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Ask Jacqueline

Hello my name is Jacqueline and I was a loyal witness for over 60 yrs. I moved when the organization moved.  I have been an aux. and a regular pioneer, aiding many to come to a knowledge of the truth.  I am a third generation witness.  I have many family members who are still witnesses.  My Crisis of Conscience began when I became aware of the governing body’s great influence and encroachment on Jesus’ place in the congregation.  It seems he was mentioned less and less each year, but the governing body scores of times during the meetings.  I left in August 2009 and went back to the original Bible Students in January 2010.  As a” Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner”, I was also disturbed over the many pedophile cases that came my way, done by elders and other brothers within the congregation.  I made the society aware.  Little did I know it created a file on me in Bethel.  I thought I was making them aware of something they didn’t know about.  I was wrong. They already knew and threatened to disfellowship me if I cooperated with one case.  I had a ” CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE” and went in “SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM” IN CHRIST.

I am here only to help ones that have come to a crisis where “THEY” have decided to leave the Corporation, need help and Christian Fellowship.  Sometimes we don’t know where to go.  So it is with this attitude and mindset of the Lord Christ Jesus that I want to do what I can, if the Lord permits. Additionally, I prayed hard before deciding to reach out and help if someone needed it. I could have been satisfied with just escaping myself. I was on a sinking luxury ship, I prayed for help. And along came a little  TUGBOAT. (The Bible Students). How could I not throw the lifeline to the ones that had jumped without knowing about the little Tugboat. Torgue, Tug placement and Momentum allows a little tugboat to pull even a big ship. There is lots of room on board for those that need something less polished, sleek, fancy and slick. Just plain old Bible , Jehovah and Jesus. No fancy building, just love and trust. The little Tugboat was sent by Jehovah I feel to rescue me and others, that need something that just sticks to the Bible without Big Corporation laws and by-laws.

Ask a  question, share your experience, or just blog and talk.  We all would love to hear from you.  This is a fear- free zone.  Comment on questions, reply, or just follow our blog.

In Christ,  Jacqueline.

Ask Jacqueline

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  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I just want to say I miss talking to Linda Reynolds! She was a dear friend that just put her name and phone number on this site last year with no words at all.
    I called the number and we became the best of friends. Una and Rena, Larry, Henry, Br. Brad, all of us grew to love her.
    We spoke sometimes 4 times a day. To wake up Sunday morning and notice at 7:30 am a text that said she was deceased, made me scream out loud.
    I miss her and my heart hurts still every time I think about her tremendous faith in God. Telling any she came across including doctors. She kept saying she was so glad she found out truths about God and Jesus before she died.
    Pharnisha got baptized Saturday and Linda was dying. I spoke with her at 1:15 Saturday.
    Both Joy and sorrow hit at the same time.
    Her memorial service is Saturday at 1PM in Greenville Alabama.
    Linda had no idea she was sick as she embraced and taught herself for months and grasped meaning with the help of the SITS. She was told six months but she lasted only 6 weeks. She has gone home and leaves Olivia her niece and both witness and non witnesses to miss her. I miss her. Just wanted to let the site know.

  • greg (Bible Student)

    Dear Jacqueline,

    I responded to a message from Br. Peter (regarding our discussion), but he messaged me to say he hadn’t heard back from me. So I replied again, today, and Cc’d it to you. Would you be willing to check with him to see that he got my second attempt.

    Br. Peter,

    Thanks for letting me know you hadn’t heard back from me. Just in case you don’t get my second attempt to reply via email, I’ll also post this here so you’re not left wondering. I’m VERY VERY VERY eager to hear more about how I might help. I don’t have the means to call you on the phone, but perhaps you’d be willing to call me? I provided my phone number in both my replies.

    To Both of you,

    I was hoping to hear back from either or both you, but I also figured that with the weekend and conventions, etc, it might take a few days. My heart leaps with joy at the opportunity. “Here I am! Send me!” 🙂


    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Greg did you get a reply back from Br. Peter? Yes we both were in Columbus at the convention. I just got home today because I went by my son’s home.
      We have our Wednesday night study by phone tonight.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Hi everybody, if you are receiving the visits first by 2 elders, then the next day by 2 regular pioneers tell us about your experience please.

    The organization is in an urgent mode to get all that have left back into the organization because world conditions are getting worse, and only those within the “Ark of salvation”, the organization will be saved.

    One of our dear sisters Linda has a non treatable illness and is temporarily in a nursing home – hospital.
    Two elders visited and advised her that she is an unbaptized publisher and if she passes this late in the end times that she won’t get a resurrection. How cruel.
    The next day comes the follow up 2 pioneers or friend witness to inform you more. They had no respect for her terminal conditions. These women ran off at the mouth.

