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My Story – Part 2

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A New Hope (Outside of the JW Organization)

I waited to write this portion of my story, until I had something solid to write.

Grieving takes time, it is a process.  I could not personally skip a step.  It has been one (1) year five (5) months. I also feel Jesus had to humble me and make me rely on him and Jehovah before he could use me for whatever purpose he has in mind. I am still a work in progress. I am learning obedience now.

These are the steps I had to go through. It may not be the same for everyone.

First:  Awareness with hurt.   Second:  Anger and confusion. Third: I looked for a way out with the least possible resistance. Last:  I accepted the fact that I had been deceived and needed to move forward.

While we are listening to a talk or reading from the Bible, first comes thoughts. We think about what we are hearing, and we analyze it. Then that stirs feelings within us. The feelings could be strong or they could be fairly passive. And then finally those feelings impel us to action, or inaction. I took this path of action.

This is my story of a new life and finding the Truth. Earlier I told of finding the Bible Students from my past as a young girl. I was very familiar with everything they were doing. They did not stand still however, they are very progressive. We can bring laptop computers to the conventions and they provide the power. You can lookup multiple translations and the program is online if you have to leave for any reason. You don’t miss a thing. We have real food, with vegetables and all. It is catered. Works just fine and your families are properly nourished for the day. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children are in their classes according to age.  I love that!!! The little ones are playing with toys. They have their own teachers. Loving it!!!. I wish my grandchildren could be in that environ while at the meetings and conventions. There are no severe spankings of little children to make them sit perfectly for hours on end. These observations may only be my own personal pet peeves. I am not trying to be judge, just reporting what I see and have experienced. I have learned that just because a religion is different on EVERY LITTLE THING, that does not make it God’s channel. To see those smiling young people warms the heart. I focus on these seemingly little things because LOVE is the identifying quality (1Cor. 13:1-13). I don’t care if you are speaking the Gospel truth, I can’t hear it if you are mean, demanding, authoritative and breaking up my family.

Monthly beginning March 13, 2011 we can have Bible discussions in the evening on Sundays, from   6-8pm CST. This is a Bible Student forum, we can ask questions, listen and join in on the pre-show, sort of a meet and greet for fellow listeners. Most witnesses will recognize this as the original International Bible Students.

Bible Student Conventions are held at different places and I have been able to meet up with Friends I met at the General Convention and other conventions. See listings under conventions to the right.

There are two Bible Student groups in my area to meet with and we meet with the large, Chicago Group every fourth Sunday. There are no time slips to turn in. You just talk-talk-talk for the Lord, he is looking on and helping. No banging on empty houses, you connect with people, that want to know, as the disciples of Christ did. It’s very rewarding.

YOU DO NOT LEAVE JEHOVAH, when you leave the watchtower. There is so much to do. I have left out some of the activities, just wanted to show that there is somewhere to go.

Many have asked where is the group in their area?  The administrator of this site will connect you with a person.  I find the Bible Students are all over. I have sisters that I Skype with and share so much. The association is good for all of us.  I find that many of them have others with them in their homes during the hook-ups, so there is association. Now there is an effort to create a data base for different little classes so we can get together at conventions. There is a lot going on. It is a blessing from Jehovah.

It is a blessing that ex-Jehovah witnesses and Bible Students get along so well. There is no one telling you to hate and label our brothers.

The Bible Students have proved you do not have to have an organization with a governing body and a lot of manmade rules. Truth does not change when it gets brighter.  I have been amazed at the talks given by the different Brothers. They are not afraid to read the whole scripture. An effort is made not to take scriptures out of context just to prove a point. Someone can ask for an explanation without fear of reprisal. There are other writings in the bookroom. I am reading the series of books by “John Class”. His version of what he thinks the resurrection of the different generations will be like. It is fiction based on the Bible.

The Elders both of the Bible Students and the ones on the various hook-ups are Shepherds, not task masters. You are your own master of obedience to the father. You can make decisions that affect your family, health, special days, even whether you partake or not. The governing body in my opinion does not really have the correct understanding on Memorial according to the Bible and what Jesus actually says to do, and who should do it.

