh’s love for mankind and how he would like all to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth and be saved (in that order!) See 1 Timothy 2:4.

            • Jacqueline

              Yes Ken, that’s the way my family has gotten. I told my bro.where I was going in Johnstown and he was at his convention in Cleveland, my son and wife texted they were in Ohio at their convention and my uncle said he is going to JW convention this coming weekend. My sister told everybody that she is glad I went to the BS as our family is a Godfearing Christian family and no one is going to break that up. Everyone has got to respect each other’s right to worship their Father according to their conscience. Witnesses are being forced to think for themselves and the grip is being released on their minds. We, are the touchstone as well as others who have gone ahead of us. You should be glad Jesus is using you to break and reveal this strange hold on people lives that the GB has. JW people are good people it is the thing that stands in the place of Christ that is bad, the GB. Good for your wife, she is thinking for a change and making her own decision on how to handle this newness of faith within you. Hang in there we got your back Brother.

  • Ecce Homo

    I too love secular religious conventions. I mean You there is nothing better than blocking out the pain of the world with these good old time social gatherings full of religious chit chat and stuff. They are just so incredibly selfless!

  • Jeff

    No, I’m talking about the 3 day convention that starts this Friday through Sunday in Johnstown, PA. It is also happening next weekend and two weekends next month.

    • Jacqueline

      You are referring to Jehovah witnesses conventions probably. Go to http://www.jw.org or look in the phone book and call the local Kingdom Hall if no answer number. I was a witness for 61 yrs but is now A Bible Student. They do not release their program online. All of my family are witnesses throughout the United States and many have gone to the convention already. They do have the program, but it will not be broadcast on the internet.
      You will recognize similar beliefs that we hold in common with JW but a difference in others as we do not have dogma, we simply stay with what the scriptures say and let them interprete each other. Jehovah witnesses have set beliefs and change them often to fit the circumstances of those in office during that period like a presidency and his cabinet and agenda.
      Please join us at our convention. Sign in as Jeff and I will say hello.

  • Jeff


    I appreciate your help and especially your patience as it seems I’m not understanding this. I have a flier that states that it takes place at Cambria County War Memorial (Friday & Saturday: 9:20 AM – 4:55 PM / Sunday: 9:20 – 3:40). The schedule you gave me doesnt correspond to those times and days do that’s why I’m sort of confused. Again I thank you for your help and apologize for not understanding.

    • Jacqueline

      Jeff, No I think we are talking about 2 entirely different events. Are you talking about the Bible Student convention listed here on this site? Is there a website address on your flier?

  • Jeff

    Thank you but I don’t see the specific Johnstown schedule. This one runs from this Saturday through next week. I was looking for the schedule from this Friday through Sunday.

    • Jacqueline

      The convention starts on Saturday, it ends next thursday. If you click on each tab on the program it will give you each day’s schedule. There is no convention on Friday at Johnstown. Let me know if this helps. Also check and make sure your adobe connect is up to date and they will have sound and picture check on Sat. I believe.

  • Jeff

    Is there a schedule for the convention this weekend and next weekend in Johnstown PA? Times, breakdown of what events are taking place and at what time? Thank you in advance.

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