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Hello my name is Jacqueline and I was a loyal witness for over 60 yrs. I moved when the organization moved.  I have been an aux. and a regular pioneer, aiding many to come to a knowledge of the truth.  I am a third generation witness.  I have many family members who are still witnesses.  My Crisis of Conscience began when I became aware of the governing body’s great influence and encroachment on Jesus’ place in the congregation.  It seems he was mentioned less and less each year, but the governing body scores of times during the meetings.  I left in August 2009 and went back to the original Bible Students in January 2010.  As a” Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner”, I was also disturbed over the many pedophile cases that came my way, done by elders and other brothers within the congregation.  I made the society aware.  Little did I know it created a file on me in Bethel.  I thought I was making them aware of something they didn’t know about.  I was wrong. They already knew and threatened to disfellowship me if I cooperated with one case.  I had a ” CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE” and went in “SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM” IN CHRIST.

I am here only to help ones that have come to a crisis where “THEY” have decided to leave the Corporation, need help and Christian Fellowship.  Sometimes we don’t know where to go.  So it is with this attitude and mindset of the Lord Christ Jesus that I want to do what I can, if the Lord permits. Additionally, I prayed hard before deciding to reach out and help if someone needed it. I could have been satisfied with just escaping myself. I was on a sinking luxury ship, I prayed for help. And along came a little  TUGBOAT. (The Bible Students). How could I not throw the lifeline to the ones that had jumped without knowing about the little Tugboat. Torgue, Tug placement and Momentum allows a little tugboat to pull even a big ship. There is lots of room on board for those that need something less polished, sleek, fancy and slick. Just plain old Bible , Jehovah and Jesus. No fancy building, just love and trust. The little Tugboat was sent by Jehovah I feel to rescue me and others, that need something that just sticks to the Bible without Big Corporation laws and by-laws.

Ask a  question, share your experience, or just blog and talk.  We all would love to hear from you.  This is a fear- free zone.  Comment on questions, reply, or just follow our blog.

In Christ,  Jacqueline.

Ask Jacqueline

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  • Ellis Green

    Hi Jacqueline, Ellis here.

    I watched Mike & Kim’s youtube video about annual meeting; no yearbook next year? Not want anyone to see a shrinking report maybe? And about GB saying witness work is done – they said the same thing 10 years ago! And then they said “great tribulation” is imminent. Nothing happened, again! Now saying the same thing and that the next prophecy to be fulfilled is politics turning on religion. No mention of “peace and security” cry so what happened to that? Weird eh?

    What did you mean in your above comment about a Bible Student Witness combined convention? Since researching Dawn Bible Students I often do wonder if they would join, and if Rutherford hadn’t become President then maybe the split into 2 groups wouldn’t have happened. It’ll be so nice when Christ returns and sorts this out once and for all!


    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Ellis, glad you saw the video. Kim and Mike posted another one this morning. I don’t remember saying a BS, witness convention.
      There are some xjw that have combined the two in their circle, not BS. They still go to the kingdom hall but will meet with the Bs also and that is okay. Dawn is just another class, many xjw feel it is the organization part of the Bs. It isn’t a big class at that address and many volunteer their time from all over even staying there to get special printings and assignments out.
      Chicago Bible students have a press also and the Northwest Indiana (where I am) use it also. Various Associated Bible student classes have presses.
      But coming from a witness background makes it difficult to find the “HEADS”. One young brother that combines the two religions feels Herald Magazine is the head organization. I smile as I know he will grow and see we are all brothers in Christ.
      There are brothers with great understanding of scripture especially in certain areas. If fact there are a lot of them so powered by the Holy Spirit and we have great respect for them as we would have had for the early Apostles and early Christian brothers.
      Go here to see what happened in the takeover by witnesses (Rutherford) in some classes. All of the Bs classes are autonomous like Dawn is autonomous.
      Go here and scroll down to left magazines and you will see one entitled Bible student history. It will explain the difficulties encountered:
      If you can call in on Wednesday it would be nice to hear your voice. I guess I should see if you are in the US first, shouldn’t I? LOL. Checked and nope you are not.
      Could you please come on to our international Internet meeting on Big Blue Button like Adobe connect when Br. Peter give us the next date.
      Br. Kent from Stockholm Sweden hosted the first one. Also Daz will be able to access this as it is internet. Br. Tazzyman from Australia will host and Kent from Canada will also.
      This allows xJw to meet and give their experience from all over the Globe. Looking forward to it as the winter months sets in here.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Reginald from Brazil, if you are reading this, you didn’t leave your email for us on the contact form. So here is the Brazil website. I will also pass your address etc on to the website. Thank you.