    One bit of info verified by three persons now is if you say you are studying with the different Bible student groups, they are told to inform you that:
    Br. Russell teaching and the Bible students have no doctrines in common, that Br. Russell is not of the witnesses that they are two different religions.

    Most of you will receive a visit and we would like to have your experience so others will know they are not alone.

    This is my experience on dealing with those that have left:

    Mine went badly as a daughter in law attempted to deliver the message in a combative manner. Using language to indicate she can’t punish me in various ways but she can stop me from staying overnight in her home when I go to the Olde Harvest convention this week.
    As all of you know I drive an RV to that convention every year and stay outside like everybody else.
    She needs me to Babysit on Monday after the convention which is 20 minutes from her house. Her neighborhood will not allow RV in the community for a day even, so I was going to stay at her house Saturday evening and only go to one day of the convention on Sunday. She came back with abusive language stating she will not help me get to a convention and if I can’t stay at her house maybe I won’t go. She says she does not approve of my religion and will stop doing anything to help me attend meetings.
    All of you know I have never had anyone assist me with worship. I babysit for months sometimes to help out and have to sneak and hide when I am on Wednesday meeting or adobe connect on Sunday.
    I am there to help my grands and the parents when kids ares sick or out of school.
    So she didn’t think it through and really should have let the elders come to me in my territory.

    Note to any daughter in laws on here: NEVER, NEVER tell your mother in law they can’t stay overnight. Always remember that is their son. I was kind however, remembering she is completely mind controlled and possibly brainwashed.

    • just stay sweet and good

      A good question to ask them when they come “shepherding” is: “If I totally refuse to pledge allegiance “to the flag and the republic for which it stands” why would I want pledge allegiance to any other enity? Idolatry is idolatry and an abomination to Jehovah the great master of the universe. You can’t play fast and loose with a THE sovereign. The LORD knows those who belong to him and he will rescue them. My mama always said: “Don’t let people push you around….just stay sweet and good…….and if they don’t leave you alone just call the cops and have them removed”. “The art of life is the ability to put up with pushy and unscrupulous people in a gracious manner”

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Just stay sweet, I really remembered your moniker before replying to my relative. I am going to send the conversation out in email.
        I missed most of my Chicago convention because of family visiting me at that time. I missed the General entirely because I had family 3 weeks in a row and the doctor thought the stress reaction was an impending heart attack. I suggested that this was deliberate to come during these times, but thought how foolish. But this convention is my favorite and the text as you will see reveal it is to prevent me from going to the Harvest convention, stated boldly.
        The problem is witnesses don’t understand our convention setup. It is not mandatory. They didnt realize I went to Mahomet convention when I couldnt attend General. Poor things, they got together to sabotage me but are beating the air.
        I know the propaganda they are hearing at the meetings about your relatives dying now without even a hope of resurrection. Armaggeddon should not be feared by men of faith and Christians. It is a good thing for Christ to use the sword of his mouth to institute his rule.
        I know family will see this but I am not afraid of them anymore.They say and do whatever they want to me, even hurtful things. This rift is probably good for my health.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Relevant only because a witness passing out tracts was one of the victims, but others are attacked as well witnesses weren’t singled out.


    • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

      Hello all,
      I want to ask for prayer for my family, my aunt, my moms sister, fell asleep in death today after a long fight with many health issues. Her husband has not allowed much contact from my family as he is very controlling and did not even let my grandparents or anyone else in my family know of her passing, we found out through a friend who knew a hospice worker that was caring for her in her last moments. I spent the day with my mom and was with her when she heard the news. My grandmother who has many health issues herself is not taking it well as one never would want to see one of their own children pass on in this life. I pray that the Lord would comfort them all especially my grandparents, my aunts children, and her brothers and sisters who are left to deal with this situation as the husband is not being very loving nor close to kind at all.(I word this as nice as I can) Thank you. Lord bless.

      • TedR

        Hi Brother
        My sincere sympathies. I will be sure to pray for you and your family. Feel free to call me anytime. Send me a private email and I will give you my number. Take care.

      • greg (Bible Student)


        Prayers, yes! I pray that the spirit of God and Christ will comfort and guide each one of you.

        The situation sounds very messy, painful, strained, tense. When ever persons act in an enemy-like manner, it makes it very difficult to love one’s “enemies.” It is a tragic irony that when someone behaves in a way that seems to make them most unlovable to us–most unworthy of our love, or most undesirous of our love–that is also when they most need our love; but here they are asking for it in ways that almost guarantee they won’t get the benefit of the love they so desperately need and want, and that we would wish for them and for ourselves.

