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My Story – Part 2

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A New Hope (Outside of the JW Organization)

I waited to write this portion of my story, until I had something solid to write.

Grieving takes time, it is a process.  I could not personally skip a step.  It has been one (1) year five (5) months. I also feel Jesus had to humble me and make me rely on him and Jehovah before he could use me for whatever purpose he has in mind. I am still a work in progress. I am learning obedience now.

These are the steps I had to go through. It may not be the same for everyone.

First:  Awareness with hurt.   Second:  Anger and confusion. Third: I looked for a way out with the least possible resistance. Last:  I accepted the fact that I had been deceived and needed to move forward.

While we are listening to a talk or reading from the Bible, first comes thoughts. We think about what we are hearing, and we analyze it. Then that stirs feelings within us. The feelings could be strong or they could be fairly passive. And then finally those feelings impel us to action, or inaction. I took this path of action.

This is my story of a new life and finding the Truth. Earlier I told of finding the Bible Students from my past as a young girl. I was very familiar with everything they were doing. They did not stand still however, they are very progressive. We can bring laptop computers to the conventions and they provide the power. You can lookup multiple translations and the program is online if you have to leave for any reason. You don’t miss a thing. We have real food, with vegetables and all. It is catered. Works just fine and your families are properly nourished for the day. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children are in their classes according to age.  I love that!!! The little ones are playing with toys. They have their own teachers. Loving it!!!. I wish my grandchildren could be in that environ while at the meetings and conventions. There are no severe spankings of little children to make them sit perfectly for hours on end. These observations may only be my own personal pet peeves. I am not trying to be judge, just reporting what I see and have experienced. I have learned that just because a religion is different on EVERY LITTLE THING, that does not make it God’s channel. To see those smiling young people warms the heart. I focus on these seemingly little things because LOVE is the identifying quality (1Cor. 13:1-13). I don’t care if you are speaking the Gospel truth, I can’t hear it if you are mean, demanding, authoritative and breaking up my family.

Monthly beginning March 13, 2011 we can have Bible discussions in the evening on Sundays, from   6-8pm CST. This is a Bible Student forum, we can ask questions, listen and join in on the pre-show, sort of a meet and greet for fellow listeners. Most witnesses will recognize this as the original International Bible Students.

Bible Student Conventions are held at different places and I have been able to meet up with Friends I met at the General Convention and other conventions. See listings under conventions to the right.

There are two Bible Student groups in my area to meet with and we meet with the large, Chicago Group every fourth Sunday. There are no time slips to turn in. You just talk-talk-talk for the Lord, he is looking on and helping. No banging on empty houses, you connect with people, that want to know, as the disciples of Christ did. It’s very rewarding.

YOU DO NOT LEAVE JEHOVAH, when you leave the watchtower. There is so much to do. I have left out some of the activities, just wanted to show that there is somewhere to go.

Many have asked where is the group in their area?  The administrator of this site will connect you with a person.  I find the Bible Students are all over. I have sisters that I Skype with and share so much. The association is good for all of us.  I find that many of them have others with them in their homes during the hook-ups, so there is association. Now there is an effort to create a data base for different little classes so we can get together at conventions. There is a lot going on. It is a blessing from Jehovah.

It is a blessing that ex-Jehovah witnesses and Bible Students get along so well. There is no one telling you to hate and label our brothers.

The Bible Students have proved you do not have to have an organization with a governing body and a lot of manmade rules. Truth does not change when it gets brighter.  I have been amazed at the talks given by the different Brothers. They are not afraid to read the whole scripture. An effort is made not to take scriptures out of context just to prove a point. Someone can ask for an explanation without fear of reprisal. There are other writings in the bookroom. I am reading the series of books by “John Class”. His version of what he thinks the resurrection of the different generations will be like. It is fiction based on the Bible.

The Elders both of the Bible Students and the ones on the various hook-ups are Shepherds, not task masters. You are your own master of obedience to the father. You can make decisions that affect your family, health, special days, even whether you partake or not. The governing body in my opinion does not really have the correct understanding on Memorial according to the Bible and what Jesus actually says to do, and who should do it.

There is a another relatively new site that consists of Jehovah Witness elders and others, I call it a sister site. www.jwstruggle.com Those Brothers are still attending and trying to help others that have jumped in the water, some without a life boat. There is so much available now. Houses are empty  when you call on them now, everyone works so the internet and social networks have really been the way to reach more people. I found this link on that site and it is one many might want to read. The writer touches the heart. http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/204249/1/An-Open-letter-to-the-Governing-Body-of-Jehovahs-Witnesses-Elders-Ex-Elders. http://www.jwstruggle.com/2011/06/new-video-just-finished-has-god-always-had-a-visible-organization-on-earth/

Many years ago I would have been on my own, but since the big knowledge boom I can connect with others of like faith. No wonder they say don’t go on the internet. You just might find a way to Jesus.

This is just my story, my journey. It may not work for everyone in the same way. But at least it is a start. Thank you for reading this. Come join with us and see for yourself.

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77 comments to My Story – Part 2

  • John S.