  • just stay sweet and good

    The devil is a two trick pony. He has only two tricks……acceptance …..and then when that doesn’t work …..rejection. Back and forth, acceptance then rejection, acceptance and then rejection on and on until you are a puppet and he is pulling the strings. The way of love is unconditional, all the time, consistent, because judgement day isn’t here YET! Its funny how when you get this truth straight in your head you can learn to respond differently when being accepted or rejected. Acceptance doesn’t sway you much because you believe you are loved and accepted, and rejection doesn’t upset you much because you have already rejected the world and its standards. Those of us who have chosen to live only for our heavenly Papas approval have no problem with this type of manipulative system. We just calmly “just keep on keeping on”

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Just stay sweet, haven’t heard that since I was a little girl. I am refusing to do this cycle of abuse the witnesses go through. They sound off at the mouth then say I am sorry. As soon as their GB say armageddon is tomorrow they get abusive again. Some of my siblings disapprove but see I view it this way:
      So I will forgive and forget the shunners, while making more time for all the people who love me unconditionally, and whom I can love fully in return.
      Shunning is social and mental rejection and can do a lot of damage, especially emotionally. I wanted to start this conversation because others surely are experiencing the same thing.
      It’s actually works against them as it starts a conversation and more people will be aware that the witnesses are just like scientology.
      If fact I am probably going to write another article on the governing body tactics of mind control. Thanks

      • greg (Bible Student)


        Your words bring to mind that I continuously pray for my “enemies” in that I pray for help in loving those that are not so easy to love.

        As always, if you think I can be of assistance in any way, please ask.


        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Thanks so much Greg for your support. I am leaving to visit my 98 year old dying Uncle,one of my brothers will fly in an meet me there tomorrow. My cousin will be there also. These are all witnesses and we get along just fine. I will go visit a sister and we will go to Connersville convention this weekend. So like David I run toward God when under stress.
          Another poster will tell everyone about the Campaign that has started to get everyone back in as the “Time left is reduced”.
          The elders and relatives are out in full force. So expect a visit. You won’t be caught off guard like me. Now I know why I got such an impromptu visit.

          • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

            Hello, I was working all day for a Jw and he didnt mention anything. They dont anymore. Im curious what is this campaign they are on? Is it for those who have left?

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              It is a runner up to the annual meeting. One sister has had her call. They say it is a campaign to get only rightly disposed persons not go door to door looking for people. She never was baptized but went faithfully but they wouldn’t let her get baptized.
              So I guess it is for those that have left or studied that they determine before hand to be rightly disposed.
              It might be that the brother knows you have moved on. In the case of your wife they might just try. I think it is all witnesses not just elders.
              If you were around in 1966-1975 they did the same thing. They are to drop studies not making progress. It is how they boost their number every 20-40 years. You are baptized so maybe not, it is stupid so I just write what I hear.
              I asked the sister if she would come on and write what she was told.

    • greg (Bible Student)

      just stay sweet and good,

      I really like the way you expressed this. Thank you!


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I thought about this before I posted but decided to share a little of what is going on in my life just in case some of you are getting this type of assault from your family.

    JW organization have pioneers, publishers, ministerial servant etc and they man the carts with their children etc. I don’t have a problem with people doing what their religion do. They are JW.
    My family has mounted what amounts to an assault in my mind on my being a part of the ministry efforts of this site.
    It seems the organization has made them aware it is me and want them to get me to back down from causing their organization harm.
    That is not my purpose with being on the site. Their former members find us and we will help them as we are helped. They wonder why I seem to be driven?
    I was literally as near death as one can get without the dying process beginning.
    Jehovah answered my prayer to put me in a small group that served him and not an organization. I was exacting like the Lot situation and he answered it exactly.
    I feel indebted to him forever for his love and kindness.
    I have vowed to do His will for me as directed by His Holy Spirit. There has been so many lives perhaps saved and emotions calmed from the marvelous work done on this site.
    Sanctions have been placed on me by very, very, close family members that would break the heart of a parent and grandparent.
    But if God allows it, I have to accept it without a fight. I am all fought out.
    I will just continue to do as the Spirit of God directs me.
    I can’t turn my back on God because of severe persecution from my family.
    I am almost sure we have been dialoging with a close family member of mine unknowingly but for sure after the assault and almost ambush of me at my home. Thankfully God had me at another Bible students home and the visit took place there since it was a rushed out of town visit.
    I was protected from a stressful situation that could have caused a heart attack or stroke if I had been at home and alone. So I thank God for that.
    I am only writing this very personal experience because the GB might be using your families to attack you emotionally if they know you are on a site or in a religious group.
    I will be okay. I have God on my side. It hurts but I get stronger each day and remember persecution in some countries end up in their heads being cut off for CHRIST! I love everyone on here and am doing the best I can to help. Thank you.

    PS. Brothers my family I have been told reads everything I write. An elder with the circuit overseer in the car came by and asked where every child and close relatives of mine were. I gave the info to him some months ago, now I see instead of just wanting to know He was forming an attack. John(the elder) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Thank you for listening.

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Dearest Jacqueline,

      I want to thank you sincerely for posting this information. It seems to me that you are in great need of some of the healing balm that you have been giving away freely. I hope my words soothe and comfort you–if even just a little bit–as I have been comforted and soothed by your kind and loving words to me in the past.

