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Ask Jacqueline

Hello my name is Jacqueline and I was a loyal witness for over 60 yrs. I moved when the organization moved.  I have been an aux. and a regular pioneer, aiding many to come to a knowledge of the truth.  I am a third generation witness.  I have many family members who are still witnesses.  My Crisis of Conscience began when I became aware of the governing body’s great influence and encroachment on Jesus’ place in the congregation.  It seems he was mentioned less and less each year, but the governing body scores of times during the meetings.  I left in August 2009 and went back to the original Bible Students in January 2010.  As a” Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner”, I was also disturbed over the many pedophile cases that came my way, done by elders and other brothers within the congregation.  I made the society aware.  Little did I know it created a file on me in Bethel.  I thought I was making them aware of something they didn’t know about.  I was wrong. They already knew and threatened to disfellowship me if I cooperated with one case.  I had a ” CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE” and went in “SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM” IN CHRIST.

I am here only to help ones that have come to a crisis where “THEY” have decided to leave the Corporation, need help and Christian Fellowship.  Sometimes we don’t know where to go.  So it is with this attitude and mindset of the Lord Christ Jesus that I want to do what I can, if the Lord permits. Additionally, I prayed hard before deciding to reach out and help if someone needed it. I could have been satisfied with just escaping myself. I was on a sinking luxury ship, I prayed for help. And along came a little  TUGBOAT. (The Bible Students). How could I not throw the lifeline to the ones that had jumped without knowing about the little Tugboat. Torgue, Tug placement and Momentum allows a little tugboat to pull even a big ship. There is lots of room on board for those that need something less polished, sleek, fancy and slick. Just plain old Bible , Jehovah and Jesus. No fancy building, just love and trust. The little Tugboat was sent by Jehovah I feel to rescue me and others, that need something that just sticks to the Bible without Big Corporation laws and by-laws.

Ask a  question, share your experience, or just blog and talk.  We all would love to hear from you.  This is a fear- free zone.  Comment on questions, reply, or just follow our blog.

In Christ,  Jacqueline.

Ask Jacqueline

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  • Ellis Green

    Hi Everyone,

    After reading so many letters from ex-JWs I am curious; are there any ex Mormons, ex- Scientologists, ex 7th Day Advenyists, ex-Christadelphians and ex- Restored Church of God members here, and what are the differences between them? Can anyone explain if any of these sects believe only they will survive Armageddon as WT does? I have tried looking on their websites but things are as clear as mud.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Greg if you see this go to your email please. I need you to open the testimony room at 11.00 your time. I will be there and if anyone comes on I will direct them to the 7pm meeting this evening. Br. Kent is traveling. Thank you.

    • greg (Bible Student)

      I did get your email and opened up the room at 11:16am eastern time. I also see you posted a “postponed” notice just to be safe.

      I’ll look forward to seeing everyone who is able to join tonight. I plan to open the room up an hour earlier tonight in case that helps anyone in a different time zone.


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I am writing for Henry. He says: Thank you for your encouraging eords at a time when I most need it. May Jehovah continue to bless us all.
    This second day is so much better. I left at 1am to go across the street to my hotel. He eas in so much pain but I prayed out loud with him and touched him, we could see him get calmer and his face muscles relax.
    His doctor said he had the longest surgery in the hospital that day, 12 hours. Doc was going home to rest up he said.
    So many good things happened also. There is a family testimony experience to share this Saturday at North America testimony meeting.
    I will leave for home between the expected snow falls tomorrow. We all suffer and feel it when one of the brothers suffer. Thanks.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Brothers Henry made it. I wi private email our wednesday night class tomorrow. Helping him now. Goodnight. 12 hrs.

    • Richard Tazzyman

      Pls Give our love to Bro Henry & let him know we are thinking of him.God bless,Richard & Kay Tazzyman

    • Marjo

      That is good to hear. Hopefully he can soon join with us in the meetings.

    • greg (Bible Student)


      You must be exhausted from it all. All of us here are very relieved to hear good news at this time. Hugs and love to Henry, and to you, Jacqueline.


    • ZionsHerald

      Glad to hear.

      I’ve enjoyed fellowship with Br. Henry. Give him my greetings and hopefully we’ll meet again soon.

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Zionsherald I will definitely give him your greetings. I think I will give his info to the Chicago/ Indiana brothers so they can drop by if they get near him. He has to come out of ICU first however and when he gets in his room I can give that info.

  • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

    Hey Jacqueline,
    We will be up around Joliet area this weekend was wondering if you could email me info for ecclesia meeting on sunday, we would like to try and make it if we can. Thanks

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Do you have the latest email that i sent the group with the schedule. I will send you the address by email. I am still at the hospital surgery is in the 10th hour now.

  • Shannon

    Would it be wrong to get baptized in another church and can one be a Bible student and go to a church

    • Just say sweet and good

      Shannon….Baptism is an outward commitment of an inner conviction. Thats why infant baptism is of no use because the brain has not developed to maturity to truly understand the obligations the person is expected to live up to. A person has to have a good working knowledge of the Bible first, as well as a determination to live up to JHVH’s high standards no matter what happens to them in their life, in order to make a informed decision of this magnitude. Its not for forgiveness of Adam’s sin, because that has already been paid for.
      Church organizations are just that, and your can’t dedicate yourself to an organization any more than you can dedicate yourself to a wordily government. The government we have to day is not the one we had 5 years ago because its run by people that are always being changed out. Same with church organizations. The world is always changing. JHVH stays the same. He will not change his mind on what is right and what is wrong. His spiritual laws are set in stone, just as his natural laws are. Thats what we love about him. We can count on him not to change. He is our anchor.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Shannon, Spirituality and Religion are not the same words. Persons join institutionalized religion and are often encouraged to get baptized because it gives them confirmation that you are serious about God. Most of these religions have programs that help feed the poor, cloth and assist with housing etc. They use their non profit money to do this and they use baptism as a measuring rod on really helping a deeply religious person. So sometimes to get that help many impovished or destitude people will get baptized. I am I saying this is what one should do?? No I am stating a fact of life! It happens all day!
      So you don’t have to share with us what you do in your personal life, we don’t have an organization for you to join or seek permission from but an association of students of the Bible. That is our focus even on this website. If possible consult directly God to see if you should try to stay where you are if you are safe. So much moving and jumping from one religious idea to another inside highly organized religions normally set you back in your struggles to stay afloat.
      To sum it up Shannon make your own decisions in your life. If there is a church of believers near you glorify with them. Don’t argue with them about what they believe for it is the association that you are seeking and I personnally feel you need to be physically with persons also.
      Please continue to come on our Wednesday night study group. We also have the internet testimony meetings.
      I saw you said hello to me on Sunday but I wasn’t looking at my phone at all just listening. So when admin brought it to my attention you had jumped off before I could make it to a computer to reply to you. The listening device I had wouldn’t allow it.
      I am also thinking that a physical attendance would be good for you. Having the phone numbers of persons sometimes does not work out as without looking in the face for expression and intent misunderstandings can occur.
      You have opened up and made your needs and struggles known here on the site and in private, so I personally feel a minister that sees you would perhaps be the answer to your prayers. Truth can and will be spoken by the group associations that the religion in your neighborhood assign you. Take full advantage of that until the sun returns and things get better for you. Be gracious and bite your tongue if they speak of doctrines that you disagree on. More accurately season your answer and thoughts with some salt and a little pinch of pepper. Dress up your expressions in a gracious manner with persons that want to help you not harm you. Your struggles are great in the winter and many have these struggles when the sun isn’t visible for hours or days sometimes.
      The friends can talk openly here to you and you can provide some great spiritual thoughts to the many strugglers on this site.
      Some of your deepest personal struggles however should go on the contact form and we will give it out to some of the brothers in a private email if that is okay with you.
      Shannon we won’t be able to give out phone numbers and personal emails here on this site, I hope you understand the nature of the internet. Take Care.

  • Hello again Jacqueline,

    Long time no loocky

    How are you?

    I’m 84 now and still old.

    My site is finished now. No one cares as expected.
    Members of all and sundry denominations of which the JWs are but an integral part, notwithstanding their gibberish denials, take one or two looks and say what they did or implied to Jesus: He must be from the devil.

    The reason of my contact is that I am the proud possessor of a 1916 leatherlookalike black bound Studies in the Scriptures Volume V
    “The At-one-ment between GOD and MAN”
    It also contains the “Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices”

    While not pristine, it’s in good nick and certainly a treasured item for a devoted bible student.

    I want nothing for it. It is a gratis item, because it would almost be sacrilegious to do otherwise.

    I’ll post it to wherever.

    I used and treasured it during my years of research, white treating it gently, as the old lady it is, except for a modicum of yellow highlights.
    One of the most exquisitely important and significant truths therein is that Humans will NEVER receive in order to possess everlasting life. That is a unique privilege exclusively granted only to the 144000

    As Jesus have it when he said that man must not live on bread alone but also on every utterance of Jehovah to keep living. Makes sense. I mean, stop eating and see how long you keep alive or not listen to Jehovah in an obedient manner and live.