    I thank you for talking to me again,after being disrespectful.Well I know we are able to forgive others of their stupid actions,if they’re sorry.So why wouldn’t the Father of his angelic sons want to bring them to repentance.He even allowed the slanderer into heaven to test his other sons according to Job ch.1.This shocked my neighbor as to why God would do that,and then let Satan kill Job’s children as a test too.I think it shows one thing about Jah God,that he is so powerful,yet confident he can turn any problem around in time and put the miserable remembrance of the incident in the past behind us,so it doesn’t affect our happiness.When Job’s children come back,they’ll forget the horrors of the murder committed upon them,I’m sure,don’t you? The Society quoted and applied Rev.21:4 to this and it makes sense.AS far as the angels that sinned,I’m sure some of them have suffered some extreme pains being down here with wicked Satan’s evil,and would be more than willing to turn back time and erase their mistake.It would only make sense.But like Pastor Russell would say,”we can’t see beyond the veil”or into heaven to know for sure.I would like to personally talk to the ones who are repentant, if I make it to the assignment as one of these who will “judge angels”.I feel after being glorified with the new powerful body,I will be able to stand beforethem without fear of harm.I feel it is my right to be on the body of judges to hear their reasons for what they’ve done or their apologies.Since I was shown much mercy,I would also feel merciful toward any who were really repentant,although not knowing how I could trust them by releasing them out upon mankind again.I know their’ll be extensive training in all this,or maybe we’ll just be like jurors as they are tried and sentenced in the heavenly courts,and we are allowed to cast our verdicts upon them or testify against them seeing as we are the ones they’ve committed these crimes against(as we may be representing the human race in this court trial,the outcome of which could mean second death for some of them)See Matt.25:41 Other’s,though,may not have murdered anyone,or got involved in wicked ness to the same degree Satan has,but in fact would love to turn back time and not repeat their course.It may be these ones Jesus preached to when resurrected into the spirit realm on earth those 40 days he was here.(excepting Satan,as his outcome was already determined at Eden,for he had in effect murdered Eve,though he may have reasoned he could bring her back from the effects of the poison fruit by snatching fruit from the tree of life,and use her to start his own seed ,as he did with the other angels.(As it states,fruit from the Tree of Life could reverse the effect of the poison fruit of the tree of Knowledge;and if Eve was to partake of the fruit it would cure her.(see Gen.2:9 and 3:24)But as the Kingdom seems to be close to coming to take over(Dan.2:44),I don’t think nwe’ll have to wait too much longer for some of the answers about these perplexing questions.But its the questions that fire research,and even Einstein said a healthy imagination is better than genius,so,we keep asking,and we keep talking,researching and learning.Looking forward to more discussions with the group and online at this site.Thanks for putting up with me,ya’ll,and I appreciate your counsel.(Prov.27:5)

    • Jacqueline

      John, I like your thinking on some of these points and I am going to do a little more personal study. Thanks for giving me your thoughts. One person that reads only on this site says their brain is waking up and the Bible is alive again. I am loving learning and discussing the bible after not being able to openly give opinion without referencing what the society teaches. In Christ

  • Jacqueline

    John check out the new tool bar at the bottom of page. I like it.
    Every things fine John. But I must discuss this scripture at 1Cor.6:3 “Know ye not that we shall judge angels”. Probably the whole BS world understands this but I didn’t until you brothers discussed it on Wednesday night study.
    JWs normally think of the angels that rebelled as demons that suffers the same fate along with Satan. Rev. 20:1-3 constantly uses the pronoun he and him, not they and them.Vs.7 says Satan was released.
    So, I have to deal with this new thought of demons being judged. I wonder what the Greek word is for this? Is it condemnatory or allowing for repentance and restoration to a favored position with God again. I think the binding of Satan means all evil influences, so I think they will be inactive also. I need to study scriptures on this. Would appreciate thoughts on this as I am sure any witness reading this would.

  • John S.

    Dear sisters,thankyou for the good advice,I asked for it.Sorry to any Bible Students that were offended by my view.Like sister J.says,I have a lifetime of arguing points behind me.And after posting that last bit ,I regretted being so egotistical about the way I presented it.And right you are,J.,that love builds up,not knowledge.Again,I’m sorry,and I will try to show more concern for other’s feelings.