There is a another relatively new site that consists of Jehovah Witness elders and others, I call it a sister site. www.jwstruggle.com Those Brothers are still attending and trying to help others that have jumped in the water, some without a life boat. There is so much available now. Houses are empty  when you call on them now, everyone works so the internet and social networks have really been the way to reach more people. I found this link on that site and it is one many might want to read. The writer touches the heart. http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/204249/1/An-Open-letter-to-the-Governing-Body-of-Jehovahs-Witnesses-Elders-Ex-Elders. http://www.jwstruggle.com/2011/06/new-video-just-finished-has-god-always-had-a-visible-organization-on-earth/

Many years ago I would have been on my own, but since the big knowledge boom I can connect with others of like faith. No wonder they say don’t go on the internet. You just might find a way to Jesus.

This is just my story, my journey. It may not work for everyone in the same way. But at least it is a start. Thank you for reading this. Come join with us and see for yourself.

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77 comments to My Story – Part 2

  • malcolm Little

    Charles Taze Russell was either one of two things, a genius or a very holy man with the power of God on his side.
    I think he was both.

  • John S.

    So right you are as you conclude,the true worhipers would be recognized by the love among themselves.But it is obvious the men in control there are self-reliant,not following the spirit either in keeping the spirit-inspired teachings or in their hearts,but just like the Pharisees who admitted they knew Christ was the Anointed but feared if they didn’t shut him up,that they would lose their positions of power.When he resurrected Lazarus,there was no denying the Holy Spirit had worked. And that’swhen they plotted his death.They definitely knew it was from God.These G.B. men hear the truth about the true teachings being espoused by spirit filled ones,yet they don’t want to turn over control of the sheep or the money and power they are diseased by.They have fallen into an evil trap of Satan.But people who have the spirit don’t even want that power,they just want everyone to have the spirit like they have.It is so much greater than anything this life (or Satan)could ever offer.Look at Jesus,did he jump at the chance to rule the world?He was already the Lord of the universe.The anointing is the token that you are soon to be a king of the human family as an immortal powerful spirit,working with the Lord on wonderful projects in heaven,earth,the universes(heavenly,earthly,or wherever),saving lives,judging and possibly assisting even angels if there is such a thing as repentance among angels.1 Cor.6:2,3 How can filthy riches and worrying over corruptible things even compare to this hope?Matt.6:19-21 Or how does lording it over Jesus sheep show you,re are of Jesus Bride class?Thinking persons don’t see Christianity in this and I mean in many Christian religious houses of worship,people have a very dim view of J.W.s,knowing their message is not the voice of their Shepherd/Master Christ….esp. this teaching of not being born again of heaven.To them they won,t even debate the point,as it’s so simply laid out in the Gospels,that if you don’t get it,then you aren’t born again,(as Witnesses readily admit),so there is no way to get the real meaning of what is going on with it.It’s like trying to know exactly where the wind is coming from,or going Jesus said.So unless it has been shown to you by a divine source,you can’t understand it.(see John 3:8)That is why I can go to many Churches of any color and see older and younger Christians too with the heavenly hope,Who know Jesus very well.They pray to the Father and the son,equally at times,but their lives show they are working hard to be Christian and attend church regularly,sing and lift up their hands in praise and shout out praises to their Lord unafraid of what anyone thinks of them.And I’ve wondered at those in Pentecostal Churches I’ve attended,who get so worked up in prayer,crying for the Lord to help their children get saved or cure a loved one of cancer or crystal-meth addiction;and get to the point of fainting or babbling maybe in tongues or just some frenzied mental state of confusion,or maybe a spirit,bad or helpful.I have to break down and cry along with them,feeling the depth of their despair,devotion and faith,and wonder how many witness meetings ever go that deep into praise for Jesus,something we didn’t do,as W.T. was hiding the relationship of Christ ,Jah and the Holy Spirit being inside you.(Just about every place in the N.T. where it says God and Christ are to dwell IN us, the Franz Bible says “in union with”,a huge difference.Check out John chptrs 15-17 in the Society’s Kingdom Interlinear) This is why I refuse to believe these Christians are not capable of receiving the anointing as anyone.There is a lot that can be learned from them too.And I certainly cannot judge who has the spirit.The scripture says that “he who honors the Father,honors the son,too”.So they still fully understand the Christian basic principles and laws.And not one person ever has the right to say they do not have love!,The only real identifier we were given.Because I have been to many churches and in the south I really enjoy the Af.Amer. Baptist Churches I attend.I go in and worhip and study right alongside,as a doctor in a war zone trying to comfort,but also shed light on the better way.I mainly just go to the Sunday school to teach more as the main service cannot help me that much,as I don’t worship Jesus as the Father,and I let the people know that after a meeting or two.I travel from one to another,trying new places,speaking to different ones each time.I have never been bothered by demons over this,and my conscience is clear as the Bible is the book being taught and each church seems to have a little different interpretation.I don’t recommend this to new Christians or sensitive ones.Don’t be stumbled,my goal is to teach all I can to Know Jehovah and the truth.But I avoid Hell talk or trinity or soul if I can.It seems more important to be super tactful at first and be commending and encouraging in everything.They are like babes in some things but then in others they are exemplary;the singing and praise for instance.One would be hard-pressed to say they don’t get a measure of some holy spirit when you see them sing praises to Jesus.It is quite stirring.I am a veteran of many spiritual Bible battles from a lifetime of witnessing,so I’m not afraid to search these pastures for the sheep I’m looking for.I’m trying to find anointed ones or bring as many as I can to the spirit;that is my main goal.That to me is the Gospel.Be born again ,receive the spirit and then you can really soar above the “lower nature”, or “fleshly works”. Let the spirit reside in you richly the Bible says,”keep getting filled with the spirit” and etc. and etc…all throughuot the scriptures.Well,Jaqueline,I will leave you alone for awile, I ‘ve been wearing you out over this so i’ll let it rest and let some others talk.I have enjoyed the association with a long timer like myself,but I noticed you too said you weren’t proud of everything in your life as a witness,and I appreciate the repentant attitude.I am in that same boat,a sinner (needing and having received forgiveness),and that is exactly how I have the boldness I have. …but like the Apostle Paul,I have another problem,I just can’t write a short letter;just can’t shut-up.But I’ll try.Goodbye for awhile. J