      You and I both know that this website is intended to be a fear-free zone. That is going to make certain parties that rely on terror tactics very unhappy. God willing, I am going to continue working alongside you, and I will keep on praying and working towards keeping this website a safe haven for those who have been beaten, terrorized, or molested, whether it was spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Nothing the Devil or his earthly minions can do will stand in the way of truth and God’s Divine Plan.

      I’m here for you, my dear sister.

      With hugs, love, and gratitude,

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Greg thanks so much. I felt like I was being bullied. You are right I need my friends. This is the second attack within a month. All I asked was if the website upsets you, please obey your rulers and not go on any website but the jw.org site. I have never attempted to convert my family nor have I treated them unfairly. I just wish the men in the family doing the attacking would attack their governingbody and ask them to stop creating environments where people are hurt, bullied and mislead and have to flee for help. I am going thru phases of emotions, including anger and disgust at grown men letting 7 strange men turn them against a family member. It is odd behaviour. It has been a hard week. But thanks for your words of comfort. I needed them.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    We all here believe in Jehovah God, Yahweh but it is always adds to our faith to see what others have found. Not endorsing just sharing.



  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I thought you might like to look at this on the Name of God. You will notice that the new world translation use Let your name be sanctified because a Jewish Rabbi help Franz translate. Enjoy.


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This Kim and Mikey. I heard some of the pre talks and they have more.
    Go pass the Jim Jones to hear it all.

    If you look further down the you tube list you will see more post of this talk. Some don’t know how to ignore Kim and Mike’s humor and get offended but sorry this is the best link I have now

  • greg (Bible Student)

    Wow! I can imagine that this is going to send a lot of shivers down a great many spines and prompt at least a few to reassess their confidence in “the organization.” It will be interesting to see what transpires in the days ahead.

    Thanks for the update, Jacqueline. And when you have more that you are able to share about the annual meeting, I’m eager to hear/read it.


    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      There are some that can’t see the dysunction from things said in that meeting Greg.
      With the organization you have to hear the sentences not said.
      For instance, they might say, you wouldn’t encourage a parent not to call authorities in a child molestation case. What they are saying is suggest just that.
      I heard a talk given inside of Bethel, but not at the annual meeting. It said one thing about door to door but came out ambiguously at the annual meeting. There will be changes coming about field service. The body feels they have fulfilled Matt.24:14 from this pre meetibg talk I heard. Some witnesses coming out but still attending want to see a Bible student witness combination.
      I however will not go back up under any organization. I will take my chances with Jesus and two or three.
      The annual meeting is like the Grammy, lots of talks are given before the public views and by hook up only in Bethel. They are more precise. Normally i get a copy but there is a feud in my family and I only heard part of one before I asked to disconnect me. I found listening to the man speak angered me.
      This site carries most of the changed doctrine over the years. He is unbiased. https://jwfacts.com

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I have receipt of a letter info on the pedophile issue.
    All congregation will receive the name of all known pedophiles within a congregation from the service committee.
    Then the congregation elders have to set up an appointment at the kingdom hall for all head of household with children or grandchildren attending the kingdom hall and tell them the name of the pedophile sent to them. They then advise you to watch your children.
    One congregation had friends sit in their cars on the lot and come in when an elder tapped on their window.

    • Bret Powers

      I heard that the Watchtower will now be quarterly.. So it seems the money tree is running out and they are cutting costs yet again.. Have you heard anything with regards to this?

      • TedR

        I attended the annual meeting. The emphasis is being placed to preaching to those “righteously disposed to accepting the message”. There will be only 3 public WT and 3 Awakes for the year. They will cover only one topic each. In 2019 they are simplifying th study Watchtower and doing away with the simplified edition. Another change of thought: it is once again okay to pray for the vindication of Jehovah’s name. Once again th light gets brighter by going back to previous thought. The pedophile letters are obviously in response to the major lawsuit filed in Canada. The dedication talk for the new construction consisted of more rewritten history and exhortation to not give up but stay close to the organization because the end is so close.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Thanks Ted. I can see lawsuits from the alleged perpetrators as yesterday they actually give you the name of the person to watch out for. The name is supposed to come from Service department, but I can see them having an unproven name. I know one case where like Barbara Anderson and Bowen, they penalized the brother telling them what a victim said. They called the oolice who dismissed that notion. They however say if you listen to a minor tell you what is happening, you are guilty also.
          An actual case I am involved in right now. So if they give this person’s name out there will be a lawsuit. Strange religion, everything but the Bible has become a focus. Implosion and signs of decay are there. Glad I escaped.

        • greg (Bible Student)

          Thanks for mentioning the Class Action Lawsuit in Canada, Ted. It hadn’t made it to my attention yet.

          I found some links to the news story. (Jacqueline: I hope it’s OK to include the links here. If not, please feel free to edit/remove them.)

          $66M class action sex abuse suit filed against Jehovah’s Witnesses (October 2, 2017)



        • Bret Powers

          By saying those “righteously disposed to accepting the message” they mean those most susceptible to brain washing, and no internet connection!
          This Organized cults days are numbered. Those still in the organization that will speak with me seem to be less and less enthused by their press the panic button anymore.

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