  • Jacqueline

    Hi John, I appreciate your last comment. It’s hard isn’t it? As we went from door to door, they had to see it our way. We never let householders have an opinion or just not see it out way. We have been trained that way with ministry school and the indoctrination process at service meeting. Both geared to teach us how to win at the door. It’s sort of hard to see a people that are like us but let each other have an opinion and still be friends. And also have human flaws.
    I go to as many conventions as I can. Why? Because I realized I needed to change my personality, by rubbing against kinder people. Forget knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, Love builds up,I can say 1Cor 8:1 or I can say Paul said. I can say Daniel said or I can say Dan. 12:4 says true knowledge will be abundant toward the end. I don’t worship Paul nor Daniel but I have to respect Paul, he was a merciless murderer of Christian men, women and children, he had a temper and maybe some other human idios. But I know and must confess it is evident that he had holy spirit helping him. I don’t worship Daniel or Ezekial but I don’t have a problem quoting them. David was one of the most humanist persons I have read about, he had a vice, beautiful women excited him. But he slew a giant, fought for God’s name, got all the money together to build God a temple and Jehovah called him his friend. You and I and everyone living are imperfect. I hope my children will remember things that I did to help them and not dwell on my bad habits. I have a few. I am curious, I probably would have gone to Gezer with Br. Russell if he let me. I’d had rulers and anythinbg else looking for any sign that my father might have left. I visited a Jewish temple Sat. I sat through the whole meeting. I just had to do it. I told some of the brothers. They said” what an experience”, you need to tell us about it. not you have a judicial meeting for apostasy. Br. Russell, Paul, Peter, John Abel and Rahab the harlot, so great a crowd of witnesses says Heb. 11 chapter or should I say Paul said. I do not yearn for the leeks or garlic, for I was a slave. John my brother, I know where you are for I was there once. John, I choose door number 2. Take Care my brother BTW, I am going to call you Peter or maybe Son of thunder. (:)

  • Kathleen Meadors

    “They (Bible Students) are known as open minded ,intelligent lovers and truth.” I wish you’d remember that, John, and try to listen more and talk less.

  • John S.

    I’m sorry ,and I’d like to all apologize to all if I seem to be tactless and blunt here or unthankful to Peter and other Bible Students,but they are known as open minded ,intelligent lovers and truth.I believe they are strong enough with Holy Spirit to take the blows and parry them or analyze them ,I hope in the light of the scriptures.I view them as fellow worshippers of Jehovah,who have my everlasting welfare at heart.I feel free to speak to them in the same manner I would a fleshly family member,with love.Forgive my seeming tactless approach. I’m just trying to get at the meat of the nut so to speak,to get to the kernal of the wheat on this important topic.Thankyou.

  • John S.

    Right on the mark,Peter.I had stated earlier that I did believe B. Russell was our anointed brother who had correctly understood much more than most apparently at the time,and truth and lovers of God today worlwide have a debt of gratitude to him,much like we do to a college professor,or great instructor.But after reading what I have from Studies of the Scriptures,I certainly could never view his work as anything near like receiving something from one of the Apostles of Christ,as it appears that is what some do.I see many errors in his work,some really almost laughable,if it wasn’t such a serious subject,and I hate to see good people like yourself swallowing every word he wrote in a seemingly worshipful way.I too am speaking with sincerity .Now granted,I believe 1914 was the end of the Gentile Times.I believe we are in the last days ,and soon will see the coming of Christ with his angels to collect his chosen on earth who will be taken up,caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air,but that then the Millenium period will begin.(Matt.24:40)I believe 1914 was the time the Kingdom of God was given to the one who it belonged,the Christ in heaven.After that the heavens were cleansed and Satan and the demons after battling with Michael and the archangels were thrown to the earth and the anointed Christians on earth from all denominations are going to be put through the greatest tribulation ever seen,Christ said unless he cut short the days no flesh would be saved.He made a big point out of saying there would be the ultimate test for Christians at this time.(Matt.24:9and Rev.6:10,11)This is the focus of my study and witness;the Christian salvation and gospel.But as far as the Jewish nation and their relationship with God and his son,that is their responsibility to learn of Christ and convert. There are many scriptures that indicate we must be saved thru the name of Christ.And I am glad they are a nation again,and I hope they will have some opportunity to see some manifestsation from God,a special sign from him to indicate Jesus is their real messiah,not any religious ruler of theirs or political figure.They are still as a nation caught up in taking up arms and fighting a bloody war to deliver themselves from political oppression just as in the times when they fought the Romans.Nothing has changed for them,sadly.As far as Russell’s prophecies,the so called ‘double prophecies’ you explained where 18oo years of good things for Israel are followed by 1800 of bad,then in 1948 the cycle is broken and Israel is born as a nation,I must say ,I don’t see any Biblical example of anything like that in Holy Scripture.Surely if there were,there would be examples and Jesus himself would have prophesied it.The Kingdom foretold to be born for our day was the Christian Kingdom of heaven to which I aspire,not any Jewish nation.And I don’t see mankind is able to know exactly when 6000 years of human existence falls as compared to the exact ending of Jah’s Creative Days,with the addition of the Millenium,exactly rounding up a neat 7000 year day.Here again,speculation about the Creative day and the Millenium being the last epoch of it and how this is the Greater Sabbath is seemingly just that.If we subscribe to that theory again we’re falling into the trap of trying to decipher the day and hour of the Lord’s return,Armageddon.As for the Millenium itself,I see it coming from the Revelation,a book “presented in signs”,which was the style of our Lord,anyway.I don’t feel its a literal 1000 years anymore than the Lord is a lamb in heaven with seven eyes,or that there are only going to be 144000 virgin Jewish men who have never sinned making up the bride of Christ.These terms signify other more important concepts,like Jesus’ other parables in the gospels;the Rich man and Lazarus,Prodigal Son,the Harvest,the Sheep and the Goats,etc.This is why I continue to say anointed ones alive today need to shed the misunderstandings of those who though sincere,didn’t have proper knowledge at the time and Jah didn’t reveal all to them at that time.Now,,maybe,we in 2011 can rethink all these other things they obviously didn’t get right,and republish.If we hang on to the words of the Watchtower,and tout it as the voice of God,aren’t we doomed to fail?Certainly.If we hang on to all the concepts in Studies in the Scriptures by Russell as the same,how will we fare? I’ve never seen you publish any of the wacky stuff that’s in ‘Studies’,Peter,and there are many crazy things said in there that almost,like I said are laughable,which I’m sorry if you hold him up so high he’s beyond criticism.Surely Christ and the Apostles and their writings are supposed to be your foundation,not a Russell sect,agreed?When we study together it always goes back to,”Bro.Russell said in volume this or that..” Come out of the closet and say it here and now if you will.Do you hold him as a prophet or not?This has always been an issue with the Bible Students and as far as viewers and readers go,be truthful,and don’t hedge around this,please but state plainly.Thankyou.Then we will know what the real issue is as regards ex-witnesses coming to this sight,do you wish us to be converted from Watchtower to Russellism?Or is it a sight where as you say “Inquiring minds can feel free to express themselves without fear”.You have a special topic where I have been able to express my views (“Anointed Talk”)I really do appreciate that,thankyou.I am able on this site to meet with my witness brothers,a group of spiritual concentration camp refugees is what we are.WE are thankful to be able to speak about our trials and travails.Thankyou. You are learning now that some of us are bringing our brains with us to the sight.I’m sorry if it shocks you that we have a not-so-eager to get ensnared to a cult again attitude.We have been bitten by that snake once before,a religion today which has grown bigger and more powerful than Russell may have imagined for his magazine.But it is what it is.My goal is to break from the Watchtower and try to figure these things out for myself with the aid and company of other anointed ones.I strongly believe this can be done with just the scriptures we have and the Holy Spirit.I sincerely believe we don’t need to read every thing he wrote or refer to his books for the final say on any matter whatsoever,he’s not my apostle,sorry.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      John – Thanks again for a thoughtful response. I am not sure however why you feel that some of us Bible Students worship Russell. Perhaps you are assuming it must be so since we sometimes disagree with you and agree with him. Maybe it is just because sometimes we think he makes more sense than you. I do not quote Russell to prove a point, but I will quote scriptures. I prefer keeping the discussion on scriptures. What is the point of discussing Russell? It sounds like you do not think we should use Russell’s books as study aids in group studies. What do you recommend?