  • John S.

    Hey J. thanks for the info. about how important to just RELAX and do the work Jehovah wants us to do.(from ‘Anointed Talk’). And I know many are reading and listening to your experiences and can relate to how hard it is to break free from the mind control we experienced.Also the threat from expulsion,hate and reproach from religious brothers and friends when we are so convinced when we read the word that the Witness gospel is just ‘Witness Gospel’,not Jesus Gospel.I was glad to hear you have been considering the Jesus Gospel in your personal life and have asked Father and others about this.It was ingrained into us that we shouldn’t even talk about having a heavenly hope as that was like apostasy in itself as the all-wise G.B. teaches we all have an earthly hope.So many exJ.W.s and J.W.s are turned off when I even mention it.But this is so insulting,as this was the only thing Jesus held out as the Christian hope.And why shouldn’t we aspire to understand and embrace the scriptures about becoming heavenly sons and daughters to the Father?He’s the one offering it to us! Take the offer,as it graciously comes not from any religious group.It is from Jehovah.I am thoroughly disgusted at the so called anointed who try to keep anyone from the gospel of sons of the Kingdom.They fulfill in every detail Matt.24:48-51 and Matt.13:13…”Woe to you scribes and Pharisees,Hypocrites!Because you shut up the Kingdom of the heavens before men;for you yourselves do not go in,neither do you permit those on their way in to go in.”This is where I found myself as I wish other witnesses would start to wake up as I did.I ,like you started to see the message for Christians is the heavenly priesthood, to minister the benefits of the ransom and knowledge of Christ.WE are to be ambassadors substituting for Christ,not ‘property’ of the’faithful slave’ to be whipped and bossed around.God has called us to go on up into the clouds so to speak,the bosom of Abraham so to speak,elevated and washed clean of our sins to present ourselves as priests to God now,and as go-betweens before alienated mankind to bring them to the Son and the Father.This has always been the mission for Christians.Watchtower preached an apostasy from this,saying only a remnant in our time is anointed; baloney.It is and was obvious in the Gospels and writings of the apostles that the heavenly offering is to all that will listen.The idea that the Revelation is saying the 144000 is all who go to heaven would be like saying Jesus is a literal lamb,or thatSatan is a dragon;that Jesus rides horses in heaven or that there is a city in heaven with fruit trees, streets of gold,and a river flowing out of it.These are all symbolisms,signs,representing larger things.If it were a literal truth,then only Jewish virgins(men at that) would make up this class(144000),right?That’s what it says.We have to do what you encouraged me to do a few days ago when you gave me some good advice;get the brainwashing out and put the word of God in.I submit this for the consideration of all your Witness readers,”Let God be found true though every man be found a liar”.Rom.3:4. As Bro. Lynn was saying on the study last night about ‘the hidden gospel’,the truth about Eden,we need to go back to the original teachings of Jesus and the apostles and listen to what they said about the Kingdom and the Christian hope….don’t you agree? Yes,like you,I used to be a Watchtower slave,but being Jesus’ faithful slave,faithful to his word and the Bible is my main ambition now,and I’ll never go back into those chains again.Matt.24:45-47