        And it’s usually the hardest to hold on to some shred of love for someone when they are family, when there’s been a history of pain experienced, and when there seems to be no cause to imagine it will be any different this time.

        As if the situation wasn’t already tough enough, painful enough, overwhelming enough, to side-step the potential arguments, to avoid getting caught up in the myriad enticing distractions, and to resist the urges to throw a few pain-balls in return is no easy task. To maintain one’s own composure is more than enough of a challenge.

        Yes, Prayers!

        And hugs.

        Your friend,

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Brandon so sorry to hear of your sorrow. Your are a good man and your Mom will benefit from having you with her.
        Here is a thought: Trust in God’s guidance, let him steer the boat, let him work the rudder (tongue). It seems Your situation will require using the ears not for hearing but LISTENING, then talk. I absolutely love my sister and this situation of not knowing would hurt.
        Praying for you, my brother.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Australia interview on Shunning, interesting. It seems some parents were stricter than others. ( of us and we never were restricted from playing with the neighborhood children and had much action with the community. But I did grow up under segregation and our communities were self governed with the Father and mother as heads. The watchtower society just printed the magazines but had no say in our personal child upbringing. Now it is very different.


    • greg (Bible Student)


      I can’t get the idea out of my mind that it was Br. Russell’s love, compassion, sensitivity, and his refusal to hate and condemn individuals, as well as his refusal to urge others to hate and condemn and “shun” persons that allowed Rutherford to waltz back in and take over the Watch Tower printery after having been dismissed. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

      And some of the comments below that video blame Russell for the practice of shunning. Sad, sad, sad.

      May I also argue semantics for just a moment: The word shun as used by the media, to me at least, usually seems to suggest something innocuous, benign, passive, gentle even, and rather implies something akin to simply ignoring someone. The JW practice is anything but those things. And the term shun as JW’s apply it (both in theory and in practical application) would be better described by the terms HATE CRIME, MOB MENTALITY, and PERSON ERASURE. I believe the Russian Government is understating it when they call the JW organization extremist. Why, it seems to me that JW shunning is as near as they can come to throwing people into the SECOND DEATH in the here and now.

      Sadly, while I was the hospital next to my dying mom last week, I got to eavesdrop–rather I got to bite my tongue while I was suddenly forced to listen to a JW pep-rally about how righteous they are, and how absurd the Russian Government is for banning and disbanding JW’s as extremist. Ugh!

      In a single word I can tell you how I am throughout all of my mom’s dying: DISGUSTED! I’m disgusted with every aspect of JW-ville, from their parenting doctrines, to their self-righteous snobbery.

      And even still, I stand by everything I said in my comment to Dundee yesterday about always praying, “God, please help me love those who are difficult to love.”

      It’s really hard to feel disgust, stomach-churning revulsion, and love at the same time. It’s really hard not to lose one or the other. I think when Jesus talked about denying one’s self his words had application in this area, too. I mean, to deny (to temporarily set aside) the truth of one’s pain in the interests of love and peace is not easy, especially when the sins of others that produce that pain are so nauseating, so revolting, so disgusting, so painful, so traumatizing.

      This interview you linked to did a fair job, I believe, in both using the word “shun” and reframing the real impact of the act of the JW method of and intention behind the practice of shunning. Yes, they “practice” it. And decades of practice have nearly perfected it for all the world to see–all the world except they themselves it seems.

      Sad, disgusted, and still striving to hold on tightly to compassion and forgiveness, despite all the provocation JW’s can muster to throw at me, I sincerely nod my head in acknowledgement and grateful appreciation to those who struggle with similar issues and who know what I’m talking about. What a Captain and superlative Modeller we have in Jesus!