      According to the scriptures in these end times, natural Israel’s conversion comes after their return to the Land and after they are delivered from their enemies. (i.e. Zech 12:2, 6, 9, 10; Eze 36:26,27; 39:28) . Israel would be regathered to the land (Isa. 43:5-6 & Jer 30:3), never again to be removed (Amos 9:14) on the (millennial) day (Isa 11:11). These scriptures speak of land reclamation (Amos 9:14; Isa 35:1,2; Isa. 61:4). Rebuilding of cities, clearing swamps, irrigating deserts & farming the land. In the past centuries, Israel was a barren wasteland and filled with swamps and deserts. Now God has transformed Israel into a thriving farming country which exports much of its crops and is one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. Other nations (trees) spring to life along with Israel (fig tree) (Luke 21:29-30) points to nearness of the kingdom. (figs=Israel Jer 24 & Matt 21:19).

      PERIODS OF FAVOR & DISFAVOR (You said you did not see any scriptural evidence for the double. It’s all here: see Volume 2, Study VII, starting at page 209 and Volume 3 page 258 & 258)

      Jer 16:13 – I will cast you out of this land into a land that you know not… show you favor.
      Jer 16:18 – And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double;
      In these two verses, the word ”Double”is from Strongs 4932 mishneh (mish-neh’); from 8138; properly, a repetition, i.e. a duplicate (copy of a document), or a double (in amount); by implication, a second (in order, rank, age, quality or location):
      KJV– college, copy, double, fatlings, next, second (order), twice as much.

      Here are examples of the word “mishneh” used in scripture.
      Josh 8:32 And he wrote there upon the stones a copy of the law of Moses
      Jer 52:24 – the captain of the guard took Seraiah the chief priest, and Zephaniah the second priest
      We can mark the beginning of Israel’s favor at the point when Israel, AS A NATION, had a beginning.
      1 Chr 16:15-17 – Refers to covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & ISRAEL (Jacobs 12 sons)
      Gen 49:1,28 – describes Jacobs 12 sons as the twelve tribes of Israel.
      At Jacobs death in 1813 BC God begain to deal with the twelve tribes of Israel. At this point Israel’s period of favor began. 1845 years later in AD33 Israel’s favor ended with the rejection of Messiah and Jesus pronouncement, “Your house is left unto you desolate.” (Matt. 23:38). The period of disfavor being equal in length brings us to AD 1878. On that date favor began to return to Israel when the Berlin Congress of Nations announced that anyone could purchase and own land in Palestine, including Jews. In that same year the first Jewish settlement, Petih Tikvah was established.