    • Jacqueline

      Matt. 7:12 says: (Jerusalem Bible) “So always treat others as you would like them to treat you; that is the meaning of the Law and the Prophets.” I wonder if the writers thought about that before they encouraged brothers to shun brothers and consider them contagious with the July 15the watchtower..
      In our time of testing Matt 7:21, many will ask” Lord, Lord did we not prophecy and do powerful works in your name?” (partial quote summary). Some will listen to the GB and treat his brothers wrong by shuning etc., thinking that the big buildings and KH built in his name and all the large crowds that they brought into the cong. should get them in heaven. I wonder how many will recognize vs 22-29 can be fulfilled by not building on a rockmass foundation but a great empire of sand. The dollar and property prices can plunge quickly as we have seen. Yet, some feel evidence of God’s blessing is in the many holding and large crowd of people. The crumble of that house will be great indeed if you have a lot to ctumble. It will fair so much better if we built our hopes, dream and house on the Rockmass. John that is what those that are fleeing are trying to do. There are some within the KH that are not aligning themselves against Christ brothers. They help where they can, a kind word, helping them when they are on a sickbed. Many JW will not come see their mother, father or child even when they are dying and sick. Yet many do. I am thinking that the tyranical elders that riedicule and force Christ brothers to run are fulfiling this scripture. Just a thought. Have to look at it some more.
      Br. Lynd did make a point of looking at exactly what was happenning in Eden. I enjoyed the study Wednesday. Another said it was the best yet.
      How could the GB think someone would come back after escaping? Their shuning has got to be about saving their empire and Jesus is letting it test us, his people also, he permits it. I am ashamed to acknowledge to anyone that I was a witness for so long. I now just skip any mention, because I see what the rest of the world sees now. People that let 7 men or as the catholics 1 man think and interprete scripture for them, instead of letting the scripture interprete each other.
      I am going to run over now and tune in to Joe Emerson, he gave me and others an invite to his hook up tonight. http://www.christianwitnesses.com click on the phone and it will give the number for each day. See you a little later here on the forum. Take Care.
      PS. Just got this in in google alerts. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/28/jehovahs-witness-magazine_n_985479.html This is a speaking news person. This july magazine thing is hitting a lot of papers. Britain would not tolerate it if the watchtower said all ” blacks and gays were mentally diseased”, the article says, so this is why their charitable status may be challenged for discrimination against a designated group that has chosen to exist away from them Many leave peacefully and there is no need to label anyone. Mentally ill persons should be treated as needing love not shening as it is an illness less severe than Cancer, where death might be imminent. Love not hatred is what we all need to work on. Not talking and being civil will create just the opposite.

  • John S.

    Thanks for the newssite article,J.Those who are leaving W.T. are many,and I know there are probably many in Japan who are banding together,because the W.T. slapped all the Japanese in the face with an article several years ago,saying in a few words that they had some attitude issues to work on because their society is “class conscious”.Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!I hope those hard working souls (whose increase numbers in the yearbook of J.W.s dropped off to zero shortly after 1975 as they were having almost 30% p/yr increases in pubs and pioneers beforehand) give it right back to the Society now they can rub 1975 in their faces. But to carry on over here,we who have escaped are not afraid to tell all the truth ,as Holy Spirit will strengthen us,thankyou Malcom.What is your experience Malcom?Do you care to share some of it? Almost all mine can be found on this site under “Anointed Talk”,going back to the spring months sometime.You can also read there about my anointing experiences while a witness,and about my recent loss of one of my best friends,a boxer dog named Roy,I love dogs.I have found some very dear friends among us Witness brethren on this site,and it continues on.The Bible Students friends here probably view me as an “apostate” as at first I was eager to learn all about the teachings of Russell,then after reading 3 books I started disagreeing with some of his work.I’m sorry if I feel that way,but I recently came out of one religion who followed Russell’s/Rutherfor/Franz,to the point of hanging on their every word.I now test every “inspired utterance”,to bring it captive to Christ and His teachings.Unfortunately maybe for me,I feel like Paul who said,”I also have God’s spirit”. I feel infinitely as qualified as the next anointed child to share what I have learned on those few subjects I have thoroughly researched and read. And if I read the B.S. correctly,they seem proud to be able to put up this site in the name of ‘Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech’,so Jehovah’s sheep can finally tell the whole world their individual stories and share their new beliefs.And if they do continue to allow me and others like myself to do this,they will be blessed by the Father,and will find the sympathies of these battered pitiful,torn-down,heartbroken,shunned and maligned,souls are with them.(Matt.25:34-40)