    Charles Taze used the phrase: “Lasting Life” which encapsulates the reality of lasting lasting as long as we eat and obey.

    Take care and keep actively healthy

    Dieter G

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Dieter, Hello!!! How are you doing? Loong time no hear. Yes, I have the black set of the studies in the scriptures also. Mine are just for looking because the pages are so delicate. The brothers from the Chicago Class that runs this site have very ancient books as their parents and grandparents actually knew Br. Russell and they bring old gems to the free table at the conventions. I got my set from the free table.
      Did you put the link to your site? I would and others like to go over and give it a look see.
      It is always so nice to see good friends come back to say hello. You were one of the first commenters on the site in it’s first month and so nice to see you still serving in the Lord’s work.
      You are 84 and I will be 70 this year, we must have done something right to make it this far. We now have testimonial meeting by internet and we can talk now to each other. Also we have the wednesday night American call in. But go here to see if any of these times work for you to talk to us.
      http://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2017/12/20/testimony-meeting/ Take Care

  • Kathy

    Hi I’m so happy I came across this, I’ve been searching for so long and I’ve studied with JW on and off for years and never progressed to baptizem due to a couple of concerns I had. 1. Not feeling that the governing body is the faithful and discreet slave that was mentioned in the Bible and when I came to my bible study and my sister who is a witness they became defensive and said I must be looking at apostate sites, but anything that doesn’t agree exactly with their beliefs is considered apostate and so I didn’t know where to turn. 2 blood transfusions do not seem to be wrong yes it says not to eat blood but it also says life is scared which seems to be more important then eating blood… so I’ve been praying and I seem to agree with Bible students beliefs. My question is where are the churches or place of worship that I can attend?

    • TedR Bible Stusent

      Welcome Kathy
      You were wise. I was a JW for 48 years. I never really believed those points you bring up. Plus the policies on disfellowshiping and going beyond scripture. Keep reading and join us on the testimony call

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Welcome, I know where you are Kathy and Br. Peter will see if there is a class near you. We have a Wednesday night meeting where persons like you and me are on studying the Bible. http://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2017/12/17/feb-6-wed-new-study-join-us-the-time-is-at-hand-volume-2-of-studies-in-the-scriptures/.
      I will get with Br. Peter because, depending on exactly where we do have persons in your state. Let me go talk to him and in the meantime you can call me now at the phone number I gave you to answer some of your questions.
      These are articles on Blood transfusion from the biblical perspective. Your health decisions should be between you family and your doctor. Witnesses shouldn’t make life or death decisions for you.
      The witnesses once taught organ transplants were cannibalism but when a higer up needed one, all of a sudden it was okay. Many know of people that died because of this.
      Are you aware you can take all components of blood separately but you can’t take it as one. Bizarre reasoning. Even the governing body knows they are in error for this and really don’t do anything to you if you take it. They can’t retrack however because of the major lawsuits that would result for the children and women that have died. Men very seldom when about to die refuse the transfusions. Canada is still litigating over the two mothers dying in child birth because they lost too much blood.
      Your brain antennas are going up because it doesn’t make sense. The people in the religion don’t really keep up with their own religion’s constantly changing theology. If so they would have told you about this eat all pieces of the pie separaetely but not the whole pie at once. (blood)
      Feel free to ask questions here and get a good footing so you can look up the scriptures and there is no rush. I know you might feel an urgency because of their scare tactic teaching on Armageddon. Go here to read the biblical view. http://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/category/armageddon-2/

    • Hi Kathy!
      Nice to meet you!
      I grew up as a JW and left due to having doughts like you too.
      I lost my family, but I was never DF, just shunned all at once.
      You can friend me on FB if you like.
      I found the Bible Students just a few weeks ago and after years of searching for answers!
      I joined their Wednesday night study call in, and I love it!
      I don’t have a group by me here in Asheville, NC; but I can talk to everyone on the Web night weekly study call.
      I have to still try their testimony meeting call in too. Looks really neat!
      I just own a business and work a ton so I haven’t been able to join in it just yet, but I will soon enough.
      I think it is so wonderful they have so many tools to help us!!
      You can feel the pull in when you pray to find answers.
      Ask me anything anytime too!
      Lots a love to you in your new spiritual journey of truth!
      ~ xx Sanura Moon

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