      1813 BC Jacobs death. Israel’s period of favor begins
      33 AD Israel’s rejection by Christ. Period of favor ends after 1845 years. Period of disfavor begins.
      1878 AD Period of disfavor ends after 1845 years. Berlin Congress allows Jews to purchase land. First Jewish settlement established, Petih Tikvah.

      Isa 40:1-2 – Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD’s hand double for all her sins.

      This word ”Double” is from Strongs 3718 kephel (keh’-fel); from 3717; a duplicate: KJV– double. Strongs 3717 kaphal (kaw-fal’); a primitive root; to fold together; figuratively, to repeat: KJV– double.

      Isa 27:6 – Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit. (NKJ)
      Zech 8:22-23 – many nations shall come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem (NKJ)
      Jer 3:17 – Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of the LORD (NKJ)
      Isa 61:5&6 – Other nations will look to Israel as priests and will bring their wealth and services.
      Isa 2:2-4 – People seek the LORD in Jerusalem and worship Him there (Zech 14:16)
      Zech 14:17 – Whoever doesn’t go to Jerusalem to worship will receive no rain (blessings, see
      also Micah 5:7)
      Zech 8:13 – Israel shall be a blessing
      Gen 28:14 – In Abraham’s seed all the families of the earth will be blessed. Isaac pictures the heavenly seed and Jacob the earthly seed (natural Israel). Blessing will flow both from heaven (Christ & the Church) and earth (natural Israel).

      Jerusalem will be the center of worship. (Jer 3:17; Zech 14:16 & Isa. 2:2-4)

  • John S.

    Ok,Peter ,I had opportunity to go back into my copies of Studies in the Scriptures,and sure enough,my memory did serve me rightly on the points I mentioned above which you thought were misrepresentative. I stated, No.1…”he(Russell)was thinking the Kingdom was due any time.” Russell’s quote from “Author’s Forward”to ‘The Time is at Hand'(No.2 S.in the Scriptures)page 10,”All over the world people knew of the expectations of Bible Students in respect to the year 1914…Thousands today have come to fully appreciate the times in which we are living.A realization that we are in the day of the Lord,and that very soon all of his Saints will be gathered to him by the resurrection change,…The author acknowledges that in this book he presents the thought that the Lord’s saints might expect to be with him in glory at the ending of the Gentile Times.This was a natural mistake to fall into,but the Lord overuled it for the blessing of his people.The thought that the church would all be gathered to glory before October,1914,certainly did have a very stimulating and sanctifying effect upon thousands,all of whom can accordingly praise the Lord -even for the mistake”. So wasn’t I right,Russell was teaching Jesus would return and claim his followers(the “Bride”) before Oct.1914. No.2 -I said,Russell taught this time period(1914) was part of the Great Tribulation.Russell;”Promptly in August 1914,the Gentile Kingdoms referred to in the prophecy began the present great struggle,which,according to the Bible,will culminate in the complete overthrow of all human government,opening the way for the full establishment of the Kingdom of God’s dear Son…We do know that the great Time of Trouble ,which has begun,very closely corresponds to the Divine declaration respecting the time and condition of the establishment of Messiah’s Kingdom.The Lord Himself informs us that,at the time he shall take his great power and reign,the nations will be mad and the Divine wrath will come.A little later on the time will come for the judging of the dead,and the giving of the reward to God’s servants,small and great,leading on finally to the destruction of the incorrigible,who would exercise a corrupt influence upon the earth”.(p.9,10) No.3-I stated that Russell believed time prophecies that 6000 years of human history had passed.(p.8);”The Bible chronology herein presented shows that the six great thousand-year Days beginning with Adam are ended, and that the great Seventh Day,the thousand years of Christ’s Reign,began in 1873″.(Yes he was teaching we are in the Millenial Reign since 1873)And lastly,No.4-I said his many comments on the Bible were not all accurate as he himself acknowledged,he jumped the gun on some of the most important prophecies…Jesus’ return included.We already read his statement that Jesus would return to collect his bride before October 1914,which we still hasn’t occured,but how did Russell feel about the erroneous predictions he made for 1914? These are his own words..”This volume makes no claim to infallibility,and no claim to any direct inspiration from God in the interpretation of his word…It’s endeavor has been to collate the Bible evidences and to offer suggestions in respect to their significance…Dealing with subjects so difficult that they are rarely touched by others,it is not to be considered strange if some of the suggestions made in this volume have not been fulfilled with absolute accuracy to the very letter.But the author, the Publishers,and the thousands of readers of this volume are not ashamed of its presentations,and are still handing it forth to all who have an interest in Bible study-as most interesting and most helpful in an understanding of the Lord’s word”.(p.5)And from p.10,”The author acknowledges that in this book he presents the thought that the Lord’s saints might expect to be with him in glory at the ending of the Gentile Times.This was a natural mistake to fall into,but the Lord overuled it for the blessing of his people”.So ,Peter,you can see that in no point of my statement did I misrepresent anything Russell said that he didn’t say himself.I wonder at the Witnesses and Bible Students who continue to Lionize Russell and his books even after he himself admits he jumped to the wrong conclusions about the return of Christ.And did you notice here the emphasis he placed on his books as just,”suggestions”,…”most interesting and helpful”,not prophecies or the final word on the Bible.Yet I see in my examination,many are putting faith in every word he penned,even calling him a prophet!And when I read his Studies in the Scriptures I too feel he’s portraying himself as the sole ‘Man in the Know’,and his writings as the ‘Truth’.This I must admit has the same old familiarity to the Watctowers I grew up on from the 60’s-2000’s..to wit ..”This is the truth and you will be examined in it’s Holy Light,and judged according to the explanations given herein.” No Russell set the tone for the authoritarian stance the Watchtower takes today,I’m afraid.It was his magazine then,and it still claims God’s direct backing today.I have been judged out of it’s pages as an apostate,and am fully aware of it’s many condemnations,interpretations,and prophecies.I urge you as an extremely intelligent,and very kind and loving man,full of the spirit, to take a step like I did,Peter and start to believe that the Holy Spirit is still alive and well in this century,enabling the anointed in our research to better understand how the meaning of ,to quote OUR ,yes,OUR ANOINTED brother Russell’s very words;”subjects so difficult they are rarely touched by others”.(Matt.23:8)Many anointed brothers today are not only unafraid,but eager to tackle any subject in the Bible,not like the sheep of 100 years ago who mostly all were just followers of their pastors.The scriptures themselves authorize us if we are under the rebirth of the Holy Spirit’s influence to teach others the simple Gospel as publically shown from the written word.(2 Tim.3:16) 1 John 5:20 says,”And we know that the son of God has come,and has given us discernment,that we may know the true one;and we are in the true one-by his son Jesus Christ.This is the true God and aionian life.”