    • Jacqueline

      John you are always welcome. And we don’t use Bad Words on this site like Apostate, no name calling.(:) I enjoy being able to speak freely. Sometimes things are going on that causes me to wobble a little but I keep on associating with my brothers in person and on line to keep my balance. John it is just hard breaking free from mind control, face it!. Also I don’t think satan wants us to break free as it still serves his purpose to create confusion and we get off track as to what Jesus and Jehovah are doing. I just keep on moving forward, studying listen to others and sharing the Divine plan with others. I just had a 3 hour conversation with a sister that still goes to the KH and she enjoys it when I come and tell her what I have learned. She passes it on to her fleshly brothers and sisters that are still in the witnesses.
      So take care John and keep posting. Bye Bye.

  • malcolm Little

    I always knew there was something wrong with you sister. Now, thanks to the watchtower, I know exactly what it is…..your mentally diseased. 🙂
    Well, you know what they, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you MAD”, literally.

    Thanks for the link sister Jacqueline, very interesting.

    • Jacqueline

      So Malcom, in keeping with my “mental disease”, I am reading an article from the Reprints of the original Watchtower Vol 6. January 1,1899. Well let me stop for a minute and explain my craziness. According to the GB, we should not read any old publications, just discard it, In fact the CD Rom versions are cleaned up. (That definition would include the Bible, it is the oldest book tha survives intake).
      So, I will not read anything written before the Bible!! Just stuff written after it. So as I was saying I opened the page and the first article had the answer to the question I have been asking Jehovah and Jesus. And in very plain english, I understand it better than persons explaining it in this 21st century.
      “The Church’s Divinely appointed Mission”. Many argue that doing good works, like political reform, drunk driving crusades,anti-tobacco and other social reforms are to be main ernets for Christians. I agree with the writer that Christians must be concerned with society. But as Fooststep followers, it asks; “What did Jesus do while on Earth?” So, he was concentrated on why he was sent and as a part of the Church we have to do it if he did it. It may have been simple for evertbody else to figure out, but now I am not stretching myself out. This article is so interesting to read, just as it is printed.
      PS. I have all of the reprints, thanks to a dear brother in Chicago class securing them for me from a dear sister. They are a gem and wealth of knowledge. The Bible is very old but still appropriate now. I am amazed at such insight by Br. Russell and other that far back. I think it was holy spirit!! Bible Truth does not change, facets are seen as we progress.I am enjoying reading some of these articles.Thanks for listening.

  • malcolm Little

    Brother John there is much wisdom in your words I thank you for such encouragement as I also thank the sister too.
    Strength and courage to you both, always.

    “If you kneel before God you can stand before any man!”

  • John S.

    No,Malcom,you are not alone.There are many sheep in the world,we will find these in every place,and in many Christian faiths.The field is still growing though,so it’s going to be hard to recognize them sometimes,but if you move around like the Apostle Paul, and scout out the differenent places of worship,tactfully witnessing wherever you go,you’ll find the faith. Nurture each one you can,correct as you’re allowed,be positive ,loving and patient,aware that all big fires start with just a small spark or match.We all must continue to look for Christ’s brothers and teach Bible truth to those willing to learn.And Jaqueline,,,amen to whatever method works nowadays,as the door to door is now so intimidating to people,they resent it too.I still think the Photo-Drama book would make a good beginner book for new prospects,after they have read the Bible books that are most important.It is the least objectionable of Russel’s early writings,but unfortunately,in that time of small beginnings,there were few that could stand up to check any of his ideas and were intimidated by him,so they were afraid to venture alternate opinions.Sound familiar?But in this time many surely benefit from being anointed with the spirit of truth and are standing up to any who put themselves forward as the sole source of Bible light.We all need to examine the faith and anything put forward as Gospel,determining for ourselves what is good or bad,since we now have all eaten from this tree. This has always been Father’s gift to us;the freedom to choose,but He has provided instructions, set out in the Word,which are really not as hard as we sometimes make them out.It’s just that many are just not reading it for themselves,as they may be too lazy or used to those in authority doing everything for them.But according to the word we all have to stand on our own before the Lord.And the son of God doesn’t like laziness.He wants us to work at this.Bless you both as we work the common goal of spreading Bible truth,and especially the good news of the Kingdom._Matt.28:19,20