      Love to all my brothers and sisters,

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Greg, you hit it on the spot about it being beyond shunning. (I never look at video all the way thru, just read comments. Perhaps I should but what they said shows it is worldwide.)
        I deal with my family by not going around the ones I think would kill me to save me. Those that are so hooked by a spell on the governing body men that they would think it wasn’t wrong to poison me. You can imagine, there are some family members that have fire and evil in their eyes when I attend a funeral etc. So I stay away from them. I have seen it mostly in the eyes of the females married into the family not any of my blood relatives, I have found it strange they hate me and can’t hide it in the kingdom hall. We used to be so close.
        Witnesses are perfect at shunning or trying to inflicting emotional pain. Many of the elders in committee meetings with teenagers have shown they are sick men and they are obeying the book from their headquarters. Some of the pedophile cases that I know the details of sicken me.
        Russia and now Indonesia and other countries are getting courage to act against religions that kill the insides of it’s victims in the name of God. http://www.globalindonesianvoices.com/30821/government-being-urged-to-dissolve-jehovahs-witnesses-in-indonesia/
        My personal opinion is these hierarchy, Muslim and witness, mormon, hare krishna etc are being hit first next I am sure they will come into mainstream religions and Israel. But at least they are exposing these in your face religions so people won’t get sucked in unless they just want to.
        That is why I never try to pull someone out because it is what they want. Knowledge abound and teenagers are escaping as soon as they are of age.
        I am so glad to learn that we are saved by grace and they will be okay.
        I am reading “The Church in History” by B.K. Kuiper, it was on the free table at the convention this weekend and I can’t put it down!
        The witnesses are just like the Catholic Church. It tries to change laws in countries all over the world but governments are waking up and fighting them now plus other religions. We see only witnesses because that is what we know but other religions are actually hit harder.
        It going to be a long ride.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Everybody, let us please pray for Greg, (Kent). His father called and this seems to be the end of this life for his dear Mother. He is commenting, helping others but his mom might pass today or shortly.
    We will Pray for you our brother, it tough losing a mom.

  • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

    Hello, glad that all is well. Good to hear it, you are in our prayers. Maybe we will see you at Ohio convention in a few weeks.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    For those watching the Baptismal talk on the Adobe connect at the General Convention. We have 2 from our Wednesday night study are getting immersed today.

    • TedR

      Dear Jacqueline
      I was so glad you didn’t need surgery. I was at the convention. You will notice on the video that I am not mentioned. They made sure to cut me out. I am thankful to the Brethren for protecting my identity so that. I could be immersed. I have never felt so much love in my life as I did that day. I wish I could have met you. I met so many wonderful people. Some day I will be able to openly worship our Lord. Please keep up the good work you do. You will never know how much you have truly helped me. I love you and all the brotherhood. Most of all I love our Lord.

      PS: Wasn’t it nice to see the children in their classes and having fun and not sitting in the seats beside the parents?

      • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

        Hello how are u?
        There is a convention in afew weeks, wondering if u might attend, I believe it is close to u though will not mention just in case. Not sure how transparent u can be on site with details.. Anyways my wife n I will be in attendance and would love to meet u. Great to hear u were immersed! I was wondering cause we listened to it on adobe and heard only 3 mentioned.. Now I know why. Anyhow, take care and Lord bless.

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Welcome our brother in Christ! Marvie took a picture for me and sent it. I saw you! I go to doctor tomorrow.
        Everyone on line was wanting to see you but you were hid well. Did you meet Br. Peter and Zionsherald? (Jeff)
        Are you still there? Did you meet Una? She was smiling on every picture I saw of her. She was so happy. Her children did really good and her husband was a wonderful man to accompany his family. She and you finally made it and now can go thru Christ and not a governing body to get to Jehovah.
        I am so glad you were able to attend and see how nice the brothers are. And to think, they said our brothers were dead and the “evil Slave”. They knew all the time the Bible students were alive and kicking, how could they outright lie? But it is done now and whatever their reason the cat is out of the bag now all over the internet.
        TedR hopefully we can meet face to face. The Lord over ruled my traveling and I might have had a blood clot driving 8 hours and sitting for long periods.
        As Br. Len Grieh said he saw the whole picture and put things in place to get me to the doctor instead. Take Care my new brother. Love you, Jacqueline

      • greg (Bible Student)


        Yes, you were indeed “well hid” from those of us who were watching online. I’m very happy to meet you here and now, though, and to express my joy at hearing the little bit you’ve shared here today. It’s encouraging to me to see, hear, and know that you struggle with something I know little about. I mean, in my life, I struggle against invisibility. It seems you struggle against exposure. I’m very confident that where ever it is that you are being hewn and polished for, your adversities will well prepare you for your future assignments.

        Much love,

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Dear Brothers that are on the General convention hook up. The first brother De Andre doing the devotion is from the friendsofjehovahswitnesses website. So glad to see this.

    • greg (Bible Student)


      I’m truly glad that that you can see that your invested efforts here are showing such rich returns.

      And I’m exceedingly happy for brother De Andre. Congratulations Br. De Andre.

      Thank you, Sr. Jacqueline, for sharing this celebration with us.


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Hello everybody. My heart is okay no blockage so i am home. I have complete bed rest for 48 hours and no lifting driving etc for five days because I am a bleeder.
    I thank God and all of you for your prayers. Still groggy so in bed. Lots of help from my son.

    • greg (Bible Student)


      Love and Hugs! Good news to hear. (I’m listening to Br. Peter on the Convention as I type.) Thanks for the update.

      Take good care.


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