    • Peter K. (admin)

      John – Thanks for your thoughts. I did not say your thoughts were misrepresentative, but stated, “I do need to suggest some clarifications.” Russell’s did not say he was wrong about the 1914 prophecy, but that his mistake was expecting too much to happen too soon, that, “the Lord’s saints might expect to be with him in glory at the ending of the Gentile Times.” I feel it is remarkable how much of what Russell predicted did begin to happen in 1914. No other person (since the death of the Apostles) has been able to accurately interpret a Bible time prophecy and get a future date exactly correct. His other time prophecies are just as remarkable.

      If you feel Russell was mistaken about 1914, shall we then conclude that students of Bible prophecy in Jesus’ day were wrong to point to the Messiah coming at the end of 69 weeks, since he did not defeat the Romans and set up the kingdom then, as they had expected? These students were correct about the prophecy, but not everything they expected took place back then.

      When you say that, “many are putting faith in every word he penned, even calling him a prophet!” I feel that you are building a straw man. Russell himself responded to this claim by saying that he was not a prophet, but a student of prophecy. We all realize that what we believe must be proven by scriptures, not by what Russell said.

      Your statement that “Russell set the tone for the authoritarian stance the Watchtower takes today” is silly. Rutherford set this tone. Russell’s teachings were opposite of this as can clearly be seen in his writings, for example his chapter on the “Organization of the New Creation” in Volume 6.
      You can read more here: http://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2011/06/did-c-t-russell-believe-that-the-watchtower-was-jehovah%e2%80%99s-organization-governing-the-anointed-and-great-crowd/

      It is clear you do not believe Jesus has invisibly returned in the past. Yet we see about us the signs indicating his return just from Daniel 12 alone:
      * Increase of knowledge and Travel
      * Israel restored
      * Time of Trouble such as never was
      * Book of Daniel unsealed and revealed.

      You can find more here: http://www.christsecondpresence.com/Signs/signs.htm

      How do you explain the massive increase in technology and free information flow over the Internet? It is becoming so much harder for the wicked to hide their deeds in the dark and a bright light is being shown on everything (i.e. WikiLeaks). Polls show that people are losing faith in ever institution in Satan’s empire – including politicians, government, big business, religious institutions, etc. Is this all happening by coincidence or is the returned Jesus destabilizing Satan’s empire with light, information and truth? Who brought the Jews back to Israel if not our returned Lord?

      John – I only bring these matters up to respond directly to your criticisms of Russell and Bible Student thinking. You have the liberty to disagree and we happily invite you to share your thoughts. However, we as well, exercise our liberty to respond. Hopefully you accept this response with the love intended.

  • John S.