  • John S.

    Brother Malcomb,thanks for the supportive attitude;we are all going through a huge change,and all three of us are still in this fire,like three Hebrews defying Nebuchadnezzar,DANCING in the flames! And I say,”Turn up the music ya’ll,this party’s just gettin started!”

    • Jacqueline

      John, we are all also with our other brothers on a journey. Its not ours alone, so we won’t hog this journey we are going to share it to help others. Who would have thought breaking free from abuse and mind control would be so hard. Most of our brothers don’t notice, and in this case ignorance is bliss.
      We were lead to believe our BS brothers were no preachers of the good news. They are very busy. Saturday a Spanish showing of “For this Cause” is scheduled at the Addison Park district. There is wide advertisement. Flyers are distributed. I put out some myself today in a Spanish community. Sisters are picking up lots. The witness try to say that Door to Door is the way prescribed in the Bible. While this has proved effective, it is not mentioned as a better or only way. Recently I read an article on Church membership drives. Revivals in tents bring in just as many people as the witnesses bring in with a year of preaching. It is just strange how you listen to only one set of people and you end up ignorant. If your only source is not honest, it produces people like JW, not able to think and get back on track. But with the help of God we all will. Why this great awakening of many witnesses now? Only time will tell. Until then we will journey where and the way the spirit leads us. Just had to get that out.
      PS. Why would witnesses invest in a predatory lending institute? http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2011/sep/25/alleged-ponzi-scheme-leaves-lives-shattered/?prefetch=1

  • malcolm Little

    I empathise with you sister, I really do. I have only two honest family members who are on the side of the REAL TRUTH. They are all I have, and so much injustice has been done to both of them . Injustice by the organisation and by the EVIL schooling and medical institutions of this demonic world. We have and we continue to bitterly endure everyday the many injuries done to us. So I know what your talking about Mrs Jacqueline, I know exactly what its like to be completely alone. I have known it all my life.

  • malcolm Little

    “The cowardly attitude prevails”

    Damn straight brother John! Damn straight! Its everywhere! No one has the GUTS to speak out against anything! No one! They all just go along with it. No one sticks there neck out . No one wants to know.
    “Lets just carry on the same as we always have done”. “Lets not cause any problems”.
    Yeah, that’s the attitude of these people. That’s the brick wall your banging your conscientious mind against. Well I say, damn these cowards and these hypocrites! Damn them all! I am sick of them! Every single one them!

    • Jacqueline

      Malcolm, I recently had a very close relative call me to ask about my leaving the Jw. I felt sorry for him and I love him so much, but with one statement I shut his mouth. I said you and none of my relatives have a leg to stand on by calling me. When I needed you most, you were afraid of your positions to stand up to that organization with me. I won my court case with just me there against 4 elders 1 publisher and circuit and district overseer at the KH waiting for the outcome. They were afraid to stand beside me. He stated I told you and other family member told you to sue them. But, they all knew without some support I would have had a heart attack probably. The sociery will often let you know they will fight you until you don’t have a penney left. They have free attorneys. My family were all cowards but at least they recognize the error of the society in my regard, a few wrote the society but overall witnesses are only strong against weak ones who have just had a death or are ill in some way. Even Prince was won over by Larry Graham when his son died and he was at his lowest. They often pounce on them, take them away from family, isolate. Then when they try to leave they realize the only friends they have are witnesses. Many can’t lose all their children’s friends and theirs, But all is not lost. A great revealing of the governing body I feel is in the near furture. I think those that have had the courage to stand for right and not worship the beast will be there to help. I know I will be there for my family. I love them so much.

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