    Thanks,Peter for the correction,and explaining things with the facts.I do believe Bro. Russell’s explanations about the 1914 end of he Gentile Times,and I am going to study more on some of those other events(1948,foretold?). I expected you would amplify by your excellent memory and knowledge what I was trying to relate.And as always,you take a confident,yet humble stand on the issue of Pastor Russell and his validity as a part of the “Faithful Slave”.Thankyou.Now I will go back into some more of “studies”,to see if I can learn something,since I don’t know it quite as much as I thought.And thanks to acceding to the point as in Russell’s case,that we need to collaborate with others of the annointed to get a broader understanding,not believing any one person is blessed with it all.Continue your work ,brother,look forward to your knowledge again on these matters.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      John – Thanks for your kind words. As with me, you too may have said, “the more I study the Bible, the more I realize how much I do not know about it.” There seems to be no end to study and looking for answers, but as I know you will agree, more important than much learning is applying what we have learned to be better Christians.

      Regarding 1948, in Volume 2 of the Studies in the Scriptures, called “The Time is at Hand,” chapter 7 is entitled “Parallel Dispensations.” Very simply stated, Russell presents scriptures which he proposes indicates that natural Israel would have an equal period of favor and disfavor as illustrated below.

      1813 BC … Death of Jacob – 12 Tribes of Israel begin
      33 AD … Jesus proclaims to Israel, “your house is left to you desolate.” This marks the end of Favor.
      ———– Equals
      1845 years … – the Period of Favor ends (note: math adjustment for zero year between BC and AD)

      33 AD … Jesus proclaims to Israel, “your house is left to you desolate.” This marks the end of Favor.
      1878 AD … Berlin Congress of Nations permits Jews to purchase land in Israel. First Settlement established.
      1845 years … – the Period of Disfavor ends.

      Russell did not realize in his day that this double prophecy would have an additional extended application, which when seen seems to remove all reasonable doubt as to its validity.

      1813 BC … Death of Jacob – 12 Tribes of Israel begin
      68 AD … Roman armies begin attack and destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. This marks the final end of favor.
      ———– Equals
      1880 years … – the extended Period of Favor ends (note: math adjustment for zero year between BC and AD)

      68 AD … Roman armies begin attack and destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. This marks the final end of extended favor.
      1948 AD … After a vote in favor by the United Nations, Israel becomes a nation in 1948 and miraculously repels in overwhelming invading force bent on their destruction.
      1880 years … – the extended Period of Disfavor ends.

  • John S.

    Right you are,Malcom,C.T. Russell was aman who READ the word ,over and over.It was said he never carried notes on stage,just talked from memory, and when I read his books,I can tell he knocked them right out,probably in just a few weeks.That’s his style.This is what is called ‘lose work’,instead of tight and concentrated,with a lot of concise detail.Not to say he didn’t have details,though,and he was looking at a world involved in the worst war in history there at the last.So he was thinking the Kingdom was due any time,and that this was the Great Tribulation they were experiencing,and they also believed a lot about time prophecies that 6000 years of human history had passed,so the 1000 year Millenium was imminent(the great sabbath rest).If we had been alive then we would have preceived him as a prophet no doubt.Some still do.His wisdom, though was due to his Bible reading,wisdom from above.Yet his many comments on the Bible were not all accurate,as he himself acknowledged,he jumped the gun on some of the most important prophecies;Jesus return included.He even apologized in the forward to volume 2 of Studies in the Scriptures,and lamented not heeding scriptural counsel to be careful not to get reckless,even stating a year the Lord would return.(1914)Of course an invisible return explanation here would cover his tracks,as had been done earlier in the 1800’s by other adventist preachers.But I personally have benefitted from Russell’s work and publishing.Of course it is well known he got a lot of his info. from other older and more educated and experienced contemporary preachers.This is a mistake many are making,that all we have come to understand about Jehovah,Hellfire ,soul and Trinity came from Russell.This is absolutely not true.These truths had been surfacing for hundred’s of years,even since the 1500’s. The witnesses and Bible students who are both followers of B.Russell’s teachings were led to believe he was the modern revealer of these truths.And because we were in the Bible Student religion at the start,that idea and concept was not discouraged.That is why Witnesses today who have discarded the Studies in the Scriptures and only select certain of Russell’s teachings as truth have stated the apparent fact that many early followers of Russell were engaging in ‘creature worship’ by elevating Russell to the lofty position as the sole interpreter of God’s word..Genesis to Revelation.So they were ready to try another person’s take on scripture after Russell’s death,and logically so, after seeing Russell’s apology and backtracking as stated in volume 2(aforementioned).Isn’t that what we’re doing with the Watchtower?They said this and that and were wrong so many times and have shown some blunders as all men will.Most always they refuse to acknowledge it but shout out egotistically that they alone now are the “Faithful and Discreet Slave”,although it was taught up until recently that all the Lord’s anointed worked collectively to become a slave of Christ,doing his will and the work of explaining and disseminating the Gospel.They claim exclusivity on the scriptures just like the Pope of the Catholic Church they blasted for 85 years.What makes them all that much different? I remember when being a Witness meant you took a vow of poverty to dedicate your life to God and the preaching work.Vowing not to store up treasures on earth,but spend as much time as possible in the field,Bible studies,return visits,meetings assemblies,shepherding for the elders and servants,and more than too much work for the poor sisters to do all these things while raising a husband who was too busy climbing the ladder in the organization to take the time needed to love and nourish her or the kids.Why do you think so many witnesses were on anti-depressant strong drugs?And so many of the kids went crazy and got into drugs,demonism fornication,etc?When you put all your trust in someone else to tell you what the Bible is saying,instead of applying what you read into your own circumstances,you wind up with a spiritual Guru/Dictaroship situation.This is what the term “creature worship” really means.Hitler,Stalin Maosetung,Pol pot,Castro,they all did it.Then the fear of making decisions for yourself takes over,and you just start following the crowd,no matter where it leads you.Instead our head is Christ,if we really belong to him.Not Paul, not Peter,not Russell,Rutherford,Franz,Governing Body,or whomever,but only Christ 1Cor.3:11.If we lose sight of our exemplar and put any man in his place,we are setting ourselves up for the fall.Ps.146:3-5.Jude vs 4 tells us not to prove false to our only owner and Lord Jesus Christ.Jehovah does not work through any one man to explain the meaning of all the scriptures although many men have assumed this position,and for that reason they fall into the category of “false Christs”. The “Logos” title rightly belongs to the only begotten Son of God,and cursed will be any man who assumes to speak in that capacity.Jesus expresses the Father’s word and we must carefully look at his interpretation of the truth,being careful not to go beyond the things written.Notice,please Paul’s words here that bear on this subject;”As for a man that promotes a sect,reject him after a first and a second admonition;knowing that such a man has been turned out of the way and is sinning,he being self condemned”.If the beliefs we have been taught differ from those believed by the Apostles,and the aims and focus of their message is not ours,then what has happened to our understanding/faith? Where did we make a wrong turn?Go back and re-analyze what is the truth as taught by the foundation stones and the cornerstone Himself.(only Christ and the faithful Apostles,Paul included as he was evidently Jesus replacement for Judas as the 12th Apostle,not Matthias).No man or body of men today can with Christ’s blessing put themselvesforward as the foundation of our faith.That is true apostasy.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      John – Thanks for sharing your perspective. I appreciate your sincerity and your knowledge. However, I do need to suggest some clarifications.

      You said, that Russell stated “a year the Lord would return.(1914) Of course an invisible return explanation here would cover his tracks.” – John – In about the year 1876, Russell began teaching that Jesus had invisibly returned in 1874. Rutherford was the first to begin suggestion Jesus had returned in 1914, but this was not until about 1925 or so. So you see, Russell never needed to cover his tracks.

      In the forward to Volume 2, Russell never changed his mind on 1914 and the end of the Gentile Times. He is the only person that was able to point to a specific date from Bible prophecy and get it right? Who else has achieved this? Much of what he pointed to began to take place, however he made the mistake of expecting the earthly kingdom to soon follow. This is just like the 70 weeks prophecy. It correctly pointed to Jesus baptism in AD 29, however many students of prophecy then expected too much. They thought Messiah would defeat the Romans and bring in the earthly kingdom. This did not make the 70 Weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 a false prophecy any more than the Times of the Gentiles and 1914. The facts speak for themselves. WWI broke out. The kings lost their ruling power. Church and State rule ended. The British Parlament designated Palestine as a homeland for the Jews. Also Russell’s “Double” prophecy pointed to 1878 (Berlin Congress of Nations allows Jews to purchase land in Palestine) and 1948 (Israel becomes a nation). If these dates are all coincidence, Russell was indeed the luckiest man in the world. However, it does him little good, since they more he got right, the more the Denominational teachers call him a false prophet.

      Actually Russell took much time and great care in writing each of the volumes of Studies in the Scriptures. He was constantly getting feedback from Bible Students daily on this material. These Studies in the Scriptures were so well put together that they never needed significant revisions. He had learned from many before him as well as contemporaries.

      Henry Grew • No “immortal soul.” No “hell-fire.”
      • No trinity.
      • All men will be resurrected to judgment

      George Storrs • “Two salvations”
      • Church’s part in the instructing of men in righteousness during the Millennium.

      Henry Dunn • Restoration of both the nation of Israel and mankind.
      • Church will judge men and angels in Millennium.

      E. B. Elliott • Six thousand years end in 1872, a modified chronology from Henry Fynes Clinton.
      • Elliott’s chronology drawn up and modified slightly by Rev. C. Bowen.
      • Jubilees end in 1874; Gentile Times end in 1914.

      Nelson H. Barbour • Jewish and Gospel Age Parallels and Harvests, 1845 year doubles.
      • Published idea of invisible presence in 1874 in his magazine.
      • Views concerning the prophetic time periods taught by Pastor Russell originated with Barbour (1,260, 1,290, 1,335, 2,300 day-for-year time prophecies).
      • The dates, 1798-99, 1828, 1846, 1872, 1874, 1878, 1881, 1914.
      • Taught six thousand years ending in 1872 from E. B. Elliott.

      B. W. Keith • Introduced idea of invisible presence.
      • Early concepts of “Sin Offering.” Pastor Charles Taze Russell
      First to combine the ideas of time prophecy, chronology, and the purpose of the return of Christ to bless all mankind. Attributed his understandings to some of those listed